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Best friends, Trav & Los, talk late into the night, exploring new ideas for creative professionals. They argue over concepts, share secrets, and interview their industry heroes.

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Becoming a better Visual Designer

Episode Music: https://soundcloud.com/yourrapbeatstv/kaveli-beats-my-name-is-epic-eminem-type-choir-rap-beat-hip-hop-instrumental-2016 https://soundcloud.com/nick-panlook/nickelodeon-till-the-end-sample ###How to become a better Visual Designer. First, what is a Visual Designer? A designer, who understands design principles and critically applies them to solve complex problems visually: balancing craft and execution. So, how do you become a better Visual Designer, if you have a grasp of the basics. You must design, with intentionality. That means that when you are designing, your designs are based on solid design principles, research, and attention to detail. How does one do that? You get good at asking yourself a set of questions while you design. What is my type hierarchy? What patterns am I using? How do these patterns compare to existing or established patterns? What are the margins and padding rules? Are my icons clear? How consistent are my design choices? Does everything on the design need to be there? How would I define my color palette? Is spelling, grammar, and punctuation correct? What’s the content strategy? How does the flow of the page read? How would this design translate to another platform? Practice, practice, practice. Show your work, get feedback. Observe design in the world and form opinions. Look at established design systems like material design and Human Interface Guidelines. Look at websites, apps, and excellent work on Dribbble and ask yourself: Why is this working?


27 Sep 2016

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How To Not Take Yourself Too Seriously

Trav and Los talk about the value of being able to doubt your assumptions and provide a little test that you can use to determine if your assumptions are based on good values.Ultimately, they conclude that if your assumptions are asking other people to change, they may not be productive assumptions.


15 Nov 2017

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How to be Self-learning Part 1

Be sure to tweet us @TravAndLos How to be self-learning I want to talk about the most impactful concepts I’ve encountered and developed while optimizing my learning. This episode is two parts. Part 1 Intro (00:3:43) Summary (00:8:13) 1. Follow your curiosity (00:11:13) This is your compass for self-learning, and immersing yourself in the things that interest you is the best way to digest and make sense and understand your topic to it’s core. 2. Write it Down (00:16:53) It took me some time, but once I started organizing my thoughts on paper or computer I noticed a profound change. Our brains are capable of amazing things, but by trying to depend on your brain to remember all of your ideas and to-do’s, takes a drastic toll for it to operate at its best. 3. Find your Ambassadors (00:20:09) This is important. Choosing the right people to take advice from in life is one of the most important skills to have. Yes, a skill. Look for people that are humble, compassionate, and above all else are authentic/real. 4. Tune your speed (00:41:16) Finding the optimum balance between speed and comprehension is an ongoing process. Always be pushing yourself to find that sweet spot. Sometimes that means slowing down and at times that means speeding it up. Always be on the lookout for playback speed options in your audio and video apps. 5. Plan on Teaching (00:44:02) Everyone knows that the best way to learn is to teach it, and by opening myself to the possibility, I increase my overall understanding. Sometimes the way to create good habits is to trick ourselves into it. Outro to Part 1 (00:48:08)


24 Nov 2014

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How to make deep connections quickly

Trav and Los talk about meeting new people and making deep connections quickly. Download the questions we used as conversation prompts when we led the first night at Epicurrence this year. See the list of questions here: https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/Speed-meeting-prompts-with-Trav-Los-aFWCavu40GtqXOb6f3kyH


8 Nov 2017

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Think To Talk (a method for collaboration and communication)

In this episode Trav talks about the way he likes to think through problems in groups and Los introduces the idea that some people are "Talk to Think" and other are "Think to Talk". A can't miss episode.


28 Mar 2017

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How I increased my creative output 150% by simply changing the way I sleep

Polyphasic Sleep What is your most valuable resource? How would your life change if you added 4 to 6 more waking hours to your day? What would you do? hours gained over time 16 hours becomes 20 per day That’s 28 hours a week 336 per year — 42 work days (month and 1/2) I call this new month “Slumbtember”


28 Apr 2015

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The Last Episode

Hello, this is Travis. Los has been roaming around in the Utah desert for a few months, And I'm alone in a hotel room in New york, trying to force myself to edit this podcast that I've been putting off for too long. This is a particularly hard episode to make. I'm guessing you've read the title, so you know what I'm talking about. In this episode Los and I agree to end the podcast. It's officially over. In this episode you'll hear me dance around the topic for a while and finally work up the courage to suggest we end. It's kind of funny, it's mostly sad, but also joyful. Los and I are going to talk about some of the standout highlights of making late nights for the past few years, and give short updates about what is going on in our lives. I like it. I think it's a good episode. You know, it kind of reminds me of this thing Los and I would always tell each other when making content like this; we would say "End strong" – just end strong. It's okay if you loose your place or stumble around in the middle, just make sure to end on a high point. — And I think we do that here. I think this is a beautiful expression of what in my mind was always the best thing about this podcast: that Los and I love each other. I think that comes through —strongly.


7 Aug 2018

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How to be Self-learning Part 2

Be sure to tweet us @TravAndLos How to be self-learning I want to talk about the most impactful concepts I’ve encountered and developed while optimizing my learning. This episode is two parts. Part 2 Intro (00:00:01) 6. Focus on Productivity (00:02:18) Hardest thing about learning is often finding time to do it. Working to become more productive will create the time and willpower you need. Focus on habits to increase productivity. 7. Mix it up (00:12:08) There are multiple ways to learn today so mix it up. Books, magazines, blogs, audiobooks, articles, podcasts, lectures, movies, documentaries, online video, apps, music and debates. Listening to experts disagree with each other is a great way to approach a topic with an open mind. 8. Avoid Confirmation Bias (00:23:09) Remember to always keep an open mind and seek out contradictory opinions. This will keep you more balanced, informed and objective on the topic. It’s easy to limit your consumption to content that agrees with you. 9. Bring your friends (00:45:06) Surround yourself by other people that are interested in the same things you are, it makes the learning process more rewarding. Book clubs, meet-ups, dinners or just spending the evening talking with someone close to you are great ways to grow and support each other. 10. Relate as you go (00:48:29) If you can attach a new idea or concept to something well established in your mind, grasping and remembering concepts becomes a breeze. I can retain new information well when I can draw connections to things I have experience with. At least Isaac Asimov thinks this is were great ideas come from. Outro (01:03:00) Most important part to learning is putting what you have learned to use.

1hr 8mins

24 Nov 2014

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How To Get A Job and Keep It

Have you ever struggled in getting a job? What do you do during a phone interview? How do you approach an in-person interview? How do you negotiate an offer? What do you do in your first 90 days to keep the job? Tune into this weeks podcast and get some insights into "Interview Hacking" We discuss all of these and more during this late night podcast. Join in :)


22 Apr 2015

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Why You Should Be A Publisher

Why you should start publishing today What is publishing? Creating content with a speciffic audience in mind. Why you should start publishing today You will become a better thinker Knowing a skill or a fact is something entirely different than being able to relate it to an audience in a relatable and consumable way. You learn to simplify and clarify, which is an invaluable skill. You will be more intentional about your life Once you start writing about your life and the thoughts that shape it, you’ll begin thinking more intentionally about who you are, who you are becoming, and whether you like what you see or not. And that just may be reason enough to get started. Everything is a potential source for your next blog post or video or podcast. You’ll develop an eye for meaningful things We pickup and discard valuable lessons every day. We have truly profound moments that never really crack through our ultra distracted attention spans. Being responsable to an audience forces to look at life with a new lens. You are more critical and observant of cause and effect around you. You learn to draw connections that you would otherwise have no real reason latch on to. Make friends and meet interesting people This one is not hard to justify. We are on the phone right now with one of fthe coolest guys I’ve ever met and never would have had that oppertunity without making the descision to be a publisher. You will be able to influence and inspire others. About 5 years ago I wrote a blog post in which I said (I know it’s tacky to quote yourself, but at least its not a tweet, thats always weird.) I said “To be a valuable person, to truly live an extraordinary life, you must strive to reach and influence as many people as deeply and as profoundly as you possibly can.” A few weeks ago here on this podcast I said that ”webs of weak ties are how ideas are spread” So basicly, start blogging and live an extraordinary life. Build Confidence Like anything, putting yourself out there becomes easier with repetition. Standing up in front of people and relying a clear message, wether it’s to an audience of 1, or 100K, is a great way to build self confidence. It feels really good when people appreciate you I’m not talking about an upvote or a like. I’m talking about when someone takes the time out of their day to thank you for being an instrument in changing their life An audience is a hard-won, yet valueable asset that you can leverage throughout your entire career recommendations job oppertunities buy your product promote your product provide resources offer moral support provide man-power be social proof be your friends


26 May 2015

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How to find a mentor

Travis takes Los to the airport while they discuss the best way to find and engage mentors. Review the podcast so far (00:00:01) It feels good to make, to publish Brocasting is fun Put in work up front to find your rhythm and voice Finding a Mentor is like dating (07:17:16) Best Practices in contacting a mentor (16:24:12) Choose the platform you contact them on carefully Keep a good tone, be thankful Try to offer value right away what can you supplement their operation with? who could you introduce them to? Some don'ts Ask for a job Ask for help right away Correct their mistakes Gush Value based relationships (33:44:11) You need to provide unique consistent value over time Offer value right away Don’t stop! Be ready, they will naturally offer value in return Show a lot of gratitude about any help you get. Make a big deal about it. A few action steps (56:23:05) Make a list of potential mentors Note where best to make contact Contact them all Give first Be consistent, be ready

1hr 4mins

10 Dec 2014

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How To Get Constructive Feedback

In this episode we teach you some tips and tricks that will help you define the type of feedback you want from your peers or clients.


18 May 2015

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Set and Achieve Better Goals

Setting Goals and achieving them Only work on one thing at a time Make changes during periods of calm Make your goal as clear and specific as possible Set things up on autopilot (routines) Make to-do lists pre-commitment Tackle the tough things first Keep yourself and your surroundings tidy and clean Surround yourself with those who have similar goals Delay gratification instead of nixing it altogether remove deterrents. Don’t make the right decision over and over again.


24 Mar 2015

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Trav and Los try and seduce two new design podcasters

Trav and Los try and seduce two new design podcasters New Podcast!: https://www.disenochachacha.com/ Music: https://soundcloud.com/chrldltn/cumbia-sobre-el-mar-quantic


20 Jun 2017

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Five Love Languages (and how to use them)

Trav tells Los about the five languages of love and how we can use this paradigm to communicate more effectively with everyone around us.


4 Apr 2017

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Focus Your Passion

06:18 - Travis and Los sing to you 02:10 - Travis reads an iTunes podcast review 06:50 - Light housekeeping 08:40 - Trav and Los rejected from a podcast network?? 11:30 - Los shows up 16:30 - Travis talks about his mentoring sessions 29:48 - Travis continues to ramble... (ramblings with Travis) 32:48 - Question: How do you manage all your creative interests? 34:20 - Travis talks about creative interests 36:19 - Enjoy the work for itself 36:50 - Los starts to answer the question 37:44 - Travis gets real 38:44 - The importance of establishing your passion 40:40 - Los applies advice to himself 44:06 - What a modern designer uses 46:44 - Los sweats 50:00 - Travis is reserved on the notion of "Say NO" 55:48 - Los is frustrated with saying "no" and "yes" 56:18 - We question our effectiveness 59:40 - How do you determine what your passion is? 1:00:00 - Bro, you have to pick one.

1hr 1min

6 Jan 2015

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A Lesson To My Younger Self

If you could give your younger self one piece of advise, what would it be?


14 Apr 2017

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Real Honesty (pt.2) – Feat. Helen Tran, Chas Barton, & Kunal Patel

We invite Helen Tran, Chas Barton, and Kunal Patel to gather around a table and try to answer some really difficult questions with real honesty.


2 May 2017

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It All Starts With Writing

Mustache, Mustache, Mustache, Mustache.

1hr 6mins

3 Feb 2015

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Chase The Carrot!

Today we talk about the fear of success and how to manage that fear! Enjoy :)


8 Apr 2015

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