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Just Kickin' It Podcast is a soccer podcast that interviews players, coaches, strength coaches, fitness coaches, and anyone and everyone that has an impact on the modern game.

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Episode #46 - Raymond Verheijen

Raymond Verheijen joins us to talk about "better training instead of more training."


14 Mar 2016

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Episode #93 - Todd Beane

Todd Beane is the founder of the TOVO Soccer Academy in Barcelona. Todd moved to Barcelona in 2002 to begin working with Johan Cruyff to launch and build the Cruyff Institute and eventually Cruyff Football. Todd married Chantal Cruyff, Johan’s daughter, and worked with his father-in-law for nearly 15 years before Johan’s untimely death in 2016. The TOVO Academy is Todd’s continuation of the legacy he set out to establish with his late-father-in-law. Over the past two decades, Todd has learned from practitioners at La Masia, Barcelona’s infamous youth academy, and his father-in-law, Johan Cruyff, to develop clear ideas about youth development, positional play, rondos, and all aspects related to the success of Spanish and Catalan Football.

1hr 18mins

3 May 2017

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Episode #58 - Kieran Smith

Kieran Smith is the Juvenil "C" Coach with CE Europa in the Spanish 3rd Division. Kieran is a student of Positional Play and has challenged himself as a foreign coach in Spain. He has his UEFA A and experience with clubs in La Liga, EPL, and SPL. He can be found on Twitter @KieranSmith1

1hr 34mins

4 Aug 2016

Rank #3

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Episode #31 - Raymond Verheijen

Today we spoke with Raymond Verheijen, world renowned fitness coach.


16 Nov 2015

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Episode #54 - Jed Davies

Jed Davies is an oppositions analyst for the Estonia National Football Team and has a variety of coaching roles throughout the United Kingdom and North America. He has written two books, "Coaching the Tiki-Taka Style of Play" and "The Philosophy of Football: In The Shadows of Marcelo Bielsa". You can find Jed on Twitter @TPiMBW and purchase his books at RocketBirdLondon.com

1hr 8mins

8 Jul 2016

Rank #5

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Episode #63 - Michael Beale

Michael Beale is the U-23 Head Coach at Liverpool FC. Michael also spent 10 years at Chelsea in youth development.


14 Oct 2016

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Episode #67 - Erwin Van Bennekom

Erwin Ban Bennekom is the Assistant women's soccer coach at Duke University. Previous to that position, he worked in a similar role with Sky Blue FC of the NWSL, the University of Alabama, and NJIT. He is a UEFA B Licensed coach and moved from Holland to the US following college to pursue coaching in the US. You can find him on twitter at https://twitter.com/coachevb

1hr 10mins

13 Dec 2016

Rank #7

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Episode #39 - Dom D'Agostino

Dr. Dominic “Dom” D’Agostino (@DominicDAgosti2) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of South Florida - Morsani College of Medicine, and a Senior Research Scientist at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC). Show Notes: Dom D’Agostino Show Notes: 1:04 – 6:30: Dom’s background in nutrition and how he got involved in his research in ketogenic diets and their benefit in the body’s response to extreme environments and conditions such as epilepsy and oxygen toxicity seizures. 7:34 – 14:24: Why, how, and when Dom started experimenting with low carb diets and more specifically the ketogenic diet in his own life. And being resourceful in his workouts by using his fiancé as resistance for squats and push ups 14:51 – 18:40: Why you need to be aware of how much protein you are ingesting while on a ketogenic diet as gluconeogenesis through too much protein intake can take you out of a state of ketosis. 18:58 – 22:43: How to measure your milimolars which are indicative of level of ketosis 23:00 – 28:31: What a state of ketosis feels like and why it can be beneficial to physical and cognitive performance 29:15 – 33:22: How to use a ketogenic diet for soccer players and athletic performance and how it can improve recovery between workouts, games, and bouts of intense exercise 34:35 – 39:08: Best resources to find information and learn about the benefits of ketogenic diets and why/how ketogenic diets improve athletic performance – Why high fat over high carb for performance and longevity 39:28 – 43:08: How fasting can push you into a state of ketosis and why fasting is beneficial at select times and opportunities 43:38 – 47:42: Dom’s experience of fasting for 7 days and deadlifting 585 pounds for 10 reps on day 7 50:15 – 52:38: The importance of context in choosing what you eat and why all processed carbohydrates should be removed from your diet no matter what 54:57 – 56:05: Where you can find out more about Dom and his research. Ketonutrition.org ; Metabolic Optimization Blog ; Travis Christofferson Podcast ; “Tripping over the Truth” book ; Academia.com


9 Feb 2016

Rank #8

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S04 E09 - Matt Price "In-Season Strength Training"

Matt Price is the Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the LA Kings of the NHL.


12 Jun 2019

Rank #9

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S03 01 - Raymond Verheijen

Dutch Football Coach Educator and Founder of the World Football Academy joins us to discuss Pre-Season training in general, and football fitness, in particular.


19 Jul 2018

Rank #10

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Episode #33 - World Football Academy 6-Day Experience Recap feat. Raymond Verheijen

This episode features insights by Raymond Verheijen and fellow delegates during and following the first 6-day football periodisation mentorship that took place last week at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


10 Dec 2015

Rank #11

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S04 E05 - Ben Bartlett - "How to Build a Session from Scratch"

Ben works for the English FA as a Coach Development Manager. He has served in a variety of coaching roles and positions throughout his career and is considered one of the top coach educators in football. You can follow him on Twitter @benbarts

1hr 1min

9 May 2019

Rank #12

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S01 Episode 05: Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett is a former British Commando Instructor that has transformed his nearly 20 years of practice into leadership principles based on the best theory and practice available. Mark currently works as a consultant with various professional sport organizations and school systems to help transform the leadership capabilities of every coach and teacher that he comes in contact with. Put simply, Mark makes people better leaders. In this episode, we discuss the principles and tools that create the bedrock of successful leadership.

1hr 12mins

1 Jan 2018

Rank #13

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S04 E01 - Adin Osmanbasic "Playing Principles: What they are and how to coach them"

Today we are joined by repeat guest Adin Osmanbasic. Currently a Msc Student at Ohio University studying Soccer Coaching and a youth coach working at Georgia United, Adin talks with us about playing principles, player freedom and restriction.

1hr 10mins

17 Jan 2019

Rank #14

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S02 02 Kapil Gupta 2

Kapil Gupta is the founder of Siddha Performance. In this episode, we discuss the Coach – Athlete relationship, challenge the concept of ‘practice’, and why the great coaches will live a life of torment.


28 Mar 2018

Rank #15

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S01 Episode 01: James Smith

James Smith is the founder of Global Sports Concepts and author of the Governing Dynamics of Coaching. In this episode, we discuss objectivity and subjectivity, the fallacy of experiential authority, and why the level someone works at means nothing in respect to their task-specific knowledge.

1hr 23mins

1 Jan 2018

Rank #16

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Episode #107 - The "Art of Coaching" with Brett Bartholomew

A conversation about awareness. Awareness of your self, of others, and the emotions and experiences that shape the human performance experience. How can you coach another person, when you don't even know who they are? What drives them? What experiences have shaped them? Life gets infinitely more complicated and then simple when you try to answer those questions for yourself. Seek first to understand and then to be understood. Check out Brett Bartholomew at bartholomewstrength.com

1hr 13mins

11 Sep 2017

Rank #17

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Episode #50 - Darcy Norman

Darcy Norman is the Director of Performance for AS Roma of the Italian Serie A. He helped serve on the performance team of the DFB German National Soccer Team during the 2014 World Cup Run. Darcy speaks with us about how the Germans won the world cup and how he is changing a culture and developing athletic qualities in world class players at AS Roma. He can be found on twitter @DarcyNorman


3 May 2016

Rank #18

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Episode #104 - Picasso, Cruijff, and Coaching

Todd Beane is the son-in law of the legendary Johan Cruijff and founder of TOVO Academy in Barcelona, Spain. Today we talk about how children learn, why coaches refuse to change, and how to make yourself a better coach. We also talk about Todd's presentation he gave for the Inspire Coach Education NextGenCoaches event that occured on July 29th, 2017. For access, click here -> http://inspirecoached.com/


2 Aug 2017

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Episode #36 - Damian Roden

Damian Roden is current fitness coach for Stoke City FC. He previously worked as the head of sports science at Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City, Australia, and Wales National Teams.


19 Jan 2016

Rank #20