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Caroline Hobby got her start in the Country Music scene as a member of the trio Stealing Angels. She then competed and was a finalist twice on CBS’s “The Amazing Race,” and now is an Entertainment Host and Correspondent.  Each week on the podcast, Caroline sits down and talks to the wives of your favorite country artists. In every episode, she gives you an inside look of what it’s like to be married to Luke Bryan, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line, Kane Brown, Thomas Rhett, Dan and Shay and more!  Being married to front man Michael Hobby of chart topping band A Thousand Horses, she really is able to connect on a personal, soul level with the stories of her guests. She also sits down with female entrepreneurs, influencers and all sorts of fascinating ladies! It’s honest women... honest talk!

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Kellie Pickler

KELLIE PICKLER! Kellie is everything you think she is and MORE... She's funny, charming, warm, HYSTERICAL, loving, talented and kind. I am so thrilled to be on the cast of her CMT hit reality show "I Love Kellie Pickler." We are already 3 episodes into Season 2 and this interview is going to recap the first episodes and tell you what to expect the rest of the season. Kellie breaks down the personality of each cast member and talks about why she loves this season so much (it's full of high energy and adrenaline!) She also talks about the important things in life to her: her husband Kyle Jacobs and her family and friends; as well as how she wants to use her life to spread light and happiness. She a true blue friend and honest to the core. #nashville #kelliepickler #ilovekelliepickler #podcast #carolinehobby #hypercarolinehobby #cmt Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

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14 Sep 2016

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Live Podcast with Brittany Aldean and Katelyn Brown!

This week’s episode is straight from our LIVE show that happened last Monday. I interview the beautiful Brittany and Katelyn, the wives of country music superstars Jason Aldean and Kane Brown. They share stories from the road, including the craziest things fans have done to them from headlocks to dumping drinks on their head! They share the highs and lows of fame and what a day in the life really is like. Vibe Queen Amara Hall kicks the whole show off with some spoken word and we wrap up with some Q&A from the audience asking about how to keep sexy time spicy! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 11mins

2 Mar 2020

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Erin Oprea: Celebrity Trainer to the stars like Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer and Maren Morris.

We talk about why “skinny” is not the goal, her new app PRETTY MUSCLES that spells out everything you need to know fitness/diet, plus she talks about what it was like serving our country for 9 years as the first female platoon leader. She also tells me why and how she’s fearless, how she absolutely DOES NOT CARE what anyone thinks about her which allows her to live authentically, annnnnd how dancing with her hubby every Saturday is essential to her well being. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 14mins

6 Jan 2020

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Mallory Ervin: Part 1 (Influencer)

Mallory Ervin! This little lady is a bright light of overflowing energy! Seriously, Mal has more energy than ANYONE I have ever met. And she is the absolute sweetest, most joyful person around. It's essential she has tons of energy bc she does SO MUCH. She is the former Miss Kentucky and was RunnerUp to Miss America... she went on The Amazing Race 3 different seasons (she and her dad were fan favorites) and now she is a YouTube Star... she talks about everything on her YouTube page from makeup, to fitness/cooking/weight loss, and she takes you behind the scenes on her most adventurous life (including her stunning wedding and honeymoon) and she just too cute to handle. #Nashville #Podcast #carolinehobby #malloryervin #missamerica #kentucky #amazingrace #hypercarolinehobby #youtube Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


16 Aug 2017

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Jamie Lynn Spears

In this episode, I have Jamie Lynn Spears! We talk all about what it was like growing up on the road with Britney; Jamie Lynn becoming a child star having a hit show {Zoey 101}, life as a mom to her adorable Maddie, how it felt to write the hit song "I Got The Boy" for Jana Kramer, and her return to the spotlight in country music with a brand new single "Sleepover" and a new TLC Special both coming out June 26th. She's so awesome and inspiring, I cannot wait for y'all to hear this interview! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


22 Jun 2016

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Lauren Akins: life + love with Thomas Rhett since first grade, secret to marriage & why their marriage isn’t perfect, balancing Africa & red carpets, embracing her platform to help children and families, navigating 2 kids under 3 yrs old!

Lauren and Thomas Rhett met when they were in first grade. They were great friends then tried dating around 15 years old. It didn’t work out then, but they stayed besties and after college TR confessed his love to Lauren and dared her to kiss him. The rest is history.  Lauren walks me through their whole love story, why their marriage isn’t perfect, their love of therapy, life on the road when they were newlyweds (it’s not always glamorous or fun FYI), becoming a huge celebrity in her own right and how she learned to process it. She then shares how she fell in love with the children and families of Haiti and Africa and knowing she was called to work with and change lives of children in need. She talks about finding balance between the poverty of 3rd world countries, where her heart lives, to walking red carpets.  Plus how she learned to embrace her platform to spread awareness of how her community can help those in need.  Also we talk about how TR knew they should instantly adopt Willa Gray and how they navigated being new parents to a 1.5 year old and newborn at the same time! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 32mins

20 May 2019

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Landyn Hutchison! Local Nashville Celebrity and social media sensation @livingwithlandyn!

Landyn shares about her old fashioned values, how she prioritizes her family in the midst of her thriving career and brand new retail store, being married to NFL Star Steve Hutchinson plus their heart wrenching and romantic love story since grade school and why a healthy sex life is important to marriage. She also gets honest about how a happy mindset will bless your life and shares how she always lets what she loves guide her life and career. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 23mins

3 Feb 2020

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Shea Leigh Mills (Influencer)

Shea Leigh Mills! This is my first episode of my new “INFLUENCER SERIES!” I could not be more excited about this series! Shea Leigh is only 20 years and has over a Hundred Thousand Instagram followers (she grew this within 2 years!) She is a style QUEEN! She is a blogger and she also has the biggest, sweetest heart! She shares with me all her tips on building a brand, how she personally runs her accounts and what an “INFLUENCER” even is! This is a whole new job and world bc of Social Media and Shea Leigh dishes it all. Shea Leigh also talks about how important her faith is, her daily prayer and how she lets God guide her life. We chat about how High School can be so hard and mean, and how she got through tough times and wants to spread Love to everyone! #getreal #getrealpodcast #truth #honest #blogger #influencer #nashvilleblogger #nashvillebloggers #fashion #fashionblogger Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


21 Feb 2018

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Caroline Bryan (Wife of Luke Bryan)

I discovered Caroline Bryan’s Instagram page last year and my life was changed forever. Not only is Caroline a total bombshell, she is the funniest prankster I have ever witnessed. Over Christmas, Caroline did “the 12 days of pranks” where she hid in a life size teddy bear and scared every family member and friend walking by, put fingernail polish on a bar of soap only to hear Luke wonder why it’s not lathering up lol, plus many more pranks involving snakes, fog horns and fart machines. She also has a sidekick, LeClaire, Luke’s mother-in-law. Luke definitely got his dance moves from his mother, bc she can cut a rug! The Bryan Family is so much fun and so inspiring. They know how to enjoy life and find joy in everyday. Caroline and I chat about her love story with Luke and how they met in college. We also talk about how she and Luke have survived tragedy. Luke lost both his siblings and brother-in-law, and took in their 3 children: a son who was in high school and 2 college age daughters to live with them and their 2 sons Bo and Tate. Caroline and Luke also started a charity, Brett’s Barn, with Caroline’s brother and sister-in-law, in honor of her brother’s daughter Brett who died at a very young age. Brett’s Barn opens its doors to sick and disabled children to come pet and love on the animals. It’s a true sanctuary. Caroline has a heart of gold and uses her life to spread love and healing and laughs. She is such an example of faith. It was amazing to hear her story with Luke and see how they have such an incredible marriage and life in the midst of the wild world of the music industry and personal heartbreak. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 6mins

30 Jan 2019

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RaeLynn: Standout Star from Season 2 “The Voice” shares her journey from overnight fame to navigating 3 record deals and why she’s happier than ever.

I video chat with RaeLynn and talk all about this crazy time we are in being quarantined due to the corona virus. RaeLynn is a sparkling unicorn of rainbow confetti that brightens every room she’s in. She is the life of every party. And she’s incredibly talented. After being on “Team Blake” and impacting America with her twang, charm and talent on “The Voice,” Raelynn’s music career exploded like a firework! She had a hit song immediately with “God Made Girls,” and was touring with every superstar from Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, to Rascal Flatts. We talk about her rise to fame and how she has navigated the highs and lows of the music industry at a very young age. She is now signed to Florida Georgia Line’s record label and feels more freedom than ever to create the music she feels like she was put on this earth to make. We chat about her husband and how they have been sweethearts for years. God is the guiding force in her life and how she shares with me how He leads the way in all that she does. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


6 Apr 2020

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Jessie James Decker: what she learned from high school bullies, how she owes her confidence to her mama, charting her own course and building an empire, plus how she and Eric keep their marriage healthy, happy and spicy.

Jessie James Decker has never been one to quit because someone told her no, or didn’t believe in her. Instead she comes back stronger and better. After being rejected countless times from country music record labels then being signed and released from several major pop labels, Jessie has become a force all on her own, completely independent and doing it her way.  That’s Jessie. Fearless, talented, driven, and full of heart. She now has a booming clothing empire with her brand Kittenish, a best selling book with another on the way, she is selling out music venues with thousands of fans all by herself, and she still makes being a mama a wife her top priority.  Jessie is the example of what a modern day woman can be: a mogul, mother, wife and friend while looking like a million bucks. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


12 Aug 2019

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Round Table Talk with Tyler and Hayley Hubbard and my hubby Michael! We have honest/open couple talk about navigating marriage, parenting, careers, trusting God, perseverance and so much more.

We start this conversation with discussing the importance of learning each other’s love languages. Then Tyler tells his love story with Hayley and lets us know who initiated the first kiss ;). We talk secrets for making time for each other in the midst of busy music careers, Tyler being in Florida Georgia Line and Michael in A Thousand Horses. We also dive into parenting and how guys view it verses women, plus how we work together. Hayley and I share how essential our mama tribe is and what we share and learn from each other. We discuss why finding time for ourselves is as crucial as date nights with our spouse. We also talk about God and the importance of weaving him into every aspect of our lives and why we shouldn’t be scared of failing. This convo is as real as it gets! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 16mins

11 Nov 2019

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Mallory Ervin: Part 2 (Influencer)

Mallory Ervin Part 2! This girl is the QUEEN. Queen of positivity, queen of manifesting her life, and the queen of hard work and hustle. I am literally in awe of how she makes it all happen for herself! Mallory and I met several years ago when we both competed on “The Amazing Race.” We have both grown a lot and experienced some really cool moments together. What Mallory has accomplished as a YouTube, Instagram and Fashion/Lifestyle Influencer in only about 2 years truly blows me away. Once this lady sets her mind to something, there is NO stopping her (and her precious husband Kyle is the mastermind behind all of her editing of content and the co-star of most of her content ). Mallory talks all about how she has branded herself, why discovering “what your audience wants for you” is most important, and how being 100% authentic and honest is crucial, even if you have to walk away from high dollar deals. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


21 Mar 2018

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Mama Karen Parker: How a positive attitude, romance, believing in yourself and good recipes make for a happy life

Mama Karen is mom to 3 beautiful kids, one of them being my good friend Jessie James Decker who makes an appearance on this podcast w her daughter Vivi... Jessie shares one of her favorite childhood stories about her mama. Karen is so wise and so kind. That’s something I really took away from this interview was her sincere heart. She loves so purely and believes that anything is possible if you can see it, you can achieve it. She became a QVC host after working her way up from the front desk bc she knew she could do it. That’s how she is with her kids too, I remember Jessie saying in my interview with her that Mama Karen never thought any of Jessie’s dreams to become a singer were out of reach and she would take her all over the place so she could perform at a young age. Karen also believes in romance and gives some excellent tips to keeping the spark alive in your marriage plus she talks about her cookbooks and novel that is in the works! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 1min

28 Oct 2019

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A Thousand Horses

A Thousand Horses are four guys who have been band-mates and best friends since childhood. They hit the country music scene full force in 2015 with their huge #1 song “Smoke.” They toured with Darius Rucker and are touring with Jason Aldean for all of 2016. Their live show is explosive and commanding. These guys are insanely talented, driven, down-to-earth, and love to horse around. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


30 Mar 2016

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Jessica Payne "Southern" (Influencer)

This girl is everything. You see her, and your jaw hits the floor because she is just so damn beautiful.  Then you get to know her. You see that she has the worlds biggest, brightest heart.  She has been through so much hardship from an abusive relationship (which she openly, bravely shares about), infertility struggles, to overcoming it all with a fairly tale ending of finding her handsome prince and being pregnant with their first child, little angel girl. Jessica moved to NYC right out of High School to pursue becoming a Top Makeup Artist/Stylist.  She boldly went to a Model "Open Call" and introduced herself to the head booker, but not as a model, a makeup artist.   Her confidence and natural skill led him to let her shadow Pam Anderson's makeup artist, and then the rest is history. Jess does all the top celebrities hair/makeup/style.  She makes everyone look so naturally beautiful and sexy.  She is fearless, and she never lets one rejection or hard time set her back.  She gives great advice to young influencers about why being authentic and never doing anything just for a paycheck is crucial.  LOVE HER! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


2 May 2018

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Brandi Cyrus

Brandi Cyrus! This badass babe does it all: Model-DJ-World Traveller-Musician-Horse Lover- Fashion Editor & Star of Bravo's "Cyrus vs Cyrus: Design and Conquer." She has such an inspiring perspective on life, being from one of the most Famous Families in America. Tune in tomorrow to hear all about her incredible life and her new Hit TV Show! #nashville #brandicyrus #mileycyrus #billyraycyrus #podcast #hypercarolinehobby #carolinehobby Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


19 Jul 2017

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Old Dominion and Drake White

Old Dominion is a band of guys who broke into the country music scene in 2015 with a bang. Their debut single, “Break Up With Him” went #1; they toured with Kenny Chesney in 2015 and are currently back on tour with him for 2016. They won their first ACM Award for Best New Group in 2016. Drake White is an artist that is on the rise. His live show is riveting and feels like a revival. He sings songs from the heart, with grit and soul that are true to his story. He toured with The Zac Brown Band in 2015, and is currently promoting his new single “Livin’ the Dream.” This is an artist you most definitely need to get to know. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


6 Apr 2016

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Kaitlyn Bristowe: From Bachelor front runner to The Bachelorette: what Kaitlyn has learned about love, self confidence, and dealing with internet trolls plus what really happens in the Fantasy Suites!

Kaitlyn Bristowe was one of the Top 3 contestants on Chris Soules season 19 of The Bachelor. She then went on to be the Bachelorette on Season 11. She tells me all the inside scoop on the Bachelor men she has loved, including Ben Higgins, Shawn Booth, Nick Viall and her current cutie boyfriend Jason Tartick. We talk about how she survives the haters on the internet, and if she thinks you can have more than one soul mate. Plus she tells me what really goes down in the Fantasy Suites, and it’s not what you think! Kaitlyn has such a joyful, bubbly spirit. I loved hearing what she has learned about love,  her biggest fears about love, and the importance of having self confidence. Kaitlyn is also quite the entrepreneur and we dive into her businesses from her thriving podcast Off the Vine, scrunchie  business Dew Edit, and wine brand Spade and Sparrow. This little lady does it all! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 8mins

22 Jul 2019

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Mary Reames Reinhart. How she and her college sweetheart Bear (front man of Need to Breathe and Wilder Woods) have journeyed through life, love, children, and the ups and downs of fame.

Mary is stunning. You see her and she takes your breath away, literally. Then you talk to her and you realize her heart is so pure and kind. I loved this conversation bc Mary Reames is so transparent about every different chapter of her life and evolution w Bear. They met and married in their early 20’s at college when they had no careers yet, and were living on young love and dreams. Now after being together over 15 years, with 2 precious young sons, she and Bear have grown up together, navigated fame, weathered storms, and grown stronger than ever. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 16mins

9 Dec 2019

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