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M&A Science is an educational podcast exploring the intricate world of M&A with industry leaders and practitioners.This podcast is sponsored by DealRoom, a diligence management and virtual data room platform for complex financial transactions.

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Key Private Equity Criteria for Prosperous M&A

Greg DellaFranco is currently a Senior Manager of Corporate Development at Deloitte Consulting. Prior to joining Deloitte, he served as Director of Corporate Development at KPMG. When combined with 16 years in corporate development, corporate strategy, new venture creation, and alliance roles at Accenture, Greg has valuable M&A insight to share. 0:48 – 1:43 Greg’s background in corporate development 1:44 – 4:08 Differences in perspective between corp dev and private equity 3:21 – 6:13 Value proposition of selling to a strategic buyer 5:26 – 7:17 Transacting with businesses looking to exit 6:30 – 8:58 Key preparation for due diligence process 8:11 – 11:01 Top issues that frequently arise 10:14 – 16:42 Effectively managing the process 15:55 –  19:23 Deal breakers that pop up during due diligence 18:36 – 24:13 Greg’s strategies for the integration process 23:26 – 28:04 Most challenging aspects of integration 27:17 – 34:15 Challenges and integrations gone wrong 33:28 – 37:37 Biggest lessons learned and the future of M&A M&A Science by Kison Patel (kison@dealroom.net) DealRoom: Data Science and AI for M&A (www.dealroom.net)


15 Sep 2017

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