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Change Starts With You

This podcast is an opportunity to impact my environment by share my story, thoughts, & experiences. Be the change that you want to see. Advocate for the ones that don’t know how to advocate for themselves. Overcoming Tragedy, Rising Above Negativity, & Defining the Odds. - James Champagne Jr.

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Guest star 1LT Jonathan Barrett

Military officers. First lieutenant. Leadership wrestling empowerment grind Human Resources. Multi sport benefits. Basic training. Podcasting projects.

1hr 8mins

16 Jun 2021

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In order to go through the dark you have to pay

Pain dark. Go through it. Pay the price. Pay to play. Leadership has a price. Winning has a price. Success has a price. Chosen, you’re worthy. You do matter. I am chosen. I’m more than enough. Disappointments don’t dictate your success. Mistakes don’t define you.


12 Jun 2021

Rank #2

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You’re only promised where you currently operate.

Operate currently. Promised. Tomorrow not promised. Worthy, chosen, more than enough, you matter. You woke up like this. You validate you. The way you currently operate validates you.


8 Jun 2021

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My Son Jayden

Jayden son boss. Daily relive everyday. Understanding physically regret. Louisiana army experience. Heart mind body spirit.


26 Apr 2021

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23 Apr 2021

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Adjustment Disorder

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19 Apr 2021

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All Eyes On You

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17 Apr 2021

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The Chosen One

Decide assignment God. Purpose Chosen discover. Earth run way Army Military. Generation impact retire. Final destination share thoughts. Transpire ESPN sports analyst. Changing a life.


14 Apr 2021

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Impact Has No Age Requirement

Impact. Age. Powerful gift creditability requirements young people. Kids social issues racial backgrounds next generation community. Variety. Young ladies & young men.


12 Apr 2021

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Being Grateful Eliminates Depression



23 Mar 2021

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