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A Naked Look At The Life of A Modern Day Yogini :: Praying, Making Money and Marriage-Living On Your Terms with Adi Shakti I VRR E05

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Adi Shakti is a living embodiment of the word Phenom. At the young age of 26, she carries her spiritual practice with her wherever she goes. This includes her philosophy and actions in the business world. She volunteers at the international and local levels and is fully present and committed in her marriage. Adi lives a delicious breath taking life traveling the world and calling the jungles of Costa Rica her home. She is surrendered to Creator calling the Universe the boss of her time and body.  Adi’s passions are for the betterment of humanity, making healthy people her business.  She lives for assisting in empowering you to reach your fullest potential. Adi uses a real world approach to Yoga living on and off the mat. Most of her volunteer work is in empowering women with healing and growth. Her focus for balance is mesmerizing. With simple views she is able to manage her businesses, lives the path of a spiritual human being, has life changing ideas on how to balance work with intimacy and is transparent about her flaws.  Discover how to engineer your life for fulfillment and success while traveling with Adi as she shares about what she does and how she gets it done.Here’s What Else You Will Get from Adi Shakti’s InterviewYoga for mental clarityWhat it means to “Not have enough hours in the day.”Balancing a path of light, business and marriageAligning yourself with Divine WillHow to gain full vision focus from concept to final outputWhat is Yoga beyond postures for improvements of health in the bodyHow living Yoga on and off the mat creates positive impact in your lifeChallenge your physicalityTelling the microscopic truth – how to succeed in romantic relationships through conscious communicationBuilding your network so everyone succeedsYoga and the entrepreneurial woman, using your spiritual practice for physical successOvercoming the fear of karmic responsibilityHow to gain crystal clarity on your life purposeThe new volunteer paradigm, how to create real change with volunteer workHow to increase the power of your natural divine giftsFrontline truth on ending sexual slaveryWorking beyond your personal limitations with simple stepsHow to overcome coping mechanisms which no longer serve youRiding the ebbs and flows of each project and moment, having an awareness of what is happeningHow to attract the right people to collaborate withWhy being grateful is a tool to grow rich and prosperSharing your ideas to grow in power and joyWhat is the GuruHow to make international projects sustainableAnd much, much more….The links mentioned in this episode are:www.offthematintotheworld.orgwww.experiencethevillage.comwww.passionyogaschool.comwww.sevendaystobliss.comwww.costaricatravelauthority.comwww.envisionfestival.comBooks and ResourcesBad MonkeyFrom Sex to Super ConsciousnessBaraka


3 Dec 2016

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Real World Methods For Raising Conscious Children, The Power of Live Eating and Raw Beauty Secrets With Hillary Damato I VRR E03

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Hillary Damato is a live food specialist, raw beauty counselor, mother of 4, and wife to previous guest, Dr. Gregory Damato. She overcame a life threatening illness using a holistic healing approach. Her husband and children all follow a live food diet with serious daily doses of nature. Hillary is the author of several detox and conscious parenting courses. In this episode, Hillary Damato breaks down her secrets for raising highly intuitive and attuned children. How she runs a small business, co-creates with her husband, enjoys time with the family and makes time for herself. She offers her personal and proven practices for spiritual, mental and physical balance. Hillary also offers her backyard tips and tricks for healthy, glowing skin you can use for pennies on the dollar. Explore why taking time to make your own life experiments and discover how you feel (for yourself) is so important. Both men and women will gain insight into the other from this presentation, how women process men and the power of woman’s circles is covered. Hillary offers her ideas to grow as adults and for releasing day-to-day stresses in happy healthy ways by sharing, playing and using music. The joy Hillary brings to the table is guaranteed to light you up with passion for a higher vibration in your life!Here’s What Else You Will Get from Hillary’s Interview:3 Daily practices to share with children to help create family bondsDefining the radical concept of family playtimeReal world examples of conscious parenting and discipline when children misbehaveForgiving yourself for any mistakes and moving forward the next dayHow to effectively communicate with children how actions create emotions in othersThe power of “sad-mad” and how to use it with children to help build positive communicationThe life changing phrases of the Ho’oponopono MethodIntegrating our shadow side so we are healed and at peace with the pastUsing vision boards with children and helping them integrate conscious manifestation into their lifeThe ultimate vegan “nacho cheese “ dip with only two organic ingredientsSecrets for self-care and self-practiceThe one backyard plant you would use as the most potent all around ingredient and beauty productKarma free beauty productsThe basic yogic principal of purification in daily practiceHow to support children in starting with a healthy foundation in their body, mind and spiritThe very real truth of parenting’s spiritual pathHow to make sure you give yourself personal time and creative ways to achieve itUsing the power of your creative mind to re-write poor decisions into more positive onesHow to use your mirror as a tool for transformation and soul journeyingWhat’s inside mother’s breast milk you may not know is thereAnd much more…The links mentioned in this episode are:mindbodywellness.com.aubeyondthrival.com/envisionfestival.comringingcedars.com/books/forksoverknives.com/foodmatters.tv/fatsickandnearlydead.com/The Beautiful Truth


3 Dec 2016

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Taking The B.S. Out Of Health and Weight Loss, What Is A Fit Bottomed Girl And Power Alchemy For The Spiritual Business Lifestyle With Kristen Seymour | VRR E07

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Kristen Seymour is editor-in-cheif of FitBottomedEats.com and is one of the trio partners at Fit Bottomed Girls. She is an athlete competing in sprints and half-ironman triathlons, she seeks to gain through simplicity and serves others with passion. Her profession preaches balance her life demands it. As part of the team bringing to the world the fast selling book, The Anti-Diet, and as editor for an online publication and as a business partner in a globally dynamic women’s movement, her professional life makes heavy demands of her; it requires laser focus and an hour-less clock. Yet she has honed her routine to a pace which gives space to the things she values in her personal and spiritual life. Kristen uses her business as a mirror for her own growth and in doing so helps her business grow. Embracing her own power was an early struggle she came to terms with by her twenties. Since then she has dedicated much of her life energy to supporting women overcome negative self images. Getting over self-induced guilt and enjoying your choices is her mantra. She teaches women to bring into play their true self with a focus on total wellness and life enjoyment. Her business practices have helped build a thriving online community which literally fuels the company’s growth. By using body wisdom, intuition and team collaboration Fit Bottomed Girls is changing how women live, eat and do business. They are emerging with a new paradigm for success in and out of the office. Fit Bottomed Girls new book, The Anti-Diet,  is about the idea you can enjoy food, be full and get healthy while eating real food and plenty of it. The way you eat fuels you and you should do so in a way which makes you happy and fulfilled is the underlying message in their book. Because being a woman can also mean being a mom, Fit Bottomed Girls has opened a door for new mothers via Fit Bottomed Mamas. Looking to help maximize the beauty in all women and explore how wonderful being a woman is are two of the driving goals behind Kristen Seymour and her partners vision. Every year they launch the New Year New Rear give-away campaign and women’s health support campaign. Fit Bottomed Girls is a business built on the same principles they share with their clients and subscribers. They listen to feedback, their motivation is more than profit, they stay in touch with their clients and they create products to fill a need not just settle a fear. Going way outside the box Fit Bottomed Girls is living creativity and a pioneering conscious business success. Join Kristen Seymour on Vibration Rising Radio to hear the inside story on how three women are changing views on feminine beauty, creating new empowering life habits, publishing books, supporting each other, reaching out to new mamas and blending entrepreneurial tenacity with practical spiritual principles to live a dream and at the same time help other women do the same.Here’s What Else You Will Get from Kristen’s Interview:What is a Fit Bottomed GirlHow to gain your health without losing your mindHow 3 business partners make it work andGetting your customers to engage your product, brand and websitePractical ideas which make success happen and most entrepreneurs are overlooking right nowGoal setting for breakthrough success where passion and profits mixThe power of treating every prospect like a fortune 500 customerThe dangers of working in a committee and how to avoid themInside stories on the pre-launch for The Anti-DietWhat really works when it comes to creating joint venture marketing dealsOffering value in your content and your sales messageRegaining your center with an emergency yoga breakHow to use the simple question of why to go deep within yourself to release and relief old patternsHow to really take advantage of your passionAdvice every entrepreneur doesn’t want to hear but needs toWhy taking time to rest helps you make major gains when you workAnd much more…The links, videos, books and resources mentioned in this episode are:www.fitbottomedgirls.comwww.fitbottomedeats.comwww.fitbottomedmamas.comThe Seat of The SoulWhat Alice Forgot


3 Dec 2016

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Rainforest Secrets To Aging More Gracefully, Positioning Your Startup In An Established Industry and The Truth On Sunscreen With Linda Lizotte, R.D. | VRR E08

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Linda Lizotte is the founder and director of Aging More Gracefully, Inc. (AMG), the number one nutraceutical company in the United States. Their core belief is, you are what you absorb. This has led Linda to create plant based solutions for chemicals such as sunscreen, skin moisturizers, body scrubs, etc. She openly speaks out against the limited training chemist receive when it comes to using natural sources as solutions instead of synthetic chemical ingredients which poison humans and kill our planet. Linda is a leading voice for cosmeceutical development using only ingredients which actually enrich the user. Exposing the ugly side of beauty where profits far out way health issues and long term impacts on the user’s health and DNA and the planet is where Linda invests most of her time. At AMG they promote the benefits of plant ingredients with no animal testing beauty products, plants do not change hormones or dna of the user, plants do not create biowaste and hazard to the environment. It what can be said to be a lifetime of research on skin toxins and how they destroy human health Linda found one ingredient in the amazon which catapulted the quality of her product ahead of anything else in her industry. She is a woman with a start up concept in a world of billion dollar titans; most of whom are men. By looking to serve the customer first she has cut a huge niche for her company and is continuing at a Hannibal’s pace towards more market share. Her story of focus and success is a case study for any entrepreneur looking to make it. Linda also believes we can better deal with emotions and gain spiritual awareness by becoming aware of our skin. To her a detox without bringing attention to the skin is not a complete detox. Chemicals reach the brain and the bloodstream directly through the skin because the skin has no liver to help filter the toxins. Skin is the largest human organ and it is too often ignored. The fundamentals behind Linda’s’ philosophy of “you are what you absorb,” could change how you select what goes on your body especially the Sunscreen you use. Linda does more than administer a successful company she works to expose what the big cosmetic industry is not telling you about the beauty chemicals found in streams, oceans and our blood. With a very responsive newsletter list Linda reaches thousands of loyal readers. She is dedicated to sharing awareness and tools to empower everyone for better decisions especially label education for skin care and topical applications products. Join us and Linda Lizotte, female entrepreneur, business mastermind and social activist who is taking on a huge industry by offering a superior alternative with real world health benefits.Here’s What Else You Will Get From Linda’s Interview:What product who claim they are anti-aging are actually aging you faster and why.Deciphering internet information, filtering the good from the badHow to read the labels on skin products, they can be more complicated than food labelsWild adventure in the Amazon, what you can learn about getting on a planeA simple green lead packed with protein you can eatThe one oil which is actually sexier and healthier than olive oilThe power and secrets of MoringaWhy skin cancer continues on the rise despite more use of SPF’sSteps and mindset for fearless exploration and innovation in your businessThe HUGE threat in nanoparticles diving too far into your bodyThe secret to getting your natural dosage of vitamin DWhy dangerous SPF’s are now being applied to a wide variety of topical productsThe fatal lies behind chemical applications to the body and planetHow to use referred sales to increase your bottom-line and reach clients currently not accessibleThe financial science behind transnational powerThe entrepreneurial prayer for success and abundanceUsing visualization to see every employee working in harmony for successUsing visualization to see every step in your products developmentSome better ways to vote with your dollarsUsing the power of prayer to build your ultimate business experienceWhat are Sun Plant Factors and how can you use them for effective sun screenThe 96 hour assassin killing our oceans reef systemsBooks, Links, Movies and Other Resources Mentioned In This Episode:www.amgnaturally.comNot Just A Pretty FaceThe Ugly Side of The Beauty IndustrySunscreens Biohazard – Treat as Hazardous WasteThe Road to WellvilleFast Food NationHealthy BeautyNutrition Made Simple


3 Dec 2016

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Prostitutes, Dark Nights, Mega Money and The Return To Light: From The Criminal High-Life To The Simple Path Of A Spiritual Warrior With Carlos Duran I VRR E04

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Carlos Duran is a natural force of nature, a freakishly loveable mess and a raw storm of unbarred truth. He holds no Ph.D.’s but has a master’s in life. He is a father of 3, ex-husband to five wives or live-in companions (depending on your views) and a renounced corporate raider.  He left the U.S. for parts unknown over a decade ago and currently resides in the jungles of Central America. He is seen by some as a spiritual gangster and is a self-proclaimed sinning-saint. Carlos uses energy work, healing plants, life studies, prayer and an extreme certainty in the Most High to help others heal. He challenges people to stick their hands in the ground and talk to the soil, to grow food in it and to love it. Carlos’ works revolve mostly around forgiveness and gratitude. Helping others use their own spiritual path to heal internal wounds and traumas is his main area of focus. He has lived 5 life-times in 37 years and pours each ounce of experience out for others to benefit from. There are few men like him in the World today; he is working to change this through community based projects and youth mentorship. Explore the mind of Carlos Duran and see what happens when you go from the worst of what you are to the absolute best of who you are.Here’s What Else You Will Get from Carlos’ InterviewWhat happens when you win the paper chase game and it’s not enough?How to discover the beautiful child you were and begin living again.How to come back from extreme weight gain, suicidal depression and near dead health.Four corporate names every Earth citizen must know.The real difference between owning your house and owning your mortgage.Four types of farming every parent and conscious eater must be aware of.How to come back to your true self after your mind completely snaps.We all have a secret agent working for our success, find out who it is.How to use your creative passions to achieve fulfillment.What is a soul warrior and why it’s still possible to make it.The game of life, the opponent and how we win.  What happened to the Sons of G-d who took pleasure with the Daughter’s of Man?What is the organized agenda of full control on Earth.How to bring your shadow side onto your own spiritual path.Why you want to have direct contact with your food.How to overcome abuse, rape and violence in your home or past.The massive conflict of interest existing in multinational corporations today.What to do when you are going through your darkest and most trying moments.And much more…The links mentioned in this episode are:www.thekarmaofrape.comwww.meducated.orgwww.facebook.com/carlosduranliveBooks and Resources Marpa The TranslatorAt The Eleventh Hour – The biography of Swami Rama


3 Dec 2016

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