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A show full of amazing information that can be used by anyone, right now, to improve their health, fitness and nutrition knowledge. Learn how to control your body and mind to make you better in the areas you want to improve or just get confirmation that you are heading in the right direction. Come on our journey, have a few laughs and pick up real world, useful information to make your life amazing!Hosted by Clinical nutritionist, Paul Burgess who has the goal of living a healthy life to a ripe old age. Bio hacking the body by eating right and using any other info he can find to make the body and mind work optimally is his passion (along with lifting heavy stuff every now and then) .

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Jay Campbell - Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Jay Campbell from www.trtreveolution.com joins us today and talks about testosterone replacement therapy. We discuss why people may need to look at this therapy. How to get tested, which tests are best and why your Dr might not be the best place to go if they do not specialise in this field.  We discuss the external factors that can affect your endocrine system plus why he now has the highest rated book on Amazon on testosterone therapy!


29 Jul 2016

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Shawn Baker M.D. How to still break records at 50+ Episode 76

Shawn Baker M.D. completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas in Austin. He graduated with honours from Texas Tech Medical School and completed his Internship and Orthopedic Surgery Residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. His lifelong passion for athletics and strength training has resulted in numerous state and national weightlifting records and a semi- professional rugby career.  As a 50+ athlete who is still breaking records, Shawn has an unusual view on what it takes to stay young and still perform at an elite level. With a 772lbs deadlift under his belt and the World record for 500m row in the 40-49yr age group at 1.16.5, Shawn shows us how its not just strength but also fitness that can be optimised using some simple principles.  We talk though his training philosophy and also his Zero Carb diet approach which is very interesting, being able to perform on a diet of just 3-4lbs of meat a day is always worth a look at! You can contact Shawn on Twitter: @sbakermd www.athleticnutrition.tv 

1hr 5mins

17 Feb 2017

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Natalie Jill Ageing in Reverse - Episode 131

Natalie Jill is a World renowned fat loss expert and high performance coach. She helps people across the globe reach their health, business and life goals by helping them level up and create everything from nothing. Forbes and Greatest have called her one of the top influencers in the health and wellness industries. Today we talk about the way to find out the real reason you want to achieve your goals and WHY that is the most important part of your journey. She discusses her 3 phases of life, why connecting with people is so important and how to get to your core motivation, the real reason that will keep you motivated and taking action. She tells us how taking consistent action over time creates amazing result and the two rules you need to know to make your training successful. Website: https://www.nataliejillfitness.com   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nataliejillfit/  YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/nataliejillfitness   Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nataliejillfit/ Ageing in Reverse https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aging-Reverse-10-Day-Change-Weight/dp/0738235326/ref=sr_1_1?crid=7FJJ20T447HQ&keywords=aging+in+reverse&qid=1558463800&s=gateway&sprefix=agin%2Caps%2C133&sr=8-1 

1hr 1min

24 May 2019

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Robb Wolf - Keto Masterclass episode 103

Robb Wolf has spent 6 months creating arguably the definitive guide, not just to the ketogenic diet, but how to make a lasting change of lifestyle to ensure you succeed in hitting your goals. We talk about why Robb put this course together using an online format rather than another book. Why people fail to follow through when trying to change habits. How to find your compelling reason for doing something.   Robb's current 12 minute weight training routine  Why nutrient density might be the key to lasting health. And does a Protein Sparring Modified Fast have a place in the everyday diet if it is nutrient dense? Check out the series here: http://aff.ketomasterclass.com/4100/16522 www.robbwolf.com 

1hr 29mins

17 Jan 2018

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Luis Villasenor Body Composition and Ketogains Episode 102

Luis Villasenor aka Darthlunghi is back to update us on the incredible growth and success of the ketogains brand. When we last spoke with Luis around 15 months ago, the group had around 10,000 followers, today they are approaching 90,000! On this episode we talk about how people all over the world are improving their health using the keto gains approach to health and fitness. What is Ketogains? “A community driven exploration into the pursuit of physical excellence via ketosis. Whether you want to GAIN health, endurance, strength, speed, muscle or a lean body, it can all be done with a well-formulated, ketogenic diet.” "On Ketogains, we will teach you how to achieve an optimal body recomposition by following a program that involves a diet of whole, mostly unprocessed foods: low on sugars, adequate on proteins, and adequate on healthy fats." We get into discussing why people get the ketogenic diet so wrong, how to apply it to sports like crossfit and what is included in their very successful bootcamp courses. www.ketogians.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/ketogains/ 


8 Dec 2017

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Dr Carrie Jones - Hormones, Fat Loss & Sleep Episode 127

The awesome Dr Carrie Jones is back with us and we are talking DHEA-s, Hormones, Fat Loss, Sleep and the results of a fasting mimicking diet she recently did. We discuss what DHEA actually is and why it is important to know its functions. What can disrupt its function and how to prevent it. Why just supplementing with DHEA is probably not a good thing. The reasons women and men should make certain habitual changes when not feeling as good as they once did. The connection between hormones and fat gain. Why sleep is usually the answer! And why some people don't feel that great after fasting. www.dutchtest.com Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dr.carriejones/ www.paulburgess.uk 

1hr 7mins

1 Mar 2019

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Adel Moussa, the facts about fat loss! Episode 36

This episode features Adel Moussa from the amazing website Suppversity talking the facts about fat loss. Adel talks to us about his passion for health and fitness and why he started his own blog when he discovered that there was very little unbiased information on the internet about diet and training. We talk about the diet myths and why they are simply not true and we also talk about the facts when it comes to how to construct your own fat loss approach. We discuss which supplements are worth taking and which are not and I have a bit of a rant about the industry in general. We also talk at length about how to work out your macros. To find out more check out this post from Adel suppversity.blogspot.com/2015/07/get-your-macros-straight-in-two-minutes.html http://suppversity.blogspot.co.uk/ www.athleticnutrition.tv paul@athleticnutrition.tv


28 Aug 2015

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Daniel Perryman -The Low Carb Leader - Episode 90

Daniel Perryman from The Low Carb Leader is on the show today talking holistic nutritional approach, training for your unique needs and much more. Dan was one of the youngest ever Karate Black Belts at 11 years old. He spent over 6 years travelling the world with the U.S. Navy and then attained a Bachelors degree in politics and Masters degree in Hospital and Healthcare Administration. When he was over 40 he decided to compete in a physique competition 'just to see what it was like'! We talk about why focussing on exercise and chicken with broccoli isn't the answer to a long, healthy life and how using a balanced approach to your health and fitness makes it easy to be the best you can be! http://thelowcarbleader.com/about-dan-new-to-leadership/ 


23 Jun 2017

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Ben Kirk Fat Loss and Muscle Building Episode 109

Ben is back with us this week and we are talking Fat Loss and Muscle Gain! Today Ben tells us how to lose fat for good. How keeping close to your maintenance calorie level will actually let you lose more fat over a longer term. Why it doesn't really matter which type of diet you use so long as you stick to some simple rules. Why it doesn't matter how many reps you use when building muscle. The key to gaining muscle mass and losing fat at the same time. How ladies can tone up quickly and much more! Twitter: @bkirkPhD Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/benni.kirk www.athleticnutrition.tv 

1hr 10mins

2 Mar 2018

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Alex Viada - Complete Human Performance Episode 81

Alex Viada from Complete Human Performance joins us today as we talk being the best version of yourself you can be. We discuss his book, The Hybrid Athlete How to make yourself competent at strength training, endurance pursuits and mobility all at the same time. Why programming your training over a 12 month not 12 week period will get great results all round. The lessons we get from bodybuilding which means we can be a more effective lifter. How to keep your health, strength and fitness as you get older and which mindset might be useful when it comes to living a long, healthy and active life. https://www.completehumanperformance.com

1hr 9mins

24 Mar 2017

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Dave Crosland - Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs Episode - 67

The man mountain that is Dave Crosland joins us today to talk about his new educational website and how he is getting real, usable information out to the masses regarding performance and image enhancing drugs. In his journey from teenage competitor to international authority he has clinically died, been 11% body fat at 306lbs and suffered kidney failure, oh and had a time where a 300kg deadlift just wasn't enough to be competitive. Dave talks openly about his past and why what he does today is so important. The fitness industry is rife with misinformed individuals recommending or using drugs when they have no knowledge about how to use them properly, the side effects and possible long term issues they may cause. Dave has created possibly the most comprehensive website and resource to cover all aspects of this side of the 'health' business and what yo hear from him on the show may well surprise you. http://croslands.org.uk https://www.medichecks.com

1hr 11mins

23 Sep 2016

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Damien Blenkinsopp - The Quantified Body episode 56

Ever wanted to know what goes on inside your body? Interested in finding out what makes your body work better and how? Well, Damien Blenkinsopp from the Quantified Body Podcast is just the man to ask. He has spent over $100,000 on testing himself over many years and what he has discovered could amaze you! Originally a strategic consultant he took his love of numbers and combined it with his love of being healthy and started a journey into how to make himself the best he can possibly be by testing, adjust and retesting himself. We talk about the key lessons he's learnt along the way that anyone can implement. Which tests he finds the most useful and also the one's that are easily actionable. We delve into ketogenic dieting, keto salts and how I personally have been using them recently and a ton more great stuff. https://ketosource.co.uk

1hr 4mins

24 Jun 2016

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Nick Littlehales Performance sleep coach Episode 85

Nick has been a sleep performance specialist for the last 17 years and has helped the likes of Manchester United, Team Sky Cycling, Real Madrid as well as many other professional and amateur athletes improve their sleep and recovery. We speak about why the '8 hours a night sleep' might not be the cure all people think it is. How to choose a mattress, why taking a nap in the afternoon can be your best recovery strategy and even how to select the right bed linen! Nick's book aptly entitled 'Sleep' has been translated into 13 languages Worldwide and is an international best seller. Buy the book here: SLEEP Twitter: @sportsleepcoach

1hr 35mins

5 May 2017

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Mike Morelli - The Sweet Potato Diet Episode 78

Mike chats about his book, The Sweet Potato Diet. 4 years in the making, it is more than a diet book, it tackles many different aspects of nutrition. Based around Mike's successful carb cycling approach to fat loss, Mike tells us why people will find the information valuable whether trying to lose fat or just improve health. He explains the three types of carb cycle available and why he chose the sweet potato as his main carb source of this book. www.morellifit.com www.thesweetpotatodiet.com Amazon: Buy Here


3 Mar 2017

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Dr Carrie Jones - Hormones and how to optimise them Episode 119

The Medical Director at Precision Analytical joins us today, Dr Carrie Jones is a World renowned authority when it comes to hormones and their optimisation. We discuss the Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones and why it i different from the run of the mill blood test when it comes to looking at hormones. We talk about the kind of symptoms people may experience and not realise it is hormone related. How to feel great if you are on HRT / TRT Why getting the basics right first can be a major step in hormone function. How thyroid dysfunction is often over prescribed with medication and not looked at holistically beforehand. Why the endocrine disrupters in your till receipts could be one o the causes of hormone imbalance and much more! www.dutchtest.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.carriejones/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/carriejones619 Website: http://www.drcarriejones.com 

1hr 4mins

14 Sep 2018

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Professor Susan Masino - Metabolism and Brain Health episode 75

Professor Susan Masino from Trinity College joins us today to talk about metabolism and brain health. We discuss her 20+ years in research and how she come to find the ketogenic diet as a major player in the improvement of brain issues such as epilepsy, autism etc. We talk about why small stresses can cause cognitive issues How reducing pH in brain cells improves certain conditions  The benefits of a keto diet on brain cancer and her take on an overall beneficial diet everyone can follow. She also has a great book out with contributions from over 70 scientists showing research and results over many aspects of brain health and keto benefits. https://global.oup.com/academic/search?q=masino&cc=us&lang=en to go directly the code to save 30% is AMPROMD9 http://internet2.trincoll.edu/facprofiles/default.aspx?fid=1117011 


6 Jan 2017

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UCAN Super starch - episode 69

Catherine Litchfield joins us today from UCANN and talks to us about the potential benefits of the Super Starch that they produce. "SuperStarch represents a major advancement and is legitimately the most exciting development in sports nutrition this century. It provides a carbohydrate source that delivers steady energy without blocking the ability to burn fat." Dr Jeff Volek, PhD, Top Nutrition Kinesiologist, Leading Low-Carb Researcher We talk about why Catherine got involved with UCAN in her search to help her son's allergies, how to use it effectively and why it can be used by more than just endurance athletes. A fascinating insight into a great product! Website www.generationucan.co.uk Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GenerationUCAN.UK/ Twitter ucan_uk Discount code: Podcast (case sensitive) for 15% discount!


7 Oct 2016

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Daniel Kelly - Optimising Hormones episode 118

Dan Kelly joins me and we talk about optimising hormones for men and women. - Why hormonal balance is so important - Why low testosterone is endemic - How to fix your lifestyle to improve your hormonal profile - Why testosterone replacement therapy is great, but not everyone needs it - And why you must become your own doctor in a way, because the medical system is broken FB: Facebook.com/danielkelly01 Twitter and instagram: @DanielKellyTRT  Website: optimizedarmy.com https://www.instagram.com/thenutritionguys/ 


27 Jul 2018

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Professional MMA Fighter Modestas Bukauskas Cutting Weight Episode 89

Professional MMA fighter Modestas Bukauskas joins me today to talk about his recent fight prep and why it was different to all the others he had done previously. We discuss losing 10lbs of water over night and why it is not the way to go How he DOUBLED his calories and lost 12lbs in one week! Why using heart rate variability allowed him to train harder and recover faster And we discuss his heart surgery which he went through while fully awake! Check him out on Facebook See his Instagram Account

1hr 2mins

15 Jun 2017

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Golan Horesh - Rapid Fat Loss Episode 107

Top personal trainer Golan Horesh joins us today to talk about his journey into the fitness industry and how he has grown his company to be a six figure business. We talk about how trainers get it wrong when dealing with clients. How he attracts more clients than he can deal with. And how a conversation with his wife was the turning point for him to pursue his passion. We also discuss Golan's unique training system, HD45, that allows clients to train for just 45 minutes 3-4 times a week and gets fast results in just 4 weeks. Golan tells us the principles for rapid fat loss and body composition changes along with his take on the most effective nutritional plan to use. Facebook: PT Page Facebook: HD-45 Training Plan


16 Feb 2018

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