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Moms and bloggers Shana Draugelis and Meagan Francis discuss accessible style, fashion trends, and dressing for your lifestyle.

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Should Your Personal Style Change Over Time? The Style Hour Episode 3

How does your personal style compare to what you wore a few years ago? Is “your style” something that’s just always, well, YOU, or does – and should! – it adapt, change and evolve over time? In this episode of The Style Hour, Meagan and Shana discuss some of Shana’s reader comments about her changing style, why and how she’s evolved over the years, and why stepping outside of your style comfort zone can be rewarding. The post Should Your Personal Style Change Over Time? The Style Hour Episode 3 appeared first on Life, Listened.


21 May 2015

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We Love Sweaters! The Style Hour, Episode 8

One of the best things about the fall and winter season? It’s SWEATER WEATHER! But while they’re cozy, comfy, and versatile, sweaters can also be surprisingly difficult to wear well. Shana and Meagan discuss lengths and fabrics that flatter, how to pull off the sweater dress look, giving a big bulky sweater extra pizzazz, how to layer for extra warmth without adding too much bulk, how to pull off the half-tuck with a sweater, and that perennial topic – turtlenecks, yay or nay? Links we mentioned in Episode 8 Photos of Shana’s half-tucked sweater look (The Mom Edit) Turtleneck trapeze sweater dress (Nordstrom) Seamless Slip (Free People via Nordstrom) Off-the-shoulder sweater (Anthropologie) Lace halter bra (Free People) PLUS! How to leave an iTunes rating or review How to leave an iTunes rating or review The post We Love Sweaters! The Style Hour, Episode 8 appeared first on Life, Listened.


19 Nov 2015

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Leggings ARE Pants (and How to Wear Them Now) Plus, Makeup Basics: The Style Hour, Episode 7

Oh, leggings. Perhaps no trend has inspired as much controversy of late as these stretchy, comfy, versatile and increasingly stylish pants which, Meagan and Shana agree, ARE DEFINITELY PANTS. In episode 7 of The Style Hour, Shana and Meagan discuss those ever-evolving legging – what’s new, what’s hot now, how to wear them and what to pair them with – plus, Shana’s sister Scotti, a makeup artist and contributor at The Mom Edit, discusses makeup basics from foundation to primer to BB/CC cream to concealer and more. Listen now or scroll down for links and a video tutorial from Scotti! Links Meagan and Shana mentioned in Episode 7 Scotti’s shredded leggings Sequin leggings and how Scotti wore them last holiday season  Meagan’s a big fan of Fabletics leggings (and wears them pretty much all day, every day.) Her current favorite: Clover leggings with lace inserts.  A pair of pretty gold lame leggings (that don’t look too much like Meagan’s childhood Solid Gold dreams) The True Religion legging flares that actually might work (Pajama jeans 2.0?) High Times Pant with Wrap Mesh (lululemon leggings that they can’t keep in stock) Shana’s favorite faux-leather, fur-lined leggings How To Wear Leggings Now (Shana for The Mom Edit)   Scotti’s Foundation/Primer/Concealer Picks: Urban Decay Naked Foundation Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics Makeup Tutorial: Check out Scotti’s video on how to create instant cheekbones with contouring! The post Leggings ARE Pants (and How to Wear Them Now) Plus, Makeup Basics: The Style Hour, Episode 7 appeared first on Life, Listened.


10 Nov 2015

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How To Wear White This Summer: The Style Hour, Episode 6

White is so fresh, and clean, and summery. It can also be tricky to wear. In Episode 6 Meagan and Shana talk about some of the challenges to wearing white, and how to pull off the look this summer. Shana’s picks: These white LOFT sunglasses with purple lenses This Banana Republic linen tank This West Elm Linen Duvet Cover And these white denim overalls (slight flares)…or these Meagan’s picks: This white mesh tank from Fabletics. (A note from Meagan: I’ve been a Fabletics member for six or seven months now, own about a dozen pieces from their collection and really enjoy their stylish lineup of workout clothes and transitional pieces that are helping me pull off the ‘athletic wear all the time’ look. You don’t have to be a member to buy, but you get better deals on what are already very affordable clothes. If you decide to sign up, I’d love for you to use my referral link. Thanks!) Here’s the white (very plunge-y, very bootylicious) Blue Life swimsuit Meagan has been eyeballing for weeks. (Hey guys, should I go for it?) And last but not least…Meagan promised to give herself a white manicure (color: Marshmallow by Essie) and post the results here. Here it is, admittedly rather messy…and, for good measure, with a matte coat on top. It’s a cool look…but Meagan stands by her argument that white matte nails TOTALLY look like dinner mints. The post How To Wear White This Summer: The Style Hour, Episode 6 appeared first on Life, Listened.


20 Jul 2015

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Summer Looks For Guys: The Style Hour, Episode 5

From slim shorts to man-jewelry, Shana and Meagan discuss updating your guy’s style in honor of Father’s Day. Here are Shana’s picks for guys this summer: Clothes Everlane vneck tees – $15 (and they fit perfectly) Alternative Moroccan tee – this is Mike’s “date night” tee An upgraded polo – love the nerdy-cool vibe Striped v-neck tee – easiest-ever outfit upgrade Bonobos pants – the best fitting man-khakis Bonobos shorts – try these in a bright color, to go with all of his black, navy, and gray Even Target has great options for slim shorts – love the bright blue Jewelry  Pyrrha Talisman necklaces Me+Ro – here’s Mike’s necklace and bracelet Northskull – look for the skull bracelets Shoes Van Ratas – the summer shoe for every guy – regardless of age (what to wear instead of flipflops) Classic Birks – always work (I personally love the new, softer footbed.) I think these greek-inspired man-sandals could work…. For more options, The Mom Edit has a Men’s Shop – and be sure to check out their Father’s Day Gift Guide! The post Summer Looks For Guys: The Style Hour, Episode 5 appeared first on Life, Listened.


18 Jun 2015

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