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A podcast about engaging students and enhancing teaching and learning through the use of technology in education. By José Picardo, a Modern Languages teacher from Nottingham, England.

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Web 2.0 Applications in Modern Foreign Languages

Naace interview with José Picardo, Head of Modern Languages at Nottingham High School for Boys, where he describes how he harnesses web applications to improve learning outcomes for his students.


9 Jan 2010

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A Guide to Annotating with Diigo

Diigo is a very useful social bookmarking site that also allows you to annotate web pages, saving your comments for you to see later or to share with others.


22 Sep 2009

Rank #2

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End of year review: The year of Edmodo

Here's a look at what my students thought of using Edmodo, a micro-blogging system for teachers and students.


14 Aug 2009

Rank #3

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Half term review - April 2009

A look at what my students and I have been up to this past half term.


9 Apr 2009

Rank #4

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I teach, therefore you learn... or do you?

Exploring how the expectations of our pupils are changing.


1 Mar 2009

Rank #5

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Half term review - February 2009

What has been going on in my classroom, as well as outside it, in the past 3 months. Go here to read the blog post http://www.boxoftricks.net/?p=849


20 Feb 2009

Rank #6

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Five ideas to enhance interactive whiteboard flipcharts

Watch this video to learn how to enhance your Smart interactive whiteboard using object animations, a feature of Notebook Version 10, the latest version of Smart board's proprietary interactive whiteboard software. Go to www.boxoftricks.net to find out more.


19 Dec 2008

Rank #7

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How to start your own classroom or subject blog

This video-podcast highlights the reasons why you might want to have your own classroom and subject blog and also walks you through how to create your own blog using Wordpress. Read more about it here http://www.boxoftricks.net/?p=669


14 Dec 2008

Rank #8

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Coffee Break Podcasting

Mark Pentleton gives tips and advice about making educational podcasts. Go to www.boxoftricks.net/?p=535 to read more about it.


1 Nov 2008

Rank #9