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Quintus Curtius is an attorney, writer, translator, and former Marine officer. His books deal with a variety of ethical, moral, and character topics, using examples in history, biography, literature, and philosophy. The result is both unique and inspiring. His podcasts are his personal dialogues with listeners. He can be found at www.qcurtius.com

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Getting Your Mind Right

Are you holding yourself accountable every day by living a good life, a productive life? Are you actions congruent with your words? We talk about that slime bag mentality, how it holds you back, and how those little voices in your head can lead you down the path of vices. There are no shortcuts, no days off, no letups. You need to be putting in work, and not retreating one inch. Ever.


23 Feb 2020

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More Michael Porfirio Tweet Readings

It's been a while since I've done a G Manifesto tweet reading. But popular demand can't be ignored, so I decided to put another podcast out with some of his most recent tweets. The laughter is nonstop...listen for yourself.


25 Nov 2019

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Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

Does it sometimes seem as if there are no leaders of substance any more? That, as we look around the world, or around our nation, every so-called "leader" is a mediocrity who does nothing of consequence? Did leaders of previous eras have better character and overall fortitude? We ask whether this sweeping generalization has some elements of truth, and make some related observations.


28 Aug 2019

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Jack London Learns To Surf In Hawaii

In 1906 Jack London visited Hawaii as part of his epic journey across the Pacific. There he encountered surfers for the first time, and learned the sport. His observations and impressions were recorded in a chapter of his book "The Cruise of the Snark," and remain fascinating to this day. We read passages from this chapter, and discuss.


21 Jun 2019

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7 Observations About Getting Older

In this podcast I discuss my seven major observations about getting older. Some of these will surprise you.


5 Dec 2015

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"Should I Join The Military?"

I receive an email from a guy who feels like he needs a career change. He is considering the military, but doesn't know if it is the right thing to do.


26 Feb 2016

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Gaining And Maintaining Confidence

A reader explains that he often struggles with confidence and self-esteem issues. We offer some suggestions and perspectives. The truth is that while no one has all the answers, some techniques have proven to be effective.


29 Oct 2016

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Some Thoughts On Travel In Central America (Podcast)

I recorded this podcast a few days ago but was only able to upload it today. We talk about some impressions from brief visits to Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico.


10 Jan 2017

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Virtue Is A Sentinel

The virtues have been a force promoting social cohesion and stability for thousands of years. As a society becomes more wealthy, it tends to neglect these virtues. The consequences are deeply destructive: loss of social cohesion, indiscipline, greed and moral corruption. History suggests that such societies become ripe for disorder, even collapse.


18 Aug 2018

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Why Did The Reds Defeat The Whites In The Russian Civil War of 1917-1922?

Russia was torn apart by civil war from 1917 to 1922. On one side were the Bolshevik communists (Reds) and on the other were the Russian nationalists (Whites). How were the Reds able to win the military struggle? We explore some answers.


21 Jan 2017

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The Fragility And Perishability Of Knowledge

In this podcast we discuss how fragile and perishable knowledge and learning can be. We discuss the loss of Latin literature in the West, and the dissipation of the holdings of the Alexandrian library of the Ptolemies. It is clear that even a short period of neglect can result in the loss of a catastrophic quantity of irreplaceable knowledge. Every generation must safeguard and promote the legacy of the past, so that future epochs are not deprived of their cultural inheritance. It only took about 200 years of neglect for the majority of Latin literature to become lost to history.  In the east, the great library of Alexandria, along with that of Pergamum, withered away from a combination of apathy, neglect, and the vicissitudes of time.  What lessons can be learned from these sobering facts?


27 Jan 2019

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A G Manifesto Tweet Reading

I read some of the recent tweets of the G Manifesto (Twitter: @MichaelPorfirio. It's all here: chimp strength, coconuts, weesh dudes, game meats, deep ocean swims, swooping mass beautiful girls, and the whole nine yards. What the hell use is anything if you can't enjoy life? Unplug from those negative dorks out there and visualize some real fun.


5 Feb 2019

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The Reality Of The G Manifesto

In this podcast we answer some of the most common questions I've received about the G Manifesto. "Who is he?""What does he do?""Is he really doing the things he says he's doing?"We discuss some of the take-away lessons, and then go into some recent tweet readings.


13 Mar 2019

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Two Relationship Questions From Readers

This podcast deals with two different questions I recently received:1. A guy in his early 20s feels like his girlfriend is holding him back and smothering him, but he's not sure how to handle the situation.2. A girl in her 20s is feeling frustrated that she can't find the kind of long-term relationship that she would like to have. We break down both questions, and offer some thoughts.


8 Jun 2018

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Leadership Questions: Pulling The Trigger, And Dealing With A Passive-Aggressive Boss

Two different readers ask questions from their own personal experience:1. One man is trying to overcome feelings of discomfort when ordering his men to go places where they may face certain harm.2. Another man is trying to deal with a boss whose passive-aggressive comments may mean trouble for him.


1 Apr 2017

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Greatness Of Soul: Becoming A Man Of Substance

"On Duties" deals with a very large number of topics. One of the most important unifying threads of the book is the idea of "greatness of soul." What is it? Why is it relevant? Note: The second passage I discuss is "On Duties" I.44 (I accidentally gave the incorrect citation number in the podcast).


16 Jul 2016

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Get Moving And Keep Moving

A young man from Australia writes that he feels a general malaise and depression, and finds it difficult to get motivated. I offer some blunt talk to put things in perspective. I also provide some specific guidance on how he can break out of his old patterns.


11 Jun 2016

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Two Questions From Readers: A Failed Relationship, And A Career Question

We deal with two different questions from two different readers. The first question is from a girl who has recently broken up with her boyfriend, and can't decide if she should "give it a second chance." There are complications. The second question is from a high school student who wants to know how he can combine a "great books" program with military school. We offer some thoughts.


20 Aug 2019

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"The King Likes Only Empty Words"

The willingness to do what is necessary is an essential condition of success in any enterprise. There are those who are willing to do what is necessary, and those who are not.We discuss an anecdote from Sun Tzu's "Art of War," and several other historical examples, to bring these points into focus.


14 Jul 2018

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The Mystery Of The Vanishing Men

A recent article on NPR claims to be mystified by the exodus of men from the workforce. Men seem to be dropping out of society in record numbers. Does NPR correctly identify the reasons? Or is there a spiritual crisis in masculinity?


8 Sep 2016

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