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Find your next great audiobook on our podcast, Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine. Every Monday through Friday, AudioFile Editors recommend the best in audiobook listening. All in 6 minutes or less. It’s short, sweet, and just what your ears need. Got a bit more time? Listen to the bonus episode featuring conversations with the best voices in the audiobook industry.

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MOBITUARIES by Mo Rocca, read by Mo Rocca

Mo Rocca is delightfully obsessed with underappreciated dead people—and dragons. AudioFile’s Jonathan Smith tells host Jo Reed why he enjoyed listening to author Rocca share a seemingly endless supply of interesting facts and observations. Rocca’s naturally enthusiastic performance enhances the drama and entertainment value of his excellent research and tight storytelling. CBS Sunday Morning viewers and NPR listeners will recognize Rocca as a regular contributor, and anyone who shares his interest in perusing obituaries and celebrating the underappreciated will love this audiobook. Published by Simon & Schuster Audio.Find more audiobook recommendations at audiofilemagazine.com.Support for Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine comes from GraphicAudio, A Movie In Your Mind. Unique Audio Entertainment featuring a Full Cast and Imaginative Sound Scapes with new releases such as Brent Weeks Lightbringer Saga 5, Michael J. Sullivan's Riyria Revelations, S.M Stirling's Emberverse, and over 1,300 more full cast titles available only at www.GraphicAudio.net. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


3 Jan 2020

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