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See with your ears. The Lapse’s award-winning audio wonderment thrusts listeners headlong into true stories as they transpire. Whether trapped in a touring carnival, running a marathon across Antarctica, or accidentally joining a cult, experience stories as diverse as they are fascinating. Beautifully edited and rich in sound, this is The Lapse.

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Stranger Danger by Rob Puittinen | Episode 5

Like strangers, like dangers, fear takes many forms. Ever wish you had an opportunity to reshape the smirk on every childhood bully? Give 'em all a good fistful of knuckles? Rob Puittinen got that opportunity in a way he never anticipated.Like Rob, I was no stranger to small town living. I grew up in the Fraser Valley, another peacefully named dung heap on the outskirts of greater Vancouver. Years from now, should I have a kid, here's the piece of advice I'll give him: "Livin' in a small town don't make you invincible, boy." With hope, my Canadian accent will have matured into a rugged southern drawl.Few announcements to make while you download.  The show's growing faster than I anticipated. We're getting a God's honest following here, and for that, I love ya. But as the workload increases, The Lapse Storytelling Podcast is Hiring Assistants. See that post for details.Number two, you might just hear The Lapse on satellite radio, XM Channel 123. That's right! PRX Remix dug us enough to license a couple episodes for broadcast. Right alongside big brothers like The Moth. The pay is peanuts for us, so don't clap too loudly, but look at that. Two months in the cockpit and we're already flying. Let's see where this baby takes us.Third, if you're the disaffected type, if you feel like your vote doesn't matter, I've got news: just a single review from you on iTunes makes us shoot up the rankings. You actually do make a difference, and you'll keep this show running. Pretty please. Leave a review on iTunes.Listen to Stranger Danger below or GET IT HERE on iTunes.


5 Apr 2014

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Best of The Lapse – Year One

Some of our very best stories from year one of The Lapse Storytelling Podcast!This compilation stitches major fan faves with some of our personal picks up to February 2015. If you haven't listened to the archives, now's the time to learn what you're missing out on.PLUS: Win a copy of the award-winning Taking My Parents to Burning Man, the now-completed film that inspired our episode of the same name. See http://thelapse.org for details.

1hr 11mins

2 Aug 2015

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Best of The Lapse – Year Two

Undoubtedly the best year in storytelling from The Lapse yet. As much as we could cram into one episode... With updates!If you haven't dipped into the archives, here's your reminder. You're missing out on some fantastic stories.Love The Lapse? Help me continue to make the award-winning indie you love at patreon.com/thelapse. This month's executive supporters: Rob Holcomb, Cindy Crijns, Matthew Gibson, Richard Gwirtz, Jill Galvez, Patrick Freebern, Dawn Smith, Haley Smith, Jennifer Cherney, & Dan Lesser.

1hr 19mins

28 Feb 2016

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Taking My Parents to Burning Man | Episode 7

Taking your conservative parents to Burning Man is one thing. Filming every moment is another.This marks a particularly special episode of The Lapse: two storytellers, one story. Speaking to co-directors Joel Ashton McCarthy and Bryant "Spry Bry" Boesen was a treat. Matthau and Lemon would be proud; they're an Odd Couple in the best sense, just mismatched enough to compliment one another. In a lot of ways, Joel has more in common with Charles and Lee, Bryant's parents.Rather than give away its namesake, aptly named Taking My Parents to Burning Man, this episode explores more of the dynamic between Joel and Bryant. I think it's a pretty fabulous companion piece. Two voices is a lot of work to edit with, so settle in for something special. It might be a while before this kind of episode again.In the meantime, you need to see this movie. Get tickets at the Soho Film Festival in New York for May 17th now because the film has sold out at every screening thus far. You can also buy tickets in Vancouver at the Rio Theatre on May 30th and May 31st.Bryant Boesen is moving on to his next Burning Man-esque venture with The Art of Expression. It's beautiful. Just incredibly gorgeous. You can also watch him breathe fire which is worth hitting up for that alone.Joel McCarthy is just about to enter production on After Film School, a delightfully black comedy that's being funded in part by Telus. The pitch video already makes me smile.After you listen to this, you can get a whole free freakin' audiobook!Visit www.audibletrial.com/TheLapse. Seriously, they're run by Amazon and their selection is amazing. They want to help hosting this show a little and give you guys free stuff in the process, but only if you hit that link. Get your free audiobook now.Listen to Episode 7: Taking My Parents to Burning Man on iTunes or stream it below.

5 May 2014

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Taken – Lily Ann Fouts | Episode 47

For seven long years, Lily Ann Fouts was missing. And it was all her little sister’s idea. For more on Lily’s story, visit www.lilyannfouts.com. The Lapse only subsists with your support. Help Kyle tell your stories at patreon.com/thelapse. He’d personally like to thank Darrell Kane, L.C. Greene, Cindy Crijins, Matthew Gibson, David McCaw, Bren McDonald, Haley Boros, David Gattey, Jennifer Cherney, Rob Holcomb, Patrick Freebern, and Mary Anna Gordon.


1 Mar 2017

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Best of The Lapse – Year Three

A collection of The Lapse’s very best year yet. Featuring stories by Shawn Duyette, Jupiter Diego, Andrea Abbate, Joe Holmes, and Sire. A massive thank you to supporters Darrell Kane, L.C. Greene, Cindy Crijins, Matthew Gibson, David Gattey, David McCaw, Bren McDonald, Haley Boros, Jennifer Cherney, Rob Holcomb, Patrick Freebern, and Mary Anna Gordon. Your support alone keeps The Lapse running – patreon.com/thelapse.

1hr 51mins

1 Feb 2017

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A Few Loose Screws – Wichita Sims | Episode 8

This is, without question, the darkest episode The Lapse has ever aired.Try not to take what I'm about to say as reductive. Because when Wichita Sims underwent treatment for breast cancer, the ingredients were a known quantity: chemo, radiation, group counseling. It was standard practice. Routinized. Regimented. She stuck to the recipe and she lived to tell it.There's no such thing as boilerplate brain surgery. One slip, one miscalculation, and you may irreparably change a human being. When Wichita developed a brain tumor, her doctor told her not to worry. Unfortunately, that is where her story begins.For more on Wichita Sims, including her previous struggles with breast cancer, you can read her work online at www.WichitaSims.com.Download A Few Loose Screws HERE on iTunes or stream it at the link below.


18 May 2014

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My Fair Lady – Megan Hargraves | Episode 37

Was Megan being catfished? The simple answer is so rarely simple.Love The Lapse? Support Kyle in his quest for minimum wage at patreon.com/thelapse. Super special thanks to this month's executive patrons: Anthony Cantu, Cindy Crijns, Dan Lesser, Richard Gwirtz, Matthew Gibson, Jill Galvez, Jennifer Cherney, Patrick Freebern, Rob Holcomb & Haley Smith.


28 Mar 2016

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Fatal Attractions – Kyle Gest | Episode 32

BOO! How better to scare your pants off than a trip to the local haunted house? Try playing one of the monsters. If you're not prepared to get punched or spat on, this may not be the job for you. It's a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween episode of The Lapse!This month's Patreon executive producers, courtesy patreon.com/thelapse - Dan Lesser, Richard Gwirtz, Cindy Crijns, & Jill Galvez. Support The Lapse for as little as $1 a month and get access to a wealth of bonus content <3.


4 Oct 2015

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Some Kinda Magic by Christopher James Schuh | Episode 6

The classic magician is a dying breed. Christopher James Schuh represents a sect of dreamers bent on keeping that tradition alive. Not a relic of vaudevillian past or some Criss Angel special still haunting Spike TV. I've seen the man float a table across the room with nary a wire in sight. He's good. Real good.If watching the illusion is fascinating, so too is getting a glimpse behind the curtain. This episode is for the kid in all of you. It's wonder. It's whimsy. It's Some Kinda Magic.For more on Christopher James Schuh, including tour info, videos, and pictures of the table trick in action, be sure to check out his site.Exciting stuff! We've recorded our very first international story with more to come. Busy, busy, busy but keep sending those pitches. Not good story will be turned away. And if you want to contribute to the show from behind the scenes, you can get details here. Looking for story curators, interviewers, and sound people, people!Download "Some Kinda Magic" on iTunes HERE!


19 Apr 2014

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Depression Quest – Sean Michael Hayes | Episode 20

Ketamine is a drug largely used in veterinary clinics. Recreationally, it's used to induce an out of body experience. The oft-sought "K-Hole." But Sean Michael Hayes was looking to score for a different reason. He was trying to save his life.One in ten North Americans is diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Many more live in silence, believing that what they're experiencing is normal, or convincing themselves that medication for the mind is something to be ashamed of. This is the story of Sean's quest for normalcy.Sean Michael Hayes is the author of a trilogy of books about his experience, the first of which, Five Weeks in the Amazon is available here. We just barely graze it in our episode, but the book spans the full breadth of Sean's time in Peru. Look for his second memoir, I Killed a Black Dog, coming soon. If you're not familiar with the quote, think Churchill.Patreon news! Once a month we'll be debuting extra-special bonus vignettes exclusive to our contributors. These'll be short pieces under five minutes, either original or bits we love but just couldn't fit into the program. Wondering what happened on Monica's final date? How about the mysterious black spots that afflicted Sean in Thailand? You'll find all that with a donation to our Patreon campaign. I'm trying, folks. I need your support.Download Depression Quest HERE on iTunes or stream it at the link below.


14 Dec 2014

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Where’s Violet? – Felisha Martin | Episode 31

Felisha's mother Violet went missing 22 years ago. No body was ever recovered. Could she really still be out there? How do you a tell a true story when you don't know what the truth really is? Sometimes the need for closure speaks louder.Felisha Martin's journey continues at http://www.missingviolet.com. You'll find a wealth of pictures, newspaper articles, and more. Share Violet's image. Ask a friend if they've seen her. Ask two. We'll be using the hashtag #wheresviolet to keep track.Support us for as little as $1 a month! This episodes executive producers, courtesy of Patreon.com/thelapse: Jill Galvez, Richard Gwirtz, Dan Lesser, and Cindy Crijns.


6 Sep 2015

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State of Emergency – Gabriel Bellman | Episode 9

Gabriel Bellman has witnessed more disasters than any one person rightfully should. Volcanoes, earthquakes, riots, terrorism... Despite hopping around the U.S. from state to state, where Gabriel goes, bad news seems to follow.The strange thing about being a magnet for disaster? It begins to feel familiar. Routine. Call him unlucky, but the man lives to tell about it.Gabriel is the founder of the Frozen Film Festival in San Francisco. He's been running the thing since 2006 and it's begun to attract some seriously talented filmmakers. If you're going to be in San Fran July 17th - 20th, check it out. He's also a director himself; his latest documentary, The Bellman Equation, is available online. And if that weren't enough, Gabriel runs his own (250+ episode!) podcast Film 4 Thought.Download State of Emergency HERE on iTunes or stream it at the link below.


1 Jun 2014

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Awkward – Marshall Whitlock | Episode 14

Ah, the pity date. When you just don't have a good enough excuse to say "no."  Marshall Whitlock returns to The Lapse with what might be the funniest story we've ever had.Tact. Some got it. Some don't. If you're the cringing type, settle in. It gets awkward.If this show brings you just the smallest bit of joy, please donate to our Patreon campaign. We've got rewards ranging from behind the scenes access to personalized lessons in storytelling, straight from me to you. You can keep The Lapse living for as little as $2.00 a month. An affordable cause, if ever there was one. Visit Patreon.com/TheLapse today.Download Awkward HERE on iTunes or stream it at the link below.


16 Aug 2014

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The Force – Monica Hamburg | Episode 19

Impersonating an officer carries up to a two year sentence. But what if you genuinely believed you were one? The wonderfully funny Monica Hamburg shares what might humbly be described as the Worst. Date. Ever.Monica was an absolute treat to have on the show. She's the host of her very own, very dark, very funny podcast, Dazed and Convicted. If you dig weird criminals and the dregs of Craigslist, you should absolutely check her out.Heads up for this episode. We talk sexy talk. If you've got kids in the room, there's a brief reference to a job of the blowing variety.Download The Force HERE on iTunes or stream it at the link below.


23 Nov 2014

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Wish I Was A Little Bit Smaller – Emily| Episode 10

Emily is 6"1'. If that doesn't seem like a big deal, try again. The average Canadian woman is less than 5'4". Emily is taller than 99.6% of all the world's women combined.This is the original, unaired pilot of The Lapse Storytelling Podcast. With a couple hiccups in our regular scheduled programming, I thought it'd be a treat to share just where The Lapse came from. It's funny. I didn't realize how much narration I did back then.We've all got a story to tell. A great story. Hell, multiple great stories. The trick is, while everybody's got one, it's the telling that makes the story tick. I started The Lapse with that theory in mind and I still believe it's true. I hope you dig this one. I'm still proud of it.Download Wish I Was A Little Bit Smaller HERE on iTunes or stream it at the link below.


15 Jun 2014

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My So-Called Fiancé | Episode 29

When your love for a stranger is enough to bail them out of prison... by pretending to be their bride.Sara is the perfect example of someone who had a story, but didn't quite know how to share it. After our interview, finding these little insights she never knew she had, she joked that I should offer a degree in Lapse-ology. Any takers?Support The Lapse on Patreon for as little as $1! As a solo-produced podcast, your support keeps this show alive.


14 Jun 2015

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The Hole In My Sock – Natasha Porter | Episode 26

How could a hole in your sock mean the end of your life? When you don't actually find one.Natasha Porter was on vacation in Australia when she very was struck with a very unlikely illness. Not one in a hundred, but one in a hundred thousand. She still lives with its ramifications to this day.What strikes me most about Natasha's story, aside from the harrowing experience of it all, are the psychological consequences of such a rare and sudden illness. Like the universe is out to get you. That feeling, at least, is something I can relate to.Like the show? Support us! Running The Lapse does not pay the rent, but for as little as $1, you can keep it running. Plus you'll find out about that time I was on a reality show. Awesome, right? That's Patreon.com/thelapse.Download "The Hole in My Sock" NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, or stream it at the link below.


12 Apr 2015

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The Devil You Don’t – Shawn Duyette | Episode 38

Something is wrong. Terribly wrong. Something is wrong with Shawn's friend Steve.Love The Lapse? Kyle relies on your support at patreon.com/thelapse. Super special thanks to this month's executive patrons: Anthony Cantu, Cindy Crijns, Dan Lesser, Richard Gwirtz, Matthew Gibson, Jill Galvez, Jennifer Cherney, 802 Studios, Rob Holcomb & Haley Smith.For a further peek into Shawn's history with Steve, be sure to check out his book MotoYoga.

25 Apr 2016

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The All Seeing Eye Club – Joe Holmes | Episode 40

While investigating a series of cryptic flyers, Joe realizes he might have joined a cult.The Lapse is supported by listeners like you. Keep Kyle fed and make this possible at patreon.com/thelapse. Thank you as always to this incredible support from Richard Gwirtz, Rob Holcomb, Jennifer Cherney, Cindy Crijns, Jill Galvez, Anthony Cantu, Matthew Gibson, & 802 Studios.You can see more of Joe Holmes's work on Instagram @mandiblejunker.


27 Jun 2016

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