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Creating Your Own Path is a weekly interview series featuring inspiring individuals and change-makers from various creative industries.In asking others about their journeys, I've found that we creatives often veer off course, forge our own paths and don't always fit a particular mold. We tend to be a multifaceted bunch and this interview series seeks to find common ground among us all. Prepare to be challenged, inspired and motivated.

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CYOP #30 - Podcast Road Trip: Off to LA!

In today's episode you'll hear from me about why I'm taking this week off from interviews, what to expect from my LA Podcast Road Trip and how you can follow along with the trip in real time. Find more at creatingyourownpath.com.


11 Mar 2015

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CYOP #3 - Quieting Your Inner Critic + Lifting Others Up with Melissa Camilleri of Compliment

Melissa Camilleri of  Compliment // Photo courtesy of  Meredith Carty. In this episode I chat with Melissa Camilleri, the founder and creative director of the incredibly popular Sacramento-based jewelry and stationery business,  Compliment. Listen in as Melissa discusses her journey from educator to jewelry designer, why she thinks everyone deserves to receive a compliment, her passion for giving back to the community and what she's learning as she continues to grow her business. You can also read the full story and listen to the episode on _ The Journal._ _ Creating Your Own Path  episodes are also available for download on  iTunes _and  The Stitcher App. Permalink


26 Mar 2014

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CYOP #124 - Thinking Strategically About your Career Path + Making as Often as You Can with Documentary Director Sami Abdou

Today we’re starting our final three-part series of the season and I’m really excited to be sharing this next guest with you. If you’ve been listening to the show for a bit, you may know that it actually started with a Q&A interview series on my blog before it became a podcast. I really wanted to bring back some of the people I interviewed in 2013 and today we’re getting some updates from my friend Sami Abdou.  Sami is a documentary director and he works on both small projects and some pretty notable ones. For example, right now he's a director for the TV show, Intervention. In today’s episode, we learn more about Sami’s background and the real story behind why he decided to get into filmmaking, what it’s like to direct documentary films and shows, how his career has evolved over the years and how he stays happy and healthy with his intense work schedule. For the full episode + show notes, please visit creatingyourownpath.com.


21 Sep 2017

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CYOP #88 - Changing Your Mind + Redefining Success with Author (and Hollywood Expat) Lisa Jakub

Today's guest is actor-turned-author Lisa Jakub. If you’ve ever seen Mrs. Doubtfire or the original Independence Day, you’re likely familiar with her early work. I came across Lisa a few years ago on Twitter and she has since completely changed careers. She’s now a writer living thousands of miles away from Hollywood. When I read Lisa’s book, You Look Like That Girl…, in which she details her major life and career shift, I knew I wanted to have her on this segment of the show. You might think the story of an actor-turned-writer would be completely un-relatable, but that couldn’t be further from the truth in this case. In the interview, we chat about how Lisa got into acting at the age of four and how she handled the period of time between leaving Hollywood and where she is today. We also talk about the tools Lisa used to understand how she could view success outside of the world of acting and filmmaking, why she feels it’s important to talk about the difficult times she’s faced over the years and what she’s working on next. For the full episode + show notes, please visit creatingyourownpath.com.


28 Jul 2016

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CYOP #80 - The Power of Routines + Why Company Culture Matters with Christine Amorose of C'est Christine

Today’s guest is a good one you guys! I’ve been following the career of Christine Amorose since I stumbled upon her blog C’est Christine about five years ago. She has not only filled the last six years with amazing travel experiences, but she’s also landed jobs with incredible companies (she currently works for Vimeo) and worked on really cool projects on the side. In the interview we talk about how she carves out time for her creative side hustles and why schedules and lists are key. We also dive into what values she looks for in a company that indicate a culture that welcomes creative thinking both on and off the job, the logistics behind working full time, traveling regularly and taking on side gigs, why her full-time work and side hustles complement each other so well and much more. You can find the full episode and show notes at creatingyourownpath.com.


2 Jun 2016

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CYOP #114 - How to Stop Equating our Value to our Outputs with Author, Designer + Shop Owner Moorea Seal

Today, I'm talking with Moorea Seal, who is an author, designer and shop owner based out of Seattle! In today’s interview, she walks us through the early days of her career and how blogging, art, and Pinterest all played a roll. We also chat about what it’s like to name your business after yourself, how early trauma in her life set her on her path, and why our identities don’t need to be tied to our outputs. Moorea’s story is one that is full of both dark and light moments and you’ll hear a little bit of both over the next three episodes. I really hope you’ll take the time to listen to the underlying drivers that are at play in everything she does. While we may not all be able to relate to exactly what she’s gone through, her tenacity to just keep going and to trust her gut is one that I think we can all learn from. SHOW NOTES: Moorea Seal Moorea's blog Moorea's books Moorea on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook + Twitter Moorea's music on Myspace (!!) Artist John Grade Myers-Briggs Test Learn more about upcoming workshops here. See what art prints are coming to the shop here. The Creative Digest (Extra interview snippets + the CYOP Slack Community!) You can find the full episode + show notes at creatingyourownpath.com.


6 Jul 2017

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CYOP #110 - Focus, Motivation + Organization: A Chat Between Me + Melanie Biehle

I’m back with Melanie Biehle today for another co-hosted chat! As most of you know, Melanie is the 2017 CYOP Artist Resident and is an incredibly talented artist and designer. If this is your first time listening to the show, I want to welcome you, but I also want to advise you to go back to episode 101 and 106 to learn more about Melanie, her work, and some topics we've covered in the past. In today's episode, we cover a few topics that we both find a little bit challenging from time to time—motivation, focus, and organization. I think oftentimes all of those things go hand in hand whether you have a 9-5 or you run your own business. We talk about the challenges we both face, what’s worked for us in the past, and things we want to be better at moving forward.   SHOW NOTES: Check out Melanie's art Melanie on Instagram, Pinterest + Twitter Melanie's pop-up event in Seattle Me on Instagram, Pinterest + Twitter Episode 101 Episode 106 Pomodoro Technique Google Calendar TeuxDeux Swiss Miss Bullet Journal ​​​​​​Get to Work Book Elise Blaha Cripe on CYOP The Creative Digest (Extra interview snippets + the CYOP Slack Community!) You can find more by visiting creatingyourownpath.com.


8 Jun 2017

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CYOP #2 - Finding Success Through House Concerts with Singer, Songwriter and Author Shannon Curtis

In this episode of Creating Your Own Path, I chat with Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Shannon Curtis about everything—from her new book detailing the secrets behind her successful house concert tours to a career trajectory that led her from pre-med studies to the dreamiest of dreampop albums. Listen in as Shannon gives us the scoop on her creativity-filled childhood, tells us why musicians rarely have a true path to follow and how she balances the business and creative sides of being a professional artist.  You can also read the full story and listen to the episode at creatingyourownpath.com.


12 Mar 2014

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CYOP #86 - Preparing for Big Changes + Finding What Lights You Up with Tattoo Artist Stephanie Washburn

Today’s interview begins a new segment dedicated to those who have gone through a major career shift at some point in their lives. I’m kicking it off with Stephanie Washburn who is a tattoo artist in Roseville, California. However, what makes Steph's story so interesting is that she didn’t start pursuing art until she was almost 40 and found her way into the tattoo industry after that. In the interview we talk about why she left her corporate nonprofit job of nearly 20 years and how she and her husband set themselves up financially to make it possible. We also talk through the importance of finding great mentors, the challenges involved in being a woman over 40 in the tattoo business, and why she believes the act of thoughtlessly quitting your day job is not necessarily the answer. Steph’s story is an inspiring one and I think you guys are going to get a lot out of it! You can find the full episode + show notes at creatingyourownpath.com.


14 Jul 2016

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CYOP #91 - Doing One Thing Well + Getting Out of Your Own Way with Tina Essmaker of The Great Discontent

Today I’m chatting with Tina Essmaker of The Great Discontent. Tina and her husband created the online and print publication because they wanted to talk to others about the highs and lows of creative work. In the interview, Tina talks about the big changes she had to make in her own life before she could pursue the work that was right for her. She also talks about the importance of getting out of your own way, the realities of using crowdfunding to finance creative work, and why she believes in the power of picking one thing and doing it really well before adding elements to the mix. For the full episode + show notes, please visit creatingyourownpath.com.


6 Oct 2016

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CYOP #128 - The Between Seasons Update Episode

I'm back with a quick update episode about what you can expect from me in the coming year, as both my life and my business evolve. In the episode, I chat through my own impending career changes, an exciting (though daunting) rebrand, updates about the podcast, the shop, the artist residency, and much more. For full episodes from the Creating Your Own Path archives, please visit creatingyourownpath.com.


24 Nov 2017

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CYOP # 81 - The Art of the Pivot with Shannon Washington of INVNT + Parlour Magazine

I came across Shannon Washington’s work thanks to an article on Refinery29, in which they named her a "Next Gen CEO." She’s a self-proclaimed multi-hyphenate creative who currently works at live media company, INVNT, and runs the travel and lifestyle publication, Parlour Magazine. In the interview, we talk about how Shannon has become someone who both loves stretching herself to learn new skills and someone who knows when to delegate. She also chats about the mindset shift that allowed her to view work in a more fluid way, why her career pivots have been the key to her success and the realities behind all of those “quit your day job to follow you dreams” mantras we always seem to hear. You can find the full episode + show notes at creatingyourownpath.com.


9 Jun 2016

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140: The Art of Showing Up as Yourself with Interior Designer and Content Creator Shavonda Gardner

Today’s episode is an interview with blogger, interior designer and content creator Shavonda Gardner. In the episode, we chat about how her military background actually helped her as she’s built her business, why she shares so openly about many different topics on social media, and the importance of choosing who and what we surround ourselves with every day. SHOW NOTES: Shavonda's interior design and lifestyle blog Shavonda on Instagram My favorite highlights from Shavonda's Instagram stories: White Women Do Work Race Resources Education System Technical production by Ray Ortega Me on Instagram The official CYOP Instagram account Get the Creative Digest


18 Jul 2019

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CYOP #121 - Why Mindset Matters + the Importance of Sharing Your Story with Writer Keah Brown

Today's episode is the first in a three-part series featuring writer Keah Brown. She is a journalist who also writes poetry, fiction pieces, and non-fiction essays. She is also the mastermind behind an incredible movement called #disabledandcute, which something we get into a little more on next week’s show. What you need to know this week is that the hashtag went viral on Twitter back in February and has been gaining momentum ever since. In the interview, we’re starting at the beginning and learning more about Keah’s career and how she fell in love with the craft of writing. She also shares how she gets into the right frame of mind to write across different genres and outlets and why it’s important for everyone to let their voices be heard. SHOW NOTES: Keah's work Keah on Instagram + Twitter Sarah Dessen Tia Mowry-Hardrict Robert Jordan, Pianist Fredonia​​​​​ State University of New York For the full episode + show notes, please visit creatingyourownpath.com.


24 Aug 2017

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CYOP #125 - The Importance of Side Projects + Why Personality Matters with Documentary Director Sami Abdou

We’re back with another episode featuring documentary director Sami Abdou. If you're just finding the show, I highly recommend you go back and listen to last week’s episode — episode 124 — before diving into this one. Everything will just make a lot more sense if you do. On today’s show, I’m talking with Sami about his side projects, what they mean to him, and how he fits them in while he’s working some seriously long hours as a director for the show Intervention. We also talk a lot about the magic of Los Angeles and why being a solid human being is crucial when you’re looking to be gainfully employed in the entertainment industry. For the full episode + show notes, visit creatingyourownpath.com.


28 Sep 2017

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141: Dealing with Traumatic Life Events While Managing Your Career

Several months ago, I was lucky enough to be on my friend Non’s podcast called “You, Me, Empathy,” which is a show about mental health and wellness. He kindly shared the audio and today’s show is his interview with me as a guest. In the episode, I chat about my recent experiences with loss, both through death and divorce. We also discuss the importance of sitting with the uncertainty that is the grieving process and allowing ourselves to slowly make our way through it. SHOW NOTES: Original interview on You, Me, Empathy You, Me, Empathy on Instagram Me on Instagram The official CYOP Instagram account Get the Creative Digest

1hr 9mins

25 Jul 2019

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136: Stepping Into Who You Were Meant to Be with Educator and Comedian Amy Estes

In this episode, you’ll meet the incredibly talented and hilarious educator and comedian Amy Estes. Listen in as she talks about how she navigated a devastating experience at a former job, the steps she’s taken to be open and honest about who she is across all parts of life and why she is fiercely committed to prioritizing a creative outlet. Amy's Website Amy on Instagram Amy's newsletter More about the harassment Amy endured on the job Technical production by Ray Ortega Me on Instagram The official CYOP Instagram account Get the Creative Digest For the full episode and show notes, visit creatingyourownpath.com.


13 Jun 2019

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CYOP #89 - Merging Creative Work + Business Smarts with Lizzy Okoro of Bunch Magazine

Lizzy Okoro of Bunch Magazine is joining me on the show today to kick off a series dedicated to those who create print publications. With Bunch Magazine, Lizzy has built entire company based on the idea that creative endeavors and business acumen are not mutually exclusive. In the interview, Lizzy chats about how she came to the realization that her creative passions didn’t have to be relegated to hobbies—that she could actually build a sustainable business around them. She also goes into the details behind the growth of Bunch over the years, how she and her team share stories across multiple mediums and why she’s found it so crucial to be mindful about how she approaches the business. You can find the full episode + show notes at creatingyourownpath.com.


22 Sep 2016

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CYOP #6 - Working Across Industries + Building a Family Business with Designer Marvin Maldonado

This episode brings me to ThinkHouse Collective in Sacramento, California to chat with designer Marvin Maldonado. His career has not only spanned multiple disciplines, but it has also has weathered the brutal economic climate. His journey has been nothing short of amazing. Listen in as he discusses the various types of design work he creates, his experience with DIY TV shows, how he finds his center in faith and family and why he's moving in a new direction in the coming months. You can find the full episode and show notes at creatingyourownpath.com.


8 May 2014

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CYOP #115 - Putting in the Work + Handling Quick Growth with Author, Designer + Shop Owner Moorea Seal

I’m back today with another segment with author, designer and shop owner Moorea Seal. If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode yet, I highly recommend you go back and download that one first. It’s Episode 114 in the archives.  In today’s interview, we talk a lot about growth and what it’s looked like for Moorea both personally and in business. She goes into detail about how her multi-book book deal came to fruition, why Moorea Seal (the shop) wouldn’t be where it is today without a team of people, and how she's known when to take the next big steps with her business. SHOW NOTES: Moorea Seal Moorea's blog Moorea's 52 Lists books Pre-order Moorea's new book! Moorea on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook + Twitter Sasquatch Books Justina Blakeney Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess Julia Manchik Learn more about upcoming workshops here. See the new art prints in the shop here! The Creative Digest (Extra interview snippets + the CYOP Slack Community!) Find the full episode + show notes at creatingyourownpath.com.


13 Jul 2017

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