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Week 7 Recap! Top 25 Upsets Galore! Pick Your Top 5 Cutest Coaches!

Steve, Chad and Law are all losers in Week 7 - where many in the Top 25 were beat down. Episode Sponsored by Grasshopper, the entrepreneur's phone line. Our listeners Save $50 if they sign up using the link TryGrasshopper.com/3xO


16 Oct 2017

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Week 1 Recap & Week 2 Preview

3xO, The Triple Option Podcast, 2019 College Football Season, Law Smith, Chad Sweeting, Steve FantettiSponsors:Grasshopper TryGrasshopper.com/SweatFreshbooks GoFreshBooks.com/SweatWarby Parker Glasses and Sunglasses WarbyParkerTrial.com/SweatTranscribed by Otter AI https://otter.ai/referrals/AVPIT85N Left Unedited by Law Smith Law Smith 0:01 One we're live on our Facebook page three XO We are the triple option Podcast. I am your host Law Smith, and I'm trying to produce in host and that beautiful guy over there on camera number two or white girth camera. That's Chad sweet, sweet things. Let's do some plugs real quick Sweeting, not sweet things. No, no poor lives, right? Correct. Let's do some sponsors real quick, grasshopper, try grasshopper.com forward slash, like get $50 off a phone line. scalable phone line. You can have an app on your phone that has your business line. Don't have Google Voice. Don't be a job. Roni tried grasshopper.com slash sweat like key sweat. Get in there. You get $50 off and it hooks us up with that's how you that's how you can help the show. You help the show? Maybe we get better guests on maybe get coach Brown. You know, and other sponsors go fresh books.com forward slash let you run your own business. You got your own side hustle. Drop QuickBooks drop zero go fresh books.com forward slash sweat. That'll give you the hook up have a direct deposit next business day. That's what the other two don't do. You know that? Sir. Go sir. I talking to me. Yeah.Did you know that? no direct deposit.Unknown Speaker 1:24 I'm forward slash way. You go there. We get a hook.Unknown Speaker 1:30 Oprah and then Warby Parker Warby Parker. trial.com, forward slash sweat. Don't get ripped off by the big, big, big eyeglass where where you're paying 300 $500 for glasses.Law Smith 1:48 They'll send you five pairs you pick it out if I can find some for my horse head.Unknown Speaker 1:56 forward slash sweat. And then you know we are in the sweat lodge studio sweat lodgeUnknown Speaker 2:02 dot studio.Unknown Speaker 2:06 That is my digital agency if you need any nerd help, and if you need any business consulting help from a legal perspective, Fantastic.Unknown Speaker 2:13 Fantastic.Unknown Speaker 2:18 crushing it out in theUnknown Speaker 2:19 field. But fantastic illegal your business are fine.Unknown Speaker 2:22 That's fantastic legal comUnknown Speaker 2:26 now on goodness. Let'sUnknown Speaker 2:33 I'm feeling it. I'm feeling good. As I'm trying to find our intro.Unknown Speaker 3:01 Ah, God Almighty. This is triple option. We're back. Weird week because we got to do it kind of. We got to figure out when to do this podcast.Unknown Speaker 3:20 Everybody's kind of messed up. I apologize.Unknown Speaker 3:26 That we said we redo it Monday at one and I pick that one up. I blame it on being sick or working too much burnout. Whatever it is. Chad How you feeling? I'm feeling great man.Unknown Speaker 3:39 feel great. Ready to talk some football?Unknown Speaker 3:44 Saying I think it gives context to the listeners. Sure. Well, I mean, I like to go like crazy. You don't to go by minute by minute butUnknown Speaker 3:51 well, okay, so I should put away my this is my log I was doing this.Unknown Speaker 3:55 entire week. You are an attorney. This isn't an eight hour long podcast, right?Unknown Speaker 3:59 Yeah, yeah. Yeah.Chad Sweeting 4:01 Give me all your minutes. Yes. So so no. So as you know, you know, Florida was off this weekend. The big game was Auburn Oregon, which we'll get into a little bit later. your alma mater, Auburn.Unknown Speaker 4:13 So actuallyUnknown Speaker 4:18 you're busy with your kids and whatnot. But to myUnknown Speaker 4:21 dad, I wanted to.Unknown Speaker 4:23 It's tough if you're places and kids.Unknown Speaker 4:28 And then my former co host of this podcast, Brandon T. Gleason. He's comedian friend, but he's my best friend too. He's in town tells me Thursday. I am coming in town from LA. My wife and I will be in the area where this we recorded this. I'll be there for the FSU game and you're like, Oh, cool. Thanks for the heads up now. I can't get a babysitter. Now. I can't go over to your place.Unknown Speaker 4:50 Yeah, not clear the air but football's about you know making plans and friends.Unknown Speaker 4:58 live here downtown Tampa and we have a pool and see came over in the clubhouse has a pool table and we sat there and watched Florida State Boise was you know got moved to noon for those who don't know it was originally scheduled for SouthUnknown Speaker 5:16 Korea and it got moved to noon. AndUnknown Speaker 5:22 that game was on a seven and thenUnknown Speaker 5:28 yeah, and there wasn't a goodUnknown Speaker 5:34 Florida State game was a good game. I thought well, it's a force they came out of the gate.Unknown Speaker 5:42 got off turnovers it seemed like they're scoring off at everyUnknown Speaker 5:48 job they were scoring on every single play so I kind ofUnknown Speaker 5:54 was the score to the very end of the half and it was like 30Unknown Speaker 6:00 the favored in Boise StateUnknown Speaker 6:04 they were seemed like every time they ran the ballUnknown Speaker 6:10 if they had not turned it overUnknown Speaker 6:16 I'm sorry Boise State came back and won. And I am happy about that because in our pixelized all both took I did yeah you take one team I root for him to have right here. The evidence is right here. You took Florida the when I got the W for that one. Really? Yeah.Unknown Speaker 6:42 Second half, andUnknown Speaker 6:48 side like it's like just a methodical kind of EO Yep, sixUnknown Speaker 6:56 bye for now Have you heard this story?Unknown Speaker 7:02 DP said that the the problemUnknown Speaker 7:10 getting tiredUnknown Speaker 7:14 yesterdayUnknown Speaker 7:19 was to say that the one thatUnknown Speaker 7:24 commented it today or yesterdayUnknown Speaker 7:30 but what scarless it's a shit show there in Florida State That doesn't even make sense as like a way to save yourself from beingUnknown Speaker 7:42 no no I was talking aboutUnknown Speaker 7:46 Yeah, I thinkUnknown Speaker 7:50 the charger that needs to be fired you know and I feel bad for SteveUnknown Speaker 7:56 well it's been the yearUnknown Speaker 8:08 Southern grandma says you know bless your little heart It's kind of likeUnknown Speaker 8:14 bless your heart means yes itUnknown Speaker 8:20 but yeah so that that was a good game. Where did you see theUnknown Speaker 8:26 of that boyUnknown Speaker 8:30 Florida State players thatUnknown Speaker 8:34 they're all about five yards awayUnknown Speaker 8:40 at this ball you haven't seen itUnknown Speaker 8:44 pretty funny I'm not a hugeUnknown Speaker 8:48 visual medium and we gotUnknown Speaker 8:52 this podcast but I was likeUnknown Speaker 8:56 dropped the ball wasUnknown Speaker 9:00 I think so I think it was towardsUnknown Speaker 9:08 there's one called brass tap down here to franchiseUnknown Speaker 9:14 but it was like it doesn't matter if it's a sportUnknown Speaker 9:20 I'm you know everybody's already thereUnknown Speaker 9:26 my All right, I thinkUnknown Speaker 9:32 they're like drunk like little drunk people basicallyUnknown Speaker 9:39 don't cry really easilyUnknown Speaker 9:44 college all over again the freshman yearUnknown Speaker 9:50 it was good but if you walk in and say oh everybody's sitting in a pub table eating the IKUnknown Speaker 9:58 so I had to like sit nextUnknown Speaker 10:04 fine but it was one of those things whereUnknown Speaker 10:08 he unlessUnknown Speaker 10:13 I gotta go let me let meUnknown Speaker 10:18 yeah good to catch up I mean that's reallyUnknown Speaker 10:24 is that kind of reason to beat up? And so I think even ifUnknown Speaker 10:32 like you just goUnknown Speaker 10:36 exactly you know otherwiseUnknown Speaker 10:42 go to New Orleans you know if IUnknown Speaker 10:46 can put out this pitch from Tuesday all theUnknown Speaker 10:52 way um what else what otherUnknown Speaker 10:58 Oregon and Auburn pulls out the win yetUnknown Speaker 11:06 giddy forUnknown Speaker 11:10 now I think when you have kids you decide manUnknown Speaker 11:16 you're watching them I know best.Unknown Speaker 11:21 But itUnknown Speaker 11:26 has Is it coming in with the hype of other yearsUnknown Speaker 11:34 out there where you're just like I justUnknown Speaker 11:40 been what I I've been telling youUnknown Speaker 11:46 know who this guy is. Chad could doUnknown Speaker 11:52 crush it you murderUnknown Speaker 11:54 rate actually lock me up. pedophileUnknown Speaker 12:00 but the actorUnknown Speaker 12:08 was fine. He just got caught jerking it. I think people think heUnknown Speaker 12:14 but he he just was that adult theatre.Unknown Speaker 12:20 Jared Fogle area Yeah, anyway.Unknown Speaker 12:30 But all Brynn game so a bonus looks like aUnknown Speaker 12:38 like donuts? Yeah, like it's medicine.Unknown Speaker 12:41 Okay, like it's oxy 10Unknown Speaker 12:42 may cause constipation I'mUnknown Speaker 12:44 just going to get these needs to short it needsUnknown Speaker 12:50 like one word Okay, I like it I like yeahUnknown Speaker 12:56 that are super excited that I'm I get a boner at the gym.Unknown Speaker 13:04 Your mom motorcycle for some reason.Unknown Speaker 13:10 That cool.Unknown Speaker 13:15 Man, he looked like itUnknown Speaker 13:21 by the fourth quarter. really calm down to like Cliff Kingsbury just very chill the high the eyelids are a little bitUnknown Speaker 13:36 nicer kind of thing like that'sUnknown Speaker 13:39 he called so much down now.Unknown Speaker 13:45 And IUnknown Speaker 13:50 think in the second half just justUnknown Speaker 13:57 I think it 27 the first half or something like that. Alright, sorry about that. So first off though he's 110 total it was something that was so offset as a fan to watch or a casual fan because it's like you know he's pumping outUnknown Speaker 14:16 they're not like long gains they're justUnknown Speaker 14:20 they're like the butUnknown Speaker 14:24 I think and thenUnknown Speaker 14:28 credit for stepping upUnknown Speaker 14:32 but now I'm going to say it like that forever.Unknown Speaker 14:36 Williams the BruceUnknown Speaker 14:40 brown ball he came back to it adjustedUnknown Speaker 14:47 with five seconds later adjusted on the flyUnknown Speaker 14:52 ball got itUnknown Speaker 14:57 did a great job iUnknown Speaker 15:02 for i think we wereUnknown Speaker 15:08 good marketing tacticUnknown Speaker 15:12 or I don't thinkUnknown Speaker 15:16 extra any betterUnknown Speaker 15:20 you know regardless of whether they deserve either yeah but yeah yeah I mean to your point and we alwaysUnknown Speaker 15:28 before those last two touchdown drivesUnknown Speaker 15:34 his final stats even with those last I mean I'll give them a lot of credit like for a freshman a true friendUnknown Speaker 15:42 look composed like you saidUnknown Speaker 15:46 77Unknown Speaker 15:51 stats but that fourth quarter that's allUnknown Speaker 15:57 doing like brett farr second year in the second year in green far we like thread the needle run sideways and like throw it into quadruple coverageUnknown Speaker 16:13 like on the left side for himUnknown Speaker 16:18 going on this is gonna be a lot because that I realizedUnknown Speaker 16:25 how your year is going to goUnknown Speaker 16:29 the emotional wager that's going toUnknown Speaker 16:33 play a big team or your the marqueeUnknown Speaker 16:38 does this throughout this gameUnknown Speaker 16:45 this could be a shitty seasonUnknown Speaker 16:49 this likeUnknown Speaker 16:53 that shows a lot ofUnknown Speaker 16:57 as a college quarterback and then OregonUnknown Speaker 17:01 did they playUnknown Speaker 17:05 is it crazy?Unknown Speaker 17:09 I always forgetUnknown Speaker 17:13 like a defensive lineUnknown Speaker 17:17 guy that's likeUnknown Speaker 17:21 McClendon likeUnknown Speaker 17:29 Robert HerbertUnknown Speaker 17:33 game that Bob turned up likeUnknown Speaker 17:45 this butUnknown Speaker 17:53 you know ESPN does the wind probability andUnknown Speaker 17:59 being onUnknown Speaker 18:03 boys this Auburn did notUnknown Speaker 18:07 so they wereUnknown Speaker 18:11 first quarterUnknown Speaker 18:15 for aUnknown Speaker 18:19 little bit becauseUnknown Speaker 18:23 he is and he's aUnknown Speaker 18:30 breakUnknown Speaker 18:35 point beUnknown Speaker 18:39 like 50Unknown Speaker 18:43 died yeah soUnknown Speaker 18:49 we pick oh and let me knowUnknown Speaker 18:53 wasn't that great?Unknown Speaker 18:57 It was kind of sadUnknown Speaker 19:01 we're going to zoom to one moreUnknown Speaker 19:09 little bit more this weekUnknown Speaker 19:13 when that excitingUnknown Speaker 19:17 bomb butUnknown Speaker 19:21 by three and a half I'm goodUnknown Speaker 19:25 yes StephenUnknown Speaker 19:29 Law picked OregonUnknown Speaker 19:33 it's not my fan of GodUnknown Speaker 19:38 Tim Cook'sUnknown Speaker 19:41 three timesUnknown Speaker 19:45 so you still lost yeahUnknown Speaker 19:49 brought it upUnknown Speaker 19:57 like itUnknown Speaker 20:05 he's not likeUnknown Speaker 20:09 anyway okayUnknown Speaker 20:13 get on next weekUnknown Speaker 20:17 USAUnknown Speaker 20:25 to me up very well inUnknown Speaker 20:33 both confirmationUnknown Speaker 20:41 Wisconsin soUnknown Speaker 20:47 Sterling 01 well on theUnknown Speaker 20:59 Jonathan Taylor crushed it reallyUnknown Speaker 21:07 easily our number one tech and the unfortunateUnknown Speaker 21:21 number one of us Steve USFUnknown Speaker 21:33 I don't want himUnknown Speaker 21:37 big some kind of caseUnknown Speaker 21:41 49 to zeroUnknown Speaker 21:45 hundred 32 receiving okayUnknown Speaker 21:57 that's a LamborghiniUnknown Speaker 22:01 Not too shabbyUnknown Speaker 22:05 think Charlie strongUnknown Speaker 22:09 they gotUnknown Speaker 22:13 their calendar rightUnknown Speaker 22:21 you're stillUnknown Speaker 22:25 like up and coming coachUnknown Speaker 22:31 do this andUnknown Speaker 22:35 this is the first roundUnknown Speaker 22:39 you can't get overUnknown Speaker 22:43 project butUnknown Speaker 22:47 all the PiscesUnknown Speaker 22:51 too excited any anything overallUnknown Speaker 22:55 25th in the rankingsUnknown Speaker 23:05 mixed teams because they'reUnknown Speaker 23:13 the guys that alrightUnknown Speaker 23:33 another interestingUnknown Speaker 23:37 in the ranking after ohUnknown Speaker 23:41 that's not feel great.Unknown Speaker 23:45 Now three spots I thinkUnknown Speaker 23:53 I chose them asUnknown Speaker 23:57 the most David seasonUnknown Speaker 24:05 here pretty soonUnknown Speaker 24:09 I think theUnknown Speaker 24:13 thing elseUnknown Speaker 24:17 game maybe LLCUnknown Speaker 24:21 yeahUnknown Speaker 24:25 john was awesome whatUnknown Speaker 24:33 17Unknown Speaker 24:37 go inUnknown Speaker 24:42 I don't know if they're goingUnknown Speaker 24:45 to do the half that'sUnknown Speaker 24:49 not look great.Unknown Speaker 24:53 CasualUnknown Speaker 24:57 Yeah, I'm killing momUnknown Speaker 25:01 like last weekUnknown Speaker 25:06 because I picked upUnknown Speaker 25:09 on these twoUnknown Speaker 25:13 trying to do that while you were talkingUnknown Speaker 25:17 extend toUnknown Speaker 25:21 will text them later Yeah.Unknown Speaker 25:25 So let's goUnknown Speaker 25:30 as you said cleansesUnknown Speaker 25:33 MM I just IUnknown Speaker 25:41 notUnknown Speaker 25:46 know and believe meUnknown Speaker 25:51 that's a good motivator motiveUnknown Speaker 25:59 why man I saw withUnknown Speaker 26:03 some shadeUnknown Speaker 26:07 at least likeUnknown Speaker 26:15 had these guys come in likeUnknown Speaker 26:23 surviving the SEC whatever bestUnknown Speaker 26:31 than any other program guyUnknown Speaker 26:43 college footballUnknown Speaker 26:47 Seattle you knowUnknown Speaker 26:55 dad they pay for the rightsUnknown Speaker 27:01 there'sUnknown Speaker 27:05 Florida State wasUnknown Speaker 27:13 gonna say Clemson is gonna win head to head or straight upUnknown Speaker 27:19 tomorrow score gameUnknown Speaker 27:23 go to Texas a&m hereUnknown Speaker 27:27 no informationUnknown Speaker 27:31 ever was going on withUnknown Speaker 27:35 a headphone earsUnknown Speaker 27:39 settled down a bitUnknown Speaker 27:43 football news you knowUnknown Speaker 27:51 your mental might as a coachUnknown Speaker 27:55 type to me there'sUnknown Speaker 28:00 he's not brought up in the newUnknown Speaker 28:03 you gotta look at whatUnknown Speaker 28:08 kind of thingUnknown Speaker 28:11 Michael Lewis PerkinsUnknown Speaker 28:15 and the Houston Rockets aUnknown Speaker 28:23 new storyUnknown Speaker 28:27 but knows though soUnknown Speaker 28:31 let's go with LSU number six EllisUnknown Speaker 28:37 star startUnknown Speaker 28:41 six and a halfUnknown Speaker 28:49 talking throughUnknown Speaker 28:53 if I were a betting man I wouldUnknown Speaker 28:57 because I think thisUnknown Speaker 29:01 that LLC will probably winUnknown Speaker 29:05 not points but it'sUnknown Speaker 29:09 I think JoeUnknown Speaker 29:13 YFTDUnknown Speaker 29:18 up until I mean last year up until the Florida game heUnknown Speaker 29:23 does have a great arm likeUnknown Speaker 29:31 I talked about stuff in theUnknown Speaker 29:35 site theUnknown Speaker 29:39 I don't see that it'sUnknown Speaker 29:44 I guess it's forecasting oh I see itUnknown Speaker 29:49 yeah be hot. I mean LC was no stranger to heatUnknown Speaker 29:55 little bit drierUnknown Speaker 30:00 go ahead and sayUnknown Speaker 30:08 I just think that like me to defensive job soUnknown Speaker 30:23 the number nineUnknown Speaker 30:27 you to meUnknown Speaker 30:32 how are they YRY Yeah. In thatUnknown Speaker 30:47 and everybody else is a mystery as well. There you go.Unknown Speaker 30:57 Very good.Unknown Speaker 31:02 Ah, let's let'sUnknown Speaker 31:09 get thatUnknown Speaker 31:13 it's kind of likeUnknown Speaker 31:22 the BearcatsUnknown Speaker 31:26 UCLA that is oh yeah bossUnknown Speaker 31:41 just on interestedUnknown Speaker 31:45 damnUnknown Speaker 31:50 in the book to Cincinnati's credit they look they lookUnknown Speaker 31:56 warningUnknown Speaker 32:00 I'm butUnknown Speaker 32:07 there's anotherUnknown Speaker 32:11 bad go withUnknown Speaker 32:15 good as I just Brian dayUnknown Speaker 32:24 I'm gonna goUnknown Speaker 32:27 points onUnknown Speaker 32:31 it just to be a littleUnknown Speaker 32:35 16 pointsUnknown Speaker 32:40 it's MidwesternUnknown Speaker 32:43 very low scoring it's a 12Unknown Speaker 32:51 games at 12 thatUnknown Speaker 32:55 11amUnknown Speaker 33:00 that goes withUnknown Speaker 33:07 when I was looking atUnknown Speaker 33:16 from my leagueUnknown Speaker 33:20 in the skill positionUnknown Speaker 33:24 yeah so just for fun I'dUnknown Speaker 33:27 be remiss if you didn't want theUnknown Speaker 33:35 next this year I think the lastUnknown Speaker 33:39 seller just gottenUnknown Speaker 33:44 like a four weekUnknown Speaker 33:48 help and I thinkUnknown Speaker 33:52 teams on the downside that have beenUnknown Speaker 34:00 dividedUnknown Speaker 34:04 UT Martin FCSUnknown Speaker 34:08 and Steve'sUnknown Speaker 34:12 although itUnknown Speaker 34:16 Don't you think he's going to claim itUnknown Speaker 34:20 though he has no timeUnknown Speaker 34:24 and he's like likeUnknown Speaker 34:28 know anyone from there ifUnknown Speaker 34:35 it's like grown up intoUnknown Speaker 34:40 just be a magicUnknown Speaker 34:44 do Orlando and thenUnknown Speaker 34:51 that's your origin story.Unknown Speaker 34:58 SoUnknown Speaker 35:02 Steve's gonna rip to the seeUnknown Speaker 35:06 that partUnknown Speaker 35:18 Yeah, it wasUnknown Speaker 35:22 and they're justUnknown Speaker 35:26 going anywhere.Unknown Speaker 35:30 To be one of our biggest rivals until weUnknown Speaker 35:34 fight game though.Unknown Speaker 35:38 I have a dilemma.Unknown Speaker 35:42 Talk to my popsUnknown Speaker 35:46 work itUnknown Speaker 35:50 well I thoughtUnknown Speaker 36:06 college football game and it'sUnknown Speaker 36:14 been tooUnknown Speaker 36:18 and then I just missedUnknown Speaker 36:22 all that stuff. Also yourUnknown Speaker 36:26 efforts he went to usUnknown Speaker 36:34 listening watching tell usUnknown Speaker 36:40 probably answer him. If you gotUnknown Speaker 36:46 previewing week threeUnknown Speaker 36:50 will getUnknown Speaker 36:54 all that stuff.Unknown Speaker 36:58 of theUnknown Speaker 37:02 I'm dead on the inside. You gotUnknown Speaker 37:10 weUnknown Speaker 37:14 drink too much. Don't


4 Sep 2019

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Building what I meant traffic for Facebook live right now mom I pack your high no hello dynamite is the triple option talk as in this live during a football game could be in the second quarter allegedly origin the comet commentate no just like maybe your loner right now maybe have no friends going on in your watching a similar game to watch out for intellectual property Paul as you play the copyrighted song that I have with all that's left a mixed tape all really ideology of seating system so that you and I see that commercial where John Hamm stick just five the contractor the lasers you guys see that is your Dick fell so far downstairs introduce our new cohost as I was working was a little right now Sam Tripoli what allows us to have Christian podcasts Christian yet my stuff okay for claiming Christian my bad hello ship I forgot to tell you hello this is that this triple triple option is about the Holy Spirit will I really liked the fact that while her so I was already right behind Scientology yet that's record that's can we let Angel Evans Dick did not trip anything my apologies well I read that I retract that statement I didn't know that was what the commercials about that's interesting I did know that the commercial for John Hans Dick yeah okay John him John him yeah by the way I was just at the Rose Bowl where they were not slobs they were little Chevrolets already had it and offer the usual learning versus Rams game okay the Rams will eventually get Los Angeles I'm telling you that right now but man that stadium was built all long time ago it is old stadium O.J. Simpson played there that's how all that you have to and it was it was crazy the new stadium to be not Trent direct as were talking at what love who are you do any sponsors or John Hamm's tactic as you saw one right now I mean Arianna rails already said yeah I could with this list you guys are wrong I love your set up its function graver you gotta get this came I tell everyone I said, it's a medieval cameraman hey someone who's helping us out with the sponsor last year will with puncturing sports what happened with but okay will go nuts although Mary Sue company Sue company in LA right yeah yeah well what I know so it is basically the pot that the website is two weeks away and that's what everybody says all time but it really is.so here's what happens right so most times you go to these companies and I hope I'm not ruining anybody's business here but you go to East does web design companies go hey design this Friday and what they do Eric's off my off-camera buddy staring you down right now but a lot of him will go and will charge let's say 510 grand for our website and then we'll go find somebody in the other make it for like 1500 well the guy will work with this guy Johnny Woodward is our kind of our webs a web designer he went right to these guys so we been dealing with that and it's like pushing the gondola's man it's not see that's what I was worried about like do you guys do that I didn't want to should on your parade no no I know you're saying and that's kinda what against is actually doing the work and then if I will like managing people in India that's its own condo project managing that it's its own skill yeah that is completely different human beings will know it's it's too remote were not that global that I mean that's that's the thing is like we think were were so connected were it's there still it still really hard to do that like SU people they do don't hire people in Indonesia for like four dollars an hour to do all the work it's grunt work but four dollars over there is flocking awesome so it like if they're good at it it's a project management skill which most web developers web designers don't have they don't have that management stuff this convoy. It sounds like you we would either save everybody if they have weird holidays you don't even know about that like all today still don't know… Hot the holiday near like Fox was about to say that you know to look to but what the website can be is going to be the what were going for is the premier content for sports and comedy where like you know it's like whatever you see like comedian on like one of these panel shows on ESPN or Fox sports like the calm he gets ramped up so much but we were waiting for ESPN to give us the green light to come on their show their channel and they bless us with the exposure and I'm like let's cut that should now let's go for the real ship let's have a real talk on sports what is happening ESPN is that they've decided ends what Disney does is they just decide to force political correctness on people and that's not what sports is you know sports is like real talk about who's the best who's worth why people want and then just some guy locker room talk that I might find that that's what magenta people flocking lot is on your podcast is like I was tardy ESPN being so cookie-cutter and vanilla it's like these are the opinions of most people in the deep now they dictate the opinion of sports writing because whatever they say that's what's going on any of Palma Foxworth one is that they they came out the takeout ESPN and then they just did what ESPN did and I just like why would I want to go II know I know where you spin is like I can't find a channel anywhere we should just gone wrong got real one on the wall run a talking bareback this condo and I'm saying I gaze had a computer you got an STD I want that document to me was it it is our illustrious cohost that I will simply believe yeah exactly what we've great coast here and you talking you know who he is well you know me know what I'm here to do what if we put someone out on iTunes and do you know his voice and I all I did should rise a couple weeks ago because I'm sober but I have this thing well only do shrooms because all you know within the 12 within recovery the people created that believed that you should do acid or do mushrooms to have a spiritual experience that's what they called him once you go through the big steps you and you guys are here to experience love psychedelics you now so I did mushrooms I once saw I went and saw profits of rage and creed to the stone an now I forget your rocker man I forgive him everything I can listen to anything as long as it's good and it's passionate yeah you are at best an authentic that's why need authentic what you know what we had a marching band outside the window last night for the Outback bowl and I was like it's nice to have a little marching band on our to do some shed like I might just pump it and hear what's going to hike to go to fark out a velodrome just the drum line itself I love the drums have I love the movie drum line for the cannons under this under a movie at Nick and he got for Teddy thoughts from Warren survey coming it's got to be number one in Canada the hatchet, really really late in Canada got released late so we didn't see it was a leader that I can and then Shannon Nick Cannon he's gone fully retarded and my right is the gum, IEP Mary Mariah Carey divorced her that specials now are they doing a lot of swimming sessions real in the Hollywood with rational you know that change that that show change PT what BT was kinda like this kind of like just this weird low-budget channel and all the sun that show came on and it blew up in the house was the start I don't know the real real husbands of a Beverly Hills which was a parody of the real relation and that is that you now BT is trying to do like Siri ship oh so they're doing their own stuff because I was a 106 and Park on a galley I was once part growing up but now they're doing their own original program there's one show that's like it was like a white noun to sound like Whitey's racist but it's like this I will show that was like the wire that was original program I can't remember what it is came on after the wire ended yet there it is exciting to hear goodbye Cashin if you know that's People's but what it was but whole picture may note remains on HBO yet I was nice feel for the guy who did the wire try to do Tremaine and then he ended up getting murdered right didn't developed bill Tremaine die like there's something that Dominic Boyle had disses this money he might be alive later some computers wrong can anyone Google that yeah there is a there's a game on oh yeah okay later let's do this bad for the play-by-play area first Oklahoma comes at 2414 the red jersey all you what Stephen Rogers is pretty good fearless device that was was a fearless podcast so here comes Mattis Rose Bowl, Madison why you can't talk about the roast. If it it's weird man it's it's saying you can't we can't go like what is rush on the content right foot that we assume we do play-by-play to play-by-play yeah but you talk will score yeah I can say that was a great run but can have a great 14 yard run to get home outside of the field with my best buddy I am mad I thought he was having lawyers anymore there be more people doing commentary on what how does I mean like I know Joe Rogan works for the UFC but he's not the only one it does like live different rules for them I mean I'm sure they have something a lot of them get licenses to go to to do with her doing from the UFC that's what they do really don't just do it unilaterally without any right I would never have known that if it is being a lawyer blessing or curse bloodline oh, that's about if we both know you tell people what you do Dave automatically hate you like you Artie start a deficit and then and then they want free legal advice from you and I get that something should I get the same thing as a dictator, can I tell people I did this juncture L really if you got a work blue did you that I love you what about the children through cross piercing to bear man it's yeah everybody wants to hear good to choke and sometimes just sometimes just not ready for sometimes you just don't have one in the hopper well you know I'm doing the show here in Tampa and it's a lot of fun because the first time ever they've have me stay up by features a white guy and not that I care but it's just like but you guys white people more than any guy like everybody did I watch a lot of interracial gang bang porn so it's like I was allowing it so that I'm pretty day I mostly February mostly for everybody knows that about trip so you're the Carl Sagan of dicta got to thank God I now say I love a hand but they got because usually it's a baby me with the bank they put these guys with me that are super freaking funny dude and they should be headlining but they just on the credential so they put them with me and I don't mind it because I'll follow anybody I'm really get but it's always a different Akamai act it's always like you don't give me crap my kids a crazy man and I might talk about smoking crack at robots and stuff like that so it's a different vibe but now that it's like they finally pulling people who kinda fit my axle it was a lot of fun last night are you still doing the Gallagher stuff are you just passing through yeah, stopping you didn't use the hammer me yeah that's what I do.I just kicked by the way galliard from your yeah yeah a whole Cogan Gallagher yesterday we got some talk about a sorry my Gallagher is that she was so busy at one point he couldn't take all the bookings so we decide to help his brother rather yeah twin brother Al by letting him go out Gallagher at going to eventually the business rise up he's like you can't do it anymore the guys like talking on the original and that they been fighting everything that I love it love it so you still doing I sure you said I are you like it there for a couple weeks away where I'm here went have filing in table I'm here for two more days today and tomorrow chilling and then I got Wednesday Thursday over there it's a weird week chose to come up and elsewhere where I live in Tampa improv time down the street the webinar is located in the north dude I couldn't find a condo that like two nights ago and I was just wandering. So that date they put up there were comedy Condit most clubs okay put the comedian since it's instant being cheaper than getting a hotel for everybody on your around but yet see sometimes they don't give you want to get information when you're about it yet but there's just it's just gross most of the time I really don't carry me as long as she took lingo and it is I just couldn't find it and I was just wandering around and nobody was answering their phones as I am asleep outdoors it's a perfect time nice is that all everything looks the same for seven different light in one hour really there's only like Porter to Cory at 1/4 I used to live the quarter for two years so yeah places about Charles V Avenue smoother now it's out that's how you and I met right next door to lock Tristan yeah we had this funk and chickens that came out and everywhere is jammed and I can't touch about where he moved to Texas huge and then the Chinese ones are like they have Chinese cocci here yet Chinese factory with a small tight ticket I am you find a joke there there the Chinese Cuban ones so that is there Chinese Cubans, what their fluffy yeah really there's a lot of Chinese people that went to Cuba yeah you guys LOL yeah I should go there and I know you I didn't know that to my wife would come to school be like three years ago about it but yet there's a lot of there's a lot of Chinese people in Cuba yeah I do truly make I don't know her to go public really quite like everyone is not racist like the race is all right on this race as long as you guys are gray shirt that's no longer a couch of a podcast by the what I the way this is the premier Chinese Cuban podcast of record by doing this is how the as we watch football it's off-topic moving of all my hurt his leg so here's a big problem with football in Los Angeles is that LA people are used to paying more for everything or just like okay we live in LA if it's the weather is grey out we know where you have the will couple things traffic everywhere and X everything be more expensive than if we went anywhere else but one thing that drives us nuts is when we have to pay a lot for parking it drives us crazy because we know wherever were going were going to end up spending a ton cash why are you bilking us for a little money to park a car somewhere more about walking and droplet caching the problem with the ram to the Chargers is these people like cousin not from LL part where is it worse were they play like how far I like the cool part LA is it a well there in Pasadena for the plane don't know another similar nanoscale brands that will only sell things I forgot business travel did you know you want to do something about you that fills way out there to really NFL I realize that the they play at the where the Trojans play which is downtown Memorial Stadium downtown LA which always feels shady at the Coliseum which is initiated as RLA Shady asset rails on the con I forgot this is role will not wear when watch the football game but anyways the point is that they were charging $100 the parts that these parking places 100 tickets brought dollars and they wonder why nobody's in the sand because nobody wants it to type something she would charge $20 and be thankful anybody's at these games yeah I don't understand rims are good is your why would you Rams will give New York my living arrangement in Los Angeles because the raters own LA the charges will never get with the Raiders are to be in Las Vegas yeah they should be and LA to answer your question I started asked to join teams and LAI team are secular see how I know what I tell you I got it Tina right is worked out have to pass multiple you have a niece who you have a what are you knowing I have seen I have seen pillars of lingering landlubbers and Lakers sell out every night guys everybody from everywhere else so it can be so hard to get those fan bases if you try to get loyalty to one that's hard enough but to get both beaver like old people were Rams fans that will go to the game how loyal they don't, it's the Rams will get Los Angeles and the rater should be and that the charger should not be there and I agree your to control Sue Minton maneuver it's the NFL it's Hollywood it suits I know everything and work or do we want you know you don't like it and because you're watching what they found out is that they won't want dude the Chargers can even sell a 20 seat 20,000 seat theater I mean like soccer falcon getting some comments going I like it this particular shows so informative by but if you Chris Taylor 02 you want to drop some knowledge on what what are you guy me like they really want your knowledge are they knotting us and our man talk to take it as is I got one I'm good Jesus open one from the camera nice were almost at an alleged half time here we got I mean I told you Oklahoma was legit yeah you're right I was really amazed I thought Georgia would come out here and just like just kicked her teeth and I'm really amazing I think a freshman quarterback didn't help even though he's gonna be a stud bucket I last did you guys keep track of your pics and who did better on the lake I can actually I want the whole thing I just got a note anything that we can medicate mama was Steve never really technically did it that's true pelvic spread right because you can't pick the spread like head together it is just too much work on the rules too much work that's how Gary think about the last Joe who won the game 5-3 they say you want to get nasty clear that example is clearly feeling better feelings than anything you think is heels and I think of the okay how wrong I am if you're not wrong you should be sure that you and that's what I do yeah no I was not about awful off-camera yeah you got you going to get to my devil you should use this one because people need to hear this so hello know about how well about everything going our currency if they have all taught me that you don't talk about it going out of us and I don't like what I want to find her does not have the Golden Amanda show saw how to say I love your field and on the Bishop your podcast no actually not really frustrate pockets were going up podcast MNF that is in the catalyst I like you should trademark what you just said with a great idea but the podcast router that is gold will podcast there is really what you're saying note that although we know you please leave to make remember you should already reverse some of it on the go will let her know people wide open can you do that allegedly a touchdown might have happened but did he go to a hearing to the party handling on they can the party and do I like a user can you believe that I said hello hello I am now these nighttime Val hasn't gotten a second chance this is who Mrs. Manzo number two is going to Hamilton CFOs picked him up this week of the day to Scripture that he felt Lynn get his head up but dude I'm telling you a tsunami route for him in Canada because the women are hot the barest fungi shape the Coke is great Certainteed trial and know I was waiting for the benefit of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola, matrix right to have the following target yeah what is is a Christian podcast that what I'm doing okay I just don't go nowhere Matt we wanted to talk about 12 steps that okay you know you can't you can't control nothings in your control basically in that part of the AA stuff it's yeah it's just like you know change what you can change and don't worry about which can change yeah I know that you also want to specific games for Mohammed that there were some ballgames there were hidden in a word Michigan Rainer… Sounds like 1/2 Michigan lost to South Carolina yes I guess hard bargaining pulled us out hi I mean like I think he's old you like our barn out and I always like to okay like I will write about I like that is a crazy man I like you Jeff crazy guy I liked what he did would San Francisco I like that it would stick just like why can't get machine going why is Michigan falling off and Ohio State kept going yeah if I do choose our death which is Michigan on the mama or my head I like I like when that's like this when certain teams are good that's for is better right right left when the when that when the Lakers are good even on the clipper fan it's like you know it's good to see them it's like when the 76ers are good it's great in baseball when the Yankees are good and Dodgers are good you want to have these up how he is what you also want cowboy terrain when the Raiders are good when the Raiders are doing etc. when Michigan is good but way back I was about about note no Notre Dame same thing when ordering is relevant no I think that's the biggest one at their Notre Dame when they're there in the relevant yet Christian podcast telling about make what I like that about cutting off all the Coke jokes have a fast drop in order to no absolutely not agree you know I mean dude we will miss you to be good smelling fidelity, Oliver got up I want them to be Ohio State available, just beat them to yeah he just needs a dynamic player dude he needs like an answer like I don't know why he hasn't been able to find that guy it's been three years I get that takes time budget like Philip McCaffrey Denard Robinson was there when he was a writer was it about Laura Robinson was not there when Jim Harwell khaki harvesting of cleaning needs like Chris McCaffrey's brother to be at the software this year is probably started there saying nothing a quarterback yes really need is 66 is the studio's McCaffrey likes five to recover his brothers drew out a back pocket passer hobbling along that's crazy but Mike at that transfer Patterson from Ole Miss so that was a how valuable that was in Tampa here yeah anyone go there doing to be no anyone without the other stance is like there was nobody to look at their more people at the parade than the were at the game really is a hero is also on the coldest days of the year people use that's exactly why think killed it so you know all the people that were in Tampa that were to go and hung over if it's a little bit if it's under 65 I'm not going reason I can't bring my snug he did nothing suspicious know next week to nearby that could smell this the party area of Tampa is another area that so I got here in the US in the nexus of it you're in the nuclear's of it right now this is what party start I was out from there okay so this is where like all Johnson hearing was going to go through farmers I've got we were we dance but yeah leave enough room for Jesus and between exam guys love the let your high school tricks go to nightclubs here with no clothes on and walk around like you likely we allow it like yeah it's a dish very well yeah I'll go to clubs now have you been to the castle you know I just walk it would like every time I come the tail sorry they were less close literally every Tesla complaint is I really like to know what was in its complaint that that I was born at the wrong time okay I learned that I was 22 or not be putting up Wilt Chamberlain numbers in a WNBA I would be 100 points a game 50 rebounds every game it's the most amazing time you taught me that the term thirsty about 56 years ago and I was like that grade they are yeah mean that evil is very thirsty numb rock that I hope no nothing wrong with that at all I just love that there's a man who makes his living hanging out with a snake that's like it may not I don't think I ever worry about like what I might do a retirement what a snake I think like how my gum did, get invest in IRA he made something do you know I've seen him make like $100 in about 10 minutes because people pay them to take pictures with the snake in a bonnet if I can battle same as you me to salmon no I say I legend my dad's side are you in the lower elevator will ensure my silica I miss you miss you look around like storeroom well you got some drugs are under old neighborhood maybe allegedly I see it I see so you are about his legal people hearing this maybe soon you guys have flies. Please lay up hers – that she would lick her and what she said about his drug dealer you never know man this is happiness just pretty safe to make sure that long no sale at different yeah yeah one of the checks of it but subject to no doubt using I hi Leslie after everything is podcast from cigar city comedy so not nothing any of my business legal let me ask you something is no asset you guys ever back and how long can we have lawyers in the bedroom why people are our fornicating for love and now you have labor and a consent form you have have your skin away don't have the now wood pro athletes was like an app that a girl has to go on and I agree that at me like I was that I did okay with this menu on their sushi menu that you can throw in what you want number 81 okay testing I nod and say what you look like you just go yeah give me a plumped in and then will you get if you're free enough to have that you deftly got you got some weird stuff on their leaves Salinas midsentence I met José say Maria Taylor is and I'm not to disagree she's like 6 foot nine newsletter like an old man just departed out of the conversation to get a water like a like a seven-year-old man I have a hello my name I'm trying to take you to now and most limber on the Monday just as I will jujitsu I'm up and started it it's his first time talking to Mike is not a static I know I've never done this before I work with props look it over 10 that too big scarcity pros for the Rose Bowl everybody shoots on it to see a game I thought I thought it was awesome so I knew especially right now when they do game it goes into the afternoon goes in the night funny looks cool I don't care if that sounds happy let me just say something to you to know why they say that the row when the most people end up what causes most people to move to Los Angeles whether his is the Rose Bowl parade wrong people are at home no no no listen I listen I they watch it in there like they're stuck in their house and snow and there watching this parade and it's all signed and everybody's in shorts and like why am I in this hellhole of snow when I should be living in Los Angeles and that's why lobby will move out there will when there's three channels will give you that is that the Rose Bowl parade televise is a huge deal right when there's three channels right right now is everything fragmented segmented you get whatever you want the Midwestern people that are staying there secretly Midwestern people are funking they bluesman they get it done they sit in the basement drink in the winter it's awesome I now realize that I didn't know any of that will have basements or we know that's crazy were underwater man having Sensa that I see little at sea level I totally makes sense do you want to talk about what throws through snow to get heartless that's the stubborn the game free to talk over and if you want to get this out of the way I get I shower herein that's why, translate iPhone here do the right hand is awesome the applicant is UCF UCF versus Auburn yes one yeah right you you know I was I was kind of like don't get don't get my heart into this too much got a game doesn't matter it doesn't matter don't get into it knowing no I don't get pot committed I don't want to get real emotional so I just pretended to work while we were watching now is Eric and I were doing a little bit of light work in here and then it was one of the signs were we I don't like all I can say is we just read still look like Georgia hangover that's that's all I got to kill us all back on the with Florida will lose a ballgame which happened quite frankly I would know how I handle this somehow it always fall back to your house tobacco they just didn't care and show up because the meaningless ballgame didn't care except for the fact that UCF player talk trash year but that no no no you see if there's Leo Auburn has never seen speed like this he said the SEC doesn't have speed like we do that, though it was but you know what you see if one so got in her head I guess you they got to hold hands, but they got Jared Stefan Stidham Whitney Cummings that I will write about it okay masses back right about the time was with a golden shower nice pressure they really got it they got a not yet shown the second Avenue yeah if I didn't hear that we did say you I get a bunch of folk you were Eagle tax from a lot of my friends watching the game should so every Auburn game there's always like 33 my really good friends that will send me thought you onwards I am or some like that the the golden the golden shower night state they had a lot of pressure I'll double down on on this dad joke but they they just had pressure all day five sacks in the first half by describes it in an idol having ascending pressures yeah media sorry Catherine Sumi bathrooms yet did it take six at the end almost yielded but then I thought was to come back and the last interception can yeah seal is a nasal pressure that you made it they just came they can they came out from all sides man and it was kind of thing of like I don't know usually you get that Ben Roethlisberger one step out of at us to stick them but I was funk up his last name but but I don't know if just didn't have the Moxie I like yeah that word might say Garcia Motz is is is is a replaced earthy moxie no I from secure his podcast I think I like the new word for 2018 is scrum like it might screw okay thanks from the house down Steve you don't is that the number one counting a couple minus you got not what you guys included but were not in the rest he said were likely stressful front 24th on the list maybe because of so few but gotta be right it's either them or motion an OSHA Moshe cash I love you Moshe I was partially good so I've a lot I think those two would blow them out of the water my guess is just all so me and it's your mom's house is front and sweet podcasts listen to because it's all about like it's all about them laughing about diarrhea in the plate and watching ocean online it's flocking off to the vet most soup is so funny to soup never got it right most soup some securer and Christina P Burzynski yeah will she's going Christy to Peter Because no one can spell my last name yeah I get it I get a man like Lucy K did the same thing right it's Lee K CK only got in trouble because he went knuckles up My Say about That When Knuckles off If You Had Gotten the Christian Way since Is a Christian Podcast Knuckles down like a Young Christian Warrior When He Got in Trouble If the Knuckles up That Get You in Trouble It's Blocking Brood and It Looks Painful and Nobody's Happy I No Arnon Facebook Life I Listens Right Now Dismissed Treat What Was Footnote That Will Help over the Other Half over CA Obviously Will Put This on YouTube As Well You Think I Will Edit You Mean Nothing Much the Same or Okay You're Not Doing Anything You Can Send a Word I Know I Don't Want You Have To Add You Have To Add in If You're Worried about the Future Political Career They Know It Can Go By the Way You Got Me Yeah Exactly Exactly As Podcasts You Listen the Laws of the past Year Artie Done I Know Jeffrey Is a Podcast for Law Sale Condo Shut off like a Fight You Fight Online Messaging like That Those Who Can't Handle Any That Should the New Stories That When They Click Together Shoot It Searchable Should I'm Not but I Dream about Some Try to Call Me out on Something Trying to Cut Some up and Put It out There in My Country but No Yeah Because I Know How to Combat It I Know Exactly How to Get It out There I'm a Funking Word Yeah I Know How You Doing the Show so Hard to Paint They Can't Say See Here's the Thing Is How You Manage to Get Here How You Make of It Is How You Make It Listen Sounds Weird but It's like If You If You Are Honest with Who You Are and How You Write and You Treat People Well They Will Never Bail to Take You down It's Only When Your Phone Issue Let's Take Matt Lawler Right Matt Lawler Whatever Is Lower Lower Whatever His Name Is Sec. Lawler José Matt Loretta Holler Lawler Lower Lower Okay Let's Take a Guy like Eddie Bauer He's the Guy That Put out the Trunk Grab Her by the P Stuff Right And You like Okay That's Great but Then You Realize That Your Student Has a Desk They Hit the Button Had A Lot Go to Keep Women in Which Is Just Straight up Kidnapper to Stretch Me but I Love You Baby President Right and Why Would You Be the Guy to Put It out If You Know Your That Kind of Scumbag Hi Because I Think I Think It's like That the Politician That Hates like Gay Marriage so Much Right There Action Would You like :-) You Know You and Dick Everywhere You Are Hypocrite Hypocrites Should Be Punished by You Have To Do Whatever You Are Hypocritical about at the Halftime of the Super Bowl so If You're like a Guy Calling out Gay People You Get Caught I Get Some like Truck Stop Doing It like Unchristian Self I Don't Want Santos Bogged down Psalms Yeah, That Should Operate in the Middle of the Halftime Show at the Super Bowl Now How about That W Better I Don't Care about Beyoncé I'd Rather Watch That Yeah I Know I'm Finally Analyzing What I Mean How Does a Chlorine Is Something I Carry This Song Hi Rick I Mean like You See It You See That the Hypocrite I Mean Look at Penn State Being Holier Than Thou Yeah for All Those Years in One of the Worst Scandal Easily Pry the Worst Scandal Ever Happened in College Football the Craziest Thing Is That Nobody's Talking about the the Women's Gymnastics That Kyle Yeah That's What I Hate Michigan State Guy Talks about It Nobody Got I Got You Hundred 50 Years Was Open Showcasing One Addition State Not Getting Punished Unwisely by Talking about It Wise a Buy Go to Hey Dude This Is Really Bad but What Was He at Work and I Was Working for Olympics and That He Was Late He Started the She State Any E Abuse Girls As You Say and at the Limit of AutoCAD out and Read up Enough but If Databases Were Displayed to Olympics No Limits on the Following Athletes Dad a Michigan State Has As Escaped Any Probability Some Redlined Automatic Delays and Lots of of a Question from What Let's Look Sprouted of the Bad That TJ Miller's Only Commercials and Get Now Are the Skin Does Arad Had the Guy from from Silicon Valley I like TJ Miller Now Very Nice Guy That He Went through Does That Guy Scenic Kid Looks like a Human's Knowledge of His Muscle Is Not See the Pathogen Is Doing Okay Were You Able to Listen to Some but for Some Some Some Home Cooking and You Have a USF and a Texas Tech Again Right Yeah I Mean Yes F1 38 3401 Me My Top 25 College Fantasy Football League against Our Friend Bernard Always and Yeah You Wanting Yeah One Worries Cleaning I Now Tell a Man What Do I Never Know How to Stand up Call You out Brendan Just to Live in so I Get That Too Yeah I Mean I Think Book Stand up Stuff It's a Tough It's Tough to You, You're the like Really in a Really out I Would Have. If I Said Flock It Excuse Me If I Said Actually I'm You Know What You Know They Pocket It's Okay I Know I Would I Would Not Let My Mother Everything Was so Totally Cool Yeah I Would Not Live in Los Angeles If I Was Not Trying to Make It in a Certain Thank You Don't Need to Be There Now There Is Mr. L 200 People on Me If I Want Living in California Go to Go to San Diego I Mean If You Can Do Whatever You're Doing in California Go to San Diego It Is the Best Place in World City Was so Nice That People from Brazil Vacation There That's How Nice It Is Really Shy I Heard Her San Diego's Beautiful's Was Reuploaded I Just so Cheap Like I Called Vegas Blue-Collar LAI Call Tampa Scumbag Vegas Yeah Transit Property I'm Good with That Found That We Have Racer Scumbag with a Stroke of Capital of the Night Otherwise Let Me Embrace It and You Guys Do It for the Love of the Game Everything like It's a Sin in Vegas If Everything's Charge for You Now Also since He Had Already like Where I Sniff or Keep Your Mommy I Just Want You Where to Get These Chickens Can Do Is Cancel off Sam I Got to Get the Council Were the Actual Vampires I'm Cool Is That It's near the Condo Noon I Go to Take a One Time Use Variance III Don't Know Why We Just Are Cool with Just Transgressing Trance I Think You Should We Should Build out a Drip Dress like Batman Every Day and Go and Be a Lawyer in the Law Firm You Can Do the Whole I Why Not Just What I'm Definitely Doing Wire Just to Transfer People Get to Enjoy Dress-Up Every Day You Should Dress up like Whatever You See the Guy like Who Is Living His Life As a Dog Now Is a Dalmatian Good Friend Delivered like a Entente on Fire Engine Stuff I House You Live His Life It Is a Duck Is Very Specific about How Facebook Not a Dog Is Now You Just like I Didn't Sign up for This Counter Never Faces like Fark This like Take You, Really Cares about This Right Now What I Did I Didn't Read the Store and I Saw the Poster Put out Its Book and It's Pretty Funny to Me That The USF Came to Be a Psychiatric Food Was All a Male and As a Dalmatian at Stuff like Rails or See I Got ADD in the Mix of Sam It's like We Can Go down to and Highway Pretty Quickly Is Also like 10% Also Apply for like a Listener Jumping off Yeah It Brings People in and Then I Just Go Weird Yeah Yeah I Mean Were Watching the Bulldogs a Similar Soon As You Think Tampa Could Lose Her Baseball Team Yeah Where You Think They Go I More I Finger out to Get to Go down the Street Yesterday Letter Where in or Who Do Not Doubt That Much of This Industrial Area and I Thought It Was Genius Was a Genius out This Building Now Note Have To Pay Well You'll Stay Longer A Lot Of Cash Rent We Give You like Them I Don't Want It It Won't Sell out No Just Build Unit That I Wish That I Don't Shipment on This and This Is Old Brian Brian Schaefer Shot out to Brian Shaver Shout out Talk Skate Skate Park at Tampa Owner Okay Yeah We Have a Skate Board or Self, Not Here yet Shut out Two of Us Get a Ski Shop Downstairs Room Not Called That's Gone but Don't Know It's Hard Time in the Evening to Help Them to Understand If That Bricks over Is Our Bring Restaurant Downstairs and Shut the Brick School Yeah Oh I Didn't See This Is US UCF a Reason to Take a Stand for Third out Thereby on the Comments from Chris Taylor Using His Active Today What Is I Mean Look for Point A .8 Teams Versus 40 Allover the Playoff Yeah Absolutely Chris Taylor Yes Yes That Is Absolutely The More the Merrier I Think Should Be a Teams Maybe 10 Teams with Two Teams the First Rabbi No Byes No Byes I Know I Think I Very Much Ate the Perfect Ironing out Marry You I Think You Have a Real Cherry Is Perfect Yes They Is the Perfect Number Because You Get Everybody Should Have Six Powerful Five Teams and Two Independent Rating Are Here to Rule Their Hearts Are Power Five Teams Yeah Okay Such Other and Then to Non-Nonpower Find Me an Automatic Bid If You Will Accomplish If You Win a Cover Chevy Ship Should It Should There Be an Automatic Bid Yes Yes What You Think It's Because Usually Wanted to Nonpower 520 That Are like Contenders Accusing Users to Do Here Is My Hope That You Set up Our Time Point but on Here Here's a Pronounceable First This Is Good but the Prominent Michele Seda Is This Is You Can Extend the Season Longer and Sorta Going One Long Game This Is It Is Going to Be out for You to Go and Listen This Man in the Division II and Division III Schools That Have the Same Amount of School Same of Everything They Have a Playoff When I Directly Revisited Football Player Where We Want to Throw the Koreans to Students. Two through The Right of Us Want to Say I Felt Quite so It's the Same Thing That Number Is Only Been Put out by the Very Top Guys Who Don't Want to Include Everybody so They Want to Control the Thing There's Nothing Wrong Play One More Game They They Could Totally Do It and Who Doesn't Want to Bet and Now You Don't It's Eight She Is the More You Encompass Everybody Better Change It and Then You Can Put in Alabama Every Year Because That's All They Do It like I Don't Know Why Everybody's Cool with Alabama Taking on Clemson for the Third Year Is Relevant to Me That Is a Sign That the System Is Far Chris Ryberg Okay with Letting Me Let Me Go Full Amia Polis a Little Distal Grenade Here in Dallas in the Middle Here Should Should Pears Be Shipped Should Players Be Paid Not Haphazardly I Know the Numbers I Want to Show You Some Hearing Scheduled Is a Grenade and He Brought Calculus and Not Bothersome Enough in Holland but after Victor Asked Him to Play Another Game Know You Should Be Paying out There Sacrificing Her Body Should Go to Make Money off Their Likeness except Everything on the Effort on Play Let's Take My Basketball Let's Take Bath or Shower like This I Can't Series Remastering Online Sam Has His TI 83. 350 D1 Teams with 15 Players on It the Pay Them $30,000 a Year Would Cost That Much Money and That Looks like a Big Number into You Remember That the NCAA Got a $8,800,000,000.08 Year Contract That Is a Drop in the Bucket to Pay Them yet I Would Be Nothing so They May Hold Me up and That Does Not Include Date Tickets and Irish Show Dude the Notion That You Can't Pay These Guys Is Ridiculous If You Had a Certain Amount of Money Revenue for the Sport Those Players You Pay and You Have To Pay Every Player in D1 to Keep It Even If You Start the Old Kentucky Should Get More Now I Know That You're Not Good That's How You Find a Little Title IX Is Usually Woman Athletes with a Full of Women Generally Not Enough Money Revenues like in on the Waldo They Did It the Way They Generate Enough Money They Then Get Paid You Have To Generate That Enough Money to Pay Man You Have To Pay Women's Appointment While You Know What Man Is Called Welcome the Life Microphone Get What You Are Okay Now How Is It House Was a Drop That Mike I Want I Want to Break Eyeballs Mike No No No That's a That's a Shame Thank You Note That Psychologists Kids Because It There Allowing Them to Think Everything's Fair And It's Not Fair Now Women's Professional Soccer the Women's US Soccer Team Should Begin Paying More the Man That Is a Generate More Revenue Than Men Right That Hold That the Whole Way That Happened I Think Was with I Opened the Window Too Much for You Online Five By the Way I Didn't I Didn't Give a Caveat to See Them Coming on Podcasting He's a Aggressively Optimistic Please Please Please If You Yell Talker like I Can so What He's He's Getting Aggressive with It He Loves You but It's Not If You like Unity Fruit Salad Your Legs This Night Whatever Is Fine and It Seems like If You Muted It out below Arguing with Each Other to Live in like My Nose Is Weird I Just Had to I Was It's Aggressively Optimistic This Thing Is With the Soccer Stuff That That Will Thing I Was like That's Bull Ship and Then Actually Read about It in Psych Yeah They Get Paid Way Way Less the Soccer US Yeah Dad It's Because Never Sanction the Board Of Directors to Do the Meeting Saul Did All Do You Distinguish It And They Can't They Have No Say Yeah Okay It's Public Information It's Really Easy for Okay so so USF Is You Accept Me for Me Connecture No Flowers Gone Quinn's Largest Gondola Is Losing Eight of Their 11 Diva Starter's Table in Florida They Would Not Be Good No N/A Also While the Trust from Back but The Defense Will Be Good to Replenish Old Outline I Think Charlie Strong to Recruit I Think It Would Get Help Get Some of Those Guys That You Know Dental Transfer Is That's a Whole Other Recruiting Angle Now That Now That People yet Has To Sit Out Of Your You Can You Can You Get A Lot Of Things Easier to Get Close so They Got Rid of That Rule You Have To Sit Year Coach Leaves Right Write Your Coach Leave That Totally Was the Dumbest Falcon Rule Nairobi. I Know the Scripture Okay Is Really Just in the Ground That I'm Writing down Really Help Mary Shifted after the Shot Pattern Okay AAA the Fact That I Will Surely Meet up There That Is Cities and Rosary The Fact That a Coach Can Just Leave but a Player Can't Leave Nata It That's Another Problem Is Man That the NCAA Has Always Rule to Punish These Players and These Coaches Just Run Nuts Mad We Should Do It These Are There Prime Years These Pleasures Would You Do It They Should Have As Many Rules to Enjoy It As Much As They Possibly Can't but like I Let You Go Back to the Paying for Players I like the Idea of You Can Get a Stipend You Should Get a Stipend Because That'll That'll Have a Little Bit Not Take As Much Money I Wonder When Is It All Burns like X Ivan and I, like What Cannot Williams Really Really Weave This Blatant about It like This Is What's Going on and Let I like the Idea of Holding Making You Put It in a Trust until 25 or Something but That's That One That Would Resolve the Problem Was There They Need That Money When There Because It Your Kids Okay When You Get It but You Can Never Pay for the Scholarship One of Amateurism Athletics It's Not Amateur As You Do #for Diameter Maybe Someday Larded and I Didn't Have TV Every Night Having Radio Sound or Have All That Are Wage Minced We Don't Want That We Have Is That If We Ask from a Long Time Ago from Professional Athletic Know You Much Money When Somebody's Paid $1 Billion to Televise Your Event It Is No Longer Am Sure He Loves You As a Businessman like I Know He Does It Doesn't Seem like No Well You That's What Are Your Great Grandma Pat Worry at Time Was That Is a Lebron Will I Will Close out What Was This Pops Back and Wanted to the Alleged Third-Quarter Will Make You Okay No I Sent It's All Love Your Man Yeah It's All Good I like That You Don't Talk to Mike As a Common It Should Be like Stands on His Phone Right Now Yeah Well It's a Calculated Really Say I'm Sorry I Am. Outraged Transformer Oh Nice That's the TI 83 Yeah Now That's That's Looking like Usual Warning Quickly When the Game yet Wisconsin Miami Does Gradient Go Watch the Game at Its Wisconsin One 3043 More like Wisconsin's Dude down My Adoptee My She Does Remember I Left Wisconsin I Wanted That Turnover Hour to Get Everything Ever-Changing Here Yeah Those You to Do It When a Turnover Chase Just Mark like It Came He Just Not Win the Big One He's Too Good for 10 Wins Men Who Get You There and You Just Can't Believe Bake One Bag over the Hump I Rooted for Him All the Time and George H's and I Love Dave Got Miami Back to Miami's Another Team My NCAA Football Is Better When the Canes Are Killing Yeah and I Agree That Is Fun I like Adam's Villains I like That Everybody Hate Everybody Hates Him If You're Not From There Really Are There That You like to Know Really Went There by the Way Everett Is a Fan of the 95% of Them Didn't Even Go to Doesn't Know You Act for Sure IIB Became What I Grew up in Syracuse the Syracuse Orangemen Country Time like Now 30 Not Manning out Do What They Offer Not a Happy Thought I Will You Yeah Good Name and Some Were Chocolates Hades to the Day When Biggies Was White Fleeing Dude And a Man I Was a Georgetown Joya Fan Which Was I Was in Enemy Territory Dude but Ma'am When I Would Watch Patrick Ewing That's How I Got the Basketball I Love Bass Yeah I'm When I Discovered Patrick You Know What Is This and I Would Just Love They Would Run in and It Affected My Stand up Because I Do Love to Paste People off and I Just Watch Them Come into Arena on Everybody Boo Them Now That's What I Want to Do and That's What I Want That Sometime I Seen You Do a Show We Start out the Hole on Purpose All I like This A Lot to Bury Myself and Just Couldn't Call Myself like Pencils or the Bag I Should Go and Were in This Scene I'm Sure Is a Pleasure to Have You Take Something Patrick Ewing Where We Are up But Halliday Okay How If Later You House the Holy Ghost or so How They Started and Only When the First Game Even Expand yet I Am an Expert I Apologize for That but I Don't Think so) the Team I Run into My Will Absorb Them Go through until They Freighted Competitors Nama Clipper Fan Oh Really Since One since 1999 Management for for What I Have so Many Jerseys out the Savior As I Have like Candy Mandy I All Ignited and He Had All but I Became Very Job I Was Worried I Might Do to Go to Resellers like Falk That I'm like Okay We Don't Want to Benefit Will Watch His Testimony Okay Okay like Your Party Sunday Were Made till Now I Can Say about about Patrick You Is You Deaf Loser to Be a Coach Good Night Thing That He Got Ghost up Initially That Heckle Some MEA Years Ago 100% There Is Tune Them around and Stupid When It's Just like It Just I Shall Crush a Doorstop I Hope He Gets the Good Recruits I Hope I Mean like Have You Been Watching College Basketball It Is so Insane Right Now We Are Seven Years in to This Golden State Warriors Experiment for These Kids Were All Like 1112 When That Experiment Started and That Everybody Was Shooting so They Started off Want to Shoot Threes You Won't Have To Use That How You Got to Have Cancer All Ike's 7 Foot Got Me Mad Handles I Can Shoot I Mean Kid from Oklahoma Shooting Literally from Half-Court and Hitting Threes like It's Having Nothing Likely Griffin Know I Love You Helena Griffin I Don't I Wish You What I Did I Just Love It's Just like I like Watching It It's Just like We Play Pickup in the Big Guy on the Court Does One Plate Download I Just Popping through Reason. I Know I Knew It That's My Favorite What Downloaded the Rebounds This Guy Jeremy Junior from Michigan State It's like Is like 7 Foot Lanky Is How Sick You down Low Point to the Ship Download but Also Everything to Do by Layla Lexa Lake Just Interjected Yes He Interjects That He Had Acute Coaches Contest a Couple Weeks Is Using Coaches Accused of THINGS Where I Was Grabbing Kingsford Ancillaries He Kept His Job Is like the Appraiser University a Woman Should Shift out What What Is a College Coach Ricky Morris Hungry Sorry, Feeling Very LSU Coach Was Overrun to Show No He Sweetly Is like Sammy Sweet on the inside Is a Little You Little You Want Me to Work Can I Sign That Thing That a Contract Can Use on This Phone Liquid That's What We Call Call Back in the Business Guys Are Your Legend Yeah RFQ's Coach You Got Serious Guys This Is Rescues Coach out There I Mean You AR-Rockland Ln., Kiffin None I Was in Maca Lane but Swapped out Minimally Sharks Love Them Though so Loving to Wait and See There You Go Steve Is To Hear Him and He Says Plaintiff and Is the Cutest Coach O'Reilly Link Okay and FAU Versus Akron Akron Sorry 5353 Right Now Is a Good Game Is Poor Lonnie's and Halfback Passes Two-Point Conversions on Sidekicks I Love It for the Station Got Him As a Coach I Was an Integral Good Job I Really Want Kevin Adding to I down Let's Wrap This up Now Were to Write Outright Music. I Told Birgit I Will Write a Right That I Ruined This Part Mom I


2 Jan 2018

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We Pick ALL The Bowl Games

Steve and Law go through every bowl game! Law picks the games with the spread for the gamblers, and Steve only picks winners.


16 Dec 2017

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Conf Champ Preview / Why Doesn't Anyone Want To Coach Tennessee?

Chad and Steve opine in a Friday Happy Hour edition.Transcript below:Okay here we go summary of headphones turnabout dialogue I hello my Dan Mullen is back with the gators and other coaching changes is exactly what you talk about first off but before that even we want to tell you that this podcast is brought to you by fan Teddy legal for all your business legal needs in etc. etc. so Steve with Diane okay you want to talk about we just talk about how to set it demoing new Florida higher this was for one second and we can do this but let's possibly try to put away our Florida and Tennessee biases here and see if you talk about this from an objective viewpoint was a delicious rush as we can't I alright so demoing Odyssey to save higher the gators I just keep your Internet word over and over say safe is better than Safeco US so too I mean I'll see what we wanted to Kelly that was this the sexy horror that was the offense of juggernaut that we wanted to this this fan base has been starved for offense for the past nine years since Tim Teagle left so we really for some offense and demo my provide that he presided over the 10 people years you know up until other my letters and Chris leak your hand or your little quarterback with Bill this guy I mean Alex Smith was somewhat Chris Lee go talk about 10 people obviously all trash quarterback that he may look a little service it is true for slick trash Buddha when national title and people good throw ball to the OT book and what are you getting a TiVo can do more than one rising is a quality player but I say one thing is that I can coach flat out if you coach those guys might ever get top recruits was you do love you Mike Franks turned Frank into a first round I don't know that for sure hundred but he's got the tools gasket abounds anyway I will probably is like a transfer session get macro and also if you know this heat he's going out we Artie made a run at Justin Fields who will enter a number one overall. Through the negative note here to commit the Georgia Canada Georgia in spite of them having from inside having Easton likes to five stars and I am 1/3 five-star there so that by Georgia can over recruit the best the thing over Surprise he he he committed there but his tiny thing yet so demos making another run at the number 1 Overall Ct. record review if you don't want to happen is Matt corral is a great retreat as well that's our our uniformity for five straight a four-star QB recruit now I want him to leave because were going after Justin Fields and he's a great he's a great recruit good huge arm so hope you stay so I damn all in good hire going to hire my place I appreciate you saying that but it's I just the I do say that the the upside of it is I would always be afraid which of Kelly that he would to both the NFL he got her to three good years boldly FL I do believe that Dan Mullen will stay for the long haul maybe maybe there for 10 years some like thou make easy for each of Kelly will never go back to fell over again to see you know that so I can stimulate today 100% he will okay is too fast for him he doesn't have enough control and his systems don't work there and assistance would work to Florida I guess I'm surprised you to go to Florida be the Nike guy being filled nights boy I thought he would take UCLA job because that's under Armour program he's got you so much loyal to Nike by he did it but he's an SEC kinda guy he can't really know he likes to fly under the radar doesn't do a lot of stuff the kind just wants to call plays and relax yes you see football's life me and yet is want to live that much want to be the West Coast if he don't do yoga and whatever else it should definitely do has pictured everyone picture to Kelly I know that answer right now I'm good doing downward dog to Bob Niekro he got a lot of contacts in the West Coast easy as long as the beater yet and he also is written in the gator contract I'm sure the Tennessee contract as well as boost like certain meta-booster meetings yet to go to look at him all kinds now he and and and and in more on that Tim Bowen he knows the SEC can recruit the SEC is recruited in many different regions of the SEC and most important to me at least is that Dan Ballman knows exactly how to winning the SEC in the top three coach top three or four open the top three or four coaches in Assisi when saying when he was at Mr. B state yeah you want the best once he was okay here is will trivia for the inaugural college playoff rankings in a city state was number 130 go to very first one so get there not one for a while I forgot about that until I like it so they hired him like an x-ray message that was number one for like six weeks you may have Jack yeah Hudak Prescott know yet another quarterback yet so she knows how to exactly guy who no one thought could do anything and also needs the quintuple rice and the felt plane for down frail but yes let's go me good for them it's it it's good when people can get coaches because Tennessee can't well yeah well maybe I would tell each let's talk about Tennessee now I want them to get Leach I would love lately to talaria. They were getting rude and I like to think my life's work on that and I concluded and fall through though it isn't closed yet but you know it's funny because I think they could get Leach the biggest savage out of this is Gandhi go to got almost $1 million raise just today using that the Tennessee job against Oklahoma State yet he's nice and is not stupid cohosting today working to negotiate with them they gave us the basics are $35,000 a day out I take it but I would've loved him Gandhi I think both of my good Gun your leisure being out I love going needed at just the soundbite sounds like Spurrier like with their sound I don't know like Gandhi with the mullet you know you differently than the SEC can tell you later, and I've got him to finish but he said his honey he's even alone there so you know you wasn't gonna leave Yahoo! lines MEI I thought it was close but hit a $3 million take it it's surprising something probably brought them back home I know he's alumni all that he's got family there but Tennessee is just fumbling it but today they picked up the ball yeah they did in it it him in a big way and they got Phil Fulmer yeah now be the a deed to help with the coaching search and it's funny because there's a conspiracy behind this old rule is there conspiracy are you sure tell you I'm a tell you what it is it is funny because the reason why there is a K conspiracy here and people aren't seeing it it's for your gear here for though that's in your form just here to make sure people know okay because Tennessee knew all along they were going to get booted hello baby hello screen shoe smokescreen they held out on Sean because he could give it to them but they didn't think it is hold fans relax okay like Aaron Rodgers does but they knew we want whose Argyle along full form guy right not a CAD scuttlebutt coach what are not to be able to find anybody the recruiting peers are upon us and they're going to close fast while in there and have Phil forward only do the recruiting and end of coaching this team is really the ADA and the Xhosa first the first A.D./coach I contract is that he's not Barry Alvarez and his close but you have to the have to find somebody else to fill in Peyton Manning's get a phone as the ED while in full force the coaches football team hook up on the coach will crash two years that's what I like it. I like it my sources nor the sources are Michael Flynn gave me the source you leave for the crown of the gross out on a good turnout is… She's pled guilty that I say this first plea deal was he had it he had a guy reveal the source all the Russian sources came out in this was in the mix I picked up oh brother with it why I believe this one because alas when you sit with the groomers you said Gruden that he said the designing and the criminally sinews is out there so I did that I was right to not believe those sources nurseries and Kremlin users now I really like the credible credible sources in front of his directors indictments going on payment of the takeover the AV informer the new coach will see us what I think this is all about but in all seriousness Mike Leach gets his job you should take it he be a fool not to because in the SEC the recruiter who get this is what he's want to because he's a high-powered offense guide you he loves to throw the ball around the SEC is mostly a predominant Ron oriented system for all the schools because you get big running backs of the SEC but the spread is taken over you see it with Auburn injured student menu sprinted out in your hand the ball off to the running backs you need both South Beach system would fit well here right now I think so to recruit surrogates will see what happens so tell me more about Lisa what's what's his background like what Gary came from where you congratulations was a lawyer before he was even a football really with the law school did know that didn't want to practice law very long answer to coach a high school and then got in as assistance at some colleges and his big job that he got was at Texas Tech okay and he coached there any coach multiple quarterbacks that set records in the NCAA like Graham Harrell Cliff Kingsbury was on the coach at Texas Tech so he's coached multiple players are able to get to the NFL even picked up Wes went what Wes Welker gave him a chance Wes Welker by way no school from scholarships or for Mike Leach wow this guy's got it got the I can to get quarterbacks to do what you want them to do guess who also recruited Baker Mayfield man that I take care of everything that you letter for Cliff Kingsbury end up stepping in and taking over for bigger bigger was coming there but so she knows how to recruit and he can turn quarterbacks into really good players as is done with Luke Faulk at Washington state where he now took that job over after leaving Texas Tech so you'll he's been around the game he seen it all she can call an offense for Tennessee this is good because quarterback play Noah Dobbs is going to think your internal skeletal upside but with lychee can make your own tunnel into a top five quarterback in the in the NCAA so this is good if they get him he'll do a lot more unless Phil Fulmer takes a job as my horse † very possible let's look at the at the at the reality of it for the sake of entertainment value in SEC II hope he takes the job of the courts will be crazy I also got Esther Spurrier quote we don't usually give you more the guns he would always give you more exposure to being an SEC but also a note let's talk a little better for me a shout out to FSU people out there will will set aside FSU hate for little Hilary to get to that we got Harcourt Chancellor Jimbo Fisher leaving for about greener pastures but I definitely moderately greater as in money like more money so I can pay more elastic than if they had the second highest paid college coach not next to Nick Sabin like so yeah this he's eye thing is not nigh I should bring up is like 80 million in my heard Gruden 115 units with Hennessey so doubt you'd be right now I think I got money like I yeah like Kiffin an application Albert was coach Nick Sabin is making at 11 million years he would our boss making nine something like that right around yet elder second is Dabo Sweeney was is a silent but hard was a raise after winning the right exactly just to resume our buzz in the top three talk yet so that I do I'll I love you now blame and why not man when he doesn't want to come back anyway he enjoys cushy job when I seen it $15 million limit that when I have press it and if you get like to ask you to get this to me how close you never get around the money Hooters money yeah ESPN goons quarterback can't he gets to write his own check me about Titus I would leave for the state of surprise somehow to be really bad well to me at the top three job in the country of your three it's just top temperature on the top three if you will coach on a coach on the Florida State I want Texas I mean the next one I probably say Alabama or the gators to if you want to run out for to me those the best job in the country know Notre Dame at five just because the proceeds in the alumni base before the statement you got your NFL draft picks, their view the recruits want to go there and play who takes this jobs I want to know since he's gone and yeah well there taught that see the accident he can insert that some you can attorney out of the running or set a master taking other jobs and sought hurt someone to go to tell you who like you were never horny I would love that by the way I want to see you at some point it was like everything there is a coach I love Kim flowchart Charlie Strong that can happen LBJ David ready for the Scott Frost available those in approaching the breath out his load of rescue but it be interesting because guess who else is available in the in in the sunshine state who would just like this up the plaintiff and I am told you Florida State get him now please do not hit entertainment value all my guy if you territories are now no heat anymore have a problem with with with with quarterbacks and offenses here which you had barring the injuries that fortis they had this guy will turn you see what he did at Alabama I'm telling you man he is ready to go and he's listening offers believe it or not yet is I mean he's right ago and I think that is honestly he's the best coach available from the perspective that's available from being able to you'll have to hire on an officer coordinator you can do both and every other coach out the Republican to both Scott Frost be an exception on the keys ready do it at a level like that I think Scott Frost is that he he's unproven right now you know that DCFS of anything is a call please that you see I was young I mean he's like the hot Prospect coach but let me link Evans done on a high level no everyone many you got so I think he's the best coach available for that reason yeah you both can motor quarterbacks Dan Mullen would've been before he took a job runs why same link if it's right available to both I mean you know my FSU hater side once and to take a really bad coach but the thing is man ego right now Florida fell off you know we we have and what would they be in us five years in a row and is kinda frustrating but before that we beat them like four years in a row and it was out is nine find the carriers a foregone conclusion when aborting a what FSU wasn't fun because like deficit I want us both to be good again that wherever your you know who's good to be exactly not what I like to say Diana Seaway know it's I mean Florida and Tennessee for his art he always had the upper hand Tennessee never really get to suffer maybe 1999 but other than that I am and last year what last year Liana should've been this year I will wait prevent 1/14 that when I do 14 notes not bad my glace nothing as we think of it off regardless of that okay so anything goes when changes are yeah I'll be very curious to see I think Herm Edwards gonna take Arizona State I heard it's not done yet not long alternates is pretty much done I heard in principal they can get so how do you want to talk about soundbites not a gas receiver to go together because football is why you play the game all my God I can't wait for have a cold Tennessee I'm surprised and show interest in him yeah why not I think it was too late I think they were still dealing with Schiano and Gandhi while Arizona State already was courting for lack of better term Herm Edwards and I think I think her one to be out there I think they want to be in that area I don't know with you there's an advanced strategic advance final fees from then you don't think you that I was in an East Coast guy I'm not sure either but what I don't play for the Eagles stuff is in and I felt but I do know that note that's interesting to see that once that jobs taken the high-quality jobs left me Nebraska Florida State and Tennessee are really only three that need to be filled me in Nebraska and his foregone conclusion a pretty sure Scott Frost and I mean that's Internet job they that they they want a guy who knows you know who the fans love will go to recruit the crap out of the state because of his notoriety and all the people that will be telling you you but you want to just been born when Scott Frost graduated from Nebraska but all the parents and the people will tell you about them and they're gonna send their kids there so you get the top recruits on the statement of precedent known from the greater talent in state but people enough know that he's respected in the fact that he's gone to know the Florida area you try to he can pluck recruits of Florida go to Nebraska if you can yet easy to establish that so will see connections here I will move onto to some Heisman Trophy candidates sorry so I year your tell me little of the hot take forgot on the mic here about Baker Mayfield I me I still think it's a foregone conclusion that Baker Mayfield is going to be the Heisman trophy when it should be but let let's mean you have some of these note voters who think that the Heisman also should be like moral and not be no animal grabbing your junk and looking at the Kansas Heisman winners have committed a lot of crimes you have a lot of bad things yet to say who they are what they've done but you can use your imagination someone in the 60s and did some things some of them bad my quarterback what quarterback of the of the Buccaneers of I don't know maybe you're right the legend of its all that – but at the end of the day this is the question you have to ask if you don't vote for Baker Mayfield and who is who is the clear front runner besides him three price price allow the risen one I would feel clear your price on hater but yet hundred 25 yards last week versus Notre Dame so I bless let's talk about North Jackson was good to Lamar Jack season stats look good Josefa great but he hasn't is the most often and plan for now this little Starbucks after a quick okay good Lord Mayfield Baker Mayfield 37 passing TDs over 4000 yards passing in the College up to five interceptions only five receptions get 245 yards rushing five TDs rushing to Lamar Jackson 25 TDs $3500 – 2500 Hz fast safe haven what I mean this is a surprising rushing he's got almost 1500 yards rushing and 17 rushing TD sounds perfect stop there because this can answer all your questions ready for this I'm ready tell me Baker stats again this year Baker's got 37 passing TDs in college minutes and sing and play the copper chapter game yet okay here's what I want to do I'm trying to compare because I'm looking at the stats of the March Jackson from last year and what did he do he won the Heisman yeah so to his numbers comes to Baker Mayfield I think you're better if I'm not mistaken let's what have made front to me how many yards has has Baker thrown for 4090 7K mar Jackson threw for 3543 comprising a cave at somebody's house a passing touchdown passing touchdown 3734 Lamar Jackson really here yup I guess you got such a hot start edging soon on how many rushing touchdowns. He's gotta know this is where the Martek yeah having a sticker got five job boards exit 21 Becky get so tensing away so any rent for thousand yards of speakers no souls and that's what tells the skills but so that's what you have to really come down to is if you get a cut somebody up and you compare it if these winners are doing it under really good competition he got big maple beat Ohio State they lost Iowa State the BTC Livingston quality teams Lamar Jackson hasn't done that this year mean they've lost to Clemson they've lost to Kentucky Houston Louisiana yeah I've lost the last accident wrote there that's the difference a Baker Mayfield played bacon every single game Yoplait did so and he's consistent your consistently seen touchdowns he quarterbacked that offense in a way that I don't think anybody else in the NCAA could it so if that's your leader is the most outstanding player in college football which it is and you gotta give him the highest nobody else is done that now they have I believe two losses to Okemos they've got one loss I believe Okemos state of Oklahoma Oklahoma actually sort only get there one loss similar loss or loss to Iowa state that yet that's all Bryce love I believe they have two loss to Stanford to read email on to say and his stats aren't really anything to where the-running benefit of one so to me if you just do that simple math notes that really matter it is if you look at the numbers numbers don't lie you gotta give him the Heisman regardless of what people are saying why he won't win is because he told a Kansas coach of the ground is drunk or because he was latest thing he threw allegedly others tape through a football football bear came out of his hands allegedly he threw a ball at the head of the TSU player during warm-ups whether it was on purpose or not I think was accidental if you are TCU player correct when a quick teaser earlier this year okay yeah Jordan during warm-ups so that they just came out so they're saying look these antics do you whine the past you is this the guy you want terms of the highs and give the font that meant someone is looking like it had a bad name on that stuff doesn't matter because it's like the Hall of Fame you have to just look at what the football player does and what who is the notion to outstanding player that's it right not like committed murder anyone I might acquire a boy you know which is not good happening every makes mistakes their young college kids yeah if it was worst mistakes and be a little bit more worried but I mean a lot of these things are passionate remotely game I think in that case it would kinda take care of itself because it sayeth know he murdered somebody he would play in college football anymore so he would be in the running right but I'm saying is past winners have done something they don't take the Heisman wafer that no other Heisman with the action of Reggie Bush whatever else is kept the Heisman O.J. Simpson Ashley sold his Heisman will he had to get fell into court the court merely as I had to take but it day I was at Caesars NCAA didn't take it away the state took it away that's my point yes exactly which means Heisman trust is not good and so if that's the standards that you have and you have to give to the best player in Baker's not a bad person in that regard I don't know him personally but from what I see I dislike his passion I think you have to get the better of him sometimes not control it now that her NFL that's up to Brock up you know scouts to decide if you can put on a font that's irrelevant right now what can NFL is nothing barren what he does with 100 people compare him to to Johnny men's L but I think the big differences in what I hope is a big difference is I like Johnny Mandel's swagger and she was good for college football and then talk trash and all I get stuffed Baker may fit I hope is not unlike our is not like Manzella and that he does on the substance abuse alleged substance abuse problems and that's what killed Manzella in the NFL bullet also commands on the NFL is that man's aisles and ad lib. her out if you watch Baker Mayfield he actually goes to his reads yet Russians he throws a better ball he's more accurate yeah the two men South Alaska knew he could lessen the photos I think why Mansell turned to no substances by think Baker actually has the skills he dislikes the height what have the size I know I know Manzella small same size as Baker I think they cutting figures hit to getting 20 pounds I gave us a palliate-09610 that is okay foot maybe even yeah I'll think of 6110 mins else about me as I was draft the first round all the same even with the high concerns because everyone's point to Drew breathing a true breeze is listed at 511 is probably more like a 510 29 but it's-it's it's like it you can look at it two different ways because mademoiselle Sue skews me Mayfield never had a Mike Evans yeah that's heraldic imagine that to what numbers would look like and what set so you gotta take all that in into consideration if you want in the day is what you done for me lately this year Baker me." Which I called from week one this podcast by the way you waiver first second I thought he wavered you do who do I hear a second I listen I gave 614161 okay I sent it okay I said I said no and I know what dirt they adjust this may Baker get a second you'll please vote for me would've one but I picked him the winner is all I said yeah so that's Heisman watch by the way that ESPN has the top for three or four who are having a fight tube to New York I as Baker Mayfield number one Bryce love number two Lamar Jackson were three and reshot Penny that's not finalized right now is not is not final as non-China as of right now hello experts: I'm glad you said that I think three or four those are safe anybody thinks Nixon getting sick once Nixon is only going to talk for failing to get you to say sneaking though because he was the founding outermost layer he deserves it but so Hoosier for who goes who get that ticket to the Big Apple right now I'll tell you mine if you're not ready to go yet what John Taylor is a is there an outside shy to go undefeated that's when asking yeah I was a Jonathan Taylor I would not say no would you say listen Jonathan Tiller goes a listen he goes if he runs for 250 and three touchdowns in the skimming of hosting because you have an undefeated team the trash schedule for the reason why there in the top four and he's got good numbers 1800 yards rushing 13 rushing TDs flows are oddly those are guided to another not Gotti and so never what I should if you compare that to say Quan's number sequence numbers and yes a counting one scored in three different ways this year Yep so he's more diverse that make some of them work but outstanding calls for John Taylor being on an undefeated team that Idaho carries a lot of weight I would give her shotgun even though the dog before Jonathan Taylor but he got 19 TDs and over 2000 yards rushing look at this our buddy get ready for only three invites you going to get Baker Bryson Lamar I would not fit I agree that's what I would evolve the committee yeah that the maximum centers and not invite Penny an invite Taylor when Taylor's numbers are better than Penny but Penny plays the weaker conference in a conference is not as much notoriety or school for that matter for the power five that's just wrong and I think you can stick with just three nights without duets with that the Heisman trust to do that think they'll be a good look for them but we'll see what happens but I would never see what happens if I write well let's move on to the upcoming week which is were recording this on Friday after listening to us in the future so let's let's look at some these games are coming up on this is conference championship weekend yes the game this weekend yet again tonight which is at Stanford and USC means you have any you know in any way from Missouri out here is my opinion the plane for a bowl game or nothing in the top four so when you plane for pack 12 the premises great you are putting in a better book and get some money for your school I think USC wins this game by 10 points okay and us Brenda's moms pick in the winter I get only that America had us think that in there what you see is favored by four points not care not that I care okay I think USC was by 10 but I think it's good to be a close game probably pick a score right now let's do it was to score for this game was to pick three games will pick a score absolutely will come back to and see who is close okay so because of the football game 10 points under the say 2717 okay I want to say Stanford wins 2117 okay I like that yet Sanskrit exact address that not all you see is favored something Stanford went out right so it's it's going to get the spread on my picking it up I would also an interesting year old big one for me I'm definitely on my couch watching this one TCU at Oklahoma absolutely Scott watch Baker Mayfield one of his last appearances in a comfortable gang intercedes on the line yeah they will be the final four if they win this game actually get a bump on those in a jump them to write a one loss team winning. Yes it so that's what matters for this and that's a trucking Phil is a trap ETCs number 11 and that the nation are really good team but when you play somebody already in you losing a plane again and George Robert face the same thing you got up yeah you're right it's really hard it is to be the same team a good team twice in one year Zach and I don't mean that to jump games I think Georgia can be offered I think that's gonna happen element getting law thereby like shut out a lot he's feeling under the weather were taken over tonight all you feel better yeah exactly yeah I thinks I think so too because he had a BM once before it was it now I want them soundly just I want Auburn to win I want them to win think they're going to do right here on Johnson CERT is not himself the running right good to be huge law talk to me about this to you think students confidence will be off he doesn't have that that running game when he has the running game is going about you watching his care in the world yet but earlier in the year the running game was not establishing he was the same quarterback that he is now course he got better in a new offense I said he was in the end of your relaxing in it but in a game like this with the pressure the SEC champ should game if your confidence is and they're not coughing your running game and then you force Auburn to be of one dimensional team and just force you to throw against Georgia it can be more difficult to win the way they did again I think George went to scout not running pretty smart being that defensive genius that he is I think he maps this went on I think he gets George and Victor how do you think that Carrie Johnson plays because right now he's day-to-day yes a shoulder injury which is not a leg injury secret could play through it right you think you place oh I do I think you place I think he does play I think you drive to biggest game your career that possible I think three maybe four carries and you're gonna tell if you can play the whole game or not that's it that's with Natalia so I think you why would you not trial be his last college yet because he cannot declare capital and come back when were you but he's got ago we had to good of the year and your injuries as you can see it will stall will have the rest especially the running backs you get a strike while the iron's hot exactly as I can write so I think you definitional reason for him not to try he's going to play it's not like a JT Barrett situation where they might hold him out because you have to play two more games if you win every man that is great I think in exactly the problem is this a number on again I don't I don't want to jump to fark is never going to ratings versus games I think they connect to also we have to talk about it is know when you look at the rankings you have Ohio State at eight right now are they too far down like what's good have to happen offer to have to lose Wisconsin have to lose Oklahoma's good have to lose the promise Alabama moves in give a one lost Georgia Miami hoping to go to be Clemson they can have two losses when you let let's talk about why what's up here in Oregon corrosion Odyssey winner of SC championship game is in Georgia Ace Hardware should Gaynor the yes I think absolutely whoever wins awesome bursary of one loss Miami would get in yes okay I think so I think people are forgetting that Miami was undefeated the entire year they stumbled at the end of the year which is way worse than something at the beginning of the year the apostle yet exactly they lost late they would be the top for a no no loss I will stay liquid for five yet and that's why they're so strong right now so I'm I deafly think Miami gets in if they become eclipses number one team in the nation if you be and I want you in the nation okay you win loss herein you know now it Wisconsin's gonna lose the will be guaranteed to get in but I don't think I mean for Wisconsin loses can Ohio State climb yet let's talk about that so that's the big issue right now yeah can so Odyssey house will be out who would be the third then Alabama's connected end of one of the if any of the top four teams lose no element with getting it beautiful 101 loss Alabama who did he make the conference chance you game over undefeated Wisconsin who just beat Ohio State absolutely because you play the SEC schedule and you beat teams that Auburn lost two and therein got to jump Wisconsin they played nobody thought best quality that it was Michigan the beat Ohio State in this scenario true true also house the timing right about this Alabama whose Alabama play this year they play no LSU Ole Miss telecine and Allison is decent after as part are best when they offer loss to LSU right that's a cadet I'm giddy that when S&S went okay rested SC schedule that they played just so happen that should be down there there opening 04 state a play for state is it in their opening game which is supposed to be and they become huge non-collar same hurdle unfortunately for stay friends way down this year so that is not as out again they were way down right matter but race was not hurt and I came exactly on her at the end while they were to had I came in here doesn't matter to me they be the quality FSU team at the start of the year but you look at the full bodywork right now and that is not a quality when I NASA flight out rather than at the time they beat them that with quality with no you don't you'll just trash not yet using the word that you see force is not a good team you seen a bodyworker not get teams they beat them know you're missing the point now when Alabama played them they played for the state when they had the best quarterback available that's why it's a quality when you talk about Florida State when younger friends wasn't quarterbacking I disagree I disagree 04 suit so you're saying okay that it again using the committee to look at this SSA floor state went oh and 10 Pro 11 wherever they missed a game tour okay they went on 11 but their rank high to beginning your they would look at that is a quality when they would and also can I can tell you why they would if you look at who the committee committee is comprised of they've got the majority of them are southern leaning ties to the South Yaffe conference and to the ACC so they're going to be more biased towards the southern teams than anybody else that's why think Alabama gets the nod why else it's just good for ratings they want Nick Sabin or they want holiday made it such raw better the Wisconsinite I agree with that all I want somebody walking in their losing by 40 in the woods watching the game the rest of time it's bad for yeah but Alabama playing Clemson replay in Oklahoma asking to be a tight game down the rhythm strict yeah what little I don't want Oklahoma play or story Wisconsin playing Alabama you don't want them in their that's why they jump definitely get it let me let me run down Alabama scheduled real quick just to make my point here in Florida State is and is my opinion this not a quality went for state there under 500 right every Colorado state not a good team Ole Miss snag a team Arkansas Madigan team Ellis you will give you that one day they came back the end of the year Mercer Fresno State Vanderbilt Texas A&M which decent that's an average one Tennessee we know the store and that one in Mississippi Mr. B states not a bad not allowed when I have as Gerald they were quality yeah they're pretty good and they lost Auburn so I don't think Demi I think your argument was constant and plenty buddy I think I agree Alabama strength schedule more difficult than Wisconsin but Alabama's strength of schedule is nothing to write home about is that he's right but if you compare Alabama scheduled Wisconsin you do agree that yes office and I grab it but not actually follow my trip he said no yeah but it's it's not like huge is not like Deutschland's should know it's it's it's closer you think we got play Northwestern one week and then Alabama's plain Mississippi state or LSU anybody else it's it's just harder competition every week you can't use it did to me there's a big drop you I been a scenario though they beat Ohio State out – prompting and in my okay so right now yes I agree it's a big caveat if you are into the Ohio State then I'm saying is closer the districts company which we spent lots lots that are you know that so but just finally Wisconsin wins therein for you yet Palazzo is undefeated they beat Ohio State therein. Oklahoma loses their out Auburn loses their out Clemson lose any chance I can stay in see that's the thing does a will they be to lost team I don't think Oklahoma County and Oklahoma so would be if they still it if they stayed in Auburn which they they don't have too long since it some stated some people are sent yet Dennis ever seen Ohio State as a two loss team right could get in as well but pleasant you if the prop the proms in the immediacy like a jet just lost and how you put a team in that just lost to Miami appears that Alabama is collateral plainness if you change the game for this reason etc. tougher game the server is not clean the gators who can trust us couple years who end up getting by default no funds but will you do trashing your own teams on the care that it's true though I am but at the end of the day they can just sit and wait and when nobody else bury themselves because of Auburn loses and Clemson loses Miami and Georgia can't know who who could climb in let's say or of Georgia or Miami lose they can't climb Alabama so they're going to climb in the question is someone's gonna lose these top four teams will lose who's going to be if I had a guess on the state Wisconsin goes down and then I say Auburn ghost meeting Wisconsin loses to Ohio State I do think Wisconsin loses I think Auburn okay so it took a mere commute for than tenacity and failure for that scenario I'll keep Clemson where they are Caverns Ms. Miami okay up and then I'm gonna put at number two middle Oklahoma okay I number three and went up Alabama and then number four Ohio State through our Georgia well I've got Georgia beating Auburn but I don't think they're better than how state really has a mind that's my committee browsing figure you call yourself an SEC like oh yeah politics for sure your Nestlé apologist and you say in the winter the SE champs again does not get in correct 20 losses disagree with that area so I think you're right but I really want that because of his other Southern ties it talked about yeah that's my final for that I write that's my okay okay. Okay so what could happen correct where this is James a game to go to be the final four in some way okay but the question is to escape Alabama keep Alabama outcome Institute team to the put it right because if Wisconsin wins Oklahoma wins Clemson wins but Auburn loses does Georgia jump Alabama to goods because they wanted us to change the game or the thing up in Alabama because albums are to make ahead of yeah that's the question you go put a team it's going to head in with one loss yeah will semi final four cleanse and I think meets Miami number one overall Kristin I'm to say Auburn takes of the Georgia money Auburn wins number two Oklahoma B TCU number three and Wisconsin beat Ohio State for number four I mean that's chalk that's basically exactly the rankings are right now by there's a reason why there think that way is because that's the strength of the teams going from 14 that's my prediction our littlest dust to some scores for a couple of these games are at what Mr. George out Auburn Odyssey down can be a fun one night I think is to be a low-scoring game both teams in a kind of be happy then there's my girlfriend call me girl about that but I think is me a low-scoring game because both teams are to be conservative figure start out the the night feeling each other out do a lot of running the ball so I think the low-scoring game I must say it's can be let's say 17 to 7 and a 1710 and I'm to say Alex and for Auburn takes 17 to 10 I what he think the score for the offer George again yet and that deadline is not due care before listeners Auburn is favored by one point so there's a pretty even game I got Georgia win this game ready I'm ready 3517 who you think it's a high-scoring evening George it takes to well I see that sexy Sony Michel and Nick Chavez on the final games for Georgia just running all over him in Georgia or Auburn just kind of you know Johnson's out they will that's what I tell you I think time of possession this is what wins this King of Georgia can control the ball keep Auburn off the field who's running backs are not good to be healthy I think you have all but having more three elves and they had most of the year in this game and I think George or grinding the clock down there to go to Q Barbara if you look up at work or appoint something to grind down on Auburn's defense which is actually pretty good the storefronts together different sums are spent seven solid but after that I think either it would escape and just impose her will when I die and I as I think some 3517 how how much you know about assuming that Johnson's out Johnson then do you change your prediction know because I think if he plays his last pass 1/4 okay by letter and I don't have the medical reports on this going off what I've seen right so don't take that to flag rates you see I got so I had a seesaw for net last year for net he was his ankle was messed up the entire year he they threw him in there he would play you have like 10 snaps or something 10 touches the of the ball and he was he was mediocre he was not great and I'm more about that because you take a beat in the SEC man does yeah absolutely alright so you ready to close things out here you anything else I think were good what talk about one other thing in and Stauffer sang why Paul bar in my heart out your music you have unwanted what was it you want to talk about well what I want to talk about is mining Crimson anything about that game went on but that one I mean I think Clemson wins I think limbs only wins by a touchdown and I would be surprised if Miley would listen I would love to see a Miami victory because it would just ruffle over the upper love chaos I just love Clemson too much and whether the plaintiff for love watching Kelly Brian play I love that team and the w00t w00t w00t was you happens boy asked us about Phil Fulmer we did talk about it on a fee chart chimed in late Toya but he got put the message on Facebook I yet to come back on the pod they will do one more Jell-O yeah cha-cha-cha Joe is on and Joey to come back with all of us will lease we know and in this is that war I'm notorious for every time that I'm in the captaincy here taken


2 Dec 2017

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