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Save money. Earn money. Live Abundantly. Josh Elledgen AKA The Savings Angel from SavingsAngel.com shares how to save money, make more money, and live a more abundant life. Listen for deals, freebies, coupons and other money-saving tools. Learn how to save money at the grocery store without extreme couponing. Also, learn travel saving, energy savings, holiday black Friday Christmas shopping secrets, how to save money with your car, family savings with kids, how to be more productive, how to have less stress, lose weight, get fit, and get organized. You’ll also learn how personal development and personal finance skills can help you lead to a more abundant life.

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Help for that pesky student loan - Earn more from home - Fall and Winter fashion savings

My conversation with Stephen Dash from Credible.com with some special help on your student loan debt. Swap.com is my new favorite go-to. Combining gently used quality clothing with the convenience of online shopping is a busy parent’s dream. Swap.com has thousands of Fall and Winter fashion savings on sweaters, jeans, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, fleece, and much more. How to start home side hustles that really pay. Productivity power! Making the most of your time.


27 Oct 2017

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150 - How to Budget Podcast + Millennial Money + Teen Money

How to Budget Podcast = financial FREEDOM! Make Money Your Honey! PLUS - Teen Entrepreneurs? You bet! For a better listening experience, listen in: iTunes | Stitcher How to Budget Podcast: A budget isn't a financial straight jacket - it's a way to FREEDOM! Personal finance for millennials with Amanda Abella of MoneySavingPro.com and AmandaAbella.com Teens and business with Eva Baker of TeensGotCents.com and TheTeenpreneur.com And an update on my weight loss journey to better health so I can be more than ready for my family’s vacation. Thank you WonderSlim


18 Mar 2016

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206 - Save money on car repairs - How to curb sitting disease - Stretch gift giving

How to avoid costly repairs to your car The chair that curbs sitting disease - CoreChair (my interview with Patrick Harrison) Making the most of gift cards


12 Mar 2018

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Ep 217 - Save Money on Moving Costs & Cell Phone Plans; Take a Trip to Carowinds; Protect Yourself Online

How To Save Money on Moving Costs Save $25 On Your Cell Service With The Savings Code angel.ting.com How To Protect Your Personal Information Online Carowinds Ting The Benefits of Switching Your Cell Phone Service How To Save Money on Moving Costs How To Protect Your Personal Information Online DeleteMe


14 Aug 2018

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145 - Valentine's Day flowers podcast - get the best for less; SoFi Podcast - end Credit Card debt now!

How to significantly slash your Valentine’s Day flower bill - and get a WAY more beautiful bouquet! And, after you’ve saved some money, what to do with it - so it doesn’t just disappear. Best thing to do is to put it against other debt. I’ll have some free advice from the highly recommendation refinancing and debt solution company, SoFi.com. How to more easily CRUSH your debt with a smarter budget! And, finally, I’ll wrap up with an update on my weight loss and a bit about our friends at WonderSlim.


6 Feb 2016

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236 - When Should You Buy in Bulk - Ecofriendly Cleaning Products I Think You'll Love - An Orlando Escape



30 Jan 2019

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204 - My best savings advice for the new year - Tips for parents with teens - Valentine's Day - Earn more with Uber Eats

The best ways to save on groceries in 2018 Hot Valentine’s date? Swap.com has you covered How to get teens prepared for life on their own Earn extra money with Uber Eats


31 Jan 2018

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211 - Save Money with Warehouse Stores - Get the Most Out of Insurance - Control Your Kids' Screen Time

7 Ways to Save Money with Warehouse Stores 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Insurance How to easily control your kids’ screen time with Dan Marrero of STAPP


31 May 2018

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216 - Smart Back To School Shopping - Huge Cell Service Savings - Your Labor Day Disney Deal

In order to help you save more, earn more and live more abundantly on today’s show we’ll be covering: Back to School Shopping For The Entire Year Ting Cell Service Earns SavingsAngel Stamp of Approval A Limited Time Vacation Offer from Disney Exclusive for our SavingsAngel listeners: Visit angel.ting.com to save $25 on your first bill with Ting or $25 off a new phone.


30 Jul 2018

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205 - Powerful solutions to 3 problems most of us have - Potential tax fraud - Not enough rest - Weight control

Protect your money – get your taxes filed now The right mattress can change your life How to lose weight and keep it off for good with my guest today, Adam Gilbert from MyBodyTutor


28 Feb 2018

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219 - Your Hook-Ups For Lots of Entertainment - More Ways To Save On School Needs

How to shop school needs and save the most money Event tickets at prices you won’t mind paying + an extra 10% off at Vivid Seats I’ll tell you how to get access to new movies in theaters for a low monthly fee with Movie Pass


25 Aug 2018

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191 - Why use mobile banking - How to get scholarship money - R&R HoF

As I mentioned last week, my family was able to take a week-long vacation where we enjoyed the wonderfully breathtaking views of Niagara Falls, as well as Cedar Point, and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That’s why on today’s episode I’ll have 10 reasons you need to use online and mobile banking An eye-opening interview with Jeremie Piette of GFT Skills and Jordan Schanda of ScholarPrep. They provide parents and students help and insight needed to get athletic and/or academic scholarship money. Another one of my vacation stops in Cleveland, OH at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and my chat with Carl Harp Some big changes to share with you about SavingsAngel that are taking place this week.


1 Jul 2017

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235 - Refresh Your Savings - Set Some New Health Goals - Let's Earn More in 2019

Refresh Your Savings in the New Year Celebrating the New Year with New Health Goals! Let the Millionaire Recruiter Help You Earn More in 2019


22 Jan 2019

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Holiday fun on the cheap + Millennials and debt + Fashion Thriftmas

As we head into the last couple weeks of the year, I want to be sure you are prepared to save more, earn more, and live more abundantly! That’s why today I have: Fun things to do during the holidays Swagbucks My chat with Rob Humann from Credible.com about millennials and debt and much more. Lauren Sandberg, Stylist and Fashion Marketer, shares more from Swap.com


20 Dec 2017

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245 - Simple Savings and Investing Ideas You'll Love

How to Use Spring Sales to Secure Summer Savings Investing in the Stock Market Introducing our new Instagram! For show notes visit SavingsAngel.com Links mentioned in this podcast: Swagbucks www.webull.com https://www.instagram.com/savingsangel/


24 Apr 2019

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247 - How Stores Fight To Gain Your Loyalty - Josh's Favorite Razors - Swagbucks Referrals

How Stores Fight To Gain Your Loyalty Josh's Favorite Razors Using the Swagbucks Referral Program Mangos on I-Drive in Orlando


9 May 2019

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246 - Springtime Things To Do - How To Invest - Have A Pantry Challenge

In today's podcast, I have your to-do list in spring to help you get ready for summer, how you can learn to invest without any monetary risk, and how to stretch your grocery budget at the end of any month. You'll love these ideas!


1 May 2019

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242 - Earn More When You Scan Your Receipts - Lost Wallet Help - 6 Ways To Save More Money

6 Ways to Save Money For a Rainy Day that Actually Work Save Your Receipts and Earn SB! Lost wallet? Don't panic. Here is what to do!


29 Mar 2019

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238 - Powerful Ways To Save, Master Money, Clean Safely, Build Credit

How to Save Big on the Most Expensive Purchase of Your Life! Biblical Principles to Master Your Money with Seedtime Dropps is safe on the wallet, environment, animals and YOU! Improve Your Credit Score with Self-Lender


13 Feb 2019

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How to save so you can give - Student loan savings - Reasons to have a dash cam

As you know, our nation has endured two major hurricanes and our hearts and prayers go out to those who are suffering as a result of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. From day one, giving has been a part of the SavingsAngel mission statement so today I have: Some savings tips that will empower you to give even at times when it doesn’t seem possible. My interview with Stephen Dash from Credible.com on some student loan savings you won’t want to miss. And why every driver needs a dash cam with Max Thayer. Call the 'save so you can give' podcast hotline with your question or comment: 407-205-9250


14 Sep 2017

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