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John Piper is founder and teacher of desiringGod.org; he is author of more than 50 books and travels regularly to preach and teach. New messages are posted to this podcast as they become available. Piper’s sermons, books, articles, and more are available free of charge at desiringGod.org. We want people everywhere to understand and embrace the truth that God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in him.

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How Does Humility Lead in Conflict? A Charge to Christian Leaders

The humblest response to our culture’s tirade against objective truth isn’t to retreat, but to lovingly and kindly contend for what the Bible says.


8 Dec 2019

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Live for Your Greatest Desire: Jesus

Jesus’s call to deny ourselves isn’t a demand to give up happiness but an invitation to walk with him on the path to deep, lasting joy.


23 Feb 2020

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Joy Makes All Things New

Joy is not a wishful add-on to the Christian life, but essential to knowing and worshiping God. When we finally discover joy in Jesus, everything changes.


3 Jun 2018

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‘How God Made Me Happy in Him’: John Piper’s Journey to Joy

Glory and joy appear all over the Bible, but how they relate is not readily obvious. Listen to John Piper tell the story of how God connected the dots between the two.


17 Nov 2019

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Even When It Hurts: How Christ Reveals Himself in Pain

In this life, we will not be able to see all God is doing through sickness and pain, but we can trust that he will reveal more of himself to us through every trial and trouble.


11 Aug 2019

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Make Your Life Count: The Greatest Missions Letter Ever Written

One day soon, people from every nation will bring God praise and glory. But they won’t encounter everlasting hope until God’s people go and send. Piper preached this message on January 4, 2019, at the CROSS Conference in Louisville, where thousands gathered to discern their call to the nations.


4 Jan 2019

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The Secret of Christ-Magnifying Contentment as the Path to Costly Love

True contentment in Christ not only guards against our ever-changing circumstances, but frees us to overflow in costly love to others — even our enemies.


17 May 2020

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Seven Reasons We Must Pursue Supreme Satisfaction in God

Enjoying God, being satisfied in him, is essential in glorifying him as he deserves. God is not as glorified by mere duty as he is by delight.

1hr 6mins

10 Nov 2019

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An Impossible Covenant — And How It Becomes a Permanent Joy

Jesus bought an unbreakable covenant for his people. He takes hardened rebels and transforms them into a beautiful bride for their eternal joy.

1hr 7mins

16 Jun 2018

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What Kind of Heart Does Christ Deserve? The Call of Christian Hedonism

Jesus is worthy to be praised with our every thought and deed. But what about our feelings? The Bible’s clearest answer is also the best of news. John Piper preached this message at the Bethlehem 2019 Conference for Pastors + Church Leaders in Minneapolis.


28 Jan 2019

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The Golden Stitches of Sovereignty: What Holds Our Gospel Together

The death of Jesus Christ was no mere product of coincidences. God planned every detail to ensure the salvation of his people. John Piper preached this message at The Gospel Coalition 2019 National Conference.

1hr 5mins

1 Apr 2019

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Is It Right to Seek More Joy Than We Have Through Justification?

Jesus not only paid for our full acceptance with God, but he also purchased grace for us to embrace obedience. This is the second message John Piper preached at the Bethlehem 2019 Conference for Pastors + Church Leaders in Minneapolis.

1hr 4mins

28 Jan 2019

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You Are Anointed: How the Truth Becomes Precious

Jesus anoints every believer with his Spirit so that we taste how precious he is.


18 Nov 2018

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The Glory of God and Why We Sing

The greatness of God’s glory invites a response that moves his people beyond mere words. And so we sing. John Piper preached this sermon at the Sing! Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


28 Jul 2019

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Who Will Give My Head Waters? Seven Reasons to Pray for Holy Tears

Tears, crying, and weeping are all a proper response to the God-ordained sorrow and pain we face. Just because God is sovereign doesn’t mean we ignore our pain.


24 Jun 2019

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