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Feathers is a podcast which shares stories of God speaking and His people having just enough faith to believe Him and obey.Each week Amy interviews one guest who shares their story of faith. Perhaps God called them to something which seemed scary or crazy and they had to trust Him and obey or perhaps God asked them to travel a difficult road and asked them to remain faithful to Him.We hope Feathers inspires you and encourages you to take flight in your own faith.

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Feathers Season 8 Episode 10 with Ginger Harrington: Anxiety, Emotions and Living Holy in the Moment

Ginger Harrington shares her journey overcoming anxiety and learning to live holy in the moment.


27 Mar 2018

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Feathers Season 7 Episode 3 with Shannon Popkin: Anger, Anxiety, and Control

Shannon Popkin shares about her struggles from her latest book Control Girl: Lessons Surrendering Your Burden of Control from Seven Women in the Bible. We chat about how surrender can be essential in taking big leaps of faith or little, everyday moments.


19 Sep 2017

Rank #2

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Feathers Season 4 Episode 15 with Susie Larson: Powerful Prayers

Susie shares from her latest book Your Powerful Prayers.


16 Aug 2016

Rank #3

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Feathers Season 9 Episode 3 with Alison Cook: Boundaries for Your Soul

Alison Cook shares her story of emotional healing as well as practical tools from her book Boundaries for Your Soul.


4 Sep 2018

Rank #4

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Feathers Season 8 Episode 16 with Krystal Whitten: Creativity, Lettering, and Faith

Krystal Whitten shares her journey leaving her career as a graphic designer to launching her own creative business featuring hand lettering.


15 May 2018

Rank #5

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Feathers Season 5 Episode 11 with Christa Hutchins: Using Your Unique Gifts

Christa shares how God began to use her gifts as a project manager in the marketplace to help women launch their writing and speaking ministries.


6 Dec 2016

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Feathers Season 6 Episode 8 with Beth McCord: Faith and the Enneagram

In this episode, Beth McCord shares about the Enneagram and how that can impact your faith. She shares how knowing and leveraging her type helped her start her Enneagram coaching and courses. 


25 Apr 2017

Rank #7

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Feathers Season 4 Episode 16 with Tahni Cullen: Josiah's Fire and Child-like Faith

When Tahni Cullen’s two-year old son, Josiah, is diagnosed with severe autism, she feels like they have been handed a prison sentence. How could a good God have allowed this to happen, and how can Tahni find hope for their future? Five years later, Josiah, who is non-verbal and has not been formally taught to read or write, suddenly types on his iPad profound sentences about the Trinity, heaven, and strangers whose lives he understood. Josiah’s ongoing encounters launch his parents and the rest of us into a whole new world.


23 Aug 2016

Rank #8

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Feathers Season 7 Episode 5 with Katie Davis Majors: Kisses from Katie and Daring to Hope

Katie Davis Majors shares the story of stepping out in faith as a teenager after a missions trip and then gives a look at her ongoing experiences and lessons learned of faith in Uganda.


3 Oct 2017

Rank #9

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Feathers Season 9 Episode 16 with Katherine Clark: Of Trauma, Miracles, and Hope

Katherine shares the story of her being diagnosed as a quadriplegic and miraculously recovering much of her mobility. 


18 Dec 2018

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Feathers Season 6 Episode 11 with Rachel Ervin: Pain, Loss, and a Red Sea Road to Ministry

In this episode, Rachel shares her family's journey through hurt and loss to starting a discipleship ministry, creating a haven in their home for people needing rest.

1hr 13mins

16 May 2017

Rank #11

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Feathers Season 7 Episode 14 with Andi Andrew: She is Free

Andi Andrew shares from her book She is Free how women can experience freedom from shame, fear, anger, control, and isolation.


5 Dec 2017

Rank #12

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Feathers Season 6 Episode 16 with Shauna Shanks: A Fierce Love After an Affair

Wrecked with news of her husband’s affair and his request for a divorce, Shauna Shanks finds herself urgently faced with a decision. Does she give up and divorce her husband and move on, or does she try to fight for her marriage? The former choice seems to contradict God’s plan for how to love, such as “love never gives up,” “love is patient,” and “love is kind.” Taking God at His word and assuming the love chapter was really meant to be followed literally word by word, she not only finds herself falling in love with her spouse again, but also falling in love with Jesus, which changes everything.


20 Jun 2017

Rank #13

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Feathers Season 6 Episode 2 with Anna LeBaron: Overcoming a Life of Terror in a Polygamist Cult

In this episode, Anna LeBaron shares her incredible past of growing up the daughter of notorious polygamist and murderer Ervil LeBaron.  Although she escaped the cult at thirteen, her nightmare was far from over. Anna shares candidly and emotionally the healing and freedom God has brought to her life despite her past.

1hr 20mins

14 Mar 2017

Rank #14

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Feathers Season 4 Episode 10 with Kelly McCorkle Parkison: Surrendering Control and Loving Others

Kelly story begins at her visit to India during the Amazing Race and her declaratio to never return. A year later , she visits for a missions trip. She eventually adopts and then starts a foundation to orphans, widows, and sex trafficking victims in India.


12 Jul 2016

Rank #15

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Feathers Season 10 Episode 3 with Ruth Chou Simons: Parenting, Creative Work, Beholding and Becoming

Ruth Chou Simons is the artist behind the online shop GraceLaced. She discusses how GraceLaced came to be, her role as a mom to 6 boys, and thoughts from her latest book Beholding and Becoming.


10 Sep 2019

Rank #16

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Feathers Season 7 Episode 15 with Diana Weimer: A Move of Faith

Mother to Feathers host Amy Bennett, Diana Weimer shares their family's leap of faith moving as a young family several states away from extended family, without a home or single friend waiting for them.

1hr 16mins

12 Dec 2017

Rank #17

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Feathers Season 9 Episode 6 with Ellie Holcomb: Following God's Leading and Singing Your Song

Ellie Holcomb shares her story of surrendering to God's call to become a professional musician and how she encountered His faithfulness through following that call.


25 Sep 2018

Rank #18

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Feathers Season 6 Episode 1 with Asheritah Ciuciu: Overcoming Food Fixations and Eating in Freedom

In this episode, Asheritah Ciuciu shares her struggle with food fixation and how God broke the stronghold in her life.


7 Mar 2017

Rank #19

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Feathers Season 6 Episode 15 with Rachel Swanson: From Depression to Dreaming

In this episode, Rachel Swanson shares her journey from a depressed, young mom of 3 to a vibrant author and speaker, following God in the everyday moments of life.


13 Jun 2017

Rank #20