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Just some regular guys with day jobs who started to notice that the world around them was more complicated than just having a nine to five. So they started doing research and from one conspiracy to another they started to realize that this world was not what they thought it was. After digging into some of the most insane conspiracies and fringe topics for the last 2 years, they decided to do something about it. Thus Fire Theft Radio was born.

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FTR 26: Hitler, Nazis and the Occult with Gary Wayne

Think of the name of a loved one and you will begin to feel emotions of love and many other wonderful feelings, now think of the name Hitler. What comes to mind? Not a pleasant thought, huh? Well what if we told you Hitler was more than just socialist dictator that was responsible for the destruction of almost all of Europe not to mention the millions of people he ordered to be killed. On today’s episode we go deep down the rabbit hole of occultism. Author and researcher Garey Wayne is back to enlighten us on and synthesize how Hitler was deeply involved with the occult. There is solid evidence that many high ranking Nazi officials where also occultist. People like Helena Blovatski and the Thule Society where a great influences in what lead Hitler to believe in his role as a god and as such ushering the Third Reich of the Aryan people. This is a great episode with incredible information and remember to spread the fire.  Show Notes: http://genesis6conspiracy.com/

1hr 45mins

27 Dec 2017

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FTR 35: Age of Deceit with Gonz Shimura

Gonz Shimura, the creator of "The Age of Deceit" trilogy and co host of Canary Cry Radio is on the show with us today. We go down the rabbit hole in this one folks. The guys talk about AI, antichrist, technology, biblical prophecy and so many more topics. Gonz breaks down the trilogy and lets us know why he decided to make these documentaries. This conversation is one you will not want to miss.  Show notes: Age of Deceit you tube link https://facelikethesun.com/ Support our show through patreon! (link below) http://www.firetheftradio.com/?page_id=333

2hr 32mins

13 Apr 2019

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FTR 44: Mr. Odd and New World Order shenanigans

On this episode we speak to "Mr. Odd" from the oddcast podcast about a variety of subjects that connect to NWO agendas. He's neither left or right when it come to politics, but he has plenty of info that will make both sides pretty mad. "trigger alert"! Follow him on instagram @_oddmanout to follow the bread crumbs to endless rabbit holes if you so choose to take the red pill. http://theoddmanout.podbean.com/

1hr 39mins

11 Jan 2020

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FTR 02: Mind Manipulation

We humans like to think that our thoughts are our own and that we have original thoughts all the time. But what if we told you that those thoughts and feelings have been planted by outside forces that want to lead you down a certain thought process. What if we told you that your thoughts about religion, politics, sex, race and many other ideologies you feel so strongly about have been slowly implanted day by day, year by year since your birth. It cant be you say! Well, just sit back and keep an open mind to what we are going to talk about today on Fire Theft Radio. Mind manipulation or “brainwashing” as the controlled media has come to call it, is a practice that is backed by main stream science and has even been used by our own government to control the masses and individuals. We discuss all these possibilities and many more. Below are the show notes. Please take a moment to read and watch the information we have based our ideas on. There are plenty more of course, so feel free to do your own research and come up with your own conclusion. You don’t have to take our word for it.

1hr 16mins

23 Sep 2016

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FTR 8: Biblical Context with Mike Davis

Warning! This episode might flip your wig, your world view will change! Have you ever asked yourself why there are so many denominations in Christianity if there is only one God? Well on today's episode we explore this subject. Dr Mike Davis is on the show today with us to help us understand how important context is when reading an ancient book such as the bible. He brings an incredible amount of knowledge he has acquired over the last 27 years he has been studying the bible within its ancient middle eastern context. 

1hr 53mins

3 Nov 2016

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FTR 48: The Return of Mike D.

In this time of uncertainty and emotional turmoil there is only one man who can save us from ourselves, he is the hero we don’t deserve but the one we need, he is Mike Davis “Emotional Success Coach” *insert classic Batman music. In this Episode Mike breaks down what we can do to overcome some of the stress and anxiety we might be dealing with during these uncertain times. So listen up for some excellent practical advice. 

1hr 17mins

11 May 2020

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FTR 42: Drew, The Radical Christian

Drew from The Radical Christian You Tube channel is on the show today! Wow, what an awesome conversation, was had between Chuck and Drew. We go back to our roots in this one folks, all about the fringe. Great episode and stay Radical! Show Notes: Radical Christian YouTube https://www.derekpgilbert.com/the-great-inception/ https://drmsh.com/non-fiction/

2hr 8mins

7 Oct 2019

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FTR 27: False Apostles and the NAR with Holly Pivec

What does the Bible say about modern day Apostles? Does God still call men to be prophets and have direct leadership over the body of Christ as a whole? On today's show we interviewed Author and Blogger Holly Pivec, Holly is the editor behind the spiritoferror.org blog. There she sheds light on this movement within mainstream Christianity called the New Apostolic Reformation movement or NAR for short. The apostolic-prophetic movement (also known as the “New Apostolic Reformation”) is a fast-growing movement that has arisen within Protestant Christianity that promotes modern-day apostles and prophets with great authority, supernatural powers, and the ability to give new doctrinal revelation. Advocates of this movement believe that all people, nations, and demonic principalities must submit to these apostles and prophets, who will lead God’s end-times army in establishing His kingdom on earth. This once-fringe movement has entered many Pentecostal and charismatic churches (which are the fastest-growing churches in nearly every region of the world, according to church growth experts, like David B. Barrett).  Show notes: http://www.spiritoferror.org/ Mice experiment link

1hr 20mins

22 Jan 2018

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FTR 14: William Ramsey on Aleistor Crowley and the Occult

Today on Fire Theft Radio we speak to an awesome Researcher and Author William Ramsey. William explains to us how the renowned and infamous Aleistor Crowley had an impact on a lot of the famous people from the 20th century. We also speak about how the occult has had an impact within our current time. So sit back and be prepared to have your mind expanded. 

1hr 33mins

25 Mar 2017

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FTR 20: Archetypes and Symbols Vol.1 with Matt Miller

Mathew Miller of the website and you tube channel "Logos Made Flesh" is on the show today! Matt talks to us about symbols and Archetypes that are prevalent within films and pop culture. Now before you start thinking that this will be a "Illuminati show exposed", this is not one of those episodes. We probe deep into the bible and human consciousness to figure out what are the illusions and Archetypes that have moved mankind forward through out centuries. We will expand on this topic through out our other volumes. But for now sit back and relax as Matt Miller breaks down various films and even the Bible for us. Remember to spread the fire.  Show notes: Matt Miller you tube channel Zeitgeist Debunked video Jesus 9/11 video Paluxie river Dino Tracks article

2hr 1min

13 Sep 2017

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FTR 13: Mike Davis and The Gospel of Emotional Intelligence Vol. I

Are you having trouble getting your emotions under control? Have you ever wondered why you cant just forgive someone who hurt you? Is it Difficult for you to express you emotions? Well have we got a show for you today. We bring back Author and Life Coach Mike Davis to the show as he brakes down what exactly The Gospel of Emotional Intelligence is. Mike explains to us why so many Christians have difficulty controlling or even admitting their emotions are important. You might have never realized how important emotions are in the life of a person and how much of an impact they have on every aspect of life. So sit back and relax as we explore and hopefully come out of this podcast with a better understanding on who we are and more importantly who God intended us to be.  Show notes: Mike Davis Facebook Woman who was burned article CIA declassified reports

2hr 24mins

10 Feb 2017

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FTR 15: Dr. Michael Heiser on Reversing Hermon

Dr. Michael Heiser is on the show today with us. He talks to us about some very important and interesting facts that are found within the bible. How many gods are their in the bible? You may say one but their is biblical proof that their are lesser gods. Yes, so sit back and have a listen to this awesome show we prepared just for you. We also have another one of our favorite Mikes back. Mike Davis comes on the latter part of the show to talk to us about his new book "The Power of Emotional Success...Now!" Show Notes: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/02/iceland-temple-norse-gods-1000-years Creepy Mine Video Dr. Michael Heiser Website Mike Davis Book

1hr 27mins

11 May 2017

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Fireside Chat: The Return of Alex Jones!

Chuck and Omar go down the rabbit hole known as Alex Jones. In a recent episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast Alex dropped so many truth bombs the guys had to talk about it. So get ready for a weird and rant filled fireside chat. Show Notes: Loose Change 9/11 Doc Age of Deceit Fallen Angels Doc

1hr 13mins

4 Mar 2019

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FTR 45: Darrin Geisinger

What does FTR episode 45 and agenda 2045 have in common!? The aliens of course. Darrin Geisinger is our guest today. He is the Author of the Sci-Novel “Zero-Gs”. He breaks down how the fake alien agenda the NWO has planned for mankind inspired him to write a fiction book, in order to warn non believers of the upcoming great deception. We also talk about the True Legends conference and how you can score some tickets. Great episode with a great guest. Show Notes: http://www.darringeisinger.com/ https://gensix.com/ https://www.raisinguptheremnant.com/about

1hr 16mins

28 Jan 2020

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FTR 16: Aliens and Me Vol.1 with LA Marzulli

For the first installment of our 3-part series on UFO's and Aliens we speak to renowned author, researcher and film maker LA Marzulli, LA Marzulli has been featured on many important documentaries regarding the Alien phenomenon and has appeared many times on Coast to Coast. LA Marzulli talks to us about the various types of Aliens and what their origins might have been. We also breach the topic of the Watcher class Angels and how their offspring the Nephilim might be involved in the Alien agenda. Are these creatures inter dimensional or are they spiritual entities? Have they come in peace or are they here with other plans? What are their true intentions. You are not going to want to miss this three-part series as we explore all these topics with different guest's and remember to spread the fire.  Show Notes: LA Marzulli's Website BBC article on Nimrod Tomb

1hr 17mins

17 Jul 2017

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FTR: 23 Archetypes and Symbols Vol. 3 with Matt Miller

 Wow folks, have we got a show for you! On today's show we have our returning guest Matt Miller of the YouTube channel "Logos Made Flesh".He explains to us how the book of Mark is like the movie "Inception" by Christopher Nolan. What? Yes the book of Mark has such an abrupt ending that most people believe it was not supposed to end that way because there are no earlier manuscripts dating before chapter 16 verse 8. It ends with the original scriptures stating the women left after they spoke to the young man. The physical appearance of a resurrected Jesus is not apparent within the text. How is this the only gospel that does not mention this incident? Perhaps because that was not the intention of the author. This and many more topics are spoken about in this episode.  Show Notes Logos made flesh youtube

1hr 55mins

29 Oct 2017

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FTR 17: Aliens and Me Vol. II with Ali Siadatan

Volume 2 on Aliens has landed! Today we talk to Film maker, Author and Researcher Ali Siadatan of Think Again Productions. Ali is the mastermind behind the awesome documentary "UFO's Angels and Gods". Ali shares with us onto why he made this eye opening documentary. He takes us back to a dark night on road in the middle of an Iranian desert, where he had an encounter that forever changed his life.  Show notes: http://thinkagainproductions.com/ Daily Mail article on Nazca Alien Gia Documentary on Nazca Alien

2hr 1min

29 Jul 2017

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FTR 39: Game of Gods with Carl Teichrib

Author and Researcher Carl Teichrib joins Chuck and Omar for an awesome new episode where they discuss the ultimate game of good versus evil. Carl has been researching the New Age and its various components for over 20 years and he shares his experiences of having attended the United Nations Council on World Religions with the guys. They also discuss Carl's new book "Game of Gods" and his experiences at the Burning Man events and what it means for Christians. This is definitely a conversation you do not want to miss! Show Notes: http://www.gameofgods.ca/ Burning Man Gofund me page

1hr 54mins

19 Aug 2019

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FTR 32: Apocalypse Now Vol.3 with Brian Godawa

Hollywood Screen writer and Author of "Chronicles of the Apocalypse" Brian Godawa is back on the show with us. Brian has come out with a new book in his series. We discuss some of the main historical topics that this novel covers and the meaning behind the third temple. Will this temple be built in our time, and will the Trump administration have a roll in building it? This and many more topics are covered in today's show.  Show notes: https://godawa.com/


4 Nov 2018

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FTR 12: Tracy Yates and the Quantum Torah

Author and Researcher Tracy Yates joins us for an unforgettable conversation on today's show. We talk about his newest book "The Quantum Torah" Tracy connects the dots on how God might have created us in a simulation and the key to discovering this truth might lie in a geometric pattern called "the flower of life". Can it be true that there is no spoon, remember to spread the fire.  Tracy Yates book The Quantum Torah book Flower of life information Flower of life

1hr 43mins

16 Jan 2017

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