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A podcast about the histories, mysteries and folklore of the old west. Stories about outlaws and bandits, lawmen and American Indians. Campfire tales and few ghost stories, too. So saddle up or settle in for the Drift & Ramble Podcast. New episodes every second Sunday!

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Drift And Ramble Podcast Season 1 Episode 2 Elmer McCurdy Part B

Shot and killed after his bungled train robbery, Elmer McCurdy is embalmed and enjoys a long and fabled career as a famous dead guy until fading into obscurity. But when his body is finally discovered again, it takes a team of forensic scientists to reunite him with his name - and fame! Get the rest of the story in Episode Two of the Drift And Ramble Podcast


14 Jun 2016

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Drift and Ramble Podcast EP 15 Wyatt Earp

The true story of Wyatt Earp isn't you're probably familiar with. Thanks to Hollywood, Josephine Marcus and an author named Stuart Lake, what we think we know is that this famous lawman made his bones with the gunfight at the OK corral. But what really made Wyatt Earp famous may surprise you. It had nothing to do with gun play. Still, the true story of this American icon is no less fascinating. Wyatt Earp is featured in Episode 15.


1 Jan 2017

Rank #2

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Drift and Ramble Podcast EP 14 Doc Holliday

The gunfight at the OK corral only lasted 30 seconds but two men associated with that battle would become the most widely recognized gunfighters of the wild west. So why did it take 50 years for the the story to become legend and just who was this man we think we know named "Doc Holliday?"


18 Dec 2016

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Drift And Ramble Podcast Season 1 Episode 3 King Of Calabasas

A Basque sheepherder arrives in Los Angeles in 1854. He soon becomes the 3rd richest man in all of California. How does he do it? Who is his Chumash Indian bride? And why was his property considered the most active paranormal site in Los Angeles County? Find out on this episode of the Drift & Ramble Podcast.


19 Jun 2016

Rank #4

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Drift and Ramble EP 33 Buffalo Bill Cody

Buffalo Bill Cody is best remembered as a showman and perhaps the "P.T. Barnum" of the West. But there's more to his story. Aside from being a legend in his own time, he influenced America in some surprising ways and left a lasting legacy in the way we remember the West.


21 Jan 2018

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Drift And Ramble Podcast Season 1 Episode 4 Bodie Ghost Town

A man travels a great distance to discover gold in California but he never gets to see the town named after him or enjoy the wealth that sprang from his discovery. We travel to Bodie Ghost Town for a glimpse into one of the wildest towns of the old west. Bodie is now a California State Park and is one of the best preserved Ghost Towns in existence today. We'll meet some of the people who lived here and encounter a very strange experience in the graveyard at Bodie.


8 Jul 2016

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Drift and Ramble EP 32 Skin Walkers

In this special Halloween episode, we explore the legend of the Navajo Skin Walkers. A subject that many feel is taboo even to speak about today. What we find out is creepy - and perhaps a little more than we wanted to know. This episode is brought to you by Rex Rivetter: Private Eye.


26 Oct 2017

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Drift and Ramble Podcast Episode 12 Bat Masterson

As a legend of the old west, Bat Masterson stands tall. He was a buffalo hunter, a gunfighter, an accidental Indian fighter and sheriff of Dodge City during its most violent year. He was close friends with Wyatt Earp, Buffalo Bill Cody, President Roosevelt and many other men known for their prowess with the gun. Today's episode is all about the man known for his bowler hat and deadly aim.


20 Nov 2016

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Drift and Ramble EP 31 Superstition Mountains

The guys from Audioblivious Productions go on an epic road trip to the Superstition Mountains to look for gold and the Lost Dutchman Mine. Native American folklore says this area could be cursed and may even be the gateway to the underworld. It's just a legend. What could go wrong?


15 Oct 2017

Rank #9

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Drift and Ramble EP34 Mosbys Treasure

Confederate Captain John S. Mosby never went to West Point but that didn't stop him from becoming one of the foremost experts on Guerrilla warfare during the Civil War. Mosby's midnight raid on Fairfax became the stuff of legends and it ruined military careers for many Union officers but what happened to $350,000 worth of gold, silver and other valuables that was said to have been stolen during the raid? It would be worth over $6 million dollars today. 


8 Apr 2018

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Drift And Ramble Ep 5 All That Glitters Part 1

In 1849, two brothers leave the security of their home in Pennsylvania to travel to California during the gold rush. We follow in their footsteps as they struggle through nearly 10 years of incredible hardship. Then they discover something that could change their lives forever. This is part one of a 3 part series on Virginia City, Nevada.


14 Aug 2016

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Drift and Ramble EP30 Wild West Fun Facts

A slight departure from our usual format, Cheryl and I meander through some trivial tidbits from the Wild West including Saloons, The evolution of the Wagon and the strange case of Samuel Colt's lost shipment of six guns. There's even deleted scenes and a ghost story or two!


1 Oct 2017

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Drift and Ramble EP29 Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley rose from abject poverty to become an American icon. She not only bested men in a sport once dominated by them, she went on to prove she was as tough and determined off stage, as she seemed to be while performing. Check out the inspiring story of this woman's rise to fame. 


17 Sep 2017

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Black Bart Part 1

Black Bart, the "Po8" may have been the West's most polite bandit. In this true crime story from the pages of history, you'll learn how Black Bart robbed 28 stage coaches but never took a dime from the passengers. He never fired his weapon during his eight year crime spree and he left poems at a few of his crime scenes. Who was this masked man and why did he hate Wells Fargo so? We'll answer these questions in this two series. This episode is part one. 


20 Aug 2017

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Drift and Ramble EP 21 Liver Eating Johnson

The story of a mountain man's struggles in the wild is an epic saga of survival and vengeance for the murder of his wife and unborn child. But do we really know who Liver Eating Johnson was or if the stories are even true. Our friends at Fatecrafter's Audioblivious Productions and Pulp-Pourri Theater appear to help bring the story to life.


26 Mar 2017

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Drift and Ramble EP 25 Geronimo

The story of Geronimo is one of outrage and honor, of revenge and deceit and it's a story of how the man became an inspiration even after his death. Told in his own words, thanks to a superintendent of schools and the president of the united states, it's an amazing journey into the mindset of this Apache medicine man who some believe, held supernatural powers. 


23 Jul 2017

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Drift and Ramble Podcast EP 18 Bass Reeves

Among the many fabled lawmen of the old west, Bass Reeves was remarkable. He may have been the inspiration behind the Lone Ranger. Bass was a man who’s storied career is one of triumph over adversity, relentless dedication to his craft and a brilliant example of a man who showed respect, honor, humility and humanity in a world and time when little existed.  Bass Reeves was no ordinary lawman and his legendary career is marked with stories that will make you smile, squirm and thank your lucky stars he isn’t coming after you.

1hr 2mins

12 Feb 2017

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Drift and Ramble EP 26 Pearl Hart

Pearl Hart, the "Lady Bandit" loved the bad boys. She married one and they attended the World's Fair where she became enamored with strong women of the west like Annie Oakley. Inspired, she robs a stage coach and becomes one of the most infamous shady ladies of the old west.  


6 Aug 2017

Rank #18

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Drift And Ramble EP 20 The Six Gun

The six gun is perhaps the west's most iconic hardware. In EP 20 we trace the origins of the revolver from it's unlikely source of inspiration to the point at which it won the west. Along the way we'll learn about the triumphs and tragedies that surround the developers of the six shooter as well as those who lived and died by the gun.


12 Mar 2017

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Drift and Ramble Podcast Episode 11 Judge Roy Bean

Judge Roy Bean was a cantankerous old coot and the "Law West Of The Pecos" but in his younger days, he was quite a ladies man with a history that's as wild as the old west. Find out how he came to be the law west of the Pecos in this very special episode featuring the cast of the Audioblivious Productions.


6 Nov 2016

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