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Your life is a message God is preaching to the world. The Kindling FIre podcast interviews people who are walking out their God-given message. The show focuses on personal stories that demonstrate that message.Troy interviews people like John Eldredge, Jon Tyson, Jamie Winship, Brian Brennt, Andy Byrd, Ken Helser, Jordan Raynor, Dan Baumann, Justin Camp, Stephen Mansfield, Amy Ward, Darren Wilson, Matt Tommey, Allen Arnold, Morgan Synder, Micheal Thompson, Jim Ramos, Scott the Painter, Pedro Adao, CJ Hobgood, Ken Harrison, Mike Donehey, and more.For more on Kindling Fire Podcast go to:https://thekindlingfire.comFor more on Troy (including books):https://troymangum.comFor YouTube go to Kindling Fire Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtO78P7DwyHQq_MA_zPdkJQ

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23. Family-Pt.2 Ken and Linda Helser

Ken and Linda Helser are parents to 4 amazing adults including Jonathan David Helser. They have lived an extraordinary life and seen God prove his faithfulness in their lives & in their children's & grandchildren's lives. In this 2 part episode, Kathy and I talk with them at their dinner table about…- God prioritizing Family for Ken over musical fame and success through a Prophecy- Parents praying their Children would go past them in all things- How God lead them to buy 52 acre’s of land in NC for God purposes - And Stories of God's supernatural provision for them & their children ========================Here are links to the Music, Art, Restaurants, and Ministry of Ken and Linda Helser’s FamilyKen’s Music, Art, Ministry==========A Place for the Heart-http://www.aplacefortheheart.org/staff/#/helsers/Jonathan David and Melissa- Music and Ministry==========CagelessBird- http://www.cagelessbirds.com/18-Inch Journey -http://www.18inchjourney.com/Jonathan & Mellissa Helser- http://www.jonathanhelser.com/Podcast- https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/jonathan-david-melissa-helser/id370241266?mt=2Dusty-a Restauranteur==========The Table (a Farm to Table Restaurant)- http://www.thetablefarmbakery.com/Sarah- Artist==========http://www.hidellbrooks.com/index/#/sarah-helser/========For more info on The Kindling Fire http://thekindlingfire.comTo sign up for the 7 Day Video Devotional- Become a Sign and a Wonderhttp://thekindlingfire.com/wonder


24 Sep 2017

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78. Don't give up on yourself- Scott the Painter

Scott Erickson (aka @ScottthePainter on IG)is a touring painter, performance speaker, and creative curate who mixes autobiography, mythology, and aesthetics to create art and moments that speak to our deepest experiencesI caught up with him after recent performance of Say Yes: A Liturgy about not giving up on yourselfYou can find more about Scott on IG @ScottthePainter and at his website:https://www.scottericksonart.com/


22 Apr 2019

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56. Created to Thrive- Matt Tommey

Matt Tommey is a professional artist & author who learned to live in divine abundance and mentors other artist to do the same. In this episode we discuss -His new book- Created to Thrive- an artist guide to living in divine abundance-His journey from hobbyist to making a living as a artist recognized by Smithsonian as one of they top artist under 40 in a few years-How He overcame a poverty and lack mindset not taught in scripture-How critical our thought life is to us living out God’s best-How God wants to make our lives a Sign and Wonder to the worldFor more information on Matt Tommey Artist Mentoringhttps://www.matttommeymentoring.com/For more information on Matt Tommey’s Artworkhttp://www.matttommey.com/For more information on the Kindling Fire
http://thekindlingfire.com/Follow us on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/thekindlingfire/


4 Jun 2018

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131. Becoming a King- Morgan Snyder

Morgan Snyder is founder of Become Good Soil Intensive and Podcast. He is the author of Becoming a KingAnd he is one of the key members of the Ransomed Heart ministry team. During this rich conversation we cover:> How Apprenticeship is the patten of becoming a King> How there is a upside down kingdom process to becoming a King> How to become a man whom God can entrust with His powerTo buy Becoming a King bookhttps://becomegoodsoil.com/becoming-a-king/To found out more about Become Good Soilhttps://becomegoodsoil.com/


11 May 2020

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42. Alive and Awake- John Eldredge

Alive & Awake- John Eldredge shares stories of men who are alive and awake as a result of their journey toward wholeheartedness.John reviews the books He wrote that are critical to a man’s journey toward wholeheartedness- Wild at Heart, Fathered by God and Waking the Dead. We discuss what Jesus meant in John 14:30 ‘He (the prince of this world) has nothing in me’We end the discussion on the sobering cost of being a king entrusted with a kingdom.=====For more on John, his ministry, his books, audio teachings, and conferences go tohttp://ransomedheart.com/=====For more on the Kindling Fire podcast, blog and community:http://thekindlingfire.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thekindlingfire/


4 Mar 2018

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112. Marriage Q&A with Troy & Kathy- Sex, God, Decision making, keeping the spark & more

Kathy and I tackle your toughest marriage questions re: sex, how to find God’s guidance together, how to ensure kid stress does not harm your marriage, how to make decisions when you don’t agree, how to keep the spark in your marriage and more. We received over 50 questions from listeners.This is last podcast for 2019. I will take December off to rejuvenate and spend time with family.See you Jan. 2020!


25 Nov 2019

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10. LIes Men Believe- Pt.1- Tony Colon Interview

Tony Colon is like William Wallace, a Freedom Fighter for men in bondage. The first bondage is the lies men believe.We discuss- How God set him free from sexual addiction- How he recovered from being unable to read - How God redeemed his Divorce - How he is going after men today to set them freeIf you are interested in Life Coaching with TonyReach out to him: Tcolon4@gmail.com or call/text Nine-one-Nine-795-2881


26 Jun 2017

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24. We Stood Upon Stars- Roger W Thompson

Roger is a husband, father, and acclaimed author seeking to write good stories while trying to live an even better one. When not working, he can be found fly-fishing, building furniture and surfing with his sons near the coastal town of Ventura California where he lives with his wife, two young sons, one Australian Shepherd, and seven productive chickens.In this episode we discuss>>1. Why Roger wrote his latest book- We Stood Upon Stars 2. Why men find God out in the Wild/ Nature more so than man-made places3. His heart for Fatherhood and the Role of Adventure in raising childrenMore back ground on Roger…In addition to book writing, Roger has co-written and co-produced several surf, skateboarding and documentary films. He has enjoyed a rewarding career launching innovative businesses and non profit organizations, including Skate Street Skatepark (Ventura, CA), Rocketown (Nashville, TN), Walking on Water Films and Surf Camps (San Diego, CA). Roger is currently helping to design and develop a mission-oriented boutique resort in Haiti focused on elevating poverty in a coastal village west of Port-au-Prince.===To BUY his book go here:https://www.amazon.com/Roger-W.-Thompson/e/B01605LJJ4/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1For more about Roger go here:http://rogerwthompson.com/=====For more info on The Kindling Firehttp://thekindlingfire.com


1 Oct 2017

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19. Love- Greg Sailors

Greg “LOVE” Saliors is the Director of Zoweh Outdoors ministry for men. He has seen Men encounter God on adventure and in nature in over 10 yrs of wilderness/adventures ministries. Zoweh Outdoors is a division of zoweh.orgIn this episode we will discuss:-The masculine nature of Love-The Biblical pattern of Men meeting God outside of formal spiritual buildings-How God has a encounter with His Love waiting for you===== INVEST IN Guys meeting God on Adventure by supporting Greg and his family===https://allies.zoweh.org/support-the-sailors/==========For more information on The Kindling Firehttp://thekindlingfire.comFollow us on INSTAGRAMhttps://www.instagram.com/thekindlingfire/Take the 30 day Fire Starter Challenge (30 secs/day for 30 days) http://thekindlingfire.com/30days


28 Aug 2017

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89. Learning 2 Love- CJ Hobgood

CJ Hobgood is a world champion professional surfer and co-owner of Salty Crew Apparel co. He was on the professional surfing tour for 17 years. I sat with him when he was in town touring his latest documentary movie- And Two if by SeaWe discuss:> How God is teaching him to love well> How God lead him off the pro circuit to get him home> The tools God uses to make us all better menFor more on his latest film about him and his twin brother: And Two if by Seahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfJS2Dj4w0QFor more on CJ check out his Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/forgot2kickout/For more about Salty Crew go here:https://www.salty-crew.com/blogs/team/cj-hobgood


8 Jul 2019

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97. Finding God's Life- Mike Donehey (of Tenth Avenue North)

Mike Dohnehey, front man of the band Tenth Avenue North just released a book- Finding God’s life for my willOn the show we chat about:> Why it seems God thwarts our dreams, when in fact He is trying to fulfill them> Ministry and Ambition, a bad combo> How God is trying to give us satisfaction in a dissatisfied worldFor more on Mike’s new book go here:https://www.amazon.com/Finding-Gods-Life-My-Will/dp/0525652817


2 Sep 2019

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3. Kingdom Journey- Seth Barnes Interview

Interview with Seth Barns, founder of Adventures in Missions. A 27 yr old missions org that has sent over 100,000 people on short term missions. This includes the World Race which is a missions trip across 11 countries in 11 months. 4000 young adults have gone on the World Race since it startedWe discuss…-The lost spiritual practices of pilgrimage or Kingdom Journeys as necessary for our growth-Why men needs to hear God around a lot of testosterone-Why men needs friends-Where are all the guys in churches, ministries and missions “We live in a society where our biggest problem is abundance. The problem a couple of generations ago used to be survival. Now, we are swimming in toxins - too much food and a diabetes epidemic, too much noise, and we can't hear ourselves think, much less God's voice. Too many drugs and we have an addiction crisis. Too much social media and we don't have the capacity to self-govern. In its place is an addiction to pornography. Too much stuff crowding our homes and garages. And the bottom line is that we are losing our children and have no strategies to help them find their way in life.”- Seth BarnesAdventures in Missions: https://www.adventures.org/The World Race: https://www.worldrace.org/Seth’s Blog: http://www.sethbarnes.com/For more on the Kindling Fire: Search FACEBOOK for @thekindlingfire Blog:http://troyandkathy.com#worldrace #missions #men #ministry #spiritualpilgrimage #friends #worldmissions #adventures #adventuresinmissions #aim


1 May 2017

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108. Mentoring Warriors- David Riffel

David Riffel is the author of Mentoring Warriors -coming along side men 18 to 30 In this episode we discuss:> You don’t have to have arrived to be a mentor> How to avoid becoming like the dead sea as a guy> 6 side of life all men have to deal with irrespective of agefor more information:https://mentoring-warriors.com/


28 Oct 2019

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107. Fathering Adventures- Darren Lewis

Darren Lewis is the founder of Fathering Adventures. An adventure ministry for Fathers and Daughters and Sons in Queensland Australia.We talk about the need for Fathers to go on adventures with your kids physically and of the heart.For more info:https://fatheringadventures.com.au/


21 Oct 2019

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123. Get your Life Back- John Eldredge

John Eldredge and I talk about his latest book- Get your life back- Everyday practices for a world gone mad.In this podcast we talk about:> The power of volition, we are not victims of the age> The low bar of a 1 min. pause> How to be kind to your soul> What does union with God look likeGo to https://www.ransomedheart.com/ for more on John.


16 Mar 2020

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90. Becoming A King- Ken Harrison

Ken Harrison is the chairman and CEO of Promise Keepers. Harrison also serves as CEO of WaterStone, a Christian Community Foundation that gives away over $1 million per week to build God’s Kingdom. He started his career as an LAPD street cop in the notorious Watts/Compton area. There he received numerous commendations and awards.I catch up with Ken to discuss his new book- Rise of the Servant KingsIn this episode we discuss:> The future of Promise Keepers> The power of humility & empathy as a leader> How God test us as leaders> How personal obedience as a leader leads to blessings for everyone you influenceFor more on Ken and Promise Keepers upcoming 2020 event go to:https://promisekeepers.org/Here is link to pick up his book- Rise of the Servant Kingshttp://bit.ly/ServantKings


15 Jul 2019

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51. Calling- Gary Barkalow (Pt.1 of 2)

podcast-Gary Barkalow wrote the best book on Calling I’ve ever read- ‘Its your Call’ He runs the Noble Heart ministry whose mission is to help people recover their heart, walk with God, interpret their life, offer their glory, and persevere with joy, equipping people to interpret their life as God instructs them in the way chosen for them”. (Psa. 25:12)In this 2-part podcast we discuss-How you cannot discover or walk out your calling alone-What is meant by the ‘Glory of your Life’?-How to avoid the pitiful of your search for calling becoming a ’self-consumed obsession’-What role disappointments, detours, and hurt plays into God shaping us for our calling.===For more on Gary and his book go to:thenobleheart.com===For more information on the podcast go to:thekindlingfire.com===To follow us on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/thekindlingfire/


7 May 2018

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32. Your New Name- Testimonies about Identity

God, who am I to you? Have you ever asked God that question? Listen in to hear what happens when these men do. ITUNES: https://itun.es/i6755TZSOUND CLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/thekindlingfireBy permission of Zoweh Ministries, I will be sharing interviews I conducted at 'The heart of a warrior' annual Men's conference. The kindling fire will take Dec. 2017 off & kick off new episodes Jan. 2018.For more information on Zoweh Ministries..http://www.zoweh.orgFor more information on The Kindling Firehttp://thekindlingfire.com


27 Nov 2017

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47. Manly Men- Stephen Mansfield

podcast- Stephen Mansfield- New York times best selling author and I discuss his powerful book ‘Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men. We discuss:- Why Men don’t get better through emotions management only- Action is character. Manhood is action- Maxim #1 in his book- The truth of James 1:22- don’t deceive yourself…do what it saysIf you’d like to learn more about Stephen’s other 25 books, podcast, etc.. go to:http://greatman.tv/If you’d like to learn more about the Kindling Fire go to:http://thekindlingfire.com/


9 Apr 2018

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132. Repent & Live- Troy Mangum

Repent and live!- Ezek 18:32Repentance gets a bad rap. Repentance is the door way to freedom, life and joy. This week I go through five areas we all need to repent of1- Pride2- Anger3- Partial Obedience4- Stubbornness5- Giving ourselves over to lesser thingsI share plenty of scriptures and stories to help you experience abundant life through the doorway of repentance. For more on The Kindling Firehttps://thekindlingfire.com/


18 May 2020

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