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Markhoff & Mittman is a full service law firm in New York dedicated to representing injured individuals.

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What Are Your Chances of Winning a Social Security Disability Claim?

This is easily the most common question that people have when they file for federal social security disability benefits. People want to know where they stand before the Social Security Administration sends them a decision or a federal Judge hears a case. Join disability lawyers Scott Daniels and Brian Mittman as they dissect the things that can lead to a favorable decision and more importantly, the things that can derail a disability claim.


14 Aug 2014

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Social Security Disability benefits and The Disability Guys

The Social Security Administration is under fire right now for the wrong reasons. The federal disability program is not out of control and it's solvency can be fixed with simple congressional action. Join disability lawyers Brian Mittman and Scott Daniels as they discuss the latest in disability benefits and how to maximize your chances in obtaining benefits.


6 Aug 2014

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Are you eligible for Social Security Disability benefits?

Social Security disability benefits are not available to everyone. Credits are earned through employment and one's insured status is predicated directly on the amount of credits one has. So how do you know how many credits you have? Do you have enough? Will eligibility last forever? Join disability lawyers Brian Mittman and Scott Daniels as they break down eligibility requirements for social security disability benefits.


31 Jul 2014

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The Real Story About Medical Treatment in Workers Compensation

New York Disability Attorney, Brian Mittman, founder of The Disability Guys and Disability University discusses the importance of medical treatment, what an independent medical exam really is all about, how a disabled individual can speak to his or her doctor and why it is so important to make sure that you see a doctor whether applying for workers compensation or other disability benefits.


22 Jul 2014

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Planning For a Disability

No one wants to be in the horrifying position of having to apply for social security disability benefits. No one ever expects to get hurt on the job and find themselves unable to work and earn an income. But if and when it happens, will you be ready? Join disability lawyers Brian Mittman and Scott Daniels as they explore the best ways to prepare yourself for a disability or workers compensation claim in the event you need to file for it. After all, social security disability benefits and workers' compensation benefits are in place to provide benefits if you can no longer work. Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to educate yourself on these programs.


15 Jul 2014

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