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How They Made Their Millions

This show is about the amazing stories of world-class multi-millionaire and billionaire founders , how they started and how they succeeded. Founder Stories include the founders of Facebook(Mark), Linked-in(Reid), WhatsApp(Jan), Ben and Jerry Ice creams(the name says it), Instagram(Kevin), Amazon(Jeff), Pandora(Tim), Hershey Chocolates(Milton) and more.You will hear their struggles and seemingly insurmountable problems and how they emerged victoriously, so you too can succeed as a founder.

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021: Ben and Jerry ice Cream: The wonderful story of two Guys, their love of ice cream, a $5 investment to a multi-million dollar business

Two friends turned their passion of ice creams into a multi-million dollar empire. They just started with $5 investment and did not know anything about how to start a business. Yet they became wildly successful. Let us see how they did it.


5 Jan 2017

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010: Chobani: How an immigrant with simple yogurt business beat the giant companies and became a billionaire.

We all heard about internet unicorns --the billion dollar-- valuation companies. but can that be done with a non-internet business that too with a simple Yogurt business. Hamdi Ulukaya an immigrant proved it can be done and became a billionaire. Here is how he did it...


27 Oct 2016

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029: Instagram: A side hustle to selling it for $1 billion in 2 years

Kevin worked on his startup idea close to 2 years but it didn't take off.  He took a risk, scraped his old idea and went with a new idea, which he found almost by accident. It was a hit and Facebook bought it for $1 billion. Let us check out how he did it


2 Mar 2017

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060: Patagonia - A poor boy living on 50 cents a day to a Billionaire

Yvon Chouinard  grew up poor, dropped out of high school and was a failure in life.  Accidentally,he started a business and it grew wildly and he became a billionaire. Holy Mango Pie. Let us check out how he did it


26 Apr 2018

Rank #4

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053: Zumba - An immigrant who didn't know English to a multi-million dollar eclectic fitness empire

Beto had a passion for dance and later immigrated to America to bring Zumba, his dance fitness to America . He did not have a place to sleep and faced many hardships and rejections .  Yet ,How did he build this multi-million dollar company ?. Let us check it out.


17 Aug 2017

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062: Kate Spade Fashions - From a scared salesgirl to a multi-million dollar Fashion empire

Kate and Andy Spade put in all their savings and borrowed from credit cards to create a different kind of handbags. They almost failed, but eventually grew into a multi-million dollar Fashion empire. Holy Lemon Pie, Let us check it out!.


24 May 2018

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086: Costco - From a grocery store bagger to a Billionaire

Jim Sinegal started as a grocery bagger in a grocery store. How did he start Costco and became a billionaire. Holy coconut Donut, Let us check out, how he did it.


3 Dec 2019

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022: Pandora Music: The extra-ordinary story of how Tim went from a Penniless Nanny to a billionaire

Tim started his career as a Nanny and was playing  in bands as a side hustle. He saw the agonizing problems his fellow musicians were facing and he started Pandora. He faced several problems and he  came very close to shutting it down, but didn't. Let us see how he did it.


12 Jan 2017

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038: LinkedIn: A bad student always playing video games to starting LinkedIn and selling it for $20+ billion

Reid Hoffman was bad at academics , then he started and failed at his first startup. Yet he persevered and later started Linkedin. He  sold it to Microsoft for $20+  billion. Holy Tasty Strawberry pie. How did he do it. Let us check it out.


4 May 2017

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070: In-N-Out Burger -From a poor food delivery boy to a multi-billion-dollar restaurant icon

Harry and Esther, who grew up poor started a small burger stand. It grew to 300 stores and developed a cult following. Now it is valued at more that a billion dollars. Holy Yummy, How did they do it. Let's check it out.


7 Mar 2019

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056: Chick-fil-a Restaurants - A poor boy with just a high school education to a billionaire

Truett Cathy , the founder of Chick-fill-a grew up dirt-poor and in utter poverty. He focused his life on truly serving people and he rose from a poor boy living in poverty to a billionaire. How did he do it. Let us find out.


9 Nov 2017

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085:Netflix - From a door-to-door-salesman to a billionaire

Reed never knew anything about running a business. He later started Netflix and faced several problems. But he overcame all those and Netflix grew beyond his wildest dreams and became a billionaire.


19 Nov 2019

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043: IKEA - How a poor farm-boy rose to become a world-famous billionaire

Ingvar was a poor boy and his poverty propelled him to work hard and become entrepreneurial from a very young age. He later broke the rules of retail and created the world-famous IKEA and became a billionaire. Let us check out this awesome story.


8 Jun 2017

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020: FUBU: How Shark Tank's Daymond John went from a Restaurant waiter to multi-millionaire founder

Daymond John was an ordinary guy working as a waiter in a restaurant and in his spare time started FUBU(For us by Us) a sports apparel company with just $40 and turned it into $350+ million in revenue. Let us check out how he did it.


2 Jan 2017

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068: Gordon Ramsay - A poor boy with abusive childhood to a world-famous multi-million dollar restaurant icon

Gordon Ramsay was born poor and grew up in abusive situations. But this didn't deter him. He rose to become a world-famous chef and media personality. Holy mango Pudding!, Let us see who he did it.


25 Oct 2018

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084: UnderArmour - From grandma's basement to a billion dollar company

As a student and a football player in college, Kevin saw a problem with his sports inner wear. He did not know anything about business. Yet, he started Under Armour and slowly grew it into a billion dollar company. Let us check out how he did it.


5 Nov 2019

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072: Forever21- A gas station attendant to a Billionaire.

Do Won Chang started as a gas station attendant. He then started a small shop and grew it to a multi-billion dollar fashion empire. Let us see how he did it.


16 May 2019

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041: Mary Kay Ash Cosmetics - A poor girl with tough childhood to a billionaire

Mary kay Ash had a very tough childhood growing up as a poor girl. She faced many personal and professional setbacks and was depressed. She finally started a cosmetics company with $5000 and became a billionaire. Let us check out, how she built it.


25 May 2017

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036: GrubHub - How two programmers bootstrapped a side hustle and made billions

Mike and Matt started GrubHub as a side project while working on their day jobs as computer programmers. They bootstrapped it with their own money and took GrubHub to a 3+ billion IPO. Holy Chocolatey Doughnut. How did they do it. Let us check it out…


20 Apr 2017

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050: WhatsApp: How a poor kid and later an orphan who lived on food stamps built WhatsApp and sold for $15+ billion

Jan Koum migrated to America in his teens. His family was poor,Yet this kid rose to build an app called Whatsapp. It grew like crazy and was purchased for a whopping $15+ billion. Holy smokes. How is this possible. Let us check out this unbelievable story.


27 Jul 2017

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