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Starship Excelsior: A Star Trek Fan Audio Drama

The Federation has opened the far reaches of the galaxy to exploration, with the Starship Excelsior as its standard-bearer. These are her stories. Find special episodes and bonus material at starshipexcelsior.com.

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The Valandrian Expedition

Just a diplomatic mission? There's more to the backwater world of Valandria than meets the eye. (The Excelsior Returns, Act II)(5 December 2007)


5 Dec 2007

Rank #1

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And Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Starfleet has been trying to understand the Mapstone for months, with little success. Could an artifact discovered by Rol and Lorhrok hold the key? (The Round Table, Episode I)(31 August 2017)

1hr 3mins

31 Aug 2017

Rank #2

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Picking Up the Pieces

It’s not fair, is it? You can save galactic civilization, but nothing in the galaxy can wipe the slate clean. (Ex Astris Mirificentia, Episode I)(16 January 2014)

1hr 17mins

16 Jan 2014

Rank #3

Podcast cover

The Graceful End

The date: January 25th, 2383. The time: 0400 hours. On Stardate 60064, Zero Hour has arrived. This is it. (The Sword of Damocles, Part IX)(12 July 2013)

2hr 28mins

12 Jul 2013

Rank #4

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Guards! GET THEM!

On a medieval planet, a suspiciously powerful energy field draws the attention of the Starship Excelsior. (Ex Astris Mirificentia, Episode II)(29 November 2014)

1hr 27mins

29 Nov 2014

Rank #5

Podcast cover


Tonight... the legend ends. (The Barrier, Part XII)(7 August 2010)

1hr 40mins

7 Aug 2010

Rank #6

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Turns of Events

The Prime Directive suddenly enters play. The crew of the damaged Excelsior struggles to rescue Captain Cortez's party before the traitor General Sorid-Gee can catch her unawares. (The Excelsior Returns, Act III)(25 January 2008)


25 Jan 2008

Rank #7

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Lost In Trillslation

During a rescue operation, Dr. Maiek Saline supervises triage. (The Round Table, Episode )(14 February 2019)


14 Feb 2019

Rank #8

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Fast Friends

The Krydayans want to join the Federation... on one condition. (The Round Table, Episode ?)(2 November 2019)


2 Nov 2019

Rank #9

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Down the Rabbit Hole

The longest day in the Excelsior's eventful history is finally coming to an end. (The Excelsior Returns, Act V)(12 July 2008)

1hr 38mins

12 Jul 2008

Rank #10

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At Death's Door

An impossible shockwave nearly destroys the Excelsior, leading the crew into an encounter with the most ancient of evils. (Ex Astris Mirificentia, Episode III)(26 December 2014)

1hr 20mins

26 Dec 2014

Rank #11

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When Dovan and Lorhrok's shuttle crashes in the Ly'Bven'Tho diffraction field, they have to stay alive while a blinded Excelsior tries to find them! (The Round Table, Episode II)(15 September 2018)


15 Sep 2018

Rank #12

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The Excelsior must destroy two Bluegill battlecruisers before they return to base, or unleash the horror of the Borg-Bluegill war on an unsuspecting galaxy! (The Sword of Damocles, Part VII)(26 December 2011)

1hr 17mins

26 Dec 2011

Rank #13

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Better Angels

Dovan's attempt to save Neshent lands Neeva and Kestra in hot water! (Oh, sorry, that's another human idiom.) (The Round Table, Episode III)(26 December 2018)


26 Dec 2018

Rank #14

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What Happened on Gevinon Prime

As the Excelsior crew, hiding in the gas cloud surrounded by the enemy, prepares her most audacious plan, the Away Team, isolated and on the run on Gevinon Prime, struggles to stay alive. (The Sword of Damocles, Part VIII)(8 July 2012)

1hr 4mins

8 Jul 2012

Rank #15

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Every Good Captain Has Admiral Issues

As Captain Dovan and Admiral Parker work through a disagreement, the disgraced former captain of the Excelsior returns to duty. This probably isn't a coincidence. (The Sword of Damocles, Part I)(19 March 2010)

1hr 16mins

19 Mar 2010

Rank #16

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Tomorrow's Excelsior

The Excelsior races to answer a distress call in the Union system! (50, Episode IV)(8 September 2016)

1hr 40mins

8 Sep 2016

Rank #17

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Only Murder

A ship of innocents, shot down in an interplanetary war, is rescued by the Excelsior. One side is trying to kill them. But which one? (Ex Astris Mirificentia, Episode IV)(1 July 2015)

1hr 16mins

1 Jul 2015

Rank #18

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The Man from Syracuse

General Brahms is sorry. Not because of what he did, no -- but because he is going to give you an explanation. He had hoped to spare you that. (The Sword of Damocles, Part VI)(1 June 2011)

1hr 26mins

1 Jun 2011

Rank #19

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The Pursuit

The Excelsior chases the Anbar. Underwood chases Dovan. And someone is chasing the Excelsior. (The Sword of Damocles, Part II)(9 May 2010)

1hr 12mins

9 May 2010

Rank #20