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#39 | Cost Basics Behind Business Aviation w/ ProJet’s Shye Gilad

Business aviation is a competitive-advantage tool. And like any tool, business aviation requires mental and monetary investments to leverage time so users can maximize productivity and potential (at work and at home). Decoding the  financial framework that funds owning/operating a business aircraft (charter, fractional, full ownership) helps keep costs within […]


1 Mar 2016

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#48 | What Aircraft Costs are Important?

What’s it cost?  This is almost always the first question in business aviation. But, it’s the wrong first question. Instead, first ask “what costs are important?”  This is quality planning discussed in episode 47.  Identifying the important costs (metrics) first means straighter path, less surprises, better quality control later. To […]


1 Feb 2017

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#50 | Aircraft Overview – Falcon 2000S vs. Challenger 350

Free Report:  Falcon 2000S vs. Challenger 350 Cost Analysis. When you utilize business aviation, chartering, leasing, or buying into a business aircraft, you’ll need to decide which aircraft matches or exceeds your expectations. Choosing the wrong aircraft means inevitable frustration.  It feels like work managing the asset.  Choosing the right […]


1 Apr 2017

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#51 | Private Jet Cards

Accessing private aviation to support your business or family travel goals can be accomplished via four main methods:  ownership, charter, club, and private jet card.  Each method meets a market need with the jet card being one of the industry’s latest innovations. But, what is the jet card? And, what […]


1 May 2017

Rank #4

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#41 | Aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection Pointers w/ 30 Year Expert Don Sebastian

With business aircraft, the pre-purchase inspection is an important due-diligence tool: revealing risk and uncovering value.  Here, the details, the data, and decades of front-line experience drives smart spending decisions. Our expert today, Don Sebastian, knows the pre-by ecosystem intimately and today he’s sharing his specific pre-purchase pointers gathered over […]


1 May 2016

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PJP 016 | Earn Aircraft Revenue Without Traditional Charter w/ Brandon Kearns

If you own or operate a business aircraft, then you've likely been approached about placing your private jet on charter. Essentially, charter is renting your entire aircraft to another party. But, the associated additional flight time from charter also adds hours to your airframe, wear and tear to your airplane, […]


7 Nov 2013

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#45 Threat & Error Management in Business Aviation Ops. w/ Shannon Forrest

Today, we’re discussing threats and errors inside business aviation operations that can eat away safety margin and expose private jet principals and passengers to unnecessary risk. To help us, we’re joined by author, speaker, and aviation safety advocate, Shannon Forest.  He’s here to identify and handle these sometimes silent threats/errors […]


1 Sep 2016

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PJP 019 | SurfAir “All-You-Can-Fly” w/ Wade Eyerly

Commuting between Los Angeles to San Francisco can be a real hassle… unless you're a SurfAir Member! Today, CEO Wade Eyerly joins the show to share how his company SurfAir is helping Californians save time, grow relationships, drive their business's economic engines, and still be home in time for little […]


30 Dec 2013

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#49 | Aircraft Residual Values & Other Market Intelligence w/ Paul Cardarelli of JetNet

To make smart business aircraft decisions, you’ll need real-time, comprehensive industry intelligence.  Data!  For aircraft principles, partners, and passengers… this data helps you determine how to move your asset on the chess board. In this episode, Paul Cardarelli from JetNet, the world leader in aviation market intelligence since 1988, joins […]


28 Feb 2017

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#47 | “Quality by Design” in Business Aviation

All industries… small and large, local and global, succeed or struggle based on quality. This is most evident in manufacturing… think Toyota vs. American car manufacturers. But, other sectors center on quality, too… from healthcare to energy to technology to transportation:  the “good vs. great” differentiator is always quality, revealed in […]


1 Jan 2017

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#42 | Summer of Safety – Training & Risk Margins

This episode kids off the “Summer of Safety” series… shows that reveal the return-on-investment through a risk mitigation lens. Think: $1 safety investment for $5 safety equity. We'll translate training costs into the real-life benefit you get, cover what crew/staff training course are “bare minimum” vs. “best-practice,” and show why those […]


1 Jun 2016

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#44 | Summer of Safety – 3 Must-Attend Safety Events

Show notes to be posted soon.


1 Aug 2016

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#43 | Summer of Safety – Calibrating Team Capacity

The multitude of unseen duties that keep your business aviation assets operating safely, smoothly, and on budget require peoples' bandwidth. But, as more and more bandwidth is utilized, team capacity is consumed and risk rises. Not good. To help your operation manage this “too much to do” risk factor, I'll […]


1 Jul 2016

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PJP 018 | Jet Upset Training Adds Big Value To Your Aviation Ventures

In this episode Randy Brooks from APS Training joins us to talk about an important topic, reducing risk in your private aviation travel in the area of loss-of-control (LOC-I) flight. What is LOC-I flight? Simply put, loss-of-control (LOC-I) flight is the current #1 cause of aviation accidents. It occurs when an airplane […]


13 Dec 2013

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PJP 017 | Attitude Matters in Business Aviation

In this episode, you’ll learn why attitude in business aviation matters more than excellent equipment, top technology, and superior systems. And, we’ll cover the 3 attitude aspects responsible for more safety and more savings in your private jet ventures. Attitude Obstacles As important as attitude is in business and business […]


20 Nov 2013

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#52 | Finding & Filling Charter Jet Flights w/ Paul Mulko & OpenPoint.co

Almost every business aviation user has chartered (rented) aircraft to meet their on-demand travel needs. But, until recently, finding available charter aircraft and the associated trip cost was a painful process that took too much time. First we needed to know who provided private aircraft. Then, we had to call […]


1 Jun 2017

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#40 | Buying a Business Jet w/ Rene Banglesdorf from Charlie Bravo Aviation

I grew up waterskiing on a shallow inland lake with smooth water and boats motoring about freely. It looked perfect, and it was… if you knew where NOT to go. See, some parts of the lake were littered with submerged tree stumps. You couldn’t see these tree stumps. But, you […]


1 Apr 2016

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#46 | Identify, Recruit, Place Qualified Aviation Professionals w/ George Kythreotis

Get the right people on the bus, in the right seats.  First “who,” then “what.”  This is classic “Good to Great” thinking for business… and business aviation. With the right people flying, maintaining, and administering your private aviation activities, risk goes down, value goes up.  Think, maximum ROI. But, how do […]


20 Oct 2016

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#38 | 3 Ways to Access Business Aviation w/ Author & 40 Year Industry Expert John Sheehan

The airplane is the most visible aspect of business aviation. And, accessing the airplane via charter, fractional ownership, or full ownership is where you’ll make the largest financial investments via acquisition and/or operating costs and management structure. Understanding your options here will reduce your investment risk and maximize the product/service […]


1 Feb 2016

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#37 | The “No Plane No Gain” Campaign w/ NBAA’s Dan Hubbard

Business aviation is a force multiplier… save time, produce more, reach prospects, keep customers, gain marketshare, increase earnings, grow profits; strategically, securely, safely. THIS is business aviation, an industry that annually contributes $150B to the US economy, employs 1.2MM people, links rural areas to unlimited opportunity, and delivers humanitarian aid […]


1 Jan 2016

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