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Making a Difference radio provides information, inspiration and resources for nonprofit professionals and volunteers. It is 20 minutes for your commute to work via podcast or live. And on occasion we simulcast live webcasts. We talk to nonprofit leaders, volunteers and donors who are meeting challenges and making a difference. Their lessons provide nonprofit organizations with solutions they can use to cultivate donors and volunteers and raise more money.Be sure to mark Making a Difference Radio as a favorite and subscribe to receive updates when new shows are added, on air or available via podcast.

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Year-End Donor Cultivation & Solicitation

This radio program is a webcast simulcast . You can find the Twitter stream #NFPEOY.Yes, we know it's only August! But if you don't start planning your year-end solicitation now, it may not be as successful as it could be. This progrsm will provide 10 or more ideas that you can use, whether your 2010 year-end was fabulous or could use some help.We know we have to cultivate and engage ALL of our donors and prospects BEFORE we ask for money. Planning your year-end NOW will allow for some communication BEFORE year-end.Then there's the solicitation itself—direct mail, response forms, email, online giving forms, “donate now” buttons, PURLs, etc.Whether you're in a small or large nonprofit, we'll provide some tips on how these tools can make your year-end results better.Full participation in the webinar is applicable for 1.5 points in Category 1.B — Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification. Pursuant Ketchum is a CFRE approved provider of continuing education.The webcast and radio program will be presented by Barbara Talisman, President, Talisman Associates, Inc.

1hr 23mins

24 Aug 2011

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School on Wheels with Nathan Hand

School on Wheels Indianapolis provides one-on-one tutoring, backpacks, school supplies and educational support to homeless children in Indiana.  School on Wheels is Indianapolis' answer to increasing educational opportunities for school-aged homeless children in order to create economic opportunities necessary to break the cycle of homelessness.We help complement the access to public education with tools for educational success. Since 2001, over 1,600 School on Wheels community volunteers have provided more than 30,000 hours of tutoring to 3,100 Indianapolis homeless children at eleven locations. There are School on Wheels programs in in Los Angeles and Massachusetts. Listeners can go online to facebook.com/toyota to vote for School on Wheels (on Aug 9) to get a Toyota Prius to deliver school supplies to homeless children!! Toyota is giving away 100 cars in 100 days through their 100 Cars for Good Program. Today we will talk with Nathan Hand about this great organization and how you can help them win a new car! Join us!


9 Aug 2011

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Creating a Fundraising Board - Live Simulcast

This program was a webinar simulcast facilitated by Barbara Talisman, President of Talisman Associates, Inc.We will discuss how to assess your current board and why this tool is so important. From assessment we can determine who to recruit and how to set expectations. Once we have our "perfect" board - how do we keep them engaged? From agenda planning to board communications and meeting management--we want to keep these important leaders committed to our work and avoid the "bobble-head" board meeting. Join this session if you want to create change in your organization from the inside out.How to assess current board members How to effectively create or implement board term limits What an effective board recruitment and on-boarding process can look like How to develop position descriptions and how they help your board succeed as leaders and fundraisers How to create board agendas and help leaders lead board meetings that invite discussion

1hr 29mins

29 Jun 2011

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Dykema Women's Initiative

Dykema is a leading, national law firm built upon its Midwestern heritage and values. Dykema serves a wide spectrum of national and multinational corporate clients and offers a widevariety of legal services. Janet Stiven is a member of Dykema’s Business Services Group. She brings more than twenty years experience to representing a diverse group of U.S. and multi-national clients, including companies in a variety of high growth industries, such as medical devices, information technology and e-commerce.Janet has served as a leader of and is actively involved with Dykema’s Women’s Business Initiative. As part of Dykema’s continued commitment to diversity, Dykema women attorneys and government professionals bring together business women and leaders of diverse occupations, providing opportunities for networking and professional and personal growth.Today Janet and I will discuss the Dykema women's initiative and why it is important the culture at Dykema and their clients.


17 May 2011

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Foundation Center - A Chat about Nonprofit Resources

Established in 1956 and today supported by close to 550 foundations, the Foundation Center is the leading source of information about philanthropy worldwide. Through data, analysis, and training, it connects people who want to change the world to the resources they need to succeed. The Center maintains the most comprehensive database on U.S. and, increasingly, global grantmakers and their grants — a robust, accessible knowledge bank for the sector. It also operates research, education, and training programs designed to advance knowledge of philanthropy at every level. Thousands of people visit the Center's web site each day and are served in its five regional library/learning centers and its network of 450 funding information centers located in public libraries, community foundations, and educational institutions nationwide and beyond.In this program I will talk with Pat Pasqual, Director of the Washington DC office of the Foundation Center. We will discuss all the resources available to nonprofit and fundraising professionals in their library and on line. I can assure you this will not be a dull conversation. Pat will share with us her enthusiasm for their work and mission.


3 May 2011

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