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WOW2 is for all who are using the tools of the internet whether it be in a classroom setting, leading seminars, authoring books, maintaining blogs or wikis, or just enjoying the tools of the internet in an educational and exciting way. WOW2 is brought to you by Vicki Davis, Cheryl Oakes, Sharon Peters, & Jennifer Wagner - four women who not only love using the tools of the Internet but also love sharing the tools with others.

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Show #124 Online Education for Dummies with Susan Manning and Kevin Johnson

Download:WomenofWeb3-OnlineEdforDummies-5-2-10.64K.mp3 Women of Web 3  #124 Online Education for Dummies with Susan Manning and Kevin Johnsonread more

15 May 2010

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Women of the Web 3.0 #121 Silvia Tolisano

Download:WOW30_Silvia_Tosilano_April_11_2010.mp3 Sharon Peters, Cheri Toledo and Peggy George had an energizing, delightful conversation with one of our favorite people, Silvia Tolisano (Langwitches) in this webcast. We had a wonderful conversation about Skype in the Classroom and her global projects. Her newest project is "Around the World in 80 Schools" and she has created a Ning network for teachers interested in participating in the project to collaborate and learn from each other. There are some fantastic resources on her blog about using Skype including job descriptions for students managing all of the various Skype tasks, and some excellent classroom posters that can be downloaded and printed explaining all of the literacy skills students are using for podcasting, blogging, wikis and other tools involved with the global projects. Thanks to Sharon's newly developed streaming skills we were able to stream most of the session on ustream so we could view some of Silvia's resources for her student projects. Special thanks to Lorna Costantini for capturing the audio and streaming on Shoutcast for us! The ustream version starts about 10 minutes into the session but it is well worth watching.A bonus in the session was Sharon's announcement that she is taking a new position in Mozambique. Chat log read more

13 Apr 2010

Rank #2

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Women of Web 3.0 - Show #120 Lucy Gray

Download:WOW3_2010_0124.mp3 Join us for an exciting conversation with the inimitable and well-connected Lucy Gray who shares with us her passion for what's new in ipod/iphone educational apps, Google Teacher Academy and educational technology.

4 Feb 2010

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Women of Web 3.0 - Show #119: Karin Muller from Take2 Video

Download:WOW3_2010_0110.mp3 Join us as we catch up with Karin Muller of Take2 Videos as she shares her vision for the non-profit organization which she created. She was with us last year; it was great to have an update on an incredible initiative which places raw footage of areas of global conflict into the hands of North American students to create PSAs and documentaries. Karin is a world traveler and photojournalist whose work has appeared in such places as National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Karin Muller wikipedia articleread more

4 Feb 2010

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Women of Web 3.0 - Show #118 - Media Literacy

Download:20091206_WOW3.mp3 This week, show co-hosts Cheri Toledo and Peggy George carried on while Sharon Peters was in California at the Big Idea Fest conference. We had a fantastic conversation with Dr. Cheryl Ball, an Assistant Professor of New Media in the Department of English at Illinois State University where she teaches classes in multimodal composition, digital media, composition theory, and digital publishing. Cheryl is also the Lead Editor of Kairos: An Online Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. The journal publishes things that can only exist in an online journal (you can't print a video).read more

8 Dec 2009

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Jeff Utecht and Daneah with students from International School Bangkok: Operation Smile

Download:20091115_WOW3.mp3 Jeff Utecht and wife Daneah share their students from International School Bangkok with us for an evening of inspiration and hope as their students relate their experiences with a very special project: Operation Smile. Daneah and two of the students have created videos to capture the visit the students had with young patients who experienced facial reconstructive surgery in Thailand. The Chat: [18:23] here we go!!! :-) [18:24] WOW3 :-) [18:24] == kathym [i=4b452a2c@gateway/web/read more

17 Nov 2009

Rank #6