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Jim Leighty, Al Gilson, and Tony Roberts talk about different airstrips to visit, the ups and downs of flying in the Pacific Northwest, and all the fun events you can find here! We also like to discuss aviation music, movies, books, and websites. Basically we are just a bunch of fun loving pilots that have a passion for aviation just like you!

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Pass the Fifth and Hold the Mayo

Our May  episode kicks off with one of our favorite holidays, has a great movie, book, and song, then winds up with a hilarious comedy clip.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy some quarantine with us. Movie:  The War Lover Book:  Skyfaring Journey by Mark Vanhoenacker Interview:   Kyle Fowler/Go EZ Aerobatics Website:  Trade a Plane Song:  Flight School/Miguel Campbell Destination:   Walla Walla Sound/Comedy:   Saturday Night Live/Tom Hanks & Alec Baldwin

1hr 27mins

9 May 2020

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Our show's in trouble! Pull the chute!!

Yep, when we get into a bind at the Hangar 49 studios, we start to babble, and the show starts to crash, we just reach for the handle and pull the chute.  Easy, right?  Maybe.  In this show we talk about a flight where they, "pulled the chute," right in our own backyard.  Plus, another incident that "impacted" one of Al's favorite rental Cessnas.  Climb aboard...it's fate...and we have that movie, too.  Plus, we check our speed at nearly 2,000 nautical miles per hour. Movie: Fate is the Hunter Sound/Comedy: Major Brian Shul, USAF (Ret.) SR71 Blackbird Speed check Book: Sled Driver by Brian Shul   Song: David Usher-Airplane

1hr 17mins

21 Sep 2018

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Oops! Uh, oh. Warning, strong language!

We pride our selves on being a “cutting edge” podcast. On this show we teeter on the edge of getting slammed into the Internet jail. Wanna know what we did? Just take a listen. (Oh…before we get arrested…we celebrate 115 years of powered flight in this-our 114th show.) The Wright Brothers The Wrong Brothers Movie: Flight Command (1940) Book: Fly Girls by Keith O’Brien Book: Fly Girls by P. O’Connell Pearson Song: Iron Maiden-Flight of Icarus Destination: Tillamook Air Museum Interview: A Day in the Life of a Regional Airline Pilot Comedy: George Carlin-On Airlines and Flying (Warning: Strong Language)

1hr 27mins

19 Dec 2018

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Crap! More technical difficulties!

Crap! We have a bunch of technical issues! Memo to us: Don't say bad things about Microsoft...they must listen to our show. But hey...we fly little airplanes with technology from the 1940's...we got this. So, sit down and hang on. We're gonna have a show! Movie: Fortress Book: The Blue Angels: A Fly-By History: Sixty Years of Aerial Excellence Interview: Dave Baile, Survival Pucks Website: Open Airplane Song: Steve Miller/Jet Airliner Destination: Stonehenge Airplane Museum Comedy/sound: Scottish air traffic controllers

1hr 10mins

14 Feb 2019

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The Internet Police might censor this show!

We pride ourselves to ensure that every episode of Hangar 49 is filled with cutting edge aviation information and entertainment. You be the judge. You better listen soon, before the internet police remove this show.  Watch for our bail/bond crowdfunding campaign.  Coming soon. Movie: October Sky Book: Sputnik: The Shock of the Century by Paul Dickson Sound: Frustrated Pilot talking to SoCal Approach Website/App: Cloud Topper Pilot Sight Level for iPhone/iPad Song:Long John Baldry & Elton John (Reggie White)-Flying Interview/Discussion: AOPA Safety Institute/Flight Following Comedy: Why can't you use phones on planes

1hr 4mins

15 Jan 2017

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Sorry, We Don't Take Cheques

We may not take cheques (probably because we don’t sell anything) but we remember the glory days of freight dogs hauling cancelled checks from everywhere back to the banks.  Plus, we have music, movies, and funny stuff…plus the latest news and another interview by our foreign correspondent, Grant McHerron. It's all in this brand new episode. Movie: Midway (2019 version) Book: Hauling Checks by Alex Stone Interview: Grant McHerron at Oshkosh with Gary Velasco Website:  Live ATC dot Net Song: Fly On/Coldplay Destination: Historic Flight Foundation/Spokane Sound/Comedy: Best and Funniest Air Traffic Control Conversations

1hr 29mins

6 Dec 2019

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Hold my drone and reach for the sky!

We are always reaching for the sky here at Hangar 49.  it doesn't matter if it's a Cessna, a Boeing, or a drone, (or on a cruise ship looking up.  Take a listen as Tony and Al babble about all this stuff. Movie: Reach for the Sky (1956) Book:  Stuka Pilot By Hans Ulrich Rudel Interview:  WW2 B-17 Pilot John Mscik Website:   FighterSweep Song: Grass Roots/Fly Me to Havana Destination: Smiley Creek, Idaho Sound/Comedy: Ajax Airlines/Hudson & Landry If you have any comments, compliments, or complanits, drop us a note at h49flying@gmail.com

1hr 18mins

6 Jun 2019

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Bye, bye, Jimmy

So, in 2010 Jimmy had a dream: Create the world's best aviation podcast.  He brought on a couple of airplane pilot buddies, another ex-disc jockey and an ex British rock and roller.  The rest is history.  Over 100 shows later, Jim is turning off his microphone. Why? We don't know.  Old age, mental disorder, confusion, lack of pay, no respect? It could be any of these.  Well, we opened up the studio and recorded this show in front of a live audience. And, with the production staff currently incarcerated in a third-world country, we produced it ourselves. We have a song, movie, news, and comedy, plus that great pilot banter you know and love. Movie: Bombers B-52 Song: Bread/Fly Away Book: B-52 Stratofortress by Bill Yenne Comedy: Jerry Seinfeld on Airplane Travel Oh, Tony and Al are looking for the next great co-host. Send your tapes and resumes to: hangar49@comcast.net (hopefully, Jimmy will forward those to Tony and Al.  Jim is kind of protective of that account.

1hr 16mins

21 Aug 2017

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Wow! Our 9th Anniversary Special!

Wow! Has it really been 9 years? This little aviation podcast is growing up fast. From our humble beginnings in February, 2010 we have matured into one of the most respected and listened to aviation podcasts on the planet with listeners from around the world. But, after nearly 120 shows, we remain humble. In fact, we forgot to mention this landmark anniversary until nearly the end of the show. Frankly, we had so many topics to cover, movies and songs to review, plus a book and comedy clip, we were barely able to squeeze it in. So....as always, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight...er ..our show.   Movie:  Left Behind Book:  Wind, Sand, and Stars by Antoine Saint Exupery Interview:  Autonomous Flying Taxis Could Change the Way You Travel/with Rodin Lyasoff Website: Sleeping In Airports   Song: Second Row/Chris and Dave Hadfield   Destination: An evening with Dave Hadfield in Kelowna, BC on march 21, 2019   Sound/Comedy: Yorkshire Airlines with Hale and Pace

1hr 11mins

1 Mar 2019

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We Are In Harm's Way (Again)

Yep. When we take this show on the road, sometimes we get in harm’s way. First Tony had motorhome engine problems. Then, Al had motorhome engine problems. We’re lucky we weren’t trying to fly an airplane on the road. (That would be a whole different issue.) Again, we are on the road and this show was recorded on the flight line at the Arlington Balloon and Aircraft Festival in mid-August. Movie: In Harm’s Way (1965) Book: Graphic War-The Secret Aviation Drawings & Illustrations of World War 2 by Donald Nijboer Interviews: John Sessions & Gene Vezzetti, Historic Flight Foundation James Cooper, Evergreen Soaring Matt Quinn, Great Lakes Drone Company Song: Gordon Lightfoot/Early Morning Rain Destination: Historic Flight Foundation Sound/Comedy: Russ Nagel on Flying

1hr 7mins

15 Sep 2019

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Our 10th Anniversary Show!

It’s our diamond jubilee!  Ten years in the making!  With over 120 shows!  Hundreds of star-studded interviews, aviation movies, flying songs and books!  Yes…it’s the 10th anniversary celebration episode of Hangar 49!  Plus, a surprise 10th anniversary guest host and flashbacks. Movie:  Top Gun-Maverick (2020) Book:  Flying Alone by Beth Ruggerio York Interview:  Will Allen Website: Pilot Mall Song:  You Can Always Go Around/Ken Dravis Destination:   Pearson Field Air Museum Sound/Comedy:   Louis CK-Babies on My Plane Our email:  h49flying@gmail.com

1hr 18mins

17 Jan 2020

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Aviation: Social Distancing Since 1903

We live in crazy times.  We never heard of "social distancing" until now.  Luckily, aviation is a great way to put some distance between us.  And, since Hangar 49 has studios in the USA and Canada, we do social distancing all the time.  So, go hide in another room and listen to our latest show. Movie:  Air Strike Book:  A Higher Call - Adam Makos Interview:   Mike Strasser-Chicken Wings Website: Aviation Work Jokes Song:  Flying On My Own - Celine Dion Destination:   Barra Airport Sound/Comedy:   Dean Martin, Foster Brooks, & Ken Lane /The Airline Pilot

1hr 25mins

1 Apr 2020

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We always "Tell the Truth"

Of course, everything on the internet is true.  That means everything we say on this show is true.  We can prove it.  Just listen to this show.  We even have a "To Tell the Truth" segment on this show. Song - John Fogerty - Flying Away. Book - Flight of Passage – By Rinker Buck Sound: To Tell the Truth-Kern Buck (Rinker Bucks brother) Part One Part Two Website (and Museum Destinations): Warbird Alley Movie - American Made

1hr 14mins

11 Dec 2017

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The "Multi-Accent" Show

In this episode, Hangar 49 spans the globe in a quest to discover how many different English language accents we could cram into one show. Four isn’t too bad.  We go to Las Vegas, Oshkosh, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico to bring you the latest in aviation entertainment.  And, if you're hungry, we found a really nice restaurant in Salzburg, Austria you might enjoy.  Oh, and say hello to our foreign correspondent, Grant McHerron, who traveled from down under on special assignment for Hangar 49.  So, sit down and tune in.  Movie: The War Lover (1962) Book:  Lancaster Squadrons by Jon Lake Interview: Grant McHerron interviews Bevan Dewes Website:  Lafayette Escadrille Documentary Song: Moody Blues/We Can Fly Destination: Hangar 7/Salzburg Sound/Comedy: Airline Security/Tim Conway & Harvey Kormann on Carol Burnett Show

1hr 19mins

15 Nov 2019

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We've Got Mighty Wings!

Hey! We've got some mighty wings! It takes some big wings to get this show set up and recorded in a remote location. (Oh, OK...we admit that we "flew" down the freeway in the mobile studio.) Yep, once again we've taken Hangar 49 on location at the Arlington Balloon and Airplane Festival. Tony and Al, plus special guests Phillip Randolph and Emmy-Winning producer Erik Utter babble their way through another thrilling episode...complete with authentic airplane noise in the background! Movie: The Wings of Eagles (1957) Book: Aircraft-The Definitive History by DK Interviews: John and Heather Norman/Spirit of St. Louis replica & Thomas Williams and Richard Gentry/EAA Chapter 84 Song: Cheap Trick/Mighty Wings Destination: Boeing Factory tour Sound/Comedy: Checking in at the airport/Sebastian Maniscalo & The Acronym Song


20 Aug 2019

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Was it worth the wait?

 OK...sure...it's been awhile since our last show, (about 6 months), but we know our fans are still with us.  You are still here, aren't you?  Hello....is anyone out there?  Hello.....hello.... Well, anyway, we are back with our traditional live broadcast from the flight line at the Arlington Fly-In.  Just a tiny bit north of Seattle in Washington State, USA. Sit back, relax and listen to Tony and Al, plus Phillip and Erik as they babble through an entertaining hour of aviation news, interviews, and valuable information. And, of course, the usual stuff: Song: Nazz/When I Get My Plane Movie: The Pilot Comedy: Checking In at the Airport - Sebastian Maniscalco Book:  81 Lessons From The Sky by Fletcher McKenzie


29 Jul 2018

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