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Think Biblically: Conversations on Faith & Culture

A weekly podcast that offers Christian perspectives on some of the most significant issues facing today's church and culture. In each episode, hosts Scott Rae and Sean McDowell — professors at Biola University's Talbot School of Theology — draw upon biblical wisdom and insights from guest experts as they explore how Christians can thoughtfully and faithfully engage with cultural trends and current events.

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[Bonus Podcast] Losing Faith and Keeping Faith: Sean McDowell and Bart Campolo

Sean recently had a public discussion with Bart Campolo, former evangelist and Christian social worker, who is now a leading secular humanist. They share and contrast their stories and discuss whether Christianity or secular humanism is the best explanation for moral values. This is a bonus episode that first aired on Unbelievable? at Premier Christian Radio. For more from Unbelievable?, be sure to check out their podcast, book, and upcoming conference.


18 Apr 2018

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