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Stories from 96 is focused on the life of Tolu Obalade who is currently completing his Master's in Public Policy at the University of Maryland. Tolu is an immigrant who has lived in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Nicaragua, and is currently residing in the United States. Each episode focuses on a different experience ranging from growing up in an African home to dealing with racism in higher education in the U.S. https://www.instagram.com/storiesfrom96/

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25 Facts About Tolu

25 Facts about ToluI am a huge Arsenal fan I’m in the top 1% of gamers on PS4I love Anime. I’m in an Anime club I’ve lived in 4 countries I’ve visited 9 countries excluding NigeriaI’m the last born in my familyMy brother and sister live in the U.K. and my parents live in Nigeria I’m moved 3 times in 3 years I’m 6 ft 2 inches I wanted to be an inventor when I was younger If I could have a superpower it’s telepathy and telekinesis I'm a comic book fan. Justice League > Avengers but Marvel greater than DCI’d like to get rich doing is giving speeches If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Japan Percy Jackson is my favorite book series of all time I do not know how to swim My favorite artist is S.O. I once went to the movies and fell asleep while watching the hobbit  and started snoring I can’t stand people that chew loudly The thing I find the most attractive in a person is their ability to hold a conversation I learned to speak French and SpanishI would like to be remembered for my sense of humor I spend far too much money on food People say I’m loud My biggest fear is not achieving God’s plan for my life


10 Jan 2021

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