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All elk, all the time, and only elk. Hunting elk is the aspirational pinnacle for most American hunters. Corey Jacobsen, 10-time World Elk Calling Champion, and Randy Newberg, long-time public land hunting advocate, have combined to lower the hurdles for aspiring elk hunters and provide insight from their combined decades of elk hunting mistakes that will give useful information to elk hunters of all experience levels. Brought to you by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and partners Sitka Gear, onX, goHUNT.com, Gerber Gear, and Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls.

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EP03: Elk Calling Strategy

In the third episode of the Elk Talk podcast, Randy and Corey finish up their Top 5 mistake list from the previous episode and talk about elk calling strategies.

1hr 25mins

3 Aug 2018

Rank #1

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EP 29: Spot & Stalk Elk with Ryan Lampers

In this Episode (29) of The Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy share the mics with Ryan and Hillary Lampers of the Hunt, Harvest, Health podcast.  Topics covered include healthy hunting, elk ninjas, spot and stalk, slow is still too fast, archery in October, post-rut archery, locating bugles, anti-cow calling, Roosevelt bulls, Washington elk, benefit of mentors, mistakes lead to success, mouth calling, be one to arrow one, sixth senses, right day right time right bull, locating at night, you are your competition, when it becomes stressful, fun is success, how confident are you, when you know it's perfect, and a lot of other topics about spot and stalk elk hunting.

1hr 21mins

21 Jun 2019

Rank #2

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EP04: Choosing Campsites

In this episode, Randy and Corey talk about the importance of choosing a camp site, strategies for site selection, and the risks of choosing poorly.

1hr 23mins

10 Aug 2018

Rank #3

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EP 41: The Dimestore Elk Hunter

In this Episode (41) of the Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy take questions that have been submitted by listeners.  Topics covered include elk hunting budgets, how to apply in multiple states with a $1,000 budget, money-saving tips, prioritizing, analyzing ROI for each state applied for, top priority to find elk in each of the seasons of elk, how late do elk bugle, calling in October and November, and other tangents to topics submitted by listeners.

1hr 36mins

28 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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EP: 40 - Wolves and Wolf Issues

In this Episode (40) of the Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy talk about wolves, wolf hunting, wolf management, wolf politics, some recent wolf hunts they have been on, wolf reintroduction, Colorado wolf issues, and more stuff about wolves.  Yeah, a bit of elk hunting makes it into the conversation also.

1hr 37mins

6 Dec 2019

Rank #5

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EP 20: How To Draw Your Colorado Elk Tag

In this episode of Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy explore all details of hunting elk in Colorado, with a bit of tangent about wolves and other requests from listeners.  Topics covered include Colorado draw system for non-residents, over the counter options, season dates, costs, deadlines, using your points, realistic expectations, elk conservation, state trust land rules, and other topics helpful in hunting elk in Colorado.

1hr 35mins

15 Mar 2019

Rank #6

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EP07: Top 5 Mistakes with Dirk Durham

In this Episode (07) of Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy are at the Total Archery Challenge in Big Sky Montana, sharing the mic with Corey's long-time hunting partner, Dirk Durham.  Topics covered include Top 5 mistakes Dirk has seen in his life of elk hunting, #1 giving up too easy, #2 aggressive versus passive, #3 not being flexible when your plan isn't working, #4 be unorthodox, #5 not having your equipment working flawlessly, knowing when to be aggressive or passive,  attitude being the reason for success, success comes from confidence, confidence comes from knowledge, and a long list of other perspectives from a guy who has hunted, lived, and breathed elk for most his life.

1hr 19mins

31 Aug 2018

Rank #7

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Bonus Episode - Hunt Idaho Elk This Year

In this Bonus Episode of The Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy cover Corey's home state of Idaho.  Topics covered include deadlines, how the Idaho draw works, a tangent against point systems, ID OTC Heaven, choose your weapon, hunting among wolves and grizzlies, archery or rifle, license requirements, fees, maximizing your investment, two bull elk tags, youth options, RMEF Idaho projects, Elk Camp, and many other topics that will get you hunting Idaho elk.


17 May 2019

Rank #8

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EP 21: Elk Addicts Talk Hunting and Shed Antlers

In this Episode (21) of The Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy are joined by Tyler Crockett, fanatic elk hunter, bull rider, and owner of Pure Elevation Productions.  Topics covered in this episode are shed antlers, shed hunting ethics, Jackson Hole antler rodeo, call-in and set-up scenarios, why bull riders make good elk hunters, antlers as money or souvenirs, scouting while hunting for sheds, archery elk tactics, wolf hunting, wolf impacts on elk habits, Hunt Of A Lifetime program, helping others hunt, elk in timber, hunting burns, open country elk, Northwest Archery Challenge, summer practice, and a variety of other elk hunting topics.

1hr 31mins

28 Mar 2019

Rank #9

Podcast cover

EP05: Full Moon Elk with Donnie Drake

In Episode 5 of Elk Talk, Corey is joined by his elk hunting partner, Donnie Drake. They discuss the effects of the full moon on elk hunting, as well as hunting elk during the early season. They also discuss their 2018 elk hunting schedule, and share an exciting new video project they will be working on this fall.

1hr 12mins

17 Aug 2018

Rank #10

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EP 38: Non-resident Hunters; Perspectives and Opinions

In this episode (38) of the Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy discuss non-resident hunters/hunting and how non-residents are often consider the problem of all things hunting related.  Topics covered include, what NR hunters contribute, hunting as a non-resident, pricing disparity, allocation of opportunity, do we need someone to blame, vocal minority, want to pay more, and other topics that arise when talk trends toward sharing the hills with non-residents.

1hr 18mins

18 Oct 2019

Rank #11

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EP10: Elk Mistakes and Gear Talk with Sitka's John Barklow

In this Episode of The Hunt Talk Podcast (Ep 10) Randy meets up with John Barklow, big game product manager at Sitka Gear.  While Corey volunteers for a Hunt of a Lifetime, the topics discussed include John's Top 5 elk hunting mistakes, merino v. synthetics, garment engineers, field testing for Special Operators, baking the moisture from you clothes, windchilling, insulation layers, evaporation effects, performance clothing comforts, John's archery setup, and a host of other topics related to elk hunting and gear.

1hr 53mins

26 Oct 2018

Rank #12

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EP 30: Elk Camp Q&A - Part 1 of 2

In this episode (30) of the Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy have rejoined from a short summer respite and are attending the RMEF Elk Camp in Park City, Utah where they are hosting a live Q&A session with the audience.  In this first of two live Q&A sessions, topics covered include calling strategies, set-up, disturbed elk, high pressured over-the-counter units, ideas for new elk hunters, resources for elk behavior, elk needs, advocating for elk, filming your hunts for memories, elk dispersal in wet years, early season elk tactics, cow elk ideas, and many more elk questions from the audience.

1hr 22mins

21 Jul 2019

Rank #13

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EP39: Elk Season Updates

In this Episode (39) of the Elk Talk Podcast, Randy and Corey give an elk season update of where they have been and what has transpired.  Topics covered include reports from public land elk hunts in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, New Mexico, both archery and rifle, ranging from early season hunts in late August to late season hunts in November.  

1hr 18mins

27 Nov 2019

Rank #14

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EP 32: Cow Elk Hunting Strategies

In this Episode (32) of the Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy finally get to this long-promised episode about hunting cow/antlerless elk.  Ideas covered include hunting for meat, excitement about taking any elk, raghorn or cow, lead cows are smart, hunting over water, calling for cows, archery season cow elk, late season cows, food is cow's year-round need, find the food and find the cows, winter range, transition range, weather-related movements, all food is not created equal, did we mention food sources, use water when it's scarce, hunt for your own reasons, and a long list of questions from listeners about cow elk hunting.

1hr 16mins

2 Aug 2019

Rank #15

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EP 22: Fitness, Fun & Elk Success

In this episode (22) of The Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy are joined by Mark and Jeff Skousen, two of the most fit elk hunters you will meet.  Topics covered include elk hunting is supposed to be fun, fitness makes it more fun, how find motivation, calories in-out, hunting with horses, beyond backcountry, when fitness matters, diet versus exercise, public land hunts, general season elk, over-the-counter options, and a host of other topics that will help you find motivation to make elk hunting fun while improving your fitness. 

1hr 19mins

12 Apr 2019

Rank #16

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EP 14: Wyoming Elk Hunting - How and Why

In Episode 14 of the Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy get into deep discussion about elk hunting in Wyoming.  Topics covered are the Wyoming non-resident tag drawing system, strategies based on point levels, how to decide on a unit, point system, hunting near grizzly bears, tag allocations, public access in Wyoming, archery and rifle, Wilderness areas. special v. regular draw, and some stories of their Wyoming elk hunts.

1hr 24mins

24 Dec 2018

Rank #17

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EP 18: Montana - Hunt Elk Every Year

In this episode (18) of the Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy continue the discussion of hunting elk every year.  Topics covered focus on Montana elk hunting and cover the non-resident application system, deadlines, limited entry, general tags, archery options, long seasons, public land, hunting pressure, seasonal movements, grizzly bears, wolves, and many other topics related to Montana elk hunting.  Hunt elk every year.  Montana is a great option.

1hr 28mins

15 Feb 2019

Rank #18

Podcast cover

EP 35: Elk Hunting Q&A at Big Sky TAC event

In this episode (35) of the Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy are doing another live audience Q&A session from the Total Archery Challenge in Big Sky, MT.  Topics covered include lots of elk calling questions, archery elk set up ideas and mistakes, transition ranges, cow elk hunting, importance of water compared to food, what makes a sanctuary, late season tactics, glassing when and where, RMEF public access initiatives, and many other audience questions related to elk and elk hunting.

1hr 37mins

23 Aug 2019

Rank #19

Podcast cover

EP 019: How To Draw Your New Mexico Elk Tag

In this Episode (19) of the Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy explain how you might draw an elk tag in New Mexico this year.  Going through all the destination elk states, the guys are explaining how you can hunt elk every year.  Topics covered in this episode are the nuances of the New Mexico draw system, using all three choices, mixing weapon types, no point system, glory tags, your time horizons, mid-term plan, easier draw means harder conditions, getting the most from your investment, spot and stalk versus calling elk, rifle, muzzy, and archery options, and many other topics related to hunting elk in New Mexico.

1hr 35mins

1 Mar 2019

Rank #20