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The Amber Lilyestrom Show is a podcast for the visionary, the dreamer, the disruptivator and the passionate soul on a mission. We do not follow someone else's formula for success, we trust the pull of our souls to take bold and inspired actions steps to create the lives and businesses we were created for. We intentionally cultivate a career and life journey that tells the bigger story, serves a higher purpose and, most importantly, fulfills us from the inside out.

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Focus Friday: How to Prepare for Your Success

Did you look at the title of this podcast and think, “but what if I’ll never succeed” Or…“I don’t even know what success means.” Good news! This one’s for you. Success is not a predetermined destination or a place that only the lucky ones arrive at. Success is whatever you decide it is. What a relief that we get to choose our own success trajectory. Today’s episode is about reverse engineering our success and defining for ourselves what it is in life that would bring us the most joy; and it’s also about living with that joy… in this very moment. Grab a pen and some paper for this one, I’m about to ask you questions that dig right in to the heart of your desire and help you understand what success looks like for you, and how you just might find it. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: How to define success for yourself The questions to ask yourself to help you move into total alignment What it means to bring the joy with you SOUL SHIFTING QUOTES: “We can create a life and a journey to align with what our definition of success is.” “We don’t get what we want because we’re desperate. We get what we desire because we’re inspired.” “We cannot operate from a place of ultimate conditions. We need to operate from a place of unconditional success.” “Are you preparing with, or for, your joy?”


19 Jan 2018

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Natali Morris on Why Your Bank Statement Doesn't Determine Your Value

We all have our own stories around money and finances, but many of us have no idea what it means to have wealth. On today’s episode, we won’t just define it for you- we will show you how to make it yours. Personal finance expert, Natali Morris is a writer, a broadcaster, author of her own personal finance blog and co-owner of Morris Investment with her husband.  Natali helps us crack the code on what it means to make your money work for you, and how build wealth in a way that offers you freedom and opportunity to live life without financial panic. IN THIS EPISODE: Today’s guest, Natali Morris [ 4:05 ] Natali talks about what wealth means to her [ 7:35 ] Key ways to take control your finances and include your family in the process [ 11:37 ] How much you need to get started with investments [ 15:25 ] When Natali’s money/wealth mindset changed [ 22:35 ] What Natali learned about herself when she left her job at CBS [ 31:15 ] How to begin on your journey to wealth [ 36:35 ] How running a business with her husband has affected her marriage [ 43:50] Life changing books, Natali’s greatest teacher and her favorite place to be  [ 50:11 ] Natali’s message to her former self [ 57:05 ] SOUL SHIFTING QUOTES: “Wealthy people know you cannot save your way to wealth.” “You only make decisions on what you think other people should do, when you feel powerless.” “I didn’t look away from where I felt pain- I looked right at it.” “Your worth is not your worth, and wealth is not money.” “Fear is what’s keeping money out of your bank account more than anything else.” LINKED MENTIONED: Find out everything you need to know and more about personal finance on Natali’s blog! Natali’s favorite books: A Happy Pocket Full of Money, The Alchemist, Getting the Money and Tax Free Wealth. Find out more about Natali’s ventures at MorrisInvest.com and NataliMorris.com! Did you hear something you loved today?? Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes APRIL 10, 2018

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10 Apr 2018

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Allyson Byrd on Manifesting + Maintaining Momentum

There are literally No. Words. that could describe the immense power and paradigm-shattering content that this sacred conversation is about to bring to you today. Today’s guest, Allyson Byrd is a manifestation + profit maven who is absolutely sure to inspire you to change the way you think about your possibilities, your mission and your life. Allyson, who is also known as the “Profit Accelerator™,” is the first and only small business owner to create an international production house for thought leaders to be executive produced in publication, online platform expansion, and offline sales strategies. Celebrated as one of the world's most trusted leadership advisors and sales experts for entrepreneurs and small business owners, Allyson and her team of masterful facilitators have coached over 3000 entrepreneurial leaders to create over USD $105M in NEW revenue in the past 8-years. I invite you to stop everything that you’re doing, grab a pen + notebook, and buckle in nice and tight… today’s episode is about to rock your world. In this episode: iTunes review of the week [ :45 ] Today’s guest, Allyson Byrd [ 4:09 ] How Allyson was lead to the work she does today [ 7:04 ] How to release old stories that no longer serve you or your future self [ 16:00 ] How we create momentum in business (+ with money) [ 20:55 ] How to start claiming your worth + resources to help  along the way [ 26:21 ] Allyson’s daily practices to honor herself [ 36:57 ] How to get through difficult days and give ourselves what we need [ 41:15 ] The two exercises that Allyson uses with herself/her clients to support them and maintain momentum [ 47:30 ] What Allyson would say to a former version of herself [ 53:25 ] Soul Shifting Quotes: “You may have not been in control all your life, but you get to be in command going forward.” “I am a sign to the imperfect woman, that imperfect action changes our world.” “If it is not coming out of your mouth as your truth, it will not become your reality.” “If you’re saying the only good version of you is the version you haven’t yet become- that is a disservice to who you’ve been called to and designed to be today.” “If you are the only one that’s amplifying the sound of your message, that means you haven’t said the thing that people get to believe in and be inspired about.” Links Mentioned: Grab your FREE training, How to Call in Your Tribe + Create Content that Converts Schedule Your Breakthrough Call Today! Follow Allyson on Instagram: @iamallysonbyrd and learn more about her on her website: www.allysonbyrd.com Be sure to tag me in your big shifts and takeaways: @amberlilyestrom Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes

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9 Oct 2018

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Sarah Blondin on Living Awake

One of my all time favorite podcasters, artists and minds, Sarah Blondin, is on the podcast today to help us each learn to move in the direction of greater awareness.  Sarah Blondin is an artist, writer and the podcast host for the Live Awake Project. She is one of the top teachers on the popular meditation app Insight Timer, where her meditations are in constant play and have been translated into numerous languages.  Her meditations are practiced by individuals all over the world, as well as in prisons, recovery centers, and wellness programs. Prior to her work as a spiritual teacher and guide, she was a broadcast journalist and actress. She lives in Salmon Arm British Columbia, with her husband and two sons. In this episode full of beautiful wisdom, Laura reveals what it looks like to dip beneath our attachments and explore what true presence looks like for us in this human experience.  In this Episode You’ll Learn:  All about today’s guest, Sarah Blondin [ 0:45 ] How Sarah discovered her purpose [ 4:10 ] About The Live Awake Podcast [ 8:10 ] How to relate to an achievement-based society [ 09:30 ] Sarah’s struggle with worthiness [ 14:50 ] Where Sarah is a witness to her judgments [ 22:00 ] My near-death experience [ 26:00 ] What Sarah’s book opened for her [ 35:45 ] Why the self-discovery journey is layered [ 42:25 ] What being a mother has taught Sarah [ 47:00 ] About our need to stay in the present [ 51:55 ] What Sarah would say to her past self [ 56:00 ] Soul Shifting Quotes:  “I provide an avenue for helping people feel.” “No matter what is going on, at least show up for what is nurturing you.” “I create from a place that is so true to me.” “I didn’t stay stuck in pain; I walked through it.” “You are so ugly compared to what you are inside.” Links Mentioned:  Learn my 7 Secrets to Uplevel Your Brand & Land Your Dream Clients  Grab your FREE training, How to Call in Your Tribe + Create Content that Converts  Purchase your ticket to Accelerate LIVE!  Check out Insight Timer Learn more about the Live Awake Project  Learn more about Sarah at her website: sarahblondin.com and be sure to follow her on Instagram: @sarahfinds Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways: @amberlilyestrom  Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes  Listen on Spotify 

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10 Sep 2019

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The Gift of Failure with Master Dog Trainer Chris Fraize

I met Chris Fraize almost a year ago after a friend referred we seek his help with training our sweet (and wild) dogs. I met with him for a consultation at his headquarters, Canine Solutions Training Services. Needless to say, it was clear we had A LOT of work to do. What struck me the most was how Chris pinpointed some of my biggest insecurities and struggles in the session and pointed them out to me with a proverbial laser beam. He has a deep love for dogs and recognizes that by helping their people be the leaders in their lives and families, he is also changing the lives of their dogs.  He is a former standup comedian and has been approached by multiple reality TV networks for his very own shows; but, he has chosen to forgo those opportunities because they did not feel in alignment with his core message. I am happy to report that Chris has not only helped our dogs to help us, but he has helped me step in to my power to become a better coach, parent and leader across the board in my life. I can't wait for you to listen to this epic conversation and to also take away some great tips for working with your dogs, as well.  Chris has been professionally training dogs for more than 20 years. He specializes in canine behavior rehabilitation and has trained Police K-9 national qualifiers, weight pull national champions, therapy and agility dogs. He has given seminars on canine behavior problems, dog bite prevention, weight pull, dog sport problem solving and more.  Chris has been featured on Animal Planet, in Dog Sport Magazine and other national publications, radio, news and television programs. He has won a multitude of awards and certifications for training, judging and participating in canine competition. IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: Why Chris believes failure is our greatest opportunity. How the past-future pendulum is keeping you trapped. How to be the leader of the pack in your life and business. How the "Disney syndrome" is affecting your relationship with your pets. Why weaving family in to business is one of the most important decisions he has made as a parent and partner. How to be authentically you in your brand and business without apology.


27 Sep 2016

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Dr. Elson Haas on Optimizing Health

Are you looking for simple ways to balance your mind, body, and soul? Today's guest, Dr. Elson Haas, approaches diagnosis and treatment with the maxim "Lifestyle first, Natural therapies next, drugs or surgery last." His unique integration of Natural, Eastern, and Western medical approaches, which he calls NEW Medicine, is built on restoring proper body physiology and supporting healthy cells and tissues to promote healing. It recognizes proper nutrition as the cornerstone of health and also includes elimination diets and detoxification practices, often with a seasonal focus. Dr. Haas has practiced this philosophy for more than 40 years in his work as an integrative family physician, incorporating these practices within an insurance model at his clinic, the Preventive Medical Center of Marin in San Rafael, CA, where he and an extensive team of practitioners and staff have provided care to their patients since 1984. In this episode, Dr. Haas explains how, as humans, we are on this planet to learn and grow. When we block that growth, we create resistance in the body. Traditional Chinese medicine sees this very quickly, things need to flow through our bodies. Dr. Haas reveals the 5 keys to staying healthy: Nutrition: eat wholesome foods, avoid junk + chemicals. Exercise: finding something that we actually like to do. Sleep: we need to sleep to recharge ourselves + get energy. Stress: learn how to get along with people + how not to get along with people. Attitude: what is our approach to the world + ourselves? Later, Dr. Haas reveals methods of getting off of caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and other medicines and getting back to our own natural energies. In This Episode You’ll Learn: Why we are here to learn + grow [ 6:00 ] The 5 keys to staying healthy [ 10:15 ] Why it’s important to work on lifestyle first [ 17:30 ] Mood and energy disorders [ 20:30 ] Why it’s important to make the time to care for ourselves [ 28:00 ] Dr. Haas’ background with health + wellness [ 32:50 ] Healthy bodies don’t get sick very easily [ 39:55 ] Understanding the causes of disease [ 45:35 ] Weaving spirituality into work + health [ 47:50 ] Looking at our lives in the process of each moon cycle [ 53:35 ] Soul Shifting Quotes: “Talking about integrative medicine is something I have been doing since the early 80s.” “We need to learn the difference between real foods and treats.” “Getting out of nature is one of the best ways to relieve stress.” “Lifestyle first, natural therapies next, and drugs last.” “I encourage every person to have stress breaks.” “Ideally, we are doing things that fulfill us; tune into where we are.” “Commit to having the healthiest body you can have.” Links Mentioned: Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine: Integrating Natural, Eastern and Western Approaches for Optimal Health Staying Healthy with Nutrition, rev: The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine Ultimate Immunity: Supercharge Your Body's Natural Healing Powers Learn my 7 Secrets to Uplevel Your Brand & Land Your Dream Clients Learn more about Elson at www.elsonhaasmd.com Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways @amberlilyestrom Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes Listen on Spotify


18 Jun 2019

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Tim Storey on Preparing for Your Comeback

“An utmost God did not create almost children.”  If I could leave you with anything from today’s incredible episode- it would be that.  I am beyond honored to share today’s powerful interview with the one and only Tim Storey with you today, friends. Tim is a powerhouse of transformation and I am so excited to say that he will be standing on the 2020 Ignite Your Soul Summit stage sharing his message with the amazing souls who are attending! Tim Storey is an acclaimed author, speaker, and life coach helping people create the future they desire. He has inspired people from all walks of life, from entertainment legends to professional athletes... from executives to deprived children throughout the world. Using seasoned foundational principles and humor to get honest with people so they can overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. Tim has traveled to seventy-five countries and spoken to millions of people. He often meets privately to counsel high-profile leaders in various industries. Tim has partnered with phenomenal organizations to spread love and hope. Spending time with the Fred Jordan Mission in Los Angeles’ Skid Row, Music Unites Day in Los Angeles’ Compton schools, and Kid‘s Haven orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa. He leads Congregation Church in Placentia, CA, which meets weekly and provides spiritual insight and direction for people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and needs. He is featured on nationally syndicated Keep the Faith Radio each weekend, providing short inspirational moments and is featured on Steve Harvey TV Facebook LIVE weekly. He was a featured guest on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday, Steve Harvey TV, Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Con, and many more. Tim has authored multiple books, with the most recent, Comeback & Beyond, being a top seller on Amazon. In This Episode You’ll Learn:  Today’s guest, Tim Storey [ :45 ] How Tim has chosen to live through and reframe his story [ 3:40 ] What followed after Tim’s tragic loss of his father + the teacher who changed his life  [ 6:30 ] How to articulate what you do + how you serve [ 13:10 ] Where to find the skills to create a comeback [ 19:52 ] Why we need to take in instead of push away [ 26:12 ] How to embrace the fullness and truth of who you are [ 29:19 ] What’s next is what’s now [ 33:28 ] How to let go of mom (parent) guilt while trying to achieve your dreams [ 35:45 ] How to live your life without rushing around [ 40:00 ] How to trust + have faith in what’s coming for you [ 42:37 ] What Tim is most excited about right now [ 44:45 ] Soul Shifting Quotes:  “At any moment’s time, heaven can come and knock on your door and say, “it’s showtime.”  “God always delivers his deliverers.”  “I don’t believe in chasing dreams, I believe in cooperating with what Heaven has already said.”  “Silence what culture is saying to you about what it is to be a great woman.”  “An utmost God did not create almost children.”  Links Mentioned:  Learn my 7 Secrets to Uplevel Your Brand & Land Your Dream Clients  Grab your FREE training, How to Call in Your Tribe + Create Content that Converts  Come hear Tim speak at the Ignite Your Soul Summit!  Email hello@amberlilyestrom.com with a challenge you’re facing to be considered as a featured guest on the show!  Learn more about Tim at his website: timstorey.com and be sure to follow him on Instagram: @timstoreyofficial Twitter: @timstorey Facebook: @TimStoreyOfficial Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways: @amberlilyestrom  Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes  Listen on Spotify 


7 Jan 2020

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Lauren Scruggs on Living by Your Own Timeline

It’s hard to know what any of us would do in the face of immense adversity and loss, but today’s guest is an example of how to move through it with dignity and grace- while using it to expand your heart and deepen your sense of self in the process. Lauren Scruggs Kennedy is the author of 2 books, Still LoLo and Your Beautiful Heart, founder of “Stranded”- a dry shampoo company, curator of her lifestyle blog, founder of Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation AND hosts a yearly retreat with Bethany Hamilton for young women who have lost limbs. In 2011, Lauren suffered a tragic accident that resulted in the loss of a limb and her left eye, along with severe brain damage at the time of the incident. Not only did she come back stronger than ever, but Lauren also used her struggle as a way to grow, connect with others and give back to a community of people who often feel entirely alone. In today’s episode, Lauren shares with us exactly how she found the strength and courage to do that- and how each and every one of us can too. IN THIS EPISODE: iTunes Review of the week [ 4:05 ] Today’s guest, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy [ 4:54 ] Where the mission to create Lauren’s brand came from [ 8:10 ] Lauren discusses what the root of her health problems were and how she is working on them [ 14:56 ] How Lauren is able to balance her health with entrepreneurship [ 24:40 ] Lauren shares the story of her accident and how her life has been changed since then  [ 28:19 ] The most powerful tools Lauren found to help her move through the emotional trauma and pain of her accident [ 37:40 ] How Lauren’s compassion for herself has grown [ 44:56 ] What Lauren believes has attributed most to the success of her brand  [ 53:14 ] SOUL SHIFTING QUOTES: “My hope is that people read my blog and feel encouraged, and know that they’re not alone.” “I’m on my own timeline.” “Set boundaries for yourself, incorporate rest, know what you need… and that makes you better in your career.” “I really had to redefine beauty in my head, and I had to get rid of a lot of lies that I thought were true.” “There is so much purpose in this hardship and it’s making me who I am. It’s part of my story and it’s developing my character in a deeper way.” “I have a mission to help people live fully and freely in their lives.” LINKS MENTIONED: Read Lauren’s blog and follow her story at www.laurenscruggskennedy.com Check out Lauren’s dry shampoo line, Stranded! Purchase Lauren’s books: Still LoLo and Your Beautiful Heart Be sure to follow Lauren and her amazing endeavors on Instagram: @laurenscruggs , @thelskfoundation and @thestrandedshop Did you hear something that moved you today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes


6 Mar 2018

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Jess Ortner on Tapping for Anxiety and the COVID-19 Crisis

There’s no surprise that we are navigating unprecedented times right now. We’re wading through the waters of the coronavirus crisis and the world, as we know it, is changing by the hour. As a collective, we are afraid, we are stressed and we are doing our VERY best at finding our feet to get centered and stay calm in order to be the helpers and light workers that we are. I had the gift of meeting Jessica Ortner through an introduction with our mutual friend Lori Harder. When I learned about her work with EFT Tapping, I had to have her on the podcast ASAP. In this episode, Jessica takes me through a tapping exercise that was exceptionally powerful. I invite you to take the time to listen to this podcast episode and to fully gift yourself the experience of doing the tapping exercise. Also, stay tuned until the end as Jessica offers us the opportunity to use her app, The Tapping Solution, for free and for first responders and medical workers, she is offering a free 6-month membership to access ALL the app has to offer. In this Episode You’ll Learn:  How Jessica got started with Tapping What EFT Tapping is all about and the research-based benefits that come with it Jessica takes us through a Tapping Exercise [24:24] How to add Tapping to your daily practice The Tools Jessica and her team have created to make it easy for you to get started for FREE Links Mentioned:  Learn more about Jessica by following her on Instagram or heading to her website at https://www.jessicaortner.com/ Download the free Tapping Solutions App here Join my FREE Biz Support group called Better Toget(her) here Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways: @amberlilyestrom  Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes  Listen on Spotify 


31 Mar 2020

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Kathrin Zenkina on Manifesting Your Big Dreams

Are you ready to learn how to manifest more money in just 24 hours?  Today's guest, Kathrin Zenkina is the creator of Manifestation Babe. She created this company for people who are obsessed with taking their life to the next level, unleashing their inner magic, breaking through their limitations, and "manifesting a reality, wilder than their wildest dreams." Since starting on Instagram as @ManifestationBabe, her business has generated over $2.25M in the last 12 months, she has built a coaching empire, become the Amazon best-selling author of “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe,” created her two premier programs: Manifestation Babe Academy & Rich Babe Academy, built an online community of 100,000+ followers, and has been featured in podcasts and well-known online magazines. In this episode, Kathrin explains how to break through our money woes to step into the next level that we are ready to create + welcome into our lives.  Kathrin’s mission is to prove to herself that any thought she has is true in any shape + form. She believes that manifestation is always in action, and that the moment we acknowledge the evidence of it being so, we will begin to find more. In This Episode You’ll Learn:  How a limitless mind will create a limitless life [ 7:25 ] How to overcome the fear of taking action [ 10:45 ] Why we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about money [ 13:25 ] The truth that we are all worthy of money [ 19:20 ] How to claim our success [ 23:50 ] Managing our own alignments [ 33:25 ] What our life’s purpose is REALLY about [ 40:30 ] What to do when we are triggered by someone else’s success [ 42:00 ] Soul Shifting Quotes: “The best investment we could ever make is inside of our minds.” “The only way we are going to live up to our potential is by making an investment.” “I see money as energy.” “Why are we resistant to abundance when abundance is all around us?” “Truth is subjective.” “Every year, the universe puts me through the wringer.” “It’s not about what we are doing, it’s about who we are being.” Links Mentioned:  Learn my 7 Secrets to Uplevel Your Brand & Land Your Dream Clients Grab your FREE training, How to Call in Your Tribe + Create Content that Converts  Read Kathrin’s book Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 In 21 Days Read Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers Learn more about Kathrin on her website manifestationbabe.com, follow her on Instagram: @manifestationbabe or join her online community: Manifestation Babes Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways: @amberlilyestrom Did you hear something you loved today?!  Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes Listen on Spotify  


23 Jul 2019

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Kris Britton on The Spirituality of Sales

Have you ever had that feeling deep within your soul, that you are here to do big things? And at the same time- felt utterly terrified of being seen? Today’s guest, Kris Britton, is a Life and Success Coach to women who want to love themselves and live free. Kris empowers women to clear all the blocks that hold them back from confidently living their dreams. Our blocks are the stories we’ve piled up high within us that block our voice, light, and abundance. When these blocks are dissolved, we reveal our true selves, and start to lead our lives with love and our own personal power. In this episode, Kris and I dig deep into soul-searching, spiritual sales, and how to awaken our own inner goddess. Plus, we discuss why you need to hang up your lady balls (say what?!), and Kris gives some game-changing tips on how to set + accomplish every goal that’s on your heart. In This Episode: Today’s guest, Kris Britton [ 3:20 ] Marriage changed everything [ 6:45 ] Kris’ new frontiers [ 9:45 ] Spiritual salespeople can still make money [ 13:25 ] Let people in [ 19:55 ] Your soul is calling you [ 22:45 ] Amber’s wake-up call [ 23:40 ] Kris’ life coach [ 24:40 ] Awakening your inner goddess [ 29:45 ] Hang up the lady balls [ 34:50 ] Finding the balance between feminine and masculinity [ 39:10 ] Strategies to set goals and when to detach [ 42:40 ] Kris studies Amber’s social media stories [ 49:55 ] Kris would tell her fourteen-year-old self that she is loved [52:45] Soul Shifting Quotes: “Set the date and watch what unfolds.” “I work well when I have a sister like you in my corner that is believing in me as much as my soul is calling me to, but my ego is tripping me up too much.” “Coming into a space of authentic selling, through storytelling, through aligning your energy trusting the right person is coming in; I light up being able to invite sales in.” “Everything in life is a sales conversation.” “Your soul is aching, but it’s the hardest thing for you to lean into and say yes to.” “By nature, I have been taught to be more of the damsel in distress and a victim.” Links Mentioned: Grab your FREE training, How to Call in Your Tribe + Create Content that Converts Click here to Master Your Money Mind! Learn more about Kris at KrisBritton.net and follow her on Instagram: @kris_britton Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways: @amberlilyestrom Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes Listen on Spotify


11 Dec 2018

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Mark Nepo on What Opens Us to Authentic Living

Sharing today’s interview with you is quite honestly one of the greatest gifts I could have ever dreamed of giving my listeners. It has been a lifetime in the making + a dream come true, and I couldn’t be more honored to have had this sacred soul-conversation with the one, the only- Mark Nepo. Mark Nepo moved and inspired readers and seekers all over the world with his #1 New York Times bestseller The Book of Awakening. Beloved as a poet, teacher, and storyteller, Mark has been called “one of the finest spiritual guides of our time,” “a consummate storyteller,” and “an eloquent spiritual teacher.” His work is widely accessible and used by many and his books have been translated into more than twenty languages. A bestselling author, he has published twenty books and recorded fourteen audio projects. In 2015, he was given a Life-Achievement Award by AgeNation. And in 2016, he was named by Watkins: Mind Body Spirit as one of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People, and was also chosen as one of OWN’s SuperSoul 100, a group of inspired leaders using their gifts and voices to elevate humanity. In 2017 Mark became a regular columnist for Spirituality & Health Magazine. Mark is the author of twenty books, his most recent is More Together Than Alone: Discovering the Power and Spirit of Community in Our Lives and in the World, published by Atria Books in July 2018. Friends, you are going to want to grab a pen + paper for this one; every word was full of deeply profound wisdom, and I encourage you to listen again and again. I hope you walk away feeling as grounded and present in your life as ever, leaving with the knowing that, as Mark so eloquently stated- there is no other place to go than HERE. In this episode: Today’s guest, Mark Nepo [ 0:42 ] The things that break us open and what happens on the other side of them [ 8:13 ] Becoming a student of all paths [ 11:30 ] What it means to move through time vs. entering time and how we can enter our lives [ 14:15 ] How to return to where we are [ 17:35 ] The gifts and shadows of both solitude and community [ 25:15 ] The deep paradox of life, love and loss [ 28:40 ] Mark shares a poem from “The One Life We’re Given” [ 36:00 ] How we can stop struggling + fighting and start flowing + allowing [ 39:05 ] The original meaning of the word “perfect” [ 45:00 ] The other menacing assumption- urgency [ 45:35 ] How Mark begins his day and why rituals matter [ 47:15 ] Letting go of guilt when we make the choice to give to ourselves [ 52:53 ] What it means to be carried toward the light [ 58:00 ] Soul Shifting Quotes: “Every person is given the chance to be dropped into the depth of life.” “What is opened in us is always more important than what opens us.” “The mind may be the greatest tool that a human being could have, but the heart is the greatest threshold.” “The only place to transcend to is here.” “One of the menacing assumptions that always keeps us from living our life, is the assumption that life is happening other than where we are.” “Remember and affirm that there is no “there”, there is only “here.”” “We need to hold nothing back, we need to be as present as possible- when life pushes us away, we need to lean back in.” “If you love, you will know loss. And if you don’t love, then what’s the point?” “The reward for being thorough is being whole-hearted.” “Everything is worth writing about, everything is a miracle- I’m the one who comes in and out of focus. It’s all about discovering, rather than inventing.” “We never have to apologize for the truth of our experience.” “Even atheists believe in something larger than them; they just call it ‘nothing’, I just call it ‘everything’.” “That seed below the ground, in the dark, has no idea that there is even a sun or a surface… and it is drawn to the light.” Links Mentioned: Read Carlos Castenada’s Journey to Ixtlan Grab your FREE training, How to Call in your Tribe + Create Content that Converts Purchase Your Ticket to the Ignite Your Soul Summit Here Learn more about Mark and all of his incredible writings at marknepo.com Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes Listen on Spotify

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12 Feb 2019

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Amber Lilyestrom on Goal Mapping in to 2019

Are you ready to make 2019 the most aligned and joy filled year of your life? In the final episode of 2018, I bring you inside my Goal Mapping Masterclass to speak to and uncover the top challenges I’ve watched my clients (and myself) face have when it comes to reaching our full potential. In this Masterclass, I dive in deep to show you the ways to achieve massive clarity around your dreams + desires, and how to use those desires to step up and take mega action in our lives + businesses.   In This Episode: #1 challenge in goal setting  [ 3:45 ] I said ‘yes’ to myself first [ 5:40 ] Drop into your sacred body [ 14:00 ] I dreamed of retiring my husband [ 18:30 ] Identify the gap [ 25:10 ] The point of life is joy + love [ 32:50 ] Embrace our dreams [ 41:15 ] I needed a coach [ 42:45 ] Commit to mindset work [ 48:25 ] Guilt is useless [ 53:35 ] Devote time to your body [ 56:20 ] I testified against my abuser [ 01:01:20 ] Soul Shifting Quotes: “I was too afraid to raise my hand and say I actually want something different.” “It’s never the mechanics, it’s always the mindset.” “Desire + belief = action.” “It’s the lack of trust or faith in yourself that is stopping you.” “Be full of yourself.” “You can’t order it if it’s not on the menu.” Links Mentioned: Grab your FREE training, How to Call in Your Tribe + Create Content that Converts Click here to learn more about Master Your Money Mind Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways: @amberlilyestrom Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes Listen on Spotify

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28 Dec 2018

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Dayna Martin on Radical Unschooling + Raising Rebels

Get ready to have your mind blown and your world rocked- because this episode is all about shifting paradigms and breaking away from the conditioned patterns that have been ingrained in our minds. Today’s guest, Dayna Martin, has spent her life challenging the beliefs our society holds about how to raise, educate and love our children. She has gone on to create a life that’s radically different- and has an army of mamas behind her who are ready to do the same. Dayna Martin has been inspiring others for over a decade by sharing her experience through natural birth, attachment parenting and Unschooling. She is an activist, educator and author of, Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun, Sexy Birth and her soon to be released book, Raising Rebels: Parenting Advice from the Girl Your Parents Warned You About. Dayna is also a speaker, peaceful parenting coach, doula, midwife, anarchist and raw vegan chef and owner of the raw vegan business, Rawk Starz. In This Episode: Today’s guest, Dayna Martin [ :45 ] iTunes review of the week [ 3:05 ] Dayna’s new book; Raising Rebels: Parenting Advice from the Girl Your Parents Warned You About, and how the  journey that has lead her to write it. [ 5:50 ] The principles of Radical Unschooling + shifting paradigms  [ 8:45 ] The exhaustion that comes from questioning our decisions as mothers [ 14:45 ] The transition from traditional schooling to unschooling [ 18:35 ] What to do if you’re feeling the pull to move away from traditional schooling [ 25:14 ] How the media can twist + sensationalize the idea of Peaceful Parenting [ 29:03 ] What daily life looked like in Dayna’s home when her children were younger + the use of technology [ 32:15 ] How to navigate unschooling as a couple + learn to trust yourselves, and each other [ 38:14 ] What happens when we make decisions from a place of fear [ 42:30 ] Caring more about what our children think of us than what society does [ 45:40 ] How to navigate travel while raising children [ 50:13 ] Soul Shifting Quotes: “Instead of just focusing on the needs of adults, and obedience or compliance, we’re focusing on the needs of everyone in the family.” “Can my love really ruin my child?” “It’s so unnatural to break life in to subjects; we learn so much just living life immersed in our passions.” “Have your home be a workshop of your interests, instead of a museum of your things.” “Freedom is at the very basis of what all human beings want; and when another human being tries to control us, that desire for freedom will override everything.” “Communication and discussion is one of our greatest tools in the education of our children.” “With freedom comes self-expression that may not be approved of by others.” “Children love themselves unconditionally when they are loved without conditions.” “Love doesn’t involve control- ever.” Links Mentioned: Read Dayna’s article, The Sacred Flow of the Family Bed Purchase Dayna’s book: Radical Unschooling, and be on the lookout for Raising Rebels to hit Amazon soon! Grab your FREE training, How to Call in Your Tribe + Create Content that Converts Learn more about Dayna at www.daynamartin.com and follow her on Instagram: @officialdaynamartin Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways: @amberlilyestrom Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes Listen on Spotify

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27 Nov 2018

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Monica Berg on Breaking Through Fear For Good

Does chaos or intrusive thoughts ever overpower your brain? Have you ever wanted to conquer your fears? Today’s guest, Monica Berg, is an author and a self-professed Change Junkie. She shares her combination of wisdom + real-life awareness. Monica leads people not only to see how they can change but inspires them to get excited about a lifestyle of change. In this episode, Monica and I dive deep into moving through fears + the different type of fears that exist. Plus, Monica reveals her most prominent overpowering thoughts that inspired her book Fear Is Not an Option. Later, we discuss money mindsets, body dysmorphia, and taking responsibility for the energy we disperse. To achieve our greatest dreams and highest selves; fear cannot be an option. In This Episode: Today’s guest, Monica Berg [ 3:50 ] Moving through fear [ 05:15 ] Monica’s biggest fears [ 08:05 ] Processing overpowering thoughts [ 12:05 ] Overcoming financial anxiety [ 15:25 ] Body dysmorphia [ 19:00 ] Take responsibility on every level [ 26:20 ] Lessons learned from Monica’s children [ 30:35 ] Competition can be healthy [ 36:15 ] Work + life balance [ 42:15 ] Self-sabotage [ 46:50 ] What Monica would tell her three-year-old self [ 47:50 ] Soul Shifting Quotes: “My whole goal and my purpose are to have people live their best life, one that is authentic and purposeful.” “There might be an opportunity right in front of you, and you won’t even be able to recognize it because you are too consumed with the worry, doubt, and fear.” “Live your life with the awareness that you’re living with purpose, you’re doing what you love, and you’re happy.” “I give thanks to my body every day that it provides for me.” “If I think unkindly about myself or somebody else, then I’m creating that energy in the world.” “The process is the purpose.” “Everybody has something to offer.” Links Mentioned: Grab your FREE training, How to Call in Your Tribe + Create Content that Converts Join the Brand + Biz Academy today! Learn more about Monica at her website www.rethinklife.today and follow her on Instagram: @monicaberg74 Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways: @amberlilyestrom Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes Listen on Spotify


8 Jan 2019

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Kate Northrup on Doing Less to Live More

Are you living with anxiety and stress because of an overwhelming amount of work? We have a solution, do less! Today’s guest, Kate Northrup, is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, and mother, she has built a multimedia digital empire with her husband, Mike Watts, that reaches hundreds of thousands globally. They are committed to supporting ambitious women to light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. Kate teaches data-driven and soul-driven time and energy management practices that result in saving time, making more money, and experiencing less stress. In this episode, Kate and I dive deep into the stories and experiences that lead her to write the book Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms. Plus, we unpack the wisdom our bodies hold as it relates to productivity + creating results in our business and lives. In This Episode: Today’s guest; Kate Northrup [ :45 ] Kate Northup’s book, Do Less [ 4:19 ] Surrendering to our bodies [ 13:25 ] Menstrual + moon cycles [ 18:00 ] Egg wisdom [ 27:15 ] Energy for each cycle [ 28:05 ] Women need to harness their spiritual power [ 36:00 ] Saying no + checking in [ 41:30 ] Experiment: delegating items to the universe [ 44:00 ] Distractions kill our brilliance [ 53:00 ] Ways to find the book [ 56:25 ] Soul Shifting Quotes: “We needed to figure out how to get the same results by doing way less.” “Our business had grown despite how little we were working.” “I got my first day-planner when I was fourteen-years-old.” “Our productivity and hormones prime us at different times of our cycle for different actions.” “Our menstrual cycle as women is responsible for human life; it is a freaking miracle.” “The female brain after baby craves consistency.” “We need to realize we are enough, there is nothing wrong with us, and everything happening in our bodies is what needs to be happening.” “In ancient times, most women would cycle with the new moon. Some women would bleed at the full moon so the women bleeding during the new moon would have help and support.” Links Mentioned: Purchase your ticket to the 2019 Ignite Your Soul Summit! Money: A Love Story Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine To learn more about Kate head to www.katenorthrup.com and be sure to follow her on Instagram: @katenorthrup Tag me in your big shifts + takeaways: @amberlilyestrom Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes Listen on Spotify

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2 Apr 2019

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Christy Wright on The Antidote to Fear

If ever there was a podcast episode that could help you walk through the fear of doing the very things you feel called to do- it’s this one. Today’s guest, rockstar mamapreneur and business guru, Christy Wright, knows all too well what it feels like to feel the fear of failure- and #DoItAnyway. Christy is the creator of Business Boutique, host of the Business Boutique Podcast, author of her new book Business Boutique and a Certified Business Coach and a Ramsey Personality with a passion for equipping women with the knowledge and steps they need to successfully run and grow a business. She has spoken to thousands across the country at women’s conferences, national business conferences, Fortune 500 companies and her own sold-out live events. Christy has a light-hearted, passionate and at times hilarious way of speaking that inspires and ignites the souls of the people who hear her- and today’s episode is no exception. I couldn’t be more excited to share this sacred conversation about family, faith and the antidote to fear with you, to help you break down the barriers and start living the life you were meant to. In this episode: iTunes review of the week [ 1:18 ] Today’s guest, Christy Wright [ 3:40 ] How Christy has made the conscious choice to show up as she is in her brand [ 5:48 ] Tips on how to show up as yourself in your own businesses [ 11:27 ] Christy’s purpose and why she does the work that she does [ 14:45 ] The impact women can make in our society [ 18:30 ] The most transformation live events that Christy has attended [ 23:12 ] Christy talks about money mindset and self-worth [ 24:10 ] How Christy has learned to grow a business while raising children [ 32:29 ] How to acknowledge your success when it arrives [ 38:04 ] Where Christy’s work ethic comes from [ 44:00 ] Christy’s favorites [ 46:04 ] What Christy would say to a former version of herself [ 54:35 ] Soul Shifting Quotes: “Fear is not a sign that you’re doing something bad - it’s a sign that you’re doing something bold.” “When we begin to realize that fear is a normal part of the journey, then it doesn’t have to hold us back.” “The antidote to fear is action. Nothing will silence your fear of doing the thing- like doing the thing.” “Profit is necessary in the financial equation of your business.” “If you want to have a business that matters, then do work that matters.” “If you don’t measure your version of success, then you can never achieve it.” “Failure haunts all of us because we never measure it or define it.” Links Mentioned: Grab your FREE training, How to Call in Your Tribe + Create Content that Converts Listen to Christy’s Business Boutique Podcast here Be sure to check out Christy’s website and follow her on Instagram! Tag me in all your big shifts and takeaways: @amberlilyestrom Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes

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4 Sep 2018

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Focus Friday: Stay Open

There is nothing quite as peaceful or healing as watching the ocean waves crash into the shore on a perfect midsummer’s day. I stopped by the water for some reflection + healing of my own recently, and got to thinking about the natural cadence, the rise and fall, of our daily lives. In this week’s Focus Friday, I share the downloads that came through about our  willingness to stay open, to receive and to let go and trust that what’s on its way back to us, is precisely the very thing that is meant for us. In this episode: Our daily lives and its ebbs and flows [ 1:40 ] The infinite opportunities that present themselves to us [ 4:35 ] Soul Shifting Quotes: “I can find my center at any moment as long as I am open to it.” “Create space in your life to discover the equilibrium that you really want to live in.” “Know that the waves are going to rise, and they’re going to take things out of your life sometimes- but they’re never going to stop- they’re always going to continue rolling.” “Infinite opportunities are always presenting themselves to us, but often we don’t see them because we are already too closed down protecting our tender hearts. Therefore we miss the magic that is asking for us to open.” Links Mentioned: Grab your FREE training, How to Call in Your Tribe + Create Content that Converts Did you hear something you loved here today?! Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes


13 Jul 2018

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Focus Friday: How to Align Your Career with Your Calling

Happy New Year, friends!! May it be filled with hope, joy, intention, abundance and massive alignment. Through the sifting and shifting that has occurred in my world over the past 365 days, I’ve had the pleasure of finding myself drawn closer and closer to my own soul’s purpose. It has been a joy watching my life and business transform before my eyes. In this first episode of 2018, I invite you to roll your sleeves up to dig in and  unearth your own calling. Inside each and every one of us is a truth that was designed and assigned for us alone. It is our job to learn to hear the call and answer it, and today I want to help you figure out how. IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: How to shift from strategic planning to living in daily alignment How to know when it’s time to ask for help How to align your career with your calling and to notice the whispers nudging you on About the soul shifting passage I read that helped me understand why I am exactly where I need to be SOUL SHIFTING QUOTES: “The work that we’ve been called to is the work that aligned with our souls.” “When I left my corporate career I wasn’t running away from anything;I was moving towards my truth.” “Each and every one of us has incredible gifts that are locked inside of us that need to be shared.” “We get so far ahead of ourselves that we forget to be where we are.” “This is your divine journey that you have been lead on. Believe it and you will see it.” “The only way that we can discover what we are being carried towards, is through creating enough space in our lives to listen.”


1 Jan 2018

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