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Mid-week encouragement from His Word to Your life....email: djenkins@chaplain.orgFB: Donnie JenkinsInsta: d.e.jenkinsYouTube: Chaplain Donnie Jenkins

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Episode #6 Choosing to Live Life as A Marathon Instead of A Sprint

Recently, I was reminded that life is more about a marathon than a sprint. With that in mind, we conclude ROMANS 12 by looking at verses 9-21 with this being our lens of how we can live out our lives.....


27 May 2020

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Episode #5 The Person You Are Meant to Be

Today's episode looks at ROMANS 12:3-8. We will discover God has gifted each of us uniquely. In doing so, we will gain understanding of  'Who We Really Are'


20 May 2020

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Episode #4 What You Think, Really Matters

Today’s episode looks at Romans 12:2. In doing so, we look at the difference between conforming & transforming and how it is reflected in the thoughts we think ..... email: djenkins@chaplain.org


13 May 2020

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Episode #3 The Portrait of A Godly Woman

This episode is in honor of my mom: Ms Bobbie and all the hard working moms everywhere who give tirelessly of themselves day after day to make it happen in and out of the home.During this time, we will be using Proverbs 31:10-31 as our resource of what the Bible says about a woman of virtue (excellence). Thank you for joining us...and HAPPY MOM'S DAY !!!!


6 May 2020

Rank #4

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Episode #2 Worry or Worship?

In this episode, we want to deal with the subject matter of WORRY. In doing so, we will see how the Bible addresses this issue and what we can learn in order to apply it to our daily lives.


29 Apr 2020

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