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Episode 6 - Forms of Destiny

Story: "Forms of Destiny" by Stuart Vaughn StocktonGenre: Fantasy, Science FictionRating:  G It is time for young Mesh'iel to receive her new forms from the Shaper. Will the Shaper choose pleasings forms to take on, or doom her to take on the forms of  grotesque creatures? ----more---- Credits:"Forms of Destiny" by Stuart Vaughn Stockton ritersbloc.com twitter.com/svstockton galacticlore.blogspot.comNarration: Kristin Norman Support us on Patreon Special Effects Attribution: crashoverride61088, Glaneur de sons, JanKoehl, skiersailor, nathanaelsams, CharlieX, Willyzwb4twan, digifishmusic, UncleSigmund, fionamae, acclivity, missozzy, Setuniman, Andune, XtreamGF, Tails1942, StephenSaldanha, JavierZumer, juskiddink, thecluegeek, bspiller5, frasbr, veroma, CGEffex, bmccoy2, Kayyy, reinsamba, h.quinius, scarbelly25, mystiscool, dobroide, swiftoid


18 Mar 2013

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Untold Podcast 86 - Sanguinem Inimicum

Story: "Sanguinem Inimicum" by Mark CarverGenre: FantasyRating: PG-13 The Warrior had one simple mission: Slaughter every enemy that still breathed. ----more---- Credits:"Sanguinem Inimicum" by Mark CarverMarkCarverBooks.com Facebook TwitterWorks by Mark Carver:Untold Podcast 34 - Beast (Excerpt) The Age of Apollyon Indelible Cyn The Jerusalem Chronicles Beast Nikolai the Penitent Balor He Calls Me By Name Series by Michael Winstell Support Us On PatreonSong Attribution: "Dead Man Walking" by Bobby Cole


5 Mar 2019

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Episode 16 - The Unit

Story: "The Unit" by Mike Lynch Genre: Science Fiction, Apocalyptic Rating: PG After the sun turned into a red giant, Sam Bailey waits for the inevitable end of the world with his family. But with time running out, will he come to terms with his past before it's too late? ----more---- Credits: "The Unit" by Mike Lynch MikeLynchBooks.com Works by Mike Lynch:Dublin When the Sky Fell American Midnight The Crystal Portal After the Cross Love’s Second ChanceMusic Attricution: Organ Filler, Wounded  by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Cover Attribution: NASA Goddard Photo and Video Sound Effects Attribution: Robinhood76, Adam_N, kingsrow, matucha, rpew1, vrodge, runirasmussen, 3bagbrew, acclivity, RutgerMuller, Pogotron, pagancow, shaynecantly, Klerrp Support us on Patreon


16 Dec 2013

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Episode 18 - The Spigot

Story: "The Spigot" by David N. Alderman Genre: Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Horror, Strange Rating: PG-13 A father and his daughter try to survive after the fall of Earth amidst the darkness... the darkness that is worse than the darkness. ----more---- Credits: "The Spigot - A Post Black Earth Story" by David N. Alderman DavidNAlderman.comDavidNAlderman.blogspot.com The Crossover AllianceWorks by David N. Alderman:The Black Earth Series The Expired Reality Series The Crossover Alliance Anthology SubmissionsCo-Host: Ben Avery What Makes Christian Fiction Good? (CROSSOVER feat. Nathan James Norman) — SA111 Strangers and Aliens Podcast BenAvery.com Crossover Nexus Podcasts Sound Effects Attribution: nofeedbak, soundslikewillem, acclivity, Julien Nicolas, ShawnyBoy, Rock Savage, maximusdragonus, studiorat, kim.headlee, jongrubbs, suonho, HolyMatt123, trip_sound, Timbre, djgriffin, qubodup, mpfeiffer, Bratok999, thanvannispen, nigelcoop, qubodup, http://www.freesfx.co.uk , Timbre, roper1911, reg7783, Corsica_S, YOH Music Attribution: “Echoes of Time” and “Second Coming – no percussion” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Cover Attribution: asifthebes Support us on Patreon


27 Jan 2014

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Untold Podcast 78 - Space Wings

Story: "Space Wings" by H. A. TitusGenre: Science Fiction, FantasyRating: PGCadet Davos has one last test to pass - a flight through space on a dragon! ----more---- Credits:"Space Wings" by H. A. Titus www.hatitus.com Facebook TwitterWorks by H. A. Titus:Forged Steel Anthologies and Collections Support Us On Patreon


6 Jun 2018

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Episode 24 - USS Sasquatch

Story: Voyages Of The USS Sasquatch: First Flight by Charles W. Russell Genre: Science Fiction Rating: PG A young graduate prepares for her first space-faring assignment aboard an unusual ship with an unorthodox crew. ----more---- "Voyages Of The USS Sasquatch: First Flight" produced by The Spirit Blade Underground Alliance Visit Christian Geek Central Credits: Written by: Charles W. Russell Directed by: Brandon Butler (with Jaron Belboda) Featuring the voice talents of: Brianna Summers - Noel Merritt Tomas Guitierrez - Scott J Pigg Capt. Gabriel Jessup - Glen Hallstrom Maxwell Lynch - Kevin Powe Dr. Elyssa Leeds - Deborah Adams Moose - Tripp Hurst T'Chak - Rish Outfield Vashon - Kim Gianapoulos Alpha - Laura Frechette Path Commander - Robert Brown Sound Design- Jaron Belboda Music from jamendo.com and Kevin MacLeod with SFX: freesound.org Produced by: Paeter Frandsen, Jaron Belboda, and Ken HarmeyerSupport us on Patreon


9 Sep 2014

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Episode 68 - Snow and Ash

Story: “Snow and Ash” by Nathan James Norman Genre: Fantasy Rating: PG-13 In ancient Norway, Erik Lambskin the Viking is forced to foster a little girl. ----more---- Credits:"Snow and Ash" by Nathan James Norman NathanJamesNorman.com The Orchard Church Twitter Background on "Snow and Ash" and My Year in HellAdditional Narration: Kristin L. Norman"Snow and Ash" originally published in The Crossover Alliance Anthology Volume 1 Reviews by Peter Christian Fiction Reviews by Peter YounghusbandGood Snakes Flash Fiction Contest"Snow Bank" by Doug Hoyer Lic. Storyblocks

1hr 7mins

11 Dec 2017

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Episode 12 - The Fourth Key

Story: "The Fourth Key" by  Jason BrannonGenre: Horror, Supernatural Rating: PG-13 A young couple's first home is wrapped in mystery only unlocked by the fourth key. ----more---- Credits: "The Fourth Key" by Jason Brannon JasonBrannon.us Jason Brannon Blog Amazon Page Works by Jason Brannon:The Maze The Misunderstood and other Misfit Horrors The Cage Special Effects Attribution: vibe_crc, sKydran, colinpoh, Nathan_Lomeli, Slanesh, http://www.freesfx.co.uk, volivieri Support us on Patreon


6 Aug 2013

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Untold Podcast 97 - Gulgoleth

Story: "Gulgoleth" by Lisa Godfrees Genre: Fantasy Song: "Dragons" by Mae Klingler Rating: PG Over dark waters and through blind fog, Elora the dragon risks her life to fly toward a strange music. Credits:"Gulgoleth" by Lisa GodfreesTwitter Amazon Author PageWorks by Lisa GodfreesMind Writer Flynn Flybear to the Rescue (in Havok Magazine)Song: "Dragons" by Mae Klingler Support Us on PatreonSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | RSS


11 Dec 2019

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Episode 19 - Soft and Chewy

Story: "Soft and Chewy" by Kenneth P. Harmeyer Genre: Science Fiction, Strange Rating: PG A man is abducted by aliens and discovers what alien life is really like. ----more---- Credits: "Soft and Chewy" by Kenneth P. Harmeyer "Ken From Honolulu" contributions to Spirit Blade Underground PodcastPrincess Bride Review Troll Hunter ReviewSound Effects Attribution: ggctuk, kyles, Owdeo, chipfork, reg7783, tmkappelt, jak damage, primeval_polypod Music Attribution: “Sneaky Snitch” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Support us on Patreon


24 Feb 2014

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Untold Podcast 83 - Optical Illusion

Story: "Optical Illusion" by Elora PowellGenre: Science Fiction, RomanceSong: "Alone Again" by Jakki JeleneRating: PG Sammy and Geoff are the perfect couple in the perfect small town, but can the words of two strangers destroy everything they've ever known? ----more---- Credits:"Optical Illusion" by Elora Powell Homeworld Zine Twitter Illuminate Productions "A Name for Ourselves" by Elora Powell - Episode 48Works by Elora Powell:Freeze-Brain Coffee and TeaLibsyn Spotify"Alone Again" by Jakki Jelene Jakki Jelene.com Alone Again Reflections Fall From Grace EP Support Us On Patreon


26 Nov 2018

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Untold Podcast 92 - Meira

Story: “Meira” by Michael D. Williams Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale Rating: PG-13 Human traffickers face an unexpected intervention. ----more----Credits:"Meira" by Michael D. Williamsmdwill.com Twitter supersonicpodcomics.com Reviews by Peter Christian Fiction Reviews by Peter Younghusband "Meira" was written and produced for the UPC - Untold Picture Contest: A Flash Fiction Competition hosted by Untold Podcast Support Us on Patreon


13 Aug 2019

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Untold Podcast 91 -Arrival

Story: “Arrival” by Amy Vander Vorste Genre: Science Fiction Rating: G Copilot Tersav Aut searches for a sector of space to peaceably settle. ----more---- Credits:“Arrival” by Amy Vander VorsteAmy Winters-Voss.com Twitter World Anvil Page Landsat-7: Earth as Art Images Reviews by Peter Christian Fiction Reviews by Peter Younghusband "Arrival" was written and produced for the UPC - Untold Picture Contest: A Flash Fiction Competition hosted by Untold Podcast Support Us on Patreon


5 Aug 2019

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Untold Podcast 82 - Who Argued for My Soul?

Story: Who Argued for My Soul? by R. E. DiazGenre: Strange, FantasyRating: PG Having survived the annihilation of the first universe, she seeks to live out her eternity in peace as mother goddess to mankind; but someone else has also survived, and he controls her dreams. ----more---- Credits:"Who Argued for My Soul?" by R. E. Diazrediazauthor.comWorks by R. E. Diaz"A Measure of the Depth" "Temple of the Rephaim" Support Us On Patreon"How to Bury a Child Molester" by Nathan James Norman in The Crossover Alliance Anthology Volume 4


31 Oct 2018

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Untold Podcast 89 - Apocalypse Medicine

Story: "Apocalypse Medicine" by Jen FinelliGenre: Horror, SupernaturalSong: "Resist the Eclipse" by Death TherapyRating: PG-13 As the world descends into unknown horrors, a doctor finds himself battling the patients he is trying to save. ----more---- Credits:"Apocalypse Medicine" by Jen FinelliByJenFinelli.com Patreon for Jen Finelli TwitterWorks by Jen Finelli:Free Tales Interactive Writing Resume "Hierro" Becoming Hero Untold Podcast 62 - "To Refuse Blood" "Resist the Eclipse" by Death Therapy Spotify Apple Music Merch Support Us on Patreon


5 Jun 2019

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Episode 56 - The People of the Dark Mirror

Story: "The People of the Dark Mirror" by Carole McDonnell Genre: Fantasy Rating: PG-13 A daughter of the Dark Mirror People travels to meet her father, unsure if he will accept her. ----more----Credits: "The People of the Dark Mirror" by Carole McDonnellCarole McDonnell Dark Parables Works by Carole McDonnell:Turn Back, O Time: and Oher Tales of the Faes of Malku The Daughters of Men (The Nephilim Universe Book 1) The Constant Tower My Life As An Onion Wind Follower Spirit Fruit: Collected Speculative FictionSupport us on Patreon


21 Dec 2016

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Episode 22 - Graxin

Story: "Graxin" by Kerry Nietz Genre: Science Fiction Rating: PG Servbot XV-43 searches for the compound "graxin" on Neptune's moon, Proteus. Hour after hour he processes samples, until he encounters an unexpected beauty within the darkness. ----more----Credits: "Graxin" by Kerry Nietz KerryNietz.com Facebook Twitter Works by Kerry Nietz:A Star Curiously Singing The Superlative Stream Freeheads Mask Amish Vampires in Space         (Producer's Review) "Graxin" originally appeared in Ether Ore, published by Marcher Lord Press. See Marcher Lord Press transform into Enclave Publishing.Cover Attribution: NASA Goddard Photo and VideoSupport us on Patreon


17 Jun 2014

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Episode 25 - The Gnomes and the Pit

Story: "The Gnomes and the Pit" by Mikel Withers Genre: Fantasy, Strange Rating: G An incredible story of the time I came across fantastical creatures living in a back yard. ----more---- Credits: "The Gnomes and the Pit" by Mikel WithersThe Crossover Alliance Anthology: Volume 1 Cover Attribution: humusak2 Support us on Patreon


1 Oct 2014

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Untold Podcast 94 - The Defeat of Raven's Swamp

Story: "The Defeat of Raven's Swamp" by Rachel Ann Michael Harris Genre: Fantasy Rating: PG Talaith travels into Raven's Swamp, hoping it will not cost her soul. ----more---- Credits:“The Defeat of Raven's Swamp” by Rachel Ann Michael HarrisRachel Ann Michael Harris on WordPress FacebookWorks by Rachel Ann Michael Harris featured in: Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales Space Kitties 2 Havok Reviews by Peter Christian Fiction Reviews by Peter Younghusband VOTE NOW (8/29/19 - 9/5/19) "The Defeat of Raven's Swamp" was written and produced for the UPC - Untold Picture Contest: A Flash Fiction Competition hosted by Untold PodcastSupport Us on Patreon


29 Aug 2019

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Untold Podcast 81 - A Light to my Path

Story: A Light to my Path by Adam David CollingsNarrator: Francisco RuizGenre: Science FictionRating: PG After storming away from base, the leader of an exploration team gets lost in the vast cave system of an alien planet. ----more---- Credits:"A Light to my Path" by Adam David Collingswww.AdamDavidCollings.com YouTube - Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy BulletinTwitterWorks by Adam David Collings:Jewel of the Stars - Season 1, Episode 1 "Chronostream’s Father" in Superheroes – The Crossover Alliance Anthology V3Narration:"A Light to my Path" narrated by Francisco RuizRetro Rewind Podcast Francisco Ruiz on Fiverr Twitch Support Us On Patreon"A Light to my Path" was first published in the anthology: Glimpses of Light: Stories and Poems of Imagination and Hope. Edited by Jeanette O’Hagan and Nola Passmore


9 Oct 2018

Rank #20