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From the creators of Transport Topics, RoadSigns is a podcast about trucking's future. In each episode, you'll follow a transportation journalist on a singular pursuit for the most solid answer to a critical question and meet interesting people along the way. Listen at roadsigns.ttnews.com.

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S6E3: How Can More Diverse Leadership Spark Better Ideas in Transportation?

What happens when you eliminate the echo effect, and new conversation enters the board room? How can a more diverse leadership team create a competitive advantage in business? Whether you're running a trucking company or building a technology startup, adding diversity to your team will introduce new perspective. And new perspective might just be the key to taking your company to the next level. In this episode, host Seth Clevenger asks two pioneer women, Lily Shen, President of Transfix, and Ellen Voie, President of Women in Trucking, what it will take for trucking companies to remove barriers and become more inclusive.For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/how-can-more-diverse-leadership-spark-better-ideas-in-transportation/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcastJoin RoadSigns mailing list: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/join-the-mailing-list/


19 Dec 2019

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S4E2: Will Automated Steering Make Trucks Safer and Drivers Happier?

How will the emergence of automated steering capabilities in trucking change on-road safety? The introduction of active steering features in commercial trucks represents the next evolutionary stage for the onboard safety and collision mitigation systems available on the market today. However, how will this affect the driver experience? Will steering features such as lane-keeping assist begin to reduce driver fatigue? To help answer some of these questions, host Seth Clevenger speaks with experts Dan Williams, director of ADAS and autonomy at ZF Group, and Jason Roycht, vice president and regional business leader for commercial vehicles at Bosch North America. Tune in to find out how automation is steering us towards the future.For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/will-automated-steering-make-trucks-safer-and-drivers-happier/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcast


24 Oct 2019

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RS23: RoadSigns Roundabout: Looking Ahead to Trucking’s Future by Looking Back at 2019

Thanks to the provocative predictions about our connected future, RoadSigns guests presented listeners with a pretty surprising picture of trucking and freight transportation. In this episode, we reflect on those themes and interviews from 2019. Host Seth Clevenger gives fresh commentary on the industry-wide transition to ELD, expansion of tracking and freight visibility technology, and the clarity you need to tackle truck tech's most complicated issues in the new year. Join us.For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/looking-ahead-to-truckings-future-by-looking-back-at-2019/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstagram: @roadsignspodcastJoin RoadSigns mailing list: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/join-the-mailing-list/


9 Jan 2020

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S5E1: How Will Machine Learning Enhance Transportation Software?

Trucking decisions have gone to the machines. The promises sound almost magical: supply your shippers with better freight visibility with one click, better manage your driver profiles and increase retention with this easy software, find the operational silver bullet without having to hire a data scientist. In fact, today, an algorithmic solution exists for almost every trucking and logistic problem. And, for those big data set problems not yet covered, there’s capital available. But, Seth Clevenger wonders, how well are the machines learning at scale? Will these technologies really continue to provide today’s trucking and logistics managers with better decision and support solutions for real-world problems tomorrow? Or, are the profitability promises about to fall flat? To get some answers, our host travels to the 2019 McLeod Software User Conference and sits with tech expert and company CEO, Tom McLeod, who helps to put a human explanation to the work of the machines. Listen in, before RoadSigns automatically recommends a different podcast episode.For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/how-will-machine-learning-enhance-transportation-software/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcast


7 Nov 2019

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S2E3: How Does A.I. Change Trucking's Back Office?

Did you ever wonder what might happen if your back-office decision makers had time to strategize and think, rather than be weighed down by menial tasks? Could the digital brain help support your real human brains? And could they do so in cost-effective ways? In this episode of RoadSigns, host Seth Clevenger takes a look at the way an entirely new technology changes trucking’s and freight transportation’s back office. As artificial intelligence and machine learning begin to appear in trucking and logistics software, he wonders, “How is this trend changing transportation management? And… what is the future?”For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/how-does-ai-change-truckings-back-office/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcastJoin RoadSigns mailing list: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/join-the-mailing-list/


24 Apr 2019

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S6E2: How Do Connected Trucks and Trailers Fit Into the Internet of Things?

How will the Internet of Things shape the future of the trucking industry? Transportation is becoming increasingly connected with more sensors, more data and more insights to help trucking and logistics providers operate more efficiently. So, what’s next? How can fleets prepare for this copious amount of information coming into their back office? In the episode, we head to American Trucking Association’s 2019 Management Conference & Exhibition to ask Henry Popplewell, president of Skybitz, and Scott Sutarik, vice president of commercial vehicle solutions at Geotab, what companies can do to prepare for the age of big data.For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/how-do-connected-trucks-and-trailers-fit-into-the-internet-of-things/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcastJoin RoadSigns mailing list: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/join-the-mailing-list/


12 Dec 2019

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S2E2: What Does the Future Hold for ELDs?

Have you thought about technology as a gateway to… more technology? Take the oft-considered Electronic Logging Device (ELD) technology as an example. What was a technology meant to track hours of service may now be a gateway into new forms of fleet management. In fact, several new ELD vendors (at least the successful ones) are expanding their products to deliver new fleet management features beyond core compliance. In this episode of RoadSigns, host Seth Clevenger goes on the hunt for examples of new uses of the tech formerly-known-as-just-hours-of-service-tracking and asks, “Can it really do that too?”For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/what-does-the-future-hold-for-elds/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcastJoin RoadSigns mailing list: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/join-the-mailing-list/


12 Mar 2019

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S5E2: How Can Fleets Navigate the Path Ahead for Data Analytics and ELDs?

On-board software means lots of trucking data. Machine data, maintenance data, driver data, load data, and all other sorts of road data arrive at the fleet’s back office waiting to be sifted for powerful insight. But that powerful insight requires fleets to have the right back-office software to do that sifting -- and the right (and regulatory compliant) on-board software to do the right kind of data collecting. And, since the latter also means having the right hardware, the right training, and the right plans for migrating data, being powerfully insightful is, for today’s fleet, rightfully challenging. So, Seth Clevenger wonders, how are industry thinkers working through this challenge? He travels to the Trimble 2019 Insight User Conference to ask a pair of executives to help him understand how one company answers this dual charge and attempts to think about a data-management future.For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/how-can-fleets-navigate-the-path-ahead-for-data-analytics-and-elds/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcast


14 Nov 2019

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S1E5: Tap Here to Book Your Next Load

“Hello, Johnny? It’s your load bot texting…” Manual processes, like phone calls and back and forth negotiations, are a kind of life blood of the commercial freight. Imagining business without them is… difficult. The relationship between the carrier and the shipper is still very human. And, yet, new technologies are at the doorstep promising to change that traditional system, improve freight efficiency, streamline business processes, and help alleviate some really big pains. But, Transport Topics’ Seth Clevenger wonders, how far can we go in terms of automating freight transactions? Will automated brokerage really be able to help shippers find trucks and fleets find drivers? Is there REALLY a way to eliminate wait times in this brave new world?For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/tap-here-to-book-your-next-load/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcastJoin RoadSigns mailing list: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/join-the-mailing-list/


22 Oct 2018

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S4E1: What Does The Future Hold for Truck Platooning?

Truck platooning has long been discussed in conversations about the industry’s future, but what will it take to make this technology a reality on the nation’s highways? Not only does this emerging technology enable paired trucks to brake and accelerate in unison to save fuel, but could also increase driver productivity. The concept has been pursued by various tech start-ups, truck manufactures, major industry suppliers and government officials. So why is platooning still in the testing phase? Host Seth Clevenger sits down with government reporter, Eleanor Lamb, to find out how public officials will react to this roll-out. He also talks to Cetin Mercili, CEO and Founder of Locomation, a company that is actively implementing platooning practices.For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/what-does-the-future-hold-for-truck-platooning/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcast


18 Sep 2019

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RS24: RoadSigns Roundabout: Automated Trucking, Part I

Last year we set out to answer a question, what does the move towards autonomy mean for the truck driver? Who’s behind the wheel of tomorrow? This year, host Seth Clevenger allows those important questions to resurface in new contexts. As part of a 2020 preview, and a two-part investigation of autonomous today, this episode revisits conversations with some of 2019's most knowledgeable experts in autonomous trucking. Hear them explain, again, what exactly testing automated trucks and developing platooning technology has taught them about the road ahead -- and get new perspective with host commentary.For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/automated-trucking-part-one/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstagram: @roadsignspodcastJoin RoadSigns mailing list: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/join-the-mailing-list/


23 Jan 2020

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RS26: What Did CES 2020 Reveal About the Future of Trucking?

What was trucking doing at CES 2020? This is the question that drives host Seth Clevenger to Las Vegas and the event formerly known for crazy consumer gadgets. There, he meets Rich Mohr, chief technology officer for Ryder Fleet Management Solutions, and Stephan Olsen, general manager of the PACCAR Innovation Center. Listen in as these innovators help him see how high tech the industry has become, and how you can prepare for this new age of trucking. * interviews recorded live at CESFor more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/what-did-ces-2020-reveal-about-the-future-of-trucking/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstagram: @roadsignspodcastJoin RoadSigns mailing list: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/join-the-mailing-list/


20 Feb 2020

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S3E3: Is Predictive Maintenance The Next Big Leap For Fleet Efficiency?

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So, what if you could plan maintenance and parts replacement on need, rather than standard service intervals? The cost benefits are invaluable. Equipment maintenance has a large part of the bottom line of trucking efficiency. Host Seth Clevenger begs the question, what if you could forecast when a component will fail? To help answer these questions, two technology suppliers who are working to streamline maintenance join us in the episode. With expanded data analytics, applying cost-saving approaches can happen industry wide.For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/is-predictive-maintenance-the-next-big-leap-for-fleet-efficiency/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcast


24 Jul 2019

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SIE2: Is Trucking Charging Toward an Electric Reality?

Right now, in the ports of Southern California, product planning, purchasing, and regulatory forces are coming together to lay the groundwork for first real electric ecosystem. Grants and incentives make EV technology attractive for both new truck manufacturers and buyers. So, host Dan Ronan wonders, could what’s happening at the ports of Southern California have consequences for the way the rest of the nation experiences an electric future? To find out, he spends time with the head of product planning for a major truck manufacturer and the policy expert with an eye on sustainable trucking. Tune in.It’s time to trade in your old tech for new. Oh… and you have less than a year to complete the journey. Every business manager knows that, when you have institutionalized an operational technology, moving to a new system can feel like an impossible task. And the stakes increase when outside forces put a time constraint on that change. Some of the trucking's most forward-thinking managers provide a good example. Their tech? The driver-logging software known as AOBRDs. These managers have until December 2019 to migrate to new tracking platforms: Electronic Logging Devices (ELD). Unlike those who adopted ELDs as new technology, AOBRD users understand the benefits of this tracking technology but must deal with legacy workflows and other operational requirements. In this episode of RoadSigns, host Seth Clevenger maps the great tech migration from AOBRDS to ELDS and asks, “What will trucking's business leaders need to make the transition in time?”For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/is-trucking-charging-toward-an-electric-reality/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcastJoin RoadSigns mailing list: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/join-the-mailing-list/


28 Dec 2018

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TTRoadshowE3: Mike Roeth

NACFE's Michael Roeth has all the answers; in fact, he's found a way to get diesel trucks up to 8.3 miles per gallon. With a focus on the future, Roeth directs the Run On Less program that boasts all things efficient — from innovative technologies and operational practices, to driver capabilities and fuel economy. He approaches efficiency from the perspective of both the driver and the technology, in order to calculate the "winning" combination. So, will you be able to calculate your own "win," become more profitable, and reduce emissions? Listen to this interview and find out. https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/roadshow-episode-three/


12 Nov 2019

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RS25: RoadSigns Roundabout: Automated Trucking, Part II

Over the last few years, we've seen a great deal of investment in self-driving technology for commercial trucks. But what about trucking automation designed to support the driver rather than replace the driver? In past episodes, TuSimple Chief Product Officer, Chuck Price and Pronto.ai co-founder and COO, Ognen Stojanovski presented RoadSigns listeners with competing visions for automated trucks. Join us for Part II of our investigation of autonomous trucking, and put the machine-to-driver reality in the clearest view. For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/automated-trucking-part-two/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstagram: @roadsignspodcastJoin RoadSigns mailing list: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/join-the-mailing-list/


6 Feb 2020

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S3E2: How Much More Juice Can Be Squeezed Out of the Aerodynamics Lemon?

Sophisticated fleets have already taken advantage of the low hanging fruit - sideskirts, trailer tails, and OEMs have made their tractors more streamlined. So, our host wonders, what's left? How much more is possible? Can trucking businesses still make lemonade by adopting new practices? Or is this field just out of juice?For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/how-much-more-juice-can-we-squeeze-out-of-the-aerodynamics-lemon/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcast


17 Jun 2019

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S5E3: How Can Trucking Raise the Bar for Freight Visibility?

Required: freight carriers with access to load visibility data. No others need apply. Suddenly, shippers seem to expect carriers to know, and share, the transit story. And those who cannot rise to the data demand, lose out on the contract. The rise of the stringent shipper, is a new phenomenon. Recent advances in A.I. and machine-learning software fuel this rise. But what does this mean for the shipper-carrier relationship? Is the bar raised too high? Find out, as host Seth Clevenger makes the journey to Trimble’s 2019 Insight User Conference to talk to three industry experts about why the ability of real-time visibility is becoming table stakes in a large segment of the freight market.For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/how-can-trucking-raise-the-bar-for-freight-visibility/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcast


21 Nov 2019

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S4E3: OnBoard Video: What Really Happened Out on the Road?

Until recently, what happened on the road, stayed on the road. Trucking businesses had little opportunity to monitor and measure fundamental parts of their operations, and drivers were on their own to battle claims. The enterprise had no way to see in and suffered as a result. Now, on-board cameras provide that same enterprise with a view of the road and the cab. Fleets use the devices to help with everything from employee training to risk management. But does such use pay dividends? Will on-board cameras lead fleets to greater efficiency, better safety records, and stronger decision making? Listen in, as host Seth Clevenger asks two leading field experts to help him understand the real value of these devices.For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/onboard-video-what-really-happened-out-on-the-road/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcast


31 Oct 2019

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S1E3: Will Your Next Truck Be a Plug-In?

Imagining battery-powered trucking seems easier these days. Cool, sleek semis seem to be all over the trucking news and, even, dotting the popular press. But what about real business? Are electric vehicles REALLY poised to break through in commercial transportation? Other alternative fuels have held similar promises: to cut fuel costs, eliminate emissions, and find parity with diesel. So, Transport Topics' Managing Editor of Features, Seth Clevenger wonders, what makes electric different -- and more viable? To get his answer, the journalist heads to a top industry researcher and the head of a business unit at a major engine manufacturer known for engineering DIESEL technologies. What they say about infrastructure, the power grid, engineering and maintenance, investment, and the opportunity timeline may surprise you.For more information visit: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/episodes/will-your-next-truck-be-a-plug-in/Follow the RoadSigns:Twitter: @ttroadsignsLinkedIn: RoadSignspocastInstragram: @roadsignspodcastJoin RoadSigns mailing list: https://roadsigns.ttnews.com/join-the-mailing-list/


13 Aug 2018

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