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Get more customers through the door and more profit in your pocket! Join International Best-Selling Author, Business Coach, and 7-Figure Business Owner Stacy Tuschl to discover the systems and strategies that really work to grow your own local small business. From offline and online marketing to staffing, scaling, mindset and more, you’ll learn the essential elements for building a massively profitable business and a hugely happy life. Whether you own a dental office or dance studio, real estate brokerage or salon/spa—or any local business in between—the strategies you need to succeed are here. (Formerly She's Building Her Empire.)

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#205: Day 5 - 3 Deadly Mistakes of a Product Launch

Welcome to Day 5 of our 5 Day Launch Challenge! We're talking about 3 deadly launch mistakes that you want to avoid! The whole point of launching is to be as successful as possible, so today we are talking about some of the mistakes that many people make when they launch. The 3 Deadly Mistakes of a Product Launch: 1. Jumping Into a Launch - Sometimes it is tempting to just jump into your product launch! You can easily have unrealistic sales projections, which will make it worse on you when it doesn’t meet your expectations. 2. The 6 Figure Illusion - we think that achieving 6 figures in a launch is common place, and it’s not actually all that easy to hit that number. Someone having a 6 figure launch has probably launched products multiple times. Don’t give up after your first launch. Keep working on it and launching time after time. 3. Overconfidence - there is a fine line between being confident and being too confident. A launch isn’t easy and it’s not easy to hit big numbers. There is so much work behind the scenes, and personally, I have prepped for about 4 weeks before I launched. Have a strategy to make sure all your time is going into planning your launch. Showing up and being consistent will give you the confidence you need to sell out your program. Setting realistic goals, that are also ambitious is a good idea! It’s all a numbers game! Listen to the episode to hear the case studies of actual clients that I’ve worked with. Today’s action item to answer these 3 questions in the Facebook group: What are you going to do to avoid the costly launch mistakes? Would you be willing to invest time and money in a system to walk you through launch? What is the important to having accountability to keep your launch on track? Post your answers in the FB group and tag it #launchedin90 The Profit Mastermind - Launched in 90 Days Doors are Open! - it’s a group of 20 women with weekly like calls for 90 days. There’s lots of training videos and a private FB group just for us! There are 3 phases to creating a product and this plan covers all of them!

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15 Sep 2017

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#184: It's Time to Create Your Own Online Course with Stacy Tuschl

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success. How often have you had somebody wanting to pick your brains about some aspect of a business that you really know about? This used to happen to Stacy a lot because she really loves sharing the ups and downs and what's working and what's not. She did this until she realized that she was teaching and sharing her experience with other people- and doing it for free! She points out that we are now living in an age where you can access almost anything the second that you jump on Google, Youtube, or Facebook, so today, Stacy asks you why you shouldn't become one of the resources that other people go to? Listen in as Stacy explains how you can make this happen. Today, still in the series of Course Creation, Stacy talks about why it's a really great idea for you to have an online course. Whether or not you have an audience or a list yet, Stacy dives into how you can actually make this happen, when it makes the best sense for you to do this and she gives you three reasons why you really should do this right now and not later. Listen in to find out more. Some highlights include:  “Everybody needs to stop being that free coffee date.” From minute 2:30, Stacy urges you to start charging what you're worth. “I think number one is the authority.” From minute 3:18, Stacy talks about getting authority through something you've created. “Don't be afraid of this being a bubble.” From minute 4:26, Stacy assures you about stepping up into the online space. “You've got to always be educating yourself.” From minute 6:24, Stacy explains why you really need to keep educating yourself in the online space. “As your value increases, and your prices increase, people are going to be begging you to build an online course that's more DIY.” From minute 7:36, Stacy explains about your increasing value and people affording to work with you. “As long as you are investing in yourself...” From minute 8:20, Stacy talks about the value of investing in yourself with up to date information. “Number two, scale-ability.” From minute 8:29, Stacy talks about scaling and sustaining your business. “The big thing here is results.” From minute 9:57 Stacy explains about ways of helping people to get great results. “I created a top ten list.” At minute 13:53, Stacy talks about her top ten list. “One of the things that really helped me grow...” From minute 14:54, Stacy talks about how she implements what she's learned. “When you go through a launch and you get your results...” From minute 15:56, Stacy talks about things you could have done better, to get better results. Links: For Stacy's Course Creation Workshop: bit.ly/coursecreation For Stacy's checklist: bit.ly/her10tips


8 Jun 2017

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How To Grow Your Local Business With Online Strategies With Amy Porterfield

Welcome back to episode #312! A couple of weeks ago I was featured on Amy Porterfield's podcast where I shared the inside scoop on how to grow your local business with online strategies! Amy had been asked repeatedly if the online marketing strategies she teaches can be translated to the local brick and mortar small business, and she picked me to answer that question! I was honored! Now, you may have been wondering the same thing...Maybe you have a hair salon, a dance studio, a dentist office, a real estate agency, a pet grooming business. The question is, how can you take the information of online marketing (list building, lead magnets, funnels, social media strategy) and use them effectively to get more customers into your physical storefront? Well, today is your lucky day! If you missed my interview with Amy, I am airing it today on my show! In this episode, you can expect to hear more about: The most common struggle that brick and mortar businesses face and how to overcome that struggle and bring more customers in the door The three customer attraction systems (funnels) that convert very well Tips and strategies for getting lots of honest online reviews from your customers. My brick and mortar got 60 reviews in one week! The 3 T's of Funnel Success ....And so much more! P.S. It's not too late.... Class #4 of The Profit Mastermind just started on Monday and it's your last chance to jump in!! (I'm not sure when we will be offering this again - don't miss your only opportunity to work in an intimate small group with me and 25 other women).


3 Apr 2019

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#131: The Importance of Accountability, with Stacy Tuschl

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success. Today we’re going to be talking about how I’m structuring my upcoming mastermind group and how it’s different from group coaching. Some highlights include: I went back and forth on how long to do my mastermind group. A lot of masterminds are 12 months, but I wanted to do a jump start 90 day program with 12 women entrepreneurs. I wanted something quick but long enough for the members to see results. (minute 4:00) I’m going to be structuring the mastermind group with a weekly video call. Every week, we’ll be coming together to share our wins from the past week and then everyone will check in to see if they’ve accomplished last week’s goals. The nice thing about being in a paid mastermind group is there’s a facilitator, so I’ll be keeping track of all this so we can go back and see goals from 90 days ago or maybe just from last week. Some people don’t remember what their goals were, so this is going to help them stay accountable. (minute 5:00) There is a difference between group coaching and a mastermind – in my group coaching, people are there to get my feedback and they’re coming to me to have me actually coach them. However in a mastermind, you are in it for everyone’s feedback. You will be getting opinions from not only me, but from 11 other women. It’s like having a focus group right there to find a quick answer. (minute 6:00) Just the higher price point alone is going to get people who are dedicated – they are committed, they are ready to go. This just wasn’t something that I was taking any of the first 12 women that apply. I had to let everyone know that I was looking over the applications that are filled out and then jumping on the phone with each applicant to confirm that they’re a good fit for one another. So, that’s another big difference between group coaching and a mastermind program. You really have to be more selective when figuring out if people are going to be able to work together well. (minute 9:00) Resources: My media kit Ask me a question! Join our Level Up Community! Want to coach with me? My Book: “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” *Business Rescue Road Map may be an affiliate or receive compensation from some of the business listed for referrals, as their “thank you” for sending you their way. However, we would never recommend any product or service unless we personally love the product and have great things to say about it. Our reputation is at stake and we would not jeopardize that!


9 Dec 2016

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#176: Know Your Value So You Can Provide Maximum Value to Others with Bob Burg

If you're having some difficulty understanding the difference between your real value and the price that you're charging, you will really gain a lot from today's show. Stacy's guest, Bob Burg, is a best-selling author and a speaker. He has written a number of books on sales, marketing and influence and today he explains the importance of knowing this, as well as giving you a lot of other, really valuable advice. Listen in today, to what Bob has to tell you about knowing your true value and also about giving value to others. Bob's total book sales have already reached over a million, with the book The Go Giver having been particularly successful. Stacy says that even if you take away only one golden nugget from Bob on today's show, it's going to really be worth listening to, so tune in now, to hear what Bob has for you. Some highlights include: “Sometimes, with entrepreneurs, there's a tendency to under value yourself.” From minute 1:45, Bob talks about price and value and why it's so important to understand the difference between the two. “The basic premise of The Go Giver is simply shifting your focus from getting to giving.” From minute 2:12, Bob talks about shifting your focus from getting to giving. “We should absolutely trying to please others, and as a result, we profit.” At minute 2:47, Bob explains how pleasing others ties into our human nature, as well as into pre-market economics, so we will naturally profit, as a result. “Let's talk about the difference between price and value, because understanding it is what allows us to charge what we should be charging. From minute 3:16, Bob explains about charging what you should be charging and feeling great about it. “Price is finite, but value can be both concrete, in terms of that $5000 saving, but it can also be conceptual, in terms of the peace of mind that she's providing.” At minute 5:27, Bob explains the difference between price and value, as in the example that he used. “ In a free market exchange, the main characteristic of such an exchange is that both parties, the buyer and the seller, come away from the transaction better off.” From minute 6:17, Bob explains the basics of The Law of Value. “When you sell on high value, you're a resource.” At minute 6.59, Bob explains about selling on high value. “Sometimes it's so great to work with a coach.” From minute 7:59, Bob explains about the value of working with a coach. “Someone gave me some advice that changed the whole way I did business.” From minute 9:20, Bob talks about the advice that changed the way he did business. “So many people think that selling is about trying to convince someone to buy something they don't want or need.” From minute 11:48, Bob talks about common misconceptions about selling and sets things straight with the truth about it. “In other words, it's the lack of emotional attachment.” From minute 13:45, Bob explains about emotional posture. “Asking if something will make money, like you said, is a great question, it's just a bad first question.” From minute 19:08, Bob explains why asking if something will make money is a bad question to ask first. “If it will serve, the money will be a result.” At minute 21.03, Bob talks about serving as a priority. “We always have to realise that we operate unconsciously, based on our own unconscious beliefs.” From minute 22:20, Bob talks about our unconscious beliefs and how they can affect our views about others. “If it's a matter of an actual coach that we're hiring...” From minute 23:30, Bob and Stacy explain what you should look for in a coach. Links: Bob's website: www.thegogiver.com


9 May 2017

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#29: Put Boundaries in Place, with Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Cassie Mendoza-Jones is a kinesiologist, naturopath, and author for women who feel stuck, unworthy, and disconnected to themselves. She's the founder of Elevate Vitality, her kinesiology and naturopathy clinic, as well as the Heartfelt Harmony Society, a collection of online lifestyle and business courses and guides to help women live in freedom and harmony every single day. Through her work, she’s here to help you shake up your approach to self-care, self-worth, and self-acceptance on every level while making it all feel like nourishing yourself without feeling guilty for it is the simplest thing in the world. Her upcoming book, "You Are Enough," is being published by Hay House and is due for release in early 2016. She’s spoken at events and workshops around Australia for a variety of companies, including LinkedIn and New Balance. In this episode, Cassie and Stacy discuss making your business work for you so that you’re able to live the life that you want to live. One of the topics that they discuss is laying down boundaries. Some highlights include: “To be totally honest, I had no idea that I was starting a business.” At minute 2:00, Cassie talks about how she started her business without even realizing it. Don’t be naive. At minute 7:00, talks about why you can’t just assume that you’ll get a return on investment. Lay down your boundaries. At minute 12:00, Cassie talks about “burning 10 candles at both ends” and learning to say no to work that isn’t right for you. “Everything is an experiment.” At minute 19:00, Cassie talks about taking the pressure off and just trying things out to see how they work. Take a big step back. At minute 25:00, Cassie talks about what to do when things feel overwhelming. Ways to contact Cassie: Website: www.elevatevitality.com.au Resources: Evernote kikki.K stationery Asana *Business Rescue Road Map may be an affiliate or receive compensation from some of the business listed for referrals, as their “thank you” for sending you their way. However, we would never recommend any product or service unless we personally love the product and have great things to say about it. Our reputation is at stake and we would not jeopardize that!


13 Apr 2016

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Why You Need A Content Strategy And How To Create One That Works

Have you taken a moment to sit down and plan your content for 2019 yet? No matter what type of business you have, if you want to be successful, you must have content. What if I told you I just planned out 6 months worth of content in ONLY 2 hours?! How amazing would it feel if you could have all of your topics for the next six months planned out with purpose? (Hint, hint...content is the perfect way to lead to a conversation about your current program, offer or service...) Ready to hear how you can start planning your 2019 content quickly & effectively?! "We wanted to have a reason for what we were doing..." At minute, I'm talking about how every business needs to be creating content and keeping it updated whether it's on our website or social media. I'm telling you how my team and I had the idea to prep 6 months of content in a short meeting. "How can we put a different spin on it?..." At 5:32, I'm sharing how much content it takes to fill 6 months, how to find what your community wants to hear and how to give them more of that type of content plus how to put all of these ideas in the right order. "What can you do to spice things up?..." At minute 11:30 Im talking about how to organize extra content that didn't fit in the 6 months and what we did that boosted our engagement on social media. "This feels so much easier..." At 17:40 I'm giving you a quick steps on how to get started planning out your own content!


13 Feb 2019

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The live video tweaks we are making heading into 2020 and why you want to follow

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success. Welcome back to another episode of Foot Traffic! Today is Day 4 of our Drive More Traffic Challenge!  This is a completely free week of training to set up your 2020 for success.  There are new, fun things for this round of the challenge so don't miss out and if you haven't signed up yet be sure to do that now!  Head to www.stacytuschl.com/challenge to save your spot! Now, let's talk about the live video tweaks we are making heading into 2020 and why you want to follow our example! Video is all the rage still. If you still haven't jumped on it's time to do so and if you have been we've got some big tweaks happening in 2020. Today, I shared the changes you will see with both of my businesses. Head over to my FREE Facebook community to continue the conversation.   


10 Dec 2019

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#197: Creating a Product Suite to Increase Your Customer's Lifetime Value With Stacy Tuschl

Last week I was in Laguna Beach, California, with my Mastermind, where I go every ninety days. It's a really great way to refresh and recharge and it was exactly what I needed, so I'm really excited to be back today! Today, we're talking about creating a Product Suite that will increase your customer's lifetime value. What is a Product Suite? It's that customer journey. A few years ago, before I had a digital product, I went to a Brendan Burchard Event and there they taught us to charge what you're worth and not to undervalue yourself. I totally agree, but I also think we have to be realistic here and realize that people won't just jump into a two thousand, a four thousand, or a ten thousand dollar product after they find you for the first time. It's a lot easier to convert when you have a customer journey. Today I want to share with you something that I have done, since then. I've come out with a customer journey with a couple of things that we're going to talk about today. Listen in to find out what it's all about. Show highlights: “So, first of all, you have to have free content.” From minute 2:11, Stacy explains the necessity for having something completely free in your Product Suite, that would be worth paying for. “After the free offer, a really great place to start is an Introductory Offer.” From minute 2:47, Stacy explains that an Introductory Offer could be worth anywhere between $7 and $97. It's a great way to sample your products, or what you're like to work with, before they may jump into a huge $10 000 program, or whatever you have to offer. “After Introductory, I would head towards more of an intermediate type of offering.” From minute 3:14, Stacy explains that an intermediate type of offering would be anywhere from $197 to $997. There's a huge range, here, but your own range needs to make sense. “After that is the Premium Offer.” From minute 3:46, Stacy explains that the Premium Offer would be anywhere from $1997 to $5000, or even $10 000. “And then the Exclusive Offer is this high priced, high ticket offer.” From minute 3:59, Stacy explains the value of this Exclusive Offer. The price point on this could be $10 000 to $100 000. “You want to start with the end in mind.” From minute 4:43, Stacy explains that you shouldn't start with the freebie, or it may not lead to the Introductory and then you may have just a random product that doesn't really make sense. “I have had, in my head, my Exclusive Offer, for a long time.” From minute 5:06, Stacy explains how to create an Exclusive Offer. She's always wanted to post her own Mastermind, and so she knows that all her offers will lead in that direction. It won't be something for the masses. It will be something much smaller and more intimate, so you only want the select group that will accept your price point. You need to be thinking about where you're heading and where you'll be taking those people- and what's the biggest ticket price that you could possibly have. “After we have that Exclusive Offer, I want to know what is your Premium Offer?” From minute 6:42, Stacy uses herself as an example, to show what you can do as a Premium Offer. “So the Premium Offer leads very nicely into the Year Long Offer.” From minute 7:18, Stacy explains that you need to make sure that your Premium Offer leads very nicely into the Year Long Offer and that yours makes sense to do that. You want to continue that customer journey and continue increasing the lifetime value of that customer. “Then the next point is the Intermediate Offer.” From minute 7:58, Stacy explains that for her, the Intermediate Offer is more of a DIY online course. You don't have to have three different products or digital programs. It could be three different levels, where one is a DIY, one is a Group Coaching Program and one is a smaller, intimate Mastermind and it's still one product. “Tripwire isn't a word you would use internally.” From minute 8:59, Stacy explains about the Introductory Offer and she cautions you about using the word 'tripwire' when talking to your customers. She also explains about using the stuff that you already have, to create this. “Let's go from free all the way up to exclusive and let's decide does this really lead from one to another.” From minute 11:40, Stacy talks about making sure that your one product leads to the next one. Does your freebie make someone want to buy your introductory offer? And does that offer make them want to work with you more? Is everything in alignment and does it feel like it should if you're on a customer journey? Think about the one person who really wants to continue to work with you. Think about how you can serve them and keep them wanting to come back. Links: Go to bit.ly/Aceframework to get Stacy's Ace Framework, completely free. Stacy is doing another Challenge in a couple of weeks, so stick with her to check it out!


17 Aug 2017

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Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success. Today I'm doing an on-air coaching call with one of my past client's from The Foot Traffic Formula, Sharon Knight from Tumble Beans Cafe and Play, an indoor cafe and play space located near Boston, Massachusets.  Sharon and I talk in-depth about growing your business and how you know when it's the right time.   "What does growth look like..." at 3:30 Stacy coaches Sharon on the many ways you can grow your business.     They discuss adding additional locations, hiring new staffing and more!  Stacy also talks about the market research needed to grow.    "How did you create your systems..." at 7:40 Stacy explains what steps she took in opening her second brick and mortar location.    "I don't have time to do systems..." at 13:30 we're talking systems!   Who should put these in place in your business and why they are so important in the hiring and training process. "How much do I share with my team..." at 23:12 Stacy gives insight on how much information she shares with her team.  What's important to share to make sure they are on board with the company vision.  You can learn more about Sharon at www.tumblebeans.com P.S. Are you subscribed to the podcast? If not, I want to encourage you to do that today! I don’t want you to miss an episode. There is a new episode every Wednesday and sometimes there are bonus episodes I wouldn't want you to miss. Click here to subscribe in iTunes! Now if you want to show some more love, I would be really grateful if you left a review over on iTunes, too. Every time someone leaves a review it let's other people find the show which means more people I can help! Just click here to review, select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” and let me know what your favorite part of the podcast is! You can also join me in our private Facebook community here where we continue the conversation about the podcast every single week!


20 Dec 2019

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#38: Have the Fear and Do It Anyway, with Julia Pimsleur

Julia Pimsleur is the Founder/CEO of Little Pim, the leading language teaching method for young children, and author of “Million Dollar Women.” She also coaches women on raising capital via her in-person and online workshops. In this episode, Julia and Stacy discuss the reasons to jump into business, how to do it effectively, and why it can truly be done from anywhere in the world. Some highlights include: At minute 3:00, Julia talks about seeing a gap in the market for teaching foreign languages to kids. Becoming fluent in French as by the age of six was one of the best gifts that her parents gave her, and she wanted to be able to give the same thing to her own kids. Hold the vision of where your company is going. At minute 7:00, Julia talks taking “snowballs to the head” and how to roll with these negatives. Get focused on who your target customer is. At minute 11:00, Julia talks about how to map out exactly who your target customer is. “Have the fear and do it anyway.” At minute 17:00, Julia talks about why living on the edge of fear and opportunity is so important. You can start a million dollar business from anywhere, so don’t give up. At minute 21:00, Julia talks about what she does when she needs motivation. Ways to contact Julia: Website: www.juliapimsleur.com Resources: Box Handy


4 May 2016

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#55: Move Forward with Social Media, with Jesse Doubek

Jesse Doubek is an online marketing expert, sought-after business coach, and lifestyle entrepreneur. He’s made a name for himself as the #1 Facebook fanpage builder in the world. Jesse has helped with the launch of several 6 and 7 figure launches, working with some of the biggest names in the industry, people like Brendon Burchard and Russell Brunson. Jesse Co-Founded Fanpage Traffic Academy to team up with and train you to crush it on Facebook like he has been able to do! In this episode, Jesse and Stacy discuss the ways you can move your business forward through social media, especially Facebook. Some highlights include: “I felt like a loser. I was living with my dad and I had 120 thousand in debt.” At minute 4:00, Jesse talks about starting his business career after his professional basketball career failed. Try not to spend more money than you make. At minute 20:00, Jesse talks about the financial lessons that he’s learned in his early career. “Team is everything.” At minute 27:00, Jesse talks growing from a team of three people to a team that’s at 12 and growing. At minute 30:00, Jesse talks about his training series. He’s launching 3.0, the best version of it yet. Facebook is evolving. At minute 37:00, Jesse talks about staying ahead of the changes through his training. Ways to contact Jesse: Website: jessedoubek.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/jessekdoubek Blog: fanpagetrafficacademy.com/blog Reach 150: reach150.com/m/review/26325/jesse-doubek Twitter: @jessedoubek *Business Rescue Road Map may be an affiliate or receive compensation from some of the business listed for referrals, as their “thank you” for sending you their way. However, we would never recommend any product or service unless we personally love the product and have great things to say about it. Our reputation is at stake and we would not jeopardize that!


13 Jun 2016

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10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known When Starting A Business

Welcome back to episode #276! I’m so excited for this episode because I am sharing 10 things I wish I would have known when I got started. There could have been WAY more than 10, but I really tried to give you ones you haven’t heard of before, things that could really save you from making a mistake or two that you don't need to make.  “Don’t diversify until you have mastered the first thing…” At minute 3:20 I’m diving into the 10 things I wish which is starting with focusing on one thing. I want to do everything all the time.  Sound like anyone you know? Find out what I had to learn the hard way. “I was paying, but I wasn’t selling...” At 8:32 we all know there are levels of every contractor we hire. I’m sharing about the software and contractors we see other people using that makes us think we need it too. Hear why it is SO important to be real and connected to your people. “I was buying online course after online course…” At minute 14:24 I was so desperately looking for a private coach or a high level mastermind, but I got it in my head that people didn’t do that anymore because they didn’t need to. I’m giving my insights into mastermind groups and why you shouldn’t rush and try to be an overnight success. “Don’t just do all the things without a strategy...” At 21:20 I’m sharing how I wasn’t clear on my message and I definitely didn’t have a clear customer journey for my customers to take. I’m sharing why I’m in my comfort zone when I’m at home in Wisconsin but really need to stretch myself. “I heard it over and over and over…” At minute 25:00 I’m sharing how we say we know things but if you absolutely knew how important it was, you would take action. Hear why you need to focus on profit, not gross. I’m sharing some lessons learned from people that answered a few polls inside of a few Facebook groups. I want to keep the conversation going so find me on Instagram, @stacytuschl or head over to the free Facebook group, She’s Building Her Empire! I can’t wait to hear from you!


29 Aug 2018

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#267: How To Kill It On Instagram With Britt Seva

Are you ready to learn breakthrough marketing strategies from a former hairstylist? Today I am bringing you my dear friend and fellow mastermind member, Britt Seva. If you watch my IG stories, then you might recall Britt was one of my roomies when we flooded our NYC apartment. “We have these zones of genius we don't even know make us special…” At minute 2:12 if you haven't heard about Britt yet she is sharing all about what she does and how she got to where she is now! Oh, and hear about the time we flooded a New York City apartment… “I stopped following those in my industry…” At 7:06 we talk about who inspires Britt, who she is looking at on social media, what industries she looks at and the types of people. Britt gives us insight on how to get it out of your head that if you are the first to share an idea, instead of keeping it from others, how to elevate and inspire others and how to see people copying your ideas as a compliment. “Everything I was going to post or share was going to add value to my followers lives…” At minute 11:38 I ask Britt how she gets inspired and how she comes up with amazing content. Wondering how to plan out the future instead of doing it all at once? Britt has you covered! “I didn’t think my voice and my messaging was clear enough yet…” At 21:26 Britt shares how she decided to start a podcast and how she knew it was right for her and her audience. Britt shares the journey on how she became confident enough to launch a podcast including reaching out to others for advice. “I am always thinking what does my audience need more of…” At minute 23:33 I ask Britt about the amazing and creative things I see her doing on social media and where her ideas come from. I ask Britt to spill everything on how she thinks of her content! We wrap up with a few details of the new Instagram feature IGTV and the measurements Britt thinks is most important to track. If you want to connect more with Britt you can find her on social media, @brittseva! Payroll and benefits are hard. Especially when you’re a small business. Gusto is making payroll, benefits, and HR easy for modern small businesses. You no longer have to be a big company to get great technology, great benefits, and great service to take care of your team. To help support the show, Gusto is offering our listeners an exclusive, limited-time deal. Sign up today, and you’ll get 3 months free once you run your first payroll. Just go to Gusto.com/EMPIRE.


27 Jun 2018

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5 Effective Ways To Get Dream Clients Quickly

Welcome back to episode #297! Today I want to share everything you need to know about having your business filled with your dream clients. We're talking about building a roster of raving fans…that experts charge thousands of dollars to tell you! I’m sharing 5 tips to attract the right people that you can implement right away today! “I’m trying to get more of my dream clients that value and appreciate me…” At minute 2:56 what we need is to not make more money or get more clients, I’m talking about working with your DREAM clients where work, doesn't feel like work. I’m diving into tip #1 which is a few ways to start to find your dream clients. “The ball is in our court to follow-up...” At 4:52 I’m talking about tip #2: track and follow up…with everything!!! Texts. Direct messages. Emails. How do you usually respond? I’m telling you why it's so important to not only send a message but why you need to follow up and track who you’re talking to. Plus, hear a few things I’m doing to make sure this get done! “We have areas we think we should be marketing...” At minute 8:13 is tip #3: creating add ons and up-sells for your current clients. Are you really looking for more revenue instead of more clients? Then this is for you! I’m sharing how we can add on to what we have and propose it to your dream clients you already work with. Then, tip #4: outside of your box marketing. Hear why we need to always be testing, think of new markets to enter and new ways to meet clients. “We look very, very different than your typical online marketer...” At 14:09 is tip #5: put a referral program into place. I'm giving you a few examples on how to get more referrals and what we did at my brick and mortar business. PLUS I’m giving you a bonus tip! After talking with a branding strategist I’m telling you the #1 thing my dream clients told her they want to see more of. You deserve to work with people that you love working with! If you want to grab all 10 ways to effectively and quickly get your dream clients go to bit.ly/dreamclientsdownload!


19 Dec 2018

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Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success. Welcome back to another episode of Foot Traffic and Happy New Year!!! We are officially in a new decade.  Now that we have entered 2020, I want to share a very timely message with you about goal setting. I know some of you have set your goals already, some of you haven’t, and some are working on it right now! Whatever the case may be for you, these are the tips that are going to help you actually achieve your goals this year. Here are a few highlights you won’t want to miss:  "2020 is the year you are going to start saying no..." at 4:35 Stacy shares why you need to get rid of the 'shiny object syndrome' and pick what you want to stick to and make it your norm.  She explains how to determine if something is the best use of your time and energy.   "Uplevel your average 5..." at 10:20 Stacy talks about how to uplevel your average 5 in 2020.   Now is the time to get into new rooms and expand your circle.  The quality of people you spend your time with will determine your outcome in your business and in your life.   "Embrace the person who has already achieved your goals..." at 14:52 Stacy tells you the questions you need to ask yourself in order to be the person you are aiming to be.   Continue this conversation with me in my Facebook community.  I go live every Monday at 11:30 am CST to go more in-depth about the podcast episodes.    Click here to join now!  Don’t forget every Monday one of our live viewers will get the chance to win an Amazon gift card, book bundles, coaching with me, and a week inside of our premier program, Foot Traffic Formula.  Mark your calendar for a free live training on Monday, January 20th inside the Foot Traffic Community group on Facebook.  I will be talking all about Habits of Successful CEO's.   Join me live at 11:30am CTS on 1/20/20!


4 Feb 2020

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The Secret To Creating A Profitable Business Plan

Welcome back to episode #295! This is a really special podcast episode because this week we are doing our 3rd annual Plan 2 Profit Challenge! You can already see the life changing comments and breakthroughs happening on our social media from our community. In this episode we have days 1-5 of the challenge all in one for you! Each day is short and sweet so you can listen to each day in no time! BUT…there are workbooks that go with each day that will truly take your results to the next level, so be sure to head over to www.plan2profitchallenge.com to get the workbook for each day. “I want to help you get clarity…” At minute 2:16 we are diving in to day 1! We are going to figure out who you want to be and how you are going to do it over the next 12 months. “What has to happen first?…” At 9:57 we start day 2! The next sep after writing out our vision is time to dig a little deeper. We need more than our vision. We need an actual plan. That’s what day 2 is all about, breaking the year down to map out our year! “We need to be truly realistic…” At minute 15:34 we dive into day 3 which is a tough-love topic and a conversation that NEEDS to happen. This includes looking at our business as well as ourself. “You’ll notice a big, big difference…” At 21:00, you’ll hear the day 4 video! My favorite day of the whole challenge. Why? This day is going to jumpstart your business over the next 90 days. “I want you to have your biggest year yet…” At minute 27:57 it’s time for day 5!! We are talking all about mindset and why it’s something you never finish doing. For day 5, we are writing ourselves a gratitude letter. P.S. We are still enrolling for our Powerhouse Mastermind that starts this month! There are just a few spots left and this challenge has built so much excitement so if you’re interested, hurry and book a call! Head over to bit.ly/mastermindfittingcall, apply and see if your are a good fit.


5 Dec 2018

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#137: Giving Value To Your Customers, with Stacy Tuschl

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.  Today's episode invites you to be part of the Facebook Live series in the Facebook group She's Building Her Empire. Today is day five of this week's morning series, called 'She Motivates'. The topic for today is: Giving Value to Your Customers. Stacy talks about the phrase 'under promise and over deliver' and why that can backfire at times. She also offers some really sound advice about how you can deliver more value to your clients. Some highlights include: “You're following, they're kind of MIA for a while...all of a sudden they jump on- they're doing things and all of a sudden you realize they're not MIA any longer because they're going to sell you something.” At minute 1.41, Stacy shares one of her pet hates and also the reason she's done this extra series. “It's not a 'no', it's just a 'not right now'.” At minute 2.56, Stacy talks about giving value to potential clients. “You want people to see how much value you're giving them.” At minute 3.29, Stacy explains why she offers so much free content. “I love that people are loving this, or loving that, because it motivates me, right, it makes me go 'this is why I'm doing this'.” At minute 5.19, Stacy talks about the need for positive feedback in one's business. “It's basically writing about all the things we're going to give you, that nobody else is doing.” At minute 5.45, Stacy tells you more about her document 'We Give You More' and her strategy behind it. “For them, it's this perceived value, but really, it's a value where I'm paying a flat fee, so it's not nearly costing as much as they perceive it in their mind.” From minute 8.00, Stacy discusses 'perceived value' and how to benefit from using it. “So I want you today to really really be thinking about what else you could be doing for your customers to actually say 'wow'.” From minute 9.05, Stacy talks about how to max the 'wow' factor in business. “Now I like to go above and beyond with mistakes too.” At minute 13.36, Stacy shares her strategy for extracting value from a mistake. Resources:   Book: Jab Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk Go to: She's Building Her Empire.club on Facebook to join the group and to hear the Q and A session following this episode.


23 Dec 2016

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Mistakes You Need To Avoid To Be An Industry Leader

On today's episode, I'm going to dive into the 6 common mistakes you may be making or may have made in the past that have held you back from becoming an industry leader.  "I realized people really needed to hear this..." At minute 0:40, we're diving in to what it means to be an industry leader. I'm sharing why it's not uncommon for an entrepreneur to be multi-passionate and good at several things...that's mistake #1. Plus, I'm sharing the kind of person that is really difficult to work with as a coach. "They let external obstacles get in the way..." At 9:02, I'm talking about mistake #2: the obstacles we turn into excuses. Hear mistake #3 of how we tend to focus on what we don't want rather than what we DO want. "You can build a framework that is unique to the way to the way you do something..." At minute 14:08, I'm sharing mistake #4: nothing proprietary about what you do and any body can copy you leaving you to constantly innovate. Plus, mistake #5: they don't have or know their company values. "Our #1 job as a business owner is to be the visionary..." At 22:28, is that last mistake. They don't consistently make space for innovation. I'm giving you a few steps to make an action plan.  If you are ready to be your industry leader I want you to join us at my Purposeful Positioning Workshop happening July 30-31! We have a max of only 20 people and I hope you are one of them. It's going to be 2 days, 9-5, where we will be getting stuff done! Let's figure out how to position ourselves as the best and ONLY option for our clients and walk away feeling like the industry expert! For more details and to save your spot you can visit shesbuildingherempire.com/workshop


5 Jun 2019

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Part 1 - Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

This is one of my favorite episodes that I do in August all about getting back into the swing of things heading into Fall. So many people loved this podcast and it's basically me being VERY type-A! I'm diving in deep and sharing everything I think about when September starts, planning for fall through the rest of the year, what my schedule looks like, what my team should be doing, budgeting and so much more! Let's get a fresh start to Fall and head into a new season fully prepared. "What you give it, it will take..." At minute 0:40, I'm talking about how when we give something a certain time limit, that's how long it will take, but how can we spend our time better to be more efficient? I'm giving you a look into my current schedule for the upcoming season. We also chat about how there is always a system for everything in our businesses and personal lives! "What is holding me back from getting my work done..." At 14:10, let's talk about the difference between proactive and reactive work and how I set up my days, plus how to handle when rhythms and routines are interrupted with conflicts. I'm diving deeper into budgeting enough time to make sure everything is done with enough time scheduled. "I don't have to feel the pressure of waking up at the crack of dawn..." At minute 24:46, I'm telling you my step-by-step morning and evening routines which includes business, personal and family time! "A great way to evaluate what you're doing..." At 37:10, hear a few of the tools that help me with everything I've talked about. Plus, my non-negotiable's I have and why I want you to create them for yourself!  P.S. Are you subscribed to the podcast? If not, I want to encourage you to do that today! I don’t want you to miss an episode.There is a new episode every Wednesday and sometimes there are bonus episodes I wouldn't want you to miss. Click here to subscribe in iTunes! Now if you want to show some more love, I would be really grateful if you left a review over on iTunes, too. Every time someone leaves a review it let's other people find the show which means more people I can help! Just click here to review, select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” and let me know what your favorite part of the podcast is! You can also join me on Instagram, @stacytuschl, and tag me with your big takeaways from today's episode!


21 Aug 2019

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