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Join host Stephen Force for coverage of aviation and aerospace that includes general aviation, space exploration, military aviation, flight music, and a healthy dose of flying philosophy.

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Airspeed - Because Glider - Part 1

Here's Part 1 of the epic quest for the CFI certificate. It covers everything from deciding to go for the certificate up to the failed attempt to transition to a different motorglider at a faraway school. Part 2 is already recorded and will be up soon. In the meantime, enjoy the comedy and the tragedy that is pursuing a glider CFI ride in a world not equipped to make that ride happen.

1hr 28mins

4 Sep 2016

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Airspeed - Navy Primary Flight Training with ENS Evan Levesque

ENS Evan Levesque (pronounced “leh-VECK”) is a primary flight student at NAS Whiting Field near Milton, Florida.  He’s flying the mighty T-6B in the aerobatic phase of training, having recently completed the contact phase and flown his first solo.  He has instrument work and a formation phase yet to go. More information at www.navy.com.


25 Feb 2012

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Airspeed - KC-135 - Part 1

Part 1 of our two-part series that covers the venerable KC-135 Stratotanker from tip to tail - literally!  From its first delivery to the military in 1957 to the R, T, and E modifications, we cover ths history and role of the aircraft, then talk to both a pilot and a boom operator.  This episode also includes a promo for our golf shirt giveaway.  Submit a show idea and you might find yourself wearing a handsome Airspeed golf shirt just like the ones that our crew wears at air shows!


14 Aug 2006

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Airspeed - Aerobatic Ride with Michael Mancuso in the Extra 300L

The second of my 2007 aerobatic rides!The show starts out with an update on my instrument training, including cockpit audio. Then we get into the ride, complete with audio from the MicroTrack 96/24 plugged into the Extra's intercom. Contact Information for Michael: Michael Mancuso AirshowsBrookhaven Airport139 Dawn DriveShirley, New York 11967Phone: 516-359-9948e-mail: michael_mancuso@mmairshows.com or nlight4@aol.com.


10 Aug 2007

Rank #4

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Airspeed - Flying the Cessna Citation Mustang

Demo flight in a Cessna Citation Mustang VLJ out of Appleton, Wisconsin during AirVenture 2009.

1hr 6mins

31 Aug 2009

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Airspeed - River Days Airshow 2016 - Part 1

Jack Hodgson takes the bully mic for a pre-show discussion of what it takes to put on a hometown airshow in some of the most complicated airspace in North America.

1hr 13mins

7 Aug 2016

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Motion Sickness and AFTE with Dr. Patricia S. Cowings of NASA Ames Research Center

We cover motion sickness and its effects on general aviation pilots and then turn to the expert as we interview world-class motion sickness expert and inventor of autogenic-feedback training exercise (AFTE) Dr. Partricia S. Cowings of NASA Ames Research Center. Full show notes and contact information at www.airspeedonline.blogspot.com.


15 Oct 2006

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Airspeed - Air Force Aviation with Maj. Glen Richards

USAF Maj. Glen Richards, an F-16 instructor pilot at Luke AFB, joins us to talk about Air Force Aviation.  Maj. Richards talks about what it takes to become an Air Force Pilot (all the way from commissioning to flying the F-16 and other Air Force aircraft).  We also talk about how the best practices in both military and general aviation are sometimes the same.

1hr 1min

18 Feb 2006

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Airspeed - Checkride Update for 14 October - Rescheduled!

Greetings from Jack Hodgson Country!  Ceilings too low on the 11th to do the checkride.  Rescheduled for Friday the 19th.


14 Oct 2007

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Airspeed - Kim Crow - The Original Bitching Betty

A conversation with Kim Crow, who voiced Bitching Betty in the F-15 and many other platforms in the early days of audible annunciations in fighter aircraft.


16 Feb 2014

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Airspeed - Civil Air Patrol

Ever feel the urge to go hurtling through the underbrush on foot with a radio direction finder chasing an ELT signal?  Or fly a Cessna 172 into a soon-to-be-restricted area so that the authorities can practive intercepting you?  If so, the Civil Air Patrol may be for you.  CAP, the civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force, has something for almost everyone.  This episode will give you an overview of the organization, its history, what it can offer you, and how you can find more information about it.


11 Feb 2006

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Airspeed - Indy Airshow with Blue Angels Boss Greg McWherter and Roger Bishop

The first two days of the Indianapolis Airshow.  Features interviews with Indy Air Show director Roger Bishop and Blue Angels Boss CDR Greg McWherter.


6 Jun 2009

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Airspeed - Biannual Flight Reviews

Steve starts and ends the show from the cockpit as he is in the process of undergoing a biannual flight review.  That's the minimum instruction of an hour on the ground and hour in the air that every pilot must undergo every two years in order to exercise the privileges under his or her private pilot certificate.  And yes, he passed!


20 May 2006

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Airspeed - Airshows 101 at ICAS 2011

An overview of the Airshows 101 course at the 2011 ICAS convention.


6 Dec 2011

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Airspeed - VIDEO - The Hoppers Promo

Here's the promo that I shot for The Hoppers, an L-39 team based in the midwestern US.


25 Oct 2011

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Airspeed - Rules of Engagement 2014

An update of the Airspeed's rules of engagement and FAQ.  Want to know more about what goes on behind the scenedat Airspeed?  Here are the answetrs to the questions that people most often ask.


29 Jun 2014

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Airspeed - Talking with Acro Camp IP Don Weaver

Meet Acro Camp IP Don Weaver!  We talk about his experience and what cast members ("campers") will likely experience.


24 Jan 2010

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Airspeed - VIDEO - First Acro Session in the Super-D

My first aerobatic session in the American Champion Super Decathlon 16 April 2009 with Barry Sutton. A pretty short flight because I got very green around the gills very quickly, but that's what the session (and the half dozen or so after that) was for. Check out Barry at www.sutton-aviation.com.


31 May 2009

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Airspeed - VIDEO - AeroShell Team Ride and Saturday Performance Video

Video of my AeroShell formation acro ride at Battle Creek and air-to-air footage from the team's performance the next day at Battle Creek.


28 Jul 2009

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Airspeed - My Movie Ate My Podcast

Will Hawkins joins Steve to commiserate about independent filmmaking.


30 Jul 2011

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