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Sprudge Co-Founders Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen explore the exciting world of specialty coffee in this weekly podcast.

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Black Coffee Live Podcast: PDX

The Black Coffee Live Podcast premiered last week at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland, Oregon. Hosted by Michelle Johnson, Ian Williams (Deadstock Coffee), and Gio Fillari (Coffee Feed PDX), this event centered the voices and experiences of Black coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike, all with unique perspectives that spanned intersectional identities and roles on the retail end of the value chain. Special guests include D’Onna Stubblefield (Counter Culture Coffee), Ezra Baker (Share Coffee Roasters), Zael Ogwaro (Never Coffee), Adam JacksonBey (The Potter’s House), and Cameron Heath (Revelator Coffee Company) with a live DJ performance by |Fritzwa|. Black Coffee PDX was made possible by La Marzocco USA, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Oatly, NXT LVL, and The Ace Hotel Portland. Ticket proceeds are being donated to our charitable partners Sankofa Collective and Brown Girl Rise.

1hr 53mins

30 Apr 2018

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To Whom This May Concern

"To Whom This May Concern" is a show about the mystery surrounding Daniel G, the prolific letter writer who has contacted over one hundred coffee roasters across the country to complain about stale coffee. Who is Daniel G? How long have they been writing these letters? How many coffee roasters have been contacted?  We'll attempt to answer these questions on TWTMC.


4 Aug 2018

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Episode 078: The One About Thoughtful Cafe Design

This episode was recorded at Crush the Rush 2 at Linea Caffe's new roasting space in San Francisco, California. During the event's slate of learning sessions, Sprudge produced a panel Thoughtful Cafe Design moderated by multiple-Sprudgie Award-winning Umeko Motoyoshi and featured guests Alice Wong (Disability Visibility) and Nabeel Silmi (Grand Coffee). Enjoy! This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Hario, Odeko, Ikawa, Urnex, and Swiss Water Decaf. Special thanks to La Marzocco.

1hr 7mins

2 Aug 2019

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Episode 068: The One About DRIP Zine

In this episode we interview Coffee People founder Kat Melheim and Amethyst Coffee’s Claudia Campero about their new print publication DRIP. DRIP is a submission-based publication that features writing and art "where we explore how we feel about our bodies, sex, gender, nudity, power, vulnerability, expression, and identity.”  Buy a copy for $15 here: https://www.drip-zine.com


16 Feb 2019

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To Whom This May Concern - First Contact

In the third installment of To Whom This May Concern we make contact.


11 Jan 2019

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Episode 81: The One With Ezra Baker

In this episode Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen interview Ezra Baker of Stumptown Coffee Roasters in New York City. This episode is sponsored by Odeko, Hario, and Urnex.


8 Nov 2019

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Episode 076: The One With Tim Wenzel of Stumptown Coffee

In this episode, we interview Creative Director Tim Wenzel of Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Wenzel has been with Stumptown for 18 years and wrote and directed Breaking The Crust, a musical short film celebrating skateboard culture. It also introduces the world to the Stumptown Coffee Skate Team. We cover Wenzel's career as Stumptown's first barista competitor, resident collage maker, musician, and videoist.  We discuss a few videos, linked below: Breaking The Crust https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62bkvgUOyng Shabazz Is The Man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPf91EPyijs Coconut Cold Brew https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_l61tjfDyY&t=6s Iggy's New Therapist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSjnZlgztig


15 Jun 2019

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To Whom This May Concern - The Theories

In the second installment of To Whom This May Concern, we explore the many theories swirling around the Daniel G mystery.


4 Sep 2018

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Episode 056: The One During Portland Smoke Season

Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman spill the beans on a few things roasting in the background at the House of Sprudge. Robyn Brems brings us up to speed on a couple of three news things. We talk about the thrill of the builds in 2018. By that we mean the Build-Outs of Summer, now in its sixth year. Build-outs we bring up in the podcast include: Either/Or in Portland, Oregon Pavement Coffee in Boston, Mass. We also chat about Royal Coffee’s Coffee Trivia Night. This episode is brought to you by Swiss Water, Hario, and Urnex.


17 Aug 2018

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Episode 84: The One With Kat Adams & Andrea Allen

In this very special episode from Sumner, Washington guest host Josh Littlefield interviews two very special guests: presiding Head Judge of the 2019 US Coffee Championship Sumner Qualifiers Kat Adams, Educator at La Colombe and the top ranking barista competitor for the weekend Andrea Allen of Onyx Coffee Labs in Rogers, Arkansas. Sprudge Media Network’s coverage of the 2020 US Coffee Championships Sumner Qualifier is presented by Cafe Imports, Acaia, IKAWA, Pacific Barista Series, Bellwether, and Baratza.  This episode of Coffee Sprudgecast is sponsored by Hario, Urnex, and Odeko.


20 Dec 2019

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Episode 080: The One With Bailey Arnold

Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen talk to guest Bailey Arnold of Oatly and the Barista Guild. Also discussed in this episode: Sprudge NYC Party At Stumptown Coffee w/ Oatly! Meeting Sprudge contributor Tung Nguyen! Our favorite moments from the NY Coffee Festival, including delicious coffees and teas from Califia, Partners Coffee, Oatly, Equator Coffees, Rishi Tea, Spirit Tea, and more! Tea Week 2.0 coming in February 2020! Marcel Proust! And much much more! This episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast is sponsored by Odeko, Hario, Urnex, Swiss Water Decaf, and IKAWA.


19 Oct 2019

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Episode 067: The One About The Sprudge Twenty

In the latest episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast we talk about The Sprudge TwentyPresented by Pacific Foods Barista Series, our brand-new initiative that celebrates influential voices and leaders in coffee. In the episode we interview Nathanael May, customer marketing manager of specialty coffee for Pacific Foods and friend of the podcast. Click here to listen to our very first interview with May on the 'cast back in April of 2016. A few items discussed this week: Why is the Sprudge Twenty important right now? Why is alternative milk against the rules at barista competition? Why don't cafes have more board games? Check out The Coffee Sprudgecast on iTunes or download the episode here. The Coffee Sprudgecast is sponsored by  Oxo, Urnex Brands, Hario, IKAWA Sample Roastersand Swiss Water Decaf.  Sign up now as a subscriber to the Coffee Sprudgecast and never miss an episode.  Listen, subscribe and review The Coffee Sprudgecast on iTunes.


8 Feb 2019

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Episode 051 - The One At SXSW

Live interviews from SXSW with Brett Cannon of Department of Brewology, Rebekah Miskin of the new web series Night Owl, and Mokhtar Alkhanshali of Port Of Mokha.


23 Mar 2018

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Episode 064: The One With The Tenth Annual Sprudgie Awards Presented by Oatly

Welcome to the winners announcement for the 10th Annual Sprudgie Awards presented by Oatly, honoring the very best in coffee. Nominees for each category were chosen by a worldwide public ballot. Public voting for the Sprudgies took place over several weeks in December 2018, with the ballot box closing at 11:59 PM on Friday, January 4th, 2019. Thanks to the tens of thousands of voters who helped make this the biggest voting field in Sprudgies history. Congratulations to all the nominees—to us, every single 2018 finalist was a winner. Here they are: the winners, honorees, and finalists for the 10th Annual Sprudgie Awards, presented by Oatly! Notable Roaster Winner: Go Get Em Tiger (Los Angeles, CA) Honoree: Red Bay Coffee (Oakland, CA) Finalists: Devoción (Brooklyn), Black & White Coffee Roasters (Wake Forest, NC), Square Mile Coffee (London), Gardelli Coffee (Italy), Sey Coffee (Brooklyn), Coffee Manufactory (San Francisco & Los Angeles). Best New Cafe Winner: Dayglow Coffee (Los Angeles, CA) Honoree: Misión Café (Madrid, Spain) Finalists: Ladder Coffee (Spokane, WA), Mane Coffee (Boca Raton, FL), Provider (Indianapolis, IN), Rosslyn Coffee (London, UK), Center Coffee Myeongdong (Seoul, South Korea), Stumptown Coffee Cobble Hill (Brooklyn, NY). Sustainable Cafe Winner:  Smith Canteen (Brooklyn, NY) Honoree: Isla Cafe (Berlin, Germany) Finalists: Casa Quilha (Brasilia, Brazil), Bar Nine (Los Angeles, CA), Madcap Coffee (Grand Rapids, MI), Houndstooth Coffee Walnut Hill (Dallas, TX), Kokako Organic (Auckland, New Zealand), Miir Flagship (Seattle, WA). Best New Product Winner:  Modbar AV Honoree:  Umeshiso Cupping Spoons Finalists: Minor Figures Oat M*lk, Atmos Vacuum Canister by Fellow Products, Melodrip, Yes Plz Coffee Subscription, DrinkTrade.com, Huskee Cup. Best Coffee Video/Film Winner: Gender In Coffee Honoree: James Hoffmann on YouTube Finalists: Chris Baca on YouTube, AeroPress Movie, Go Get Em Tiger on YouTube, Cafe Imports Roasting Concepts Series, Flower Of Flowers by Stumptown Coffee, Unpacking Coffee. Best Coffee Writing Winner: Sabine Parrish for She's A Lady (originally appearing in Standart Magazine) Honoree:  Dear Coffee Buyer by Ryan Brown Finalists: James Hoffmann for JimSeven.com, Jenn Chen for Newsletter and Collected Works, Ashley Rodriguez for Barista Magazine Online, The Monk Of Mokha by Dave Eggars and Mokhtar Alkhanshali, RJ Joseph for The Knockbox, Phyllis Johnson for Strong Black Coffee (originally appearing in Roast Magazine). Notable Coffee Producer Winner: Juan Peña, Hacienda La Papaya (Ecuador) Honoree: Aida Batlle, Aida Batlle Selections (El Salvador) Finalists: Daterra Coffee (Brazil), Benjamin Paz (Honduras), Long Miles Coffee Project (Burundi), Gesha Village (Ethiopia), La Palma y El Tucan (Colombia), Gilberto Baraona (El Salvador). Best Coffee Magazine Winner: Standart (Slovakia) Honoree: Coffee People Zine (USA) Finalists: Roast Magazine (USA), Pour Over by Califia Farms (USA), Barista Magazine (USA), Caffeine (UK), Solo Magazine (Spain), Drift Magazine (USA). Best Design Packaging Winner: Coffee Manufactory (San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA) Honoree: Onyx Coffee Lab (Bentonville, AR) Finalists: Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters (Lakewood, CO), Brandywine Coffee Roasters (Wilmington, DE), Kaffa (Oslo, Norway), Fjord Coffee Roasters (Berlin, Germany), Lüna Coffee (Vancouver, Canada), Friedhats (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Best Coffee Podcast Winner: Cat & Cloud Honoree: Boss Barista Finalists: Keys To The Shop, The Coffee Podcast, Coffea, Coffee People MX, Coffee With April, SproCast. Best Instagram or Twitter Account Winner: @symmetrybreakfast Honoree:@coffeefeedpdx Finliasts: @umeshiso_, @dapperandwise, @catcloudcoffee, @coffeetablemags, @perfectdailygrind, @fellowproducts. Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence Winner: Umeko Motoyoshi Honoree: Agnieszka Rojewska Finalists: Phyllis Johnson, Michelle Johnson, T. Ben Fischer, Adam JacksonBey, Colleen Anunu. Lifetime Achievement Award Erna Knutsen The 10th Annual Sprudgie Awards are presented by Oatly. See all past winners of the Sprudgie Awards.


9 Jan 2019

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Sprudgecast SXSW Mini-sode 04 - Intelligentsia Coffee

Hey Sprudgecast listeners! This is a very special series of mini-episodes from SXSW. This episode features Andy Atkinson of Intelligentsia Coffee. For more about Sprudge + SXSW, visit http://sprudgelive.com. Sprudge Media Network's SXSW coverage is made possible by Falcon Coffee.


24 Aug 2018

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Episode 074: The One In Boston Part 1

Elizabeth Chai is back hosting a special series of World Coffee Championship themed episodes from the 2019 SCA Expo in Boston. In this episode, Chai interviews three World Brewers Cup competitors. UK Brewers Cup Champion Lewis Maillard Indonesia Brewers Cup Champion Muhammed Fakhri Ireland Brewers Cup Champion Stephen Houston All of SprudgeLive’s 2019 competition coverage is made possible by Acaia, Baratza, Faema, Cafe Imports, Wilbur Curtis, Third Wave Water, Minor Figures, and Mahlkönig. In 2019 SprudgeLive is home to the Digital Roasters Village, because it takes a village to cover a barista competition. The Digital Roasters Village features Camber Coffee, Verve Coffee, Partners Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, Rishi Tea, Kickapoo Coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee, Onyx Coffee Lab, Creation Coffee, Amavida, and Equator Coffees without whom this work would not be possible.


24 Apr 2019

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Episode 052: The One Before London Coffee Festival

In this special episode, we reflect on our time at SXSW, talk about the news of the day with Robyn Brems, and discuss the future at London Coffee Festival. For more on all of these exciting things visit SprudgeLive.com.


6 Apr 2018

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Episode 070: The One In Kansas City (Part 1)

In this episode guest host Elizabeth Chai interviews 2019 United States Barista Finalist T. Ben Fischer (Glitter Cat Barista Boot Camp, Elixr Coffee) and 2019 United States Barista Champion Samantha Spillman (Dillano's Coffee Roasters). This is the first episode in a short series of episodes recorded on site at the United States Coffee Championships in Kansas City. Check out all of our coverage at http://sprudgelive.com. SprudgeLive’s coverage of the 2019 US Coffee Champs is made possible by Joe Glo and Mahlkönig. All of SprudgeLive’s 2019 competition coverage is made possible by Acaia, Baratza, Faema, Cafe Imports, and Wilbur Curtis. The Coffee Sprudgecast is sponsored by IKAWA, Hario, Urnex, Swiss Water Decaf, and OXO.


22 Mar 2019

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Episode 062: The One In Denver Pt. 1

On a very special edition of the Coffee Sprudgecast, we take you live to the event floor at the 2019 US Coffee Champs Qualifying Event in Denver, Colorado! There we join multimedia director Elizabeth Chai, who—in addition to helming our must-follow Instagram coverage of the event—taped a series of original interviews for this week’s episode of the podcast. In this episode Chai talks to Blair Smith, a Brewers Cup competitor for Augie’s Coffee in California’s Inland Empire region. Smith placed 9th overall in the qualifying event, earning a bid to move on and compete at the 2019 US Coffee Championships national event next March in Boston. Chai also sat down with Hana Kaneshige, a barista competitor and Regional Educator representing Counter Culture Coffee, a wholesale roaster hubbed in Durham, North Carolina and Emeryville, CA with satellite training centers nationwide. Kaneshige would also place ninth in the US Coffee Champs Barista Competition field, earning a coveted spot to move on and compete at nationals next year in Boston.


8 Dec 2018

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