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To record and share the stories, intentions, and impacts of emerging and established landscape architects.

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Kate Orff

During the 2017 ASLA annual conference in Los Angeles, we spoke with Kate Orff, who is the founder of  New York based SCAPE Studio. Through this conversation, we got some insight on her latest publication, learned about her design philosophy, and listened to her thoughts and driving ideas about creative work she aspires to facilitate through her awarded MacArthur Fellowship. Orff is also an associate professor at Columbia University at the Graduate School of Architecture and recently released the publicati


1 Mar 2016

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Stewardship of Thyself

Certified Permaculture Deisgner (Regenerative Agriculture, Sustainable Systems Designer) from Lost Valley Educational Center and Intentional Community, in Dextor, Oregon


8 Mar 2016

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Refugee Gardens

Landscape Designer Sara Abed talks about her path to developing a community garden for refugees


15 Mar 2016

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Farmscape is the largest urban farming venture in California. We design, install, and maintain urban farms. We are bringing the farm back to the city one plot at a time.


16 Apr 2016

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Editor in Chief of Landscape Architecture Magazine

Brad has been the editor of LAM since April 2010, when he joined ASLA and began a total redesign of the magazine during its 100th year. Before coming to LAM, he worked as a freelance writer for 10 years, including six years as a contract reporter for the New York Times. He was also a contributing editor to Architect and I.D. magazines during that period, and worked for several years part-time at a Maryland nursery. His design journalism career began in 1993 when he joined the magazine Architecture, where he


29 Apr 2016

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Michael Batts

Michael Talks about the sketching process using the Duke Open Space and Learning Center project as an example


13 Jan 2017

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Alma and Friends

Map Making to illustrate the Dakota Pipeline


9 Feb 2017

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Craig Verzone

As our societal conscience and appreciation of the landscape heightens, Terragrams provides a wide portal into landscape architecture and the lives and thoughts of the professionals who shape it. The project aims at capturing, distributing and archiving these voices. It is an easily accessible, open audio digital archive aimed at collecting first-hand, face-to-face conversations between and about people in and around the field.


18 Feb 2017

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Matt Sickle

Matt Sickle is a landscape designer who blogs about commemorative culture and design.MonumentBlog is Matt's platform to ask questions, suggest answers and think out loud about current problems in the design of commemorative landscapes: What should be done with Confederate memorials? Can religious monuments be allowed to remain on public property? What parts of American history are underrepresented in public art? What makes a memorial successful? Through the blog, Matt hopes to develop a theory on what m


25 Feb 2017

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Karen Grajales

Friendly and helpful PR lady for the American Society of Landscape Architects. 1X black belt in taekwondo.


25 Mar 2017

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