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#231 - Beginner's Guide to Object Storage with Scality and HPE

I'm joined by 3 guests who help me understand object storage, it's use cases, and a bit about Scality and HPE collaboration.

12 Oct 2017

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#252 HPE and Cohesity: a newbie's guide

At HPE Discover in Madrid, HPE announced a deepening relationship with Cohesity. In this podcast, I talk with Sanjeev Desai, Sr Director of Solutions Marketing at Cohesity about the basics of Cohesity and the relationship that HPE has with them.

4 Dec 2018

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#238 - Choosing between all-flash arrays and hyperconverged

I often hear customers who need more storage or want to update old arrays asking this question: Should I continue to use an external storage array or should I invest in a hyperconverged offering? In this podcast, I want to give you some things to consider when making that choice.

5 May 2018

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#235 - Predictive analytics and HPE InfoSight

One of the pillars of the HPE Storage Point of View is "Predictive". In this episode I'm joined by Rod Bagg, VP of Analytics and Customer Support and David Wang, Director of Product Marketing to dive into why it's an important area of focus and how customers benefit.

21 Feb 2018

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#245 HPE 3PAR update with VP & GM Ivan Iannaccone

Ivan Iannaccone has worked with the 3PAR team since 2009. He left HPE to work at a competitor in late 2016 and has now rejoined HPE as the VP and GM of the 3PAR business. In the podcast, I talked to Ivan about his journey with 3PAR and his vision for the future. This podcast is 27 minutes.

23 Jul 2018

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#255 Three (HPE) Storage Guys talking about industry trends

The Adventures of Mike and John is a video blog by John Bennett and Mike Meyer, a couple of HPE Storage guys out of Kentucky. They have a twitter account - @2StorageGuy - and we'd been talking about doing something together. Take two HPE storage guys and throw me in the mix and what do you get? No, not the three stooges. Three HPE storage guys! In this podcast version of their video blog we talked about how we each got started, what are some of the trends in storage, wild cows and a lot more. A fun discussion!

25 Mar 2019

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#265 HPE Primera designed for simplicity

I grabbed HPE Primera product manager Phill Gilbert again to do a bit of a deep dive around what makes HPE Primera simple. In this podcast, we talked about the advances that have been built in to really change the notion of what is a mission-critical all-flash array.

21 Aug 2019

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#260 - How iLand delivers secure cloud hosting and uses HPE Nimble Storage

Dante Orsini joined me to discuss iLand, a cloud hosting service that uses HPE Nimble Storage as their backbone. Dante discusses what iLand does, how they use global analytics, and how they utilize Nimble Storage.

23 May 2019

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#264 - AI, Big Data, and MapR

On August 5th, HPE announced the acquisition of MapR business assets. In this podcast, I talk to Patrick Osborne, VP and GM of Big Data and AI in HPE Storage about Big Data and AI and how MapR fits into what HPE is doing around AI and Big Data.

8 Aug 2019

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#258 What's the latest with HPE MSA Storage?

With the focus on HPE Nimble Storage and 3PAR, I haven't talked about the MSA in a while. And with a few updates to the MSA, seemed like a good time to talk about it with the MSA product management team. Britt Terry and Keith Schlacter joined me to talk about the latest enhancement to the MSA that include a new support tool called MSA Health Checker. We also talked about a new generation of SSDs, bigger and cheaper 14TB drives, and solutions with HPE Complete partners Arxscan and Zerto.

29 Apr 2019

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#239 - New HPE Nimble Storage announcement overview

On May 7th we had news that focused on new HPE Nimble Storage hardware. In this podcast, I talk you through a summary of the news which also included the HPE Store More Guarantee.

8 May 2018

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#256 Update on Veeam and HPE partnership with Dave Russell

Dave Russell is the VP of Enterprise Strategy at Veeam. With World Backup Day on March 31, I thought it would be a good time to get an update on what is going on with HPE and Veeam. In this podcast, Dave and I talk about customer challenges with data protection and what HPE and Veeam are doing to address that.

29 Mar 2019

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#253 Big Data Analytics at HPE and the acquisition of Blue Data

In this podcast, we look at what HPE Storage is doing around Big Data Analytics and focus in on the acquisition of BlueData. I am joined by Patrick Osborne, the VP and GM of Big Data and Secondary Storage at HPE Storage. For the last couple of minutes, Patrick and I also discuss the day-after-Christmas bowl game between our two colleges, Boise State and Boston College. This is a 17 minute podcast.

19 Dec 2018

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#257 DCIG Buyer's Guide for Enterprise Deduplication Backup Target

Jerome Wendt is the founder of DCIG. DCIG produces buyers guides for different product categories and in this podcast I talked to Jerome about the process for the DCIG buyer's guides and specifically about the Enterprise Deduplication Backup Target Appliance buyer's guide. HPE StoreOnce earned the recommended rating and Simon Watkins from the Data Protection team joined us to discuss it.

16 Apr 2019

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#262 - HPE Primera architecture for SCM, NVMe, and SSDs

In my first podcast looking at the new tier-0 mission critical storage array, HPE Primera, I am joined by Phill Gilbert from the product management team. Phill has been involved with HPE Primera from it's inception and in this podcast we talk about the architecture and how it will use Storage Class Memory (SCM), NVMe, and SSDs.

4 Jul 2019

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#246 VMware VVols are simpler, smarter, and faster

In this edition of the ATSB podcast, Pete Flecha, Sr. Technical Marketing Architect from VMware talks about why VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) are simpler, smarter, and faster. Pete gives an overview of VVols and compares them to the old approach of using LUNS and VMFS.

7 Sep 2018

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#259 - City of Hamilton dramatically reduces their backup window

The City of Hamilton was having issues with the backup window and moved to Cohesity running on HPE ProLiant and Nimble Storage. In this edition of the ATSB podcast, Calvin Zito talks to Jonathan Mancini, Supervisor of Data Center Operations from the city.

22 May 2019

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#237 - What is Cloud Ready Data Protection

In this podcast, I'm joined by longtime data protection expert Simon Watkins to talk about how customers are taking advantage of on-premises data protection solutions that integrate with public cloud.

17 Apr 2018

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#260 - How iLand delivers secure cloud hosting and uses HPE Nimble Storage

Dante Orsini joined me to discuss iLand, a cloud hosting service that uses HPE Nimble Storage as their backbone. Dante discusses what iLand does, how they use global analytics, and how they utilize Nimble Storage.

23 May 2019

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#244 - Strategy Trifecta from HPE Discover

At HPE Discover, I was able to talk to three VPs to get strategy updates. In this podcast, I have those three conversations that look at the over HPE focus, where are we going with InfoSight beyond storage, and what does HPE Storage want to be famous for. This is a great series of conversations in this episode.

2 Jul 2018

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