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China Business Cast is a podcast featuring experienced entrepreneurs and business people making things happen in China. If you want to learn from on the ground accounts of how business actually gets done in China, this is the program for you.

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Ep. 32 Wechat Marketing Strategies for Chinese Business Success

This week we are talking Wechat! We have Thomas Graziani from Walk the Chat agency. WalktheChat is an agency focused on helping companies making the most out of WeChat. They provide four key types of services: consulting (helping companies understand how they can leverage WeChat), IT development, content creation and analytics for WeChat.Episode Content:Thomas , first tell us about Walk the Chat? And why you decided to build the company? Can you share the current stats about Wechat? And where this app (or shall I say platform) is heading? Wechat is by now a whole platform . Did you see it already killing other apps because of that? In an interview from October 2014 Ask about Apple pay. And If I’m not mistake they decided on an entry to China just recently. Do you still think they have no chance? A lot of your strategy for WalkTheChat was content marketing. Can you tell us more about the strategy what worked for you ? what didn't? How do you develop an official Wechat account and what’s the best strategies to get followers there?Leveraging personal accounts and groupsIf my target audience are non Chinese should I consider Wechat at all? What’s the best way to reach you ? Episode Mentions:Walk The Chat AgencyThomas on LinkedinThomas interviewed on another siteWeibo.comWechatMike's new book "China Startup" on AmazonApp in ChinaGlobal From Asia Podcast - about Hong Kong international businessDownload and SubscribeDownload this episode: right click on this link and choose "save as"Subscribe to China Business Cast on iTunesOr check out the full list on subscription options Periscope Live broadcasting of the recordings follow @StartupNoodle (open link on mobile)


11 Feb 2016

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