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The Courageous Self-Confidence podcast features mindset and self-esteem topics with guest experts to help you gain courage to face fears, build confidence, and live fulfilled.

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#78 Season 1 Finale – Podcasting Lessons Learned & Highlights

Over the course of this past year, I've learned a lot about podcasting. Here are my top podcasting lessons learned as well as some highlights.


29 Jun 2016

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#4 Embracing Fear to Overcome It with Robert Gillette | Stories of Courage

Overcoming fear must start with accepting it. Only then can you move to embracing fear and taking action. This story about courage shows us how.


6 Jul 2015

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#59 Confidence Techniques Coach Shares Her Story with Bonnie Lafer | Stories of Courage

Bonnie Lafer wasn't always about changing lives by awakening personalities through confidence techniques. Her story starts with social shyness.


12 Feb 2016

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#64 How Ancient Wisdom Helped Me Break Low Self-Esteem | Core Concepts

I used to have low self esteem. It's strange to say that because most friends and acquaintances consider me to be confident. That wasn't always the case.


18 Mar 2016

Rank #4

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#3 Why Should Courage Be Practiced Daily?

Courage is full of exciting action. Either you can choose to face the obstacles, or not. The choice is yours. And it's a daily choice. Choose courage.


3 Jul 2015

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#68 Comparing Yourself to Others | Response to Wake Up Your Why – “The Comparison Trap”

Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to others? Geoff Reese from Wake Up You Why asked me this question. This episode is my response. https://wakeupyourwhy.com/podcast/comparison-trap


16 Apr 2016

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#57 Why to Make Fear Your Friend with Jenna Galbut | Stories of Courage

It seems counter-intuitive to make fear your friend, but it builds courage. Hear Jenna Galbut's story about personal transformation by facing her fears.


29 Jan 2016

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#47 The 6 Basic Fears and How to Overcome Them | Core Concepts

Most of us have fear below the surface. Fear at its core is self-limiting beliefs. Learn about the six basic fears as well as how to overcome fear itself.


20 Nov 2015

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#71 (Part 1) Personality Development: Your Success Starts Here | Personality Development

The single most important multiplier to your success is your personality. Personality development is the best way to improve your chances of success.


6 May 2016

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#46 Confidence in Haircuts with Elias Campbell | Stories of Courage

How big is your dream? Are you taking steps toward it? This is a story about someone who found confidence in haircuts and about how it fuels a bigger vision.


13 Nov 2015

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#77 Embracing Your Whole Self with Michelle Bunt | Stories of Courage

Can you imagine a childhood where your caretaker occasionally threatens to kill you? For Michelle Bunt, this was commonplace.


20 Jun 2016

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#5 (Part 1) How to Eliminate Stress | Complete Alignment

You can eliminate stress. The key to having less stressful, painful, and difficult experiences is to aim for complete alignment within your life.


8 Jul 2015

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#12 Give Sincere Compliments Often | Gentlemen’s Brawl

A compliment is a way to affirm the good in other people. It's a way to build up others. A gentleman should be giving sincere compliments often.


24 Jul 2015

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#13 Standing Up for Your Beliefs with Joe Andrade | Stories of Courage

This story is about why standing up for your beliefs may be worth it, even when the odds are stacked against you. We hope this story encourages you.


27 Jul 2015

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#56 Meditation for Beginners with Giovanni Dienstmann | Core Concepts

Giovanni Dienstmann is a top thought leaders on nonsectarian meditation and mindfulness. He is an accountability coach who focuses on meditation coaching.


22 Jan 2016

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#79 Bonus Update and How to Activate Your Life

Today on the release of this episode, I am a published author and my book is available on Amazon for free. This is one of the best life coaching books. It's all about how to activate your life. It's a collection of the 50 best life coaching exercises across 50 different coaches.


24 Oct 2018

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#8 (Part 2) How Beliefs Affect Reality | Complete Alignment

Beliefs affect reality in so many ways. In fact, your entire reality stems from your beliefs. Essentially beliefs are your mindset.


15 Jul 2015

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#62 How to Encourage Someone in The Workplace | Core Concepts

Here you will find five different ways of how to encourage someone in the workplace. And these tips are highly applicable outside the workplace too.


4 Mar 2016

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#75 (Part 4) 10 Ways to a Magnetic Personality | Personality Development

If you want an attractive magnetic personality then there are a number of things you must focus on. Physical attractiveness AND behavioral attractiveness.


6 Jun 2016

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#10 Various Forms of Courage with Josh Laine | Stories of Courage

Josh Laine, a Marine combat Veteran, went through numerous courageous moments. He shares how depending on the circumstance courage can mean different things.


20 Jul 2015

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