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Episode 004 - Overview of Linux Distributions

In this episode: the Linux Reality Frappr map; site forums; listener feedback; a return trip to Distrowatch for an overview of various Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, SUSE, Mandriva, MEPIS, Debian, Kubuntu, KNOPPIX, and PCLinuxOS; a brief discussion of Linux desktop environments, including KDE and GNOME.

8 Mar 2006

Rank #1

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Episode 003 - Linux Resources

In this episode: listener feedback; a review of Linux news sites, including Distrowatch, Desktoplinux.com, LXer, and LWN.net; places to look for assistance with Linux, including Google’s customized Linux search page, the LinuxQuestions.org community forum, and TUX Magazine; other Linux podcasts, such as the Linux Link Tech Show, LugRadio, and JaK Attack.

1 Mar 2006

Rank #2

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Episode 006 - Linux ISOs

In this episode: listener feedback including the first audio comment; a discussion of Linux ISO files; purchasing retail boxes of Linux distributions such as SUSE and Mandriva; purchasing ISO images for a nominal fee from third parties such as OSDisc.com, LinuxCD.org, CheapISO.com, and LinuxISO.org; downloading ISO images for free directly from distributions such as Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS; LQ ISOs, a LinuxQuestions.org service that contains links to download locations of most Linux distributions all in one convenient place.

21 Mar 2006

Rank #3

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Episode 035 - Fluxbox

In this episode: Slackware 11, a free course from LinuxBasics.org, adding Ogg Vorbis files to main feed; a discussion of the Fluxbox window manager (helpful information is here, here, and here); a Listener Tip; listener feedback.

11 Oct 2006

Rank #4

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Episode 008 - PCLinuxOS Part 1

In this episode: the Georgia Aquarium; the new Linux Reality site forums are live; listener feedback; booting to a live CD; enabling the ability to boot to a CD in a computer’s BIOS; PCLinuxOS initial boot into the KDE desktop environment; a review of the default desktop, including a look at the KDE Kicker, Konqueror, Kontact, and more.

5 Apr 2006

Rank #5

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Episode 007 - Burning ISOs

In this episode: a discussion of additional resources for new Linux users as mentioned in a previous post, LinuxBasics.org and The Linux Learning Station; LR forums coming soon; audio feedback; blank CD-r’s; checking the downloaded ISO’s md5sum in Windows with md5summer, and in OS X with checksum+; burning the downloaded ISO’s in Windows with ISO Recorder, Nero, and Alcohol 120%, in OS X with Apple’s Disk Utility, included with the operating system, and in Linux with k3b.

28 Mar 2006

Rank #6

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Episode 005 - Version Numbering

In this episode: over 100 pins on the LR Frappr map; international Linux adoption; listener feedback; my two favorite beers; version numbering as it applies to the Linux kernel and Linux distributions; how the movie Toy Story is relevant to the Debian GNU/Linux distribution; Ubuntu naming and numbering conventions.

15 Mar 2006

Rank #7

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Episode 095 - Listener Feedback

In this episode: three Listener Tips, three audio feedbacks, and tons and tons of email. Extra notes are located here.

20 Feb 2008

Rank #8

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Episode 094 - Linux for Writers

In this guest episode: Charles Olsen discusses various applications and tools for writers that are available in Linux.

13 Feb 2008

Rank #9

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Episode 093 - Interview with Nathan Lowell

In this episode: an interview with author Nathan Lowell, in which we discuss his four science fiction novels, Quarter Share, Half Share, Full Share, and South Coast, technology, artists and authors releasing their works for free, and his use of Linux. All of Nathan Lowell's books are available on Podiobooks.com.

6 Feb 2008

Rank #10

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Episode 092 - Ardour

In this guest episode: Klaatu, from The Bad Apples podcast, returns and provides a great overview and explanation of the digital audio workstation application, Ardour.

30 Jan 2008

Rank #11

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Episode 091 - Happy New Year

In this episode: welcome to 2008; great audiobooks by Nathan Lowell, including Quarter Share, Half Share, Full Share, and South Coast, all available at Podiobooks.com; Hacker Public Radio; the KDE Release Event at the Google Campus in Mountain View, CA; a review of Absolute FreeBSD by Michael W. Lucas.

23 Jan 2008

Rank #12

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Episode 090 - Year End Wrap-Up

In this episode: a recap of the past year and my thanks to you for a great 2007; two audio Listener Tips; audio and email listener feedback; a special treat at the end.

19 Dec 2007

Rank #13

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Episode 089 - Interview with Paul Asadoorian and Larry Pesce

In this episode: an interview with Paul Asadoorian and Larry Pesce of the Pauldotcom Security Weekly Podcast in which we discuss a variety of issues related to Linux and security; some of the topics and sites highlighted include: the podcast wiki; Paul and Larry's book Linksys WRT54G Ultimate Hacking; SANS Institute; Web-based iptables script generator (probably outdated); Firestarter and Guarddog, two GUI front-ends for iptables; m0n0wall, pfSense, IPCop, SmoothWall, and ClarkConnect; Nmap, Nessus, Tripwire, and Wireshark; SANS Reading Room, SANS Internet Storm Center, and SecurityFocus.

12 Dec 2007

Rank #14

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Episode 086 - Listener Feedback

In this episode: the Cowon D2; 2007 Project Donations; a Listener Tip on finding your public ip address; lots of listener email feedback.

28 Nov 2007

Rank #15

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Episode 085 - Command Line Fun

In this episode: a new Linux podcast called Linux Basement; a discussion of various fun command line topics, including how to use a different interactive shell, such as Zsh (more information here and here), a look at the great mail user agent, Mutt, and combining Irssi with Bip for text-based IRC (great article here); a Listener Tip on creating desktop launchers.

21 Nov 2007

Rank #16

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Episode 083 - Inkscape Part 2

In this guest episode: Part 2 of Richard Querin's discussion of Inkscape; a Listener Tip on dmidecode; audio and email listener feedback.

31 Oct 2007

Rank #17

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Episode 082 - Inkscape Part 1

In this guest episode: a new old toy in my household; rootbsd.net, a provider of FreeBSD-based Virtual Private Servers; then, Richard Querin, who co-maintains the Screencasters site with video tutorials, presents the first part of a two part series on the vector graphics editor, Inkscape; a Listener Tip on lspci by Verbal; lots of listener email and feedback.

24 Oct 2007

Rank #18

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Episode 081 - Audio in Linux

In this guest episode: Duncan Macneil discusses a variety of issues regarding audio in Linux, including device drivers, recording applications, and cleaning up audio files in Audacity; Listener Tip on a list of free shell accounts; email feedback.

17 Oct 2007

Rank #19

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Episode 080 - The GIMP

In this guest episode: Klaatu from The Bad Apples podcast gives a great introduction to The GNU Image Manipulation Program, also known as The GIMP. You can view and download the source files mentioned in the podcast at http://www.thebadapples.info/linuxreality.

10 Oct 2007

Rank #20