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Join host Reiman (Spencer) Bledsoe as he shares the mental health journeys of individuals to redeem the disorder in our collective humanity.

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Ian Cron: Shame Never Works

"Shame never works," says Ian Cron when asked about self-awareness and inner-transformation. As an Episcopal priest, psychotherapist, Enneagram expert, and a person who's openly dealt with addiction, Ian speaks from a long list of life experiences.How can we learn to accept ourselves and others in the midst of pain and suffering? How can we use mental diagnoses and personality tests, without holding too tightly to the results?In this episode, Ian, Laura, and Spencer cover questions like these to better understand the complexity of people and mental disorders.


19 Sep 2017

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The Deep End of Meditation & Spiritual Practice: Daniel Ingram & Richard Hatch

Join me for this unwieldy conversation about intensive meditation, spiritual paths, the history of medicine, psychiatry, psychedelics, psychedelics-gone-wrong, metaphysics, epistemology and essentially everything. To make it just a little more 'wieldy,' check out the time stamps at the end of the show notes. If anyone is up for such a wild conversation, it's my guest Daniel Ingram. Daniel has meditated for over 25 years, teaching around the world while working as an emergency care doctor at home, and finding the time to write the book "Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha." Richard Hatch, the original Survivor winner, pops in just past the 4-hour mark to offer some healthy skepticism and a surprising personal story that dovetails with the larger conversation. TIME STAMPS: 24:41 – The Dark Side of Meditation 34:32 – Categorical vs. Dimensional Thinking about Mental Disorder 54:18 – Spencer's First Mystical Experience Meditating 1:12:30 – Why Ego isn’t 100% “Bad” 1:14:34 – Mystical Math: e, π, i and the Fractal Nature of Meditative Insight 1:32:37 – The Stigma of Talking about the Deep End of Meditation 1:44:23 – Why it’s Tough to Talk About our Internal Experiences 1:52:55 – (Admittedly Crude) Advice for Getting into Meditation with Mental Health Challenges 2:20:32 – The Disconnect between Spirituality and Modern Medicine 3:04:03 – Psychedelic and Ergotism Origin Stories of Buddhism & Christianity 3:20:15 – The MMA Analogy: Mixing Spiritual Practices 3:23:55 – Daniel’s Dream of Secular, Cross-Tradition, Longitudinal Meditation Research 3:27:30 – Today’s Psychedelic Renaissance 3:37:05 – Hardcore Practices: Fire Kasina Meditation, Darkroom Retreats 4:01:37 – How Much Depth of Knowledge is Appropriate? 4:06:08 – Segue to Conversation with Richard Hatch 5:40:27 – Downsides of Conceptual Knowledge 5:48:17 – My M.A. Thesis Findings on the Usefulness (or Lack Thereof) of the Maps 6:00:01 – Meditation Cultures in Asia vs. the U.S. 6:08:55 – Double-Edged Swords: The Good and the Bad of Everything.

6hr 16mins

20 Jun 2020

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Jamie Tworkowski: Paying Hope Forward

"You are not alone, and this is not the end of your story."These are words that the nonprofit, TWLOHA, and its founder, Jamie Tworkowski say over and over to their audiences.Since beginning his journey with mental health advocacy in 2006, Jamie has learned a thing or two about how to share hope with others and how to get help when you need it. Listen in to hear how a simple of message of hope has transformed countless people.


2 Nov 2017

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Nick Becker: Speaking Your Truth

Stigma, is a word that Nick Becker has dealt with most of his life, especially surrounding mental illness. As a spoken word artist, Nick leads his audience through this stigma to raise awareness and empathy around mental disorders.Listen in as Nick shares about his life, and performs some of his most popular works.


25 Oct 2017

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Eric Maisel: Does Mental Illness Exist?

Is the medical world correct to diagnose and treat mental illness? As controversial as this question is, this week's guest, Eric Maisel tackles this subject head on, and his views might surprise you.Eric is a former family and marriage therapist, frequent Psychology Today contributor, and renowned creativity coach. Suffice it to say, he's an expert in his own right and has a lot to add to this conversation.


19 Oct 2017

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Hannah Shapiro: Surviving Anxiety

We all know that signing up for a reality show is pretty crazy. But signing up for the CBS Survivor reality show takes it all to another level- something that Hannah Shapiro of Survivor Season 33 has in common with our very own, Spencer Bledsoe.Not only did Hannah make it far into her season, she was also vulnerable and talked about her anxiety. Listen in as she talks about her experience with anxiety before, during, and after her Survivor experience.

1hr 14mins

10 Oct 2017

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Suzanne Stabile: What the Enneagram Can Tell Us about Mental Health

Feel misunderstood? At some point or another, we all do. And that’s why Suzanne Stabile, an author, teacher, and Enneagram master is so passionate about helping people do internal work.This interview is a little different because we talk less about specific mental disorders, and more about the complexity of human beings. You won’t want to miss Suzanne’s passion about all that’s going on in politics, churches, and the mental health world.


3 Oct 2017

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Danny Bryant: Religion, Trauma & Healing

As human beings, trauma happens to us all. Even the best childhood contains pain and loss that require healing. Listen as Danny Bryant, an Anglican priest in the Nashville area, shares his experience of growing up in a religious cult, and how he found healing as an adult.


13 Sep 2017

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Caety Klingman: This Is Life With OCD

What you see on the outside, isn't always indicative of whats going on in the inside. That was the case for Caety Klingman when she was a college student at University of Chicago, and diagnosed with OCD.What looked like laziness and disinterest to her professors and classmates, was in actuality a full-blown battle with obsessive thoughts and behaviors.Listen as she shares her journey with OCD, and the help she found that has transformed her life.If you or a loved one is experiencing OCD, here are some resources that may help: Help Guide for OCDInternational OCD FoundationWhat do you think about Caety's story? Can you relate, or have you experienced something different? Comment below or tweet Spencer and Laura.

1hr 14mins

6 Sep 2017

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Tyler Simmonds: Healing through Mindfulness

What if you're a person who feels things deeply? What do you do when all you see is injustice and you feel alone? Do you try to handle it all alone, while the world goes on, seemingly without a care? Filmmaker, artist, writer, and entrepreneur, Tyler Simmonds grappled with these questions early on in his life as he faced depression and anxiety. Out of these struggles, he found the healing power of mindfulness. Listen to the first episode of Redeeming Disorder's 2nd season to receive inspiration, and a crash course on how to use mindfulness in your daily life. Our interview with Tyler will give you yet another perspective on mental illness, and the many therapies and tools available if you need help. Here are links to some of the things we mentioned in this episode: Sam Harris on mindfulness and our thoughts Invisibilia: The Secret History of ThoughtsElizabeth Gilbert: Big MagicTyler Simmonds film and blog Also, be sure to check out more music from Hetty and her newest album, In Search of the Sea. Big thanks to Hetty for letting us use her music for our podcast!

1hr 9mins

30 Aug 2017

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Overcoming Fear & Hearing Different Perspectives with Taryn Bledsoe

Two people growing up in the same environment can come away with two very different perspectives. We explore that in today's episode by comparing and contrasting Spencer and Taryn Bledsoe's experiences growing up and dealing with mental disorder. Spencer and Laura also reflect on Season 1 and what they hope to accomplish in Season 2. Links from this episode: Fig Tree from The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (opening excerpt) The Problem with Solution by the Invisibilia podcast (mental health in Belgium) Connect with us: Tweet SpencerTweet LauraEmail us

1hr 12mins

23 Jan 2017

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Dave Wright: Living with Uncertainty

TV writer and Season 33 CBS Survivor contestant, Dave Wright, talks about his journey managing anxiety both in regular life and throughout his Survivor experience.Links from this episode: Taming the Mammoth: Why you Should Stop Caring What Other People Think by Tim UrbanCBS Survivor Season 33Connect with Dave:Tweet DaveFollow Dave on InstagramConnect with us:Tweet SpencerTweet LauraEmail us

1hr 2mins

11 Jan 2017

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The Freedom of Self-Compassion with Karen Martin Grove

Is there freedom from addiction? What drives us to addiction? You could easily find textbook answers to these questions, but instead listen to Karen Martin Grove’s story of recovering from her eating disorder addiction. She shows how choosing self-acceptance over perfectionism helped her move through recovery.Links from this episode:Fighting with ED (Opening Excerpt)Rising Strong by Brene BrownContact us:Tweet SpencerTweet LauraEmail us


4 Jan 2017

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Michael McRay, Dino Andes & Ashleigh Thornton: Listener-Based Podcast #2

Redeeming Disorder covers some tough topics today with three brave guests. First, writer Michael McRay reads his personal story of attempting suicide 7 years ago and the life lessons he's learned since. Then Redeeming Disorder listeners, Dino Andes and Ashleigh Thornton, provide insight on OCPD, schizophrenia, and vaginismus.

1hr 10mins

28 Dec 2016

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Devon VillaCampa & Amanda Rabinowitz: Listener-Based Podcast #1

Devon VillaCampa is an artist who grew up in disorder. In this podcast, he shares about the neglect and abuse he experienced due to his mother's alcoholism and bipolar disorder. Devon discusses the benefits of self-expression but the inner conflict he faces as an artist. When he delves deeply into imagination and fantasy, he worries the resemblance this holds to his mother's symptoms. Spencer and Laura also sit down with Amanda Rabinowitz, a clinical psychologist who unpacks many types of therapies, treatments, and theories. She provides an expert's advice on seeking treatment and providing support for loved ones with disorder.

1hr 11mins

21 Dec 2016

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Devin Terry: What To Do When You Need Help

Devin Terry is a senior clinical therapist at Nashville's Oasis Center, where she helps teens in crisis through individual, family, and group counseling. In this episode, she answers a lot of common questions surrounding counseling. Devin provides practical advice for people both in the trenches and sidelines of mental disorder.Here are some of the questions Devin answers:What are the benefits and challenges of individual, family, and group counseling?What's therapy like and who could benefit?How do you communicate your needs to people who don't understand your disorder?Why is connection important for healing?How does one build connection?The opening essay was written and read by Sara Grove, editor of Raw Food Magazine and creator of Daily Happy Actions. Connect with her on Instagram @dailyhappyactions.Links from the episode:National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)Oasis CenterContact us:Tweet SpencerTweet LauraEmail us

1hr 15mins

14 Dec 2016

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Kelli Galpin: Putting Words to the Low Hum of ADD, Depression & Anxiety

Kelli Galpin describes herself as a quirky gal living in Nashville, who loves people and snail mail. But she's also a budding blogger and passionate mental health advocate. In this episode, Kelli sits down with Spencer and Laura to talk about her struggles in school with ADD, as well as her current daily struggle with depression and anxiety. Kelli puts to words the true experience of someone currently living with ADD, depression, and anxiety. Articles and Links we mention: This School Replaced Detention with Meditation Homeschooling and Socialization The Truth about Intelligence — School of Greatness Podcast Meditation Might Rival Medication — Forbes The Chemical Imbalance Theory: Dead or Alive? Resources: Suicide Prevention Lifeline ADD, Anxiety, and Depression Help

1hr 11mins

7 Dec 2016

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Getting Candid with AJ Mass

In this third episode of Redeeming Disorder, Spencer and Laura sit down with AJ Mass, an ESPN fantasy sports writer and former Mets mascot. AJ speaks openly about his experience growing up with a mom who was institutionalized for her mental disorder. His story provides a snapshot of how mental disorder conversations have changed over the years, and how they can still improve today. Here are some of the topics we cover: What it feels like when a parental figure has a mental illness The repercussions of not talking about mental illness Genetically passed down mental illness vs. learned behaviors The freedom that comes with speaking honestly Resources and links from this episode: Opening excerpt by Brianne McDonald, Thought Catalogue 2014 Suicide Hotline Resources for kids with mentally ill parents Check out AJ's books: Yes, It's Hot in Here & How Fantasy Sports Explain the WorldWatch AJ in the Errol Morris short film, Being Mr. Met

1hr 8mins

30 Nov 2016

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Angela Lohse: Loving People with Disorder and Choosing Openness over Labels

In this episode, we sit down with Angela Lohse to talk about what it's like being a family member to a loved one with a disorder, and how as an EEG Technician she chooses to interact with patients labeled with mental disorder. Angela's story brings up a lot of topics, including: How relationships change in the midst of disorder The emotional and practical difficulty of caring for someone Early childhood counseling Professionally interacting with those struggling with mental disorder The use of labels and the need for acceptance and openness Is there another way we can serve the mentally ill? Links from Episode 2: The Geel Question by Mike Jay, Edited by Ed Lake in Aeon Chronic Crisis: A look at Geel and its centuries-old tradition of caring for those with mental illness by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel How to Cope When a Loved One has a Serious Mental Illness by the American Psychological Association Resources for those struggling with mental disorder: mentalhealth.gov National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


23 Nov 2016

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Introducing Redeeming Disorder

Join two-time CBS Survivor contestant, Spencer Bledsoe, and health and wellness blogger, Laura Bocianski, as they share why they're starting a podcast about mental disorder. In this episode they talk through their vision for Redeeming Disorder, and interview each other about their mental health journeys — Spencer's battle with depression as a 10-year-old, and Laura's life-altering traumatic brain injury and bout of depression. Links from Episode 1: Opening Excerpt from Psychology Today: Can Stories Change the World? by Victoria Maxwell New York Times Article: Post-Prozac Nation by Siddhartha Mukherjee Wikipedia's Description of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Please join our conversation and quest to better understand mental disorder!

1hr 3mins

11 Nov 2016

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