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Slide: The Avalanche Podcast is an educational and public information resource for all things avalanche related. Listen to the Introduction for more information.

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S1E2: More Funk Less Bunk

In this episode we review the state of the pack across the globe and wrap up the subjects we bit into in Episode 1. I talk about specific tactics for effective speech and mitigating confirmation bias.Reach out with your feedback on Facebook or at avalanchepodcast@gmail.comAmerican avalanche info: http://www.avalanche.org/Canadian avalanche info: http://www.avalanche.ca/map


24 Nov 2016

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S1E3: There's No Place Like Home

This one was a bear. We cover the State of the Snowpack, Airbag Packs, and have special story time with Doug.I've got some initial impressions of this episode, but please give me your feedback. I promise the next one will be half as long. Sorta promise...dk


2 Dec 2016

Rank #2

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S1E4: Scary Stories

Shorter one this week on the stories we tell. pray for snow...dk


10 Dec 2016

Rank #3

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S1E5: Ramping Up

In this episode we review some avalanche problems in North America, micro-rant on education, dive into situational awareness, and tell stories.


17 Dec 2016

Rank #4

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S1E7: Metacognition and Twits

This week we dig into deep persistent slab problems, wrap situational awareness, talk about how hard it is to know how little we know, and visit the perils of skiing near or on other peoples tracks.


30 Dec 2016

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S1E10: Systemic Failure

An examination of how we can look at our bc skiing as a process and our skills, knowledge, and behavior as elements of a system - and what can go wrong when the elements of process and system are weak or absent.


21 Jan 2017

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S1E8: Backcountry Teamwork

A short episode this week that takes the principles of operational teamwork, trims 'em up, and targets recreational pow-hounds with the new product.


8 Jan 2017

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S1E6: Change of Venue

Short one this week. I'm still recovering from a journey across the left pond. We got a pack rant, bit of gear, part two of situational awareness, and a short story. Happy Festivus...dk


23 Dec 2016

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S1E9: Enkidu, Gilgamesh, and Doug-San

A quickie this week; a tale of reassessment, exposure, and feedback.


14 Jan 2017

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S1E13: Reflection and Action

In this hearty little nugget we review in situ techniques for un-enslaving ourselves from the dirty little tricks our minds play. That's the longer funner way of referring to de-biasing techniques part deux.A tale of trouble for James, Wallace, Manfred, Robert, and Samuel holds down the second part of the show. pray for snow...dk


11 Mar 2017

Rank #10