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Beards-N-Barbells podcast is a lifestyle podcast made with the idea that god gave you 1 body, 1 mind, and 1 heart and that we should use them to their full potential and be thankful for the ability to do so . Offering advice on how to not only be strong physically and what to do to get there, but how to carry yourself with pride in a world that seems to have none. No bull just honest opinions and open minds.

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Have a Mission Statement for Your Life

Having a Mission Statement is common practice for businesses, churches, and organizations, but how about for your marriage, your family, your business, or your training? This week's bonus content challenges listeners to think their way through their own personal mission statement in a way relevant to their own season of life. The only way to progress is by taking action, and making that a habit!


19 Oct 2018

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Alex Moe A.K.A "The Macro Barista"

The beards sit down with "The Macro Barista" and learn about the man behind the coffee. Alex gives us a look into what it's like to make your passion a reality, and not letting adversity deter you from chasing your dream. Alex's drive and ambition is what the B-N-B podcast is all about. We hope you enjoy this episode and learn something as well. You guys can find Alex on Instagram @themacrobarista and @grnd_morethanjustcoffee.  


15 Oct 2018

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The Death of Shame, Honor,and Sanctity

Cy and Riley sit down and give their take on the state of our culture today, and discuss a more positive interpretation of the word shame ,as well as the importance of shame,honor,and sanctity and the lack there of in today's society. Be sure to hit subscribe and keep up to date on bonus content soon to be released. Don't forget to go over to beardsnbarbells.com and get signed up for the October give away!


10 Oct 2018

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Stop Making Excuses

We all encounter struggles throughout the endeavors of our lives, but there are those who refuse to accept the limitations put on them by the world. As trainers we regularly encounter capable people that simply don't believe in their own potential because of any number of reasons. I'm too fat. I'm too short. I'm too old. I'm too busy. I'm not strong enough. These excuses aren't limited to people looking to get back into shape, they can manifest themselves in the workplace, in our marriages, our hobbies, our dreams, and our spiritual lives. Listen to the fellas share a little of their own stories of failure, redemption, and an attempt to share what little wisdom we have collected in our journeys!


2 Oct 2018

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5 Gym Disciplines for Your Life

The beards sit down and discuss 5 gym disciplines that lead to greater discipline in all areas of your life. In our culture, entitlement abounds and selfishness is the status quo. We believe that accountability starts with yourself, and these practices are a foundation to combat a toxic culture that frowns at personal responsibility. Learn more about the beards at beardsnbarbells.com!


27 Sep 2018

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Interview With Josh Rader: Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy as a Fitness Professional

This week, we had the luxury of conducting an in house interview with Josh Rader, owner of Firehouse Fitness, our home gym here in Abilene, Texas. Josh breaks down his story from humble beginnings as a young personal trainer slaving away in gyms and health clubs, to now owning a gym with his wife Andi and also founding the nonprofit Strength for Life. Their story is a sobering reminder that the journey to achieving life goals takes real sacrifices, and requires us to lay down our time and freedoms along the way. Josh also shares many of the do's and don'ts he has learned as a business owner, and this episode is a must listen for those interested in personal training or any form of entrepreneurship to learn from somebody who has and is still pushing forward to achieve goals that have been set. 


17 Sep 2018

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Stone lifting, a tradition of competition

The beards share their experiences with stone training during their prep for the Panhandles Strongest competition in Lubbock, on Oct 27. They share their beliefs about how stones can be a much less hazardous alternative to even some barbell movements when coached properly. They share some of the history on ancient societies using stones as a test of strength and right of passage. If you're looking to spice up your training a bit, take a listen to some of the tips in this episode and you'll have a hard time not going out and throwing some big stones around.  


11 Sep 2018

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When Self-Improvement Becomes Self-Obsession

The fellas address an issue that must be addressed by coaches, athletes, and gym lovers at some point during their journey. When does self-improvement become destructive to ourselves and others around us? Why is it so easy to notice idolatry in others, but find it so easy to slip into ourselves? Self-discipline itself can become a source for our own pride, vanity, and be used as an excuse to hold others in contempt. Listen to the boys break down this "hits close to home" topic and much more!


22 Nov 2018

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Blake Kasper Pt.2

First off we'd like to thank you all for your patience, if you don't follow our social media, our equipment had been messing up which caused us not to be able to release last week. We are still working out some kinks so this is our episode from last week that ended up being cut short due to a malfunction, but the gospel was coming through so well we had to keep it in. So this is a mash up of the original Pt.2 with a finishing thought from Riley and Blake. As always thank you for tuning in, we hope you enjoy!


21 Nov 2018

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Blake Kasper Pt. 1

We sit down with one of the most interesting people we've had the pleasure of having on the show, Blake Kasper. Blake's story is a great example of how the lord can work in our lives once we let him. Blake's path to the lord is proof that God's grace and love for us is unending even in our darkest places. As always we hope you enjoy the show!


10 Nov 2018

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