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The Touch of Gaming podcast is your source for iPad and iPhone gaming news, reviews and interviews! In each episode your hosts Lloyd Hannesson and Jared Schulz will bring you the latest in gaming on iOS.This show has been retired. Keep checking back for more Mobile Game coverage on REZD.tv

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ToG #117 – Super Hexagon, VS Racing 2 and Supermagical

So Apple had a little event and announced some small items, something about an iPhone 5 and new Touches? Hmm.. Anyways we talk about that this week and get into reviews of a pile of iOS games! Even though it was a slow release week, we have some awesome games to tell you about. Have I said how much I like the iOS ecosystem lately? No? Well I love it. Audio

1hr 15mins

18 Sep 2012

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ToG #245 – Teeny Titans, Rodeo Stampede, and Smash Squad

In this episode, Jared and Todd talk about a lot of game updates and industry news and the latest Humble Android/PC Bundle. We then talk about the games we did not play. And then the games we are playing. Jared – Adventure Co. (Free, Foursaken Media, iOS/Android). Jared likes, but does not love, this party-based action game. There is some depth and fun here but it is not quite for him. Same goes for Todd. Worth checking out because there is a good game here for sure, but it might not be for everyone. Jared – Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (Free, Square Enix, iOS/Android) Jared loved FF Record Keeper so he had high hopes for this one. Sadly they were dashed due to poor free to play mechanics and boring gameplay. This is not a keeper at all. Don’t bother with it and check out last year’s entry instead. Todd – Neo Turf Masters ($2.99, iOS, dotEMU/SNK) vs. Eagle Fantasy Golf (Free, iOS, Aiming Inc.). 2 golf games on iOS. Neo Turf Masters is an old Neo Geo game and mixes arcade action with a tiny bit of golf sim all wrapped up in a 16 bit look. This game is retro and it shows, but it can still be fun. Worth it if you liked the game back in the day and/or want to (re)visit a classic. Eagle Fantasy Gold is a more modern take on the genre a la Hot Shots Golf. It has some fun elements but it is a bit too “free to play” at times. Nevertheless, it looks decent and plays well and is worth checking out if you are looking for some casual golfing fun with lots of stats and items you can equip and level up. Jared – Shadowverse (Free, iOS, Cygames) – This CCG is very similar to Heartstone but it adds some twists of its own while also borrowing a few ideas from games like Sol Forge. It is a very solid title and has a nice single player campaign. Worth checking out if you are into the genre or are looking for a Hearthstone replacement. Recommended. Jared – Smash Squad (Free, iOS, WG Cells Limited) – it looks like Jared has a new entry in his “3 Free to Play Games I am keeping on my device” list. He allows himself 3 Free to Play games at a time on his devices and this is now one of them. It reminds him a bit of Squids with its shuffleboard-esque battle mechanic and its art style/charm. Recommended! Jared – Teeny Titans ($3.99, Cartoon Network, iOS/Android) – A fun little collect ‘em all squad battler based on the New Teen Titans cartoon. The collecting elements are great fun (sort of like picking out digital Amiibos) and so is the gameplay. Highly recommended for all ages! Jared – Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safari (Free, Featherweight Games Pty Limited, iOS/Android) – Jared is really digging this game in the way Todd loved Crossy Road. Lots of challenge to be had. Fun animals to unlock. High scores to be chased. Just a great time overall and the free to play elements are not even noticeable. Highly recommended. And that is all for the moment. Check us out on Twitter… The show is: @TofG Jared is: @TheQuacko Todd is: @toddias Audio

1hr 9mins

6 Jul 2016

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ToG #244 – Lost Frontiers meets BlazBlue RR

In this episode, Jared and Todd talk about a lot of game updates and industry news. We then talk about the games we did not play. And then the games we are playing. Jared – Star Billions (Free w/IAP $3, James Cockerham/Catch and Release, iOS/Android) – Jared sort of digs this little game. It is similar to Lifeline as it will send you little story bits throughout the day. The issue is that if you want to speed things along, you need to play 1 of 2 inane mini-games. That aside, the writing is solid and the story is fun. The first chapter is free. The next costs $2.99. Recommended. Todd – Wizard Swipe (Free, iOS & Android, Niceplay Games) – pixel game in which you swipe to shoot spells upwards in order to defend your castle. This one starts off fun and a bit refreshing, but it grows more annoying as you progress. You are basically forced to watch ads to double your much-needed gold and levels get hard in a hurry…forcing you to grind for gold so you can upgrade your tech tree. This has potential, and is fun for the first hour, but after that it will leave you wanting something better honed. Try it but don’t expect too much. Jared – Dawnbringer (Free, Kiloo, iOS/Android) – Think Infinity Blade meets Open World RPG and you get an idea of what is going on here. Things look great and, initially, all is good in the game…but flaws soon crop up. There are only 3 types of quests. The fighting system is a bit awkward and does not play well. You are basically forced to watch ads if you die. Etc. It all adds up to a game that Jared cannot really recommend. Since it is free, you might want to give it a go…just don’t expect a whole lot and make sure you have a newer device. Todd – Heroes of Loot 2 ($3.99 on iOS & $4.49 on Android, OrangePixel) – the sequel to their fun action RPG, this sees more of the same only ramped up. It all plays pretty well and it is a very solid action title with rogue-like elements baked in. Todd recommends it but he thinks you might want to wait a week or 2 for the next (promised) update. It will add MFi support and more. Jared – Star Nomad 2 ($7.99, Anh Huy Phan, iOS) – this game’s PC roots shine through way too much and that gets in the way of its menus and controls. Underneath is a potentially very fun space exploration and trading game, but the cons outweigh the pros; especially at this premium price point. It is another “wait and see” type of game but, as of now, Jared cannot currently recommend it on mobile. Todd – BlazBlue RR – Real Action Game (Free, iOS & Android, 91 Act) – a level based action game set in the BlazBlue fighting game universe, this one has tons of free to play elements…but they act more as points of confusion than points of pain/annoyance. In fact, the game is surprisingly deep in its controls and move set and it also offers a ton to do each session without the FTP elements blocking your progress. Todd is digging it a lot and it thinks it is worth checking out. It also looks pretty darn amazing. Jared – Lost Frontier ($2.99, Mika Mobile, iOS/Android) – Jared once again buries the lead and saves the best for last. We saw Warbits a few weeks ago and now we see another turn-based strategy game enter the fray. This one has a Steampunk/Western setting/feel and it does enough different from Warbits (and Advanced Wars before it) to set itself apart. It does a lot right and it just feels good, so if you are into the genre then this is one for you to check out for sure. Highly recommended. And that is all for the moment. Check us out on Twitter… The show is: @TofG Jared is: @TheQuacko Todd is: @toddias Audio

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20 Jun 2016

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ToG #242 – Titan Quest and Imbroglio

In this episode we catch up a bit, we talk about some game updates, some upcoming games, and some interesting news items that are part of the mobile gaming world. We then touch upon a few games we did not try before launching into games we did try. Todd talked briefly about 2 games he tried…Mekorama (Free – pay what you want, iOS, Martin Magni) and Leap Day (Free, iOS, Nitrome). Mekorama is a bit of a mash up of Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker (WiiU) and Monument Valley. It seems fun and both Todd and Jared like it, but it might need better camera control. Worth trying if you like modern puzzle games. Leap Day is a “new level a day” platformer that sees you inside a bit of a tower-esque level. You auto-run left to right and control your jumps up. It can be fun and rewarding but also very frustrating. It all depends on what you like so try it and take things from there. Jared – Titan Quest ($6.99, iOS, DotEmu) – this classic PC Action RPG (think Diablo II) comes to iOS and it is an extremely faithful and full-fledged port. Everything that was in the PC game is basically in this one and it all looks good and controls nicely on the touch screen. Jared is digging it so far and may talk about it more, but if you have been craving a good ARPG then this should be on your very, very short list. Todd – Bejeweled Stars (Free, iOS & Android, EA) – Todd has a bit of a soft spot for Bejeweled and he had to try this one. As it turns out, the game takes all of the normal “matching” found in a Bejeweled game and sets it in a world comprised of short levels. There are many challenges to be had and many free to play aspects to dig into (limited lives, items that you create but that take real world time to make, various currencies, etc.). None of this is too onerous; but it takes away from the fun. No more crazy score chases. No more almost losing in the game only to frantically find a match and keep moving forward, no more leaderboards. It is just short levels that are tailored in such a way that you are bound to need special items to complete them. It was fun at first but it eventually wore out its welcome. Grab it if you want to relive a bit of the Bejeweled magic…and then delete it when you get tired of its free to play mechanics. Jared – GodFinger 2 (Free, iOS, Jiggery Pokery) – More Godfinger more of the time. Jared has not really played enough of this “sim” yet, but he likes what he is playing. It is worth looking at if you enjoyed the first one but the jury is still out on the longevity of the game overall. Todd – Imbroglio ($3.99, iOS, Michael Brough) – During the course of the podcast, Jared taught Todd that “imbroglio” is an Italian word meaning: an extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation. Todd was embarrassed by his terrible pronunciation of the word, but the “confused and complicated” bit also make a bit of sense in describing the game itself. This is essentially a rogue like where you control 1 of 4 characters on a 4 x 4 tile grid. The twist is the tiles on the grid are actually weapons and they each have a color, an ability, and a power. You make your way around the board trying to collect 1 gem at a time. You have to battle monsters that will fare better against one color weapon or the other, so you need to plan ahead and try to attack from a position (tile) of power. It is actually a deep and rewarding little system and there is a lot more to take in than you might think at first. Overall, this is a very intriguing game and worth the price; especially if you are interested in charismatic rogue-like games. And that about does it for another episode. Check us out on Twitter… The show is: @TofG Jared is: @TheQuacko Todd is: @toddias Audio

1hr 10mins

24 May 2016

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ToG #240 – Yakin’ and Warbits

Hi everyone. In this episode we talk about some recent or soon to be arriving updates and games. We then divert to talk about Todd’s issues with Game Center … namely; he cannot open the app anymore. After a bit of other random chit chat (our Miitomo debate continues), we get into new games: Todd – Yakin’ ($.99, iOS & Android, Two Fish One Chips) – This harkens back to the good ole days of “Summer Games”. It is an 8 bit (ish) take on kayaking with smooth controls and lots of challenge. Getting 3 stars on all of the levels is tough but there is a lot of fun to be had along the way. Recommended. Jared – Core Worlds Digital ($5.99, iOS, Broken Myth Studios) – another board game to digital translation, this game unfortunately falls short in pretty much all categories. From poor AI to lots of little glitches to a boring and not very helpful tutorial, this game just does not cut it. Avoid it. Todd – Kerohiro the Flag Bearer (Free, iOS and Android, Chan Chee Lek) – With froggy characters, goofy little RPG quests, and a “snake” like battle mechanic/play style, Todd had high hopes for this one. Unfortunately, it all falls flat. The levels are slow, the energy system gets in the way, and the controls just don’t quite work. This one is not ready for prime time. It is free so you can try it for yourself but Todd is deleting the app. Jared – Spellspire (Free, iOS, 10Ton Ltd.) – if you are itching for another word game mixed with an RPG, then this game is for you. It features a very fair free to play mechanic and a decent amount of challenge and fun. It can get a bit tough in points (boss stages; mostly) but it is a well put together game that is well worth a try. Recommended. Todd – Astro Attack (Free, iOS, James Bowling) – think space invaders meets Galaga meets schmup…all tied together with a more than fair Crossy Road free to play mechanic. This game is good, endless runner (shooter) fun that has been keeping Todd entertained for a couple of weeks. It cries out for “just one more run”. A very solid title that could be improved a bit with in-game music and sound effects that change based on the skin/theme you are playing with at the time. Recommended. Jared – Warbits ($2.99, iOS, Risky Lab, LLC) – we bury the lead once again and talk about the best game of the last 2 weeks at the end of the show rather than at the beginning. This turn based strategy game is HEAVILY inspired by the classic Advanced Wars series. This one offers a ton of polished gameplay with a decent; albeit short, single player campaign and an incredibly well done asynchronous multiplayer piece. Jared it really, really loving this and this game will be in his Top 10 of the year. Highly recommended. Check us out on Twitter… The show is: @TofG Jared is: @TheQuacko Todd is: @toddias Audio

1hr 6mins

27 Apr 2016

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ToG #239 – Motorsports Manager and Disney Crossy Road

This is quite a long episode featuring quite a bit of info. As usual, we start with lots of upcoming games and news talk and part of that involves a Miitomo battle royale. We then move into games we didn’t play (spoilers…but it turns out one of us did…) Finally we get to the meat of the podcast and focus on the many games we did play… Jared: Motorsports Manager (Free on iOS & $.99 on Android, Christian West) – This game went free on iOS (and is $.99 on Android) so Jared grabbed it and started it and got sucked into a 2+ hour gaming session. Todd enjoys it too and you should check it out. A great blend of F1 style management sim with some top down racing elements all done with nice graphical flair. Recommended! Jared: Disney Crossy Road (Free, iOS & Android, Disney/Hipster Whale) – Jared strikes again with his take on this Crossy Road spin-off/sequel. This time Disney characters are the focus. The gameplay is essentially the same as Crossy Road but with Disney characters and themes. There is a lot to love here and the different themes actually change up gameplay so they are worth checking out. If you are not completely tired of Crossy Road then check this one out. Todd: Hammer Bomb (Free, iOS & Android, Crescent Moon) – This is a first person perspective dungeon crawler meets rogue-like meets a tiny bit of the feel of an endless runner. There is a ton to enjoy here from the music to the Voxel look to the responsiveness of the controls. There is character leveling and things to unlock/upgrade and the game is really fun overall. Worth checking out for sure. Jared: Lost Portal ($2.99, iOS, Michael Camilli) – This is a very well done CCG that might need a bit more incubation to reach its full potential. Nevertheless, if you are looking for another game in the style of Magic the Gathering, this is one to look out for. Jared gives it a cautious recommendation and you might want to wait for an update because it does have a few kinks to work out. It shows a lot of promise; though. Todd: Good Knight Story (Free, iOS, Turbo Chili) – a “draw a line to match pieces” style of Match 3 game, this offers monsters to battle, 6 different game pieces to use (4 represent elements, one for life, and one for shields), and some quests to complete. There is money to be earned, levels to be gained via XP, weapons and spells to be acquired, and upgrades to be applied. All in all, this is a very solid offering with charm, good looks, and very solid gameplay. Highly recommended. Jared: Flail Rider (Free, iOS & Android, BulkyPix) – a retro looking endless runner, in this one you drive a car around a level populate with various structures. The car has a large “flail” (ball and chain) attached to the back of it. You need to avoid the structures with your car while letting the flail hit them. The problems lie in the randomness of the levels and the fact that very often you cannot avoid what you are trying to avoid because it essentially pops up out of nowhere. Jared did not like and neither did Todd. Steer clear. Todd: Looty Dungeon (Free, iOS, Taco Illuminati) – This has a Crossy Road look, control mechanic, and monetization scheme, but it offers some nice differences like room-based levels, different characters with different abilities, attack and defense mechanics, quests to complete, traps, bosses, and more. It all seems promising but Todd had an extremely difficult time getting it to run properly…so he does not have enough time with the game to fully recommend it. Probably worth checking out but your mileage may vary. Jared: Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (Chi) (Free, iOS & Android, Square Enix) – another free to play Square Enix game, this one looks to dethrone FF: Record Keeper as Jared’s go to free to play RPG game. He is digging it quite a bit so far and likes the look, feel, and gameplay mechanics of the game. He recommends you try it out and he will update us next time about how the free to play aspects of the game are going. That does it for this week. Enjoy! Check us out on Twitter… The show is: @TofG Jared is: @TheQuacko Todd is: @toddias Audio

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12 Apr 2016

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ToG #238 – King Rabbit and 7 Mages

Touch of Gaming #238. For the week of March 28, 2016 We talk about a few updates. We talk about a lot of news…it was a good couple of weeks for news. We talk about a few games we did not play. We then get right down to games we did play: Jared: Dictator 2: Evolution ($1.99, iOS and Android, Tigrido) – Jared spoke about this game although Todd tried it as well. It is a sequel to a well-regarded game and it features card battling elements, clicker elements, and resource management elements. It has some style to it but, overall, the elements just don’t work well – either on their own or combined as a whole. Both Jared and Todd say you should just “pass” on this game. Todd: King Rabbit ($.99, iOS, Rare Sloth) – This is the sequel to 2015’s acclaimed game “Furdemption”. It is essentially a puzzle game with some light platforming elements. It has a nice look and feel and a decent ramp up in difficulty. Altogether, it makes for a very nice little package at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended. Jared: Planar Conquest ($12.99, iOS and just released on Android, Wastelands Interactive) – This is a true, hardcore 4X game on mobile. There is a ton to enjoy and do in this game, the problem Jared had with it is that finding those things can be a challenge…there is a very steep learning curve. Coupled with the relatively steep price, this game comes recommended but with caveats. If you are willing to invest time and money, you can find something rewarding here. A cautious recommendation. Todd: 7 Mages (Free to try, $6.99 for full unlock, iOS & Android, Napoleon Games) – This fantasy themed, 1st person perspective dungeon crawler teems with style and content. It reminds Todd a bit of The Legend of Grimrock coupled with The Quest. You control 1 mage (at first) and you move about dungeons solving puzzles and battling monsters. You eventually add more mages to the party, more to more varied locals, and you also add the element of “music”; which augments the characters/battles. It is a cool system overall and the free to try, pay to unlock the game is very fair. Give it a shot. Jared: Love You to Bits ($3.99, iOS, Alike Studio) – Jared does not really enjoy point and click adventures. This one; however, suits him just fine. It is a very fun and “pleasant” game with plenty of interesting puzzle and just an overall feeling of “nice” about it. Some of the puzzle reach Rube Goldberg levels of cause and effect and that can be really rewarding. This one comes very highly recommended. And that does it for this show. See you in 2 weeks! Check us out on Twitter… The show is: @TofG Jared is: @TheQuacko Todd is: @toddias Audio

1hr 5mins

1 Apr 2016

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ToG #237 – Clash Royale and Legacy Quest

ToG #237 for the Week of March 14, 2016 Jared: Clash Royale (Free, iOS & Android, Supercell) – Jared went in ready to really dislike this new game from Clash of Clans creators Supercell. Instead he found an extremely fair, easy to get into, and novel take on the MOBA genre. There are a lot of things to love about this game and a lot of things it does right, so you should go yourself a favor and check it out. Recommended! Todd: Adventure to Fate: Quest to the Future ($2.99, iOS, Touchmint) – This is the 3rd game in the Adventure to Fate “series”. This one focuses on character progression through dungeon exploration and lots and lots of strategic little battles. The game can feel grindy and there is pretty much no story line here, but it can also be a nice little addition to the JRPG genre. It all depends what you are looking for. If you enjoy loot, leveling up, crafting and lots of battles, then this might be something for you. If you enjoy stat progression that you control (min/max-ing) and deep stories with lots of territories to explore, this game will leave you wanting. A cautious recommendation. Jared: Fishing Break (Free, iOS & Android, Roofdog Games) – The latest game from Pocket Mines’ creator Roofdog Games, this game has you fishing. There is a lot to do here but it all feels a bit forced and not so lovingly crafted as their prior games. The free to play elements are also a bit steep and it does not always feel fair. This one will not be staying on Jared’s device. Todd: Ice-Bound Concordance (app)/Compendium (physical book) (Free & $25.00, iOS app & Book, Aaron Reed and Jacob Garbe) – this is something completely different. The app is a game where you help a “simulacrum” (i.e. – a digital representation) of a dead author try to finish off a novel he was working on but never finished. That novel is called “Ice-Bound”. As you delve deeper into piecing together the story, a mystery about the author begins to appear. You are then asked to add in an actual physical book to the mix and use it, and augmented reality, to uncover even more things. It is extremely compelling and a totally different experience on mobile. It is interesting and has a ton of replay value. Even with the steep price tag, Todd recommends this game/book. At the very least, try out the app to get a feel for things. You cannot complete the game without the book but it will give you a bit of an idea of things to come. Jared: Glass Road ($4.99 on iOS, $4.54 on Android, Smart and Smarty) – Jared is bound by ToG Contract to discuss all board game to mobile adaptations. As such, he took this game for a spin. The board game is one of his top 20% of games but this adaptation is a bit lacking. It looks nice enough and it plays well enough but the tutorial is not good and the app does not always really tell you why things are happening the way they are. If you already know and enjoy the game, this will make a nice addition to your library. If you have never played, you might want to keep an eye on this to see how the update it/tweak it. Todd: Legacy Quest (Free, iOS, Nexon) – Todd just started this free-to-play Action RPG. You start with 3 characters and you can pick any one of them to battle through dungeons while defeating monstors and getting loot. There are a ton of things to unlock and upgrade and that makes it feel a bit grindy and tiresome. The gameplay is good and the action is frantic, but it will take more time for the ToG crew to reach a verdict on this one. For now; go ahead and try it out if you are interested in ARPG/loot games. Check us out on Twitter… The show is: @TofG Jared is: @TheQuacko Todd is: @toddias Audio

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15 Mar 2016

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ToG #236 – Futurama: Game of Drones and Super Tribes

This is ToG #236. Recorded for the week of Feb. 29, 2014. Happy Leap Day! In this episode we announce some big news regarding the format of the podcast and how it is going to evolve moving forward. We then talk game updates, news, and mention a few of the bigger game releases that we did not try this week. Finally we go into the games we played: Todd: Snowboarding – The Fourth Phase (Free, iOS & Android, Red Bull) – This is a very serviceable snowboarding games that focuses on short levels and uses a nice cel-shading style to represent the sport. It has decent free to play mechanics and provides a few hours of nice gameplay…but there is little incentive to keep pushing on as the game is pretty much a one trick pony and it eventually gets stale. Worth checking out, though. Jared: iSlash Heroes (Free, iOS & Android, Duello) – This is a throwback to the gameplay style of the classic game Qix. Use swipes to cut off parts of the play field while avoiding and isolating the enemies. Jared really enjoyed it for what it is and he recommends you check it out. Todd (and Jared): I Keep Having This Dream ($1.99, iOS, FireFlame Games) – the last game from Dungeon Raid dev, this one has you sort of creating your own path through a dungeon as you place various tiles in an effort to progress to the exit. It has some awesome ideas but the levels are a bit long, the upgrades a bit few and far between, and the learning curve a bit obtuse…making it not quite the game it should be. Todd likes it more than Jared but this is still probably one to watch first and buy later. Jared: Super Tribes (Free, iOS, Midjiwan AB) – a surprisingly nice little Civ style game, this one came out of nowhere, offers some nice style and substance, and has an extremely fair free to play model. It is well worth checking out for some quick little “conquer the kingdom/world” gameplay that distills what Civ did very nicely into a mobile friendly game length. Recommend. Todd: Futurama: Game of Drones (Free, iOS & Android, Wooga) – This is a Match 4 game that offers a ton of levels, decent free to play mechanics, a nice look, and an under-utilized Futurama License. Oh…the characters and locations are all there, but they are not fleshed out at all and things just fall flat on that side of the equation. If you are a fan of the show, this will leave you wanting and it probably won’t be your cup of tea. If you like the Match 3 genre, this is a game worth grabbing. Jared: Patchwork The Game ($2.99, iOS & Android, Digidiced) – A very nice adaptation of a fun little board game focusing on quilting (sort of). This is how to convert a physical game to mobile and Jared has really been enjoying it so far. Grab it and challenge him to a game! And that is that. Our next show will be March 14th. Check us out on Twitter… The show is: @TofG Jared is: @TheQuacko Todd is: @toddias Or email us at: tog@rezd.tv Audio

1hr 2mins

1 Mar 2016

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ToG #235 – Tennis Champs Returns and The Swords

In this quick and efficient episode, Todd and Jared talk gaming news, some updates to games, “out now on Android”, and a bunch of news. We then touch upon a couple of the bigger games we did not try this week. Then we get into the games we did play… Todd – Fantasy Mage ($2.99, iOS, Illogical Games) – this game might look a bit like iOS classic Solomon’s Keep, but it does not play that way. The controls are not great, the graphics stutter, the menus are a bit obtuse and plain, and the overall feel of the game is “not quite ready for prime time”. There are elements of the game that could be good, but they need a lot of work if they ever want to get there. Hold off on grabbing this one…it is not recommended. Jared: Forbidden Desert ($6.99, iOS, Button Mash Games Inc.) – Jared enjoyed this take on one of his favorite board games, but he found it to be a bit too “by the books”. It does not leverage what the iPad can add to the adaptation of the board game and it becomes more like the exact visualization of the board game put onto digital form. That is not a bad thing, but it could have been better. The game itself is great and it plays out just fine here, but it is a bit of a toss-up as to which version to get…physical or digital. Todd – Tennis Champs Returns (Free, iOS, Uprising Games) – This is an iOS port of a classic Amiga game from 20+ years ago. It starts you off with a quick character creation and then walks you through some tutorials. Almost immediately you can feel the subtle greatness of this game, and especially its controls. They are nuanced and offer finesse that you would not expect from touch controls. And the tennis matches are very fun because of it. There is a learning curve here but it is approachable and everything just gels nicely. Todd highly recommends you check this out. It is certainly the best tennis game on mobile and one of the best sports games too. Jared – Momoka ($6.99, iOS, Felwig Games) – Jared liked, but did not love, this platformer. There are nice things going on here and the look/feel of the game is wonderful, but it suffers from a very poor map and that makes poking around the world needlessly tedious. At $6.99, this is a wait and see type of game. Patches could make this great or a price reduction could make it feel like a better value. Hold off for now. Todd – The Swords ($2.99, iOS, Lee-Kuo Chen – A Ride Into the Mountains) – this niche game has a classical calligraphy look and a zen like feel as the player uses various swipes to control the brush-stroke “sword” in the game. It plays a bit akin to Fruit Ninja, but it is more varied in what you need to do in each level and you receive no “score”…the goal is to simply finish each stage successfully and to move on in the story. It is very atmospheric and it plays well, but it is short and some of the levels can be a bit frustrating. Todd thinks it is worth checking out, though, and it could be worth a purchase if you like what you see. And that does it for another week of ToG. Check us out on Twitter… The show is: @TofG Jared is: @TheQuacko Todd is: @toddias Audio


24 Feb 2016

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ToG #234 – Tomb of the Mask and _Prism

This was a big week with a lot to talk about. First we talk about some upcoming games, some game updates, and some swell iOS games that are now out on Android. Then we talk about a few big games we did not try this week (hint: RPGs) Then we talk about some new games. Jared – Kung Fu Panda Battle of Destiny (Free, iOS, Ludia). Have you heard of Collectible Card Games (CCGs)? Have you heard of Hearthstone? Have you head of Kung Fun Panda? Well, this game is essentially a CCG that “borrows” most of Hearthstone’s format/play style and puts it in a wrapper of the Kung Fu Panda IP. And, you know what…it actually works. Jared enjoyed the game and recommends it to anyone interested in the genre/IP…especially kids. Try it and you might be pleasantly surprised. Todd: _Prism ($2.99. iOS, Clint Slu) – this is an atmospheric (like what I did that…”sphere”…) puzzle game that focuses on great touch mechanics, a nice futuristic graphical style, fun puzzles, and an interesting Zen-like sense of exploration. Todd is really digging the game and he enjoys that fact that it is challenging but it does not break his brain. Recommended. Jared – Star Chindy ($2.99 on iOS, $3.34 Android, MASTGames) – This Sci-fi tactile game mixes FTL like space battles with XCOM like top-down turn based strategy elements. And while it is not as good as either of those games, it does actually play pretty well. There are a few kinks (I am looking at you, “reload” mechanic), but the game has a lot of potential. Jared recommends you do a bit more digging into this one to see how it might fare for you. Todd – Shadow Blade: Reload ($4.99, iOS & Android, Crescent Moon Games) – Todd played and enjoyed, for the most part, this side scrolling platformer. The game plays and looks great, but there are a few quirks with things like MFI support (a bit wonky), controller overlays (not moveable), and some levels that require trial by dying in order to find the right path through. Todd also revisited the first game and enjoyed that…perhaps even a bit more. For now, he recommends holding off on this one to see if the release an update to tweak the issues and improve the game. If you like what you see, the first one is well worth revisiting. Jared – Harvest Moon Seeds of Memory ($9.99, iOS, Natsume Inc.) – the cute farming simulator meets character interaction game finally makes its way to mobile…and it does so with a nice looking and fully fleshed out release. Not free to play in any way, this is a full Harvest Moon game. If you have never played one before, Jared gives a nice little run-down and this might be a title for you. If you have played one before, this one does not offer a whole lot that is new. Worth checking out but your overall mileage may vary. Todd – Tomb of the Mask – Endless Arcade (Free, iOS, Happymagenta) – old school graphics with frantic swipe controlled gameplay help push this level-based endless runner into the forefront of games this week. It has great gameplay and really tempts you with that one more run feel. There are upgrades and continues and level ups…which all add to the hooks. Overall, this is certainly one to try and see where it takes you. Jared – The Greedy Cave ($.99, iOS, AvalonGames) – This game looks a lot like Don’t Starve but it plays a lot (and we mean A LOT) like Enchanted Cave 2. It is a dungeon delving rogue-like with enough hooks to keep you coming back for me. Todd loved Enchanted Cave 2 so he might check this one out. Jared did not play EC2, but he really likes this one a lot. Recommended for rogue-like fans out there. Audio

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16 Feb 2016

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ToG #232 – Baseball Highlights 2045 and Cartoon Wars 3

In this episode, Todd and Jared talk news and game updates. It only takes Jared 10 minutes to bring up Crashlands. Not bad. We recap a few games we talked about last week… Todd is still enjoying Dungelot: Shattered Lands. Jared has faded a bit on Pirate Power and that game’s Free to Play mechanics have caught up with him; causing him to be a lot less glowing in his thoughts on the game. Proceed with it at your own risk. We then talked about new games we played. Todd talked about 4 games…none of which was truly terrible but none of which really did anything new or had interesting hooks. Hence…they were not really worth grabbing. Jared played Cartoon Wars 3 (Gamevil, Free, iOS and Android). He was hoping for more than this game delivered and he was underwhelmed by much of it; chiefly its Free to Play mechanics. Not recommended. Jared and Todd both played Baseball Highlights 2045 ($5.99, iOS and Android, Peter Kossits). This is a very interesting and surprisingly deep strategy board/card game. It has a lot to offer and could prove a worthy addition to ones gaming library. It was truly a bit of a surprise and it has a ton of potential, but it does need to add a bit to the gameplay mechanics and the overall depth of the game (things like online multiplayer and some card expansions would go a long way). Definitely worth checking out. And that is about that. It was a bit of a light week on the app stores this week so we did not review a ton of games. Take care and enjoy,


2 Feb 2016

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ToG #228 – Cut the Rope Magic and Metro 2033: Wars

In this episode, Todd and Jared answer a listener question. They then talk about the current iOS App Store sales and they each give a few picks. They revisit the helpful App Shopper App. And they also revisit Amazon Underground and the incredible slew of awesome games an Android user can find there…all of them for free. Since so many games were released this week the “games we didn’t play” section is quite long. And then we get into games. Todd recapped Air Attack 2 and Power Hover from last week. Both are great and worth buying. Jared then had a little segment called “5 games in 5 minutes…games Jared played while out sick”. In that segment, he talked about: Sneaky Sneaky, Prune, X-Mercs, Puzzle Craft 2, Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest Todd mentioned a few other games he tried this week…none of which grabbed him (1 of which would not run on his iPad). Into the Dim – he needs to play more. CarRage – not the best Micro Machines type game out there…largely due to the control scheme. Cardinal Pixel – this game would not play. It crashed during the tutorial. It was updated after the episode was recorded. Todd tried it and now it is not compatible with iPad 4 at all and it could not be updated. Weird. Todd then talked about Rust Bucket (Free, iOS, Nitrome) – this is a rogue like that focuses more on the puzzle elements of the genre than on the upgrades or weapons or spells. In essence, that makes it a purely puzzle experience. It is nice to look out and the audio is solid, but Todd was looking for something more like Tiny Rogue or Arcane Tower and, as such, this one falls short for him. The ads are also a bit much, but there is a very good game here if you are looking for a pure puzzle game with the look and feel of a turn-based rogue like. Jared: Cut the Rope Magic (Zeptolabs, iOS and Android, Free on Underground or $.99) – a perennial favorite of Jared’s, this installment basically offers more Cut the Rope for anyone interested. The puzzle mechanics are still there in all of their glory and they add in a few new tricks, but this is basically a new installment of the series as opposed to a sequel. If you liked any of the prior games, you will really enjoy this one too. Worth buying for sure (and definitely get it for free on Amazon Underground if you are an Android gamer). Todd: Dashy Crashy (Free, iOS, Dumpling Design) – another Voxel graphics, lane based runner enters the fray! This one features a variety of cars/trucks you can control as you move lane to lane trying to avoid oncoming traffic. They throw some fun touches into the mix like an over the top narrator and a day/night cycle while also adding a bit to the mechanics in the forms of Ranked levels, speed ups, brakes, and all sorts of unlockable vehicles. The free to play model is very fair and the gameplay is fun. Recommended if you are looking for a new pick up and play type of endless runner. Fun stuff. Jared: Metro 2033: Wars ($7.99, iOS & Android, Tapstar Interactive Inc.) – Jared grabbed this turn based strategy game that is based on the books/games of the Metro 2033 world. He could not find a lot of info about it but did see some positive Windows Phone reviews, so it went for it…and it turns out to be a very deep and tough turn based strategy game. The focus is on battling it out in Russian subways…trying to gain and hold territory as you build up your small army. The game has lots of nice touches but you need to be careful…perma-death lurks around every corner and any little mistake could be exploited. Despite all of that, the game feels fair and it is very well worth a look. The price is high and might scare some off, but Jared will be back with more info next year if you are still on the fence. And that wraps it up. This was a nice, game-packed show to take us into the holiday season (and ToG hiatus). Our next episode will be for the week of January 11, 2016. Audio

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21 Dec 2015

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ToG #227 – Air Attack 2 and Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest

In this episode, Jared battles through a nasty cold/sore throat and we deliver another ToG for the masses to enjoy. We talk about a few notable game updates, some upcoming games we are looking forward to, and a tiny bit of news. We remind listeners that we will do one more show this year (for the week of Dec. 21) and then we will take 2 weeks off to spend the holidays with friends, family, and our game of the year contenders. We then talk game we played. Todd: played a few games with that got Holiday updates: Ski Safari 2, Soda Dungeon, and Landsliders (which also saw its Android release this week). He is enjoying all of these games right now. Jared: gave a brief update on Desktop Dungeons…a rogue-like that came out this year. He is really digging its almost “puzzle-like” gameplay and he highly recommends it to rogue-like fans who are looking for something with depth and puzzle elements more than action RPG elements. As for new games… Todd talked about Air Attack 2 ($1.99, iOS, Art in Games). This WWII themed air battle schmup features truly awe-inspiring graphics, lots of action, and varied missions/ways to play…it all adds up to an excellent take on the bullet-heck schmup genre and Todd recommends this game. A full review is pending, but so far it has been excellent. Jared played Fantastic Plastic Squad (DropForge Games, iOS, Free). It is a fun little action shoot/FPS game and it offers some fun gameplay elements, but the Free to Play aspects are a bit heavy-handed and the story/characters are a bit on the generic side. Worth a shot but he will be deleting this game soon. Jared and Todd both played Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest (Free, iOS & Android, D3 Go!) and they found it to be an awesome mash up of the match 3 elements of Puzzle Quest and the deck building/card battling mechanic of Magic: The Gathering. The game is surprisingly deep and offers a lot of strategies and options for the player. The free to play mechanics never truly get in the way; although if you do want premium currency, it is doled out very, very slowly or can be purchased at a fairly high price point. The UI leaves A LOT to be desired, but it detracts little from the game’s enjoyment. Well worth getting if you are interested in the mechanics of either PQ or M:TG. Grab it today! Todd played Power Hover ($3.99, iOS, Oddrok Oy). This is a very interesting, story based hover board action game. You move along the varied levels using your hover board skills to collect batteries which help you gain power and power up your town/overworld. It looks great and has a lot of interesting levels. The hover board is a bit unwieldly but you do get better at it with time. The checkpoint system is fair and the game is very quick to restart if you die. Games like this sometimes lead Todd to frustration, but this one has the right mix to keep him trying to progress. So far, so good. A full review will come soon but put this one on your radar. Jared: The Incorruptibles – Knights of the Realm (Free, Maximum Play, iOS). This game starts off as one of the best Real Time Strategy games Jared has ever seen on mobile. It does so much right within that genre. But then it adds in a Clash of Clans-esque town building/defense mechanic and that drags the game right down. Overly aggressive Free to Play mechanics (especially the cool down timers and the Builders) further sully the experience. Overall, Jared loves this game for the RTS elements, but the other mechanics overwhelm the great RTS experience and drag the game down. Try it if you want but he will be uninstalling the app soon. And that does it for another ToG. Audio


15 Dec 2015

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ToG #226 – Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch and Dominion

In this episode we talk about a tiny bit of news…it was a pretty slow week. We talk about some games we are excited for, got notable updates, and are coming to Android. We also talked about the few bigger games that we did not play this week. Then we got into the games we are playing… Jared: Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch – this was an update of the game that Jared has been playing, and really enjoying, for weeks now. As it turns out, there is a ton of content here and some very fun mechanics for upgrades, etc., that make for some true fun. Highly recommended. Todd & Jared: Dominion (Free, iPad and Android, Making Fun, Inc.) – so, this game is something different. It is the very long awaited iOS adaptation of a very popular deck-building board game. Todd was playing it on iPad 4 and it gave him no shortage of troubles. He was never even able to make it fully past the 8 stages of the tutorial. Things like the “End Turn” icon not appearing to the “Play by Play” chat window being stuck in the “open” mode…this game was one bug after another for him. When he could play, he basically enjoyed it, but mostly it was just a mess. For Jared, on the iPad Mini, things were a bit smoother and he was able to play. But he found the mechanics of the game a bit lacking and the Expansion packs to be far, far too expensive. It would cost to the tune of $90 to get all 9 packs. Craziness. Overall, this one is not ready for prime time; although there is potential there. Buyer beware. Jared: Digfender (Free, iOS and Android, Mugshot Games) – This is a very fun tower defense game with some twists/new mechanics. Jared is really enjoying the look, feel, and gameplay of the game so far. Well worth trying out if you enjoy the tower defense genre and a nice place to start if you are not that familiar with such games. Try it today. Todd: Rescue the Princess (Free, iOS, MiniJiniStudio). This is an interesting take on the Match 3 style game with a gameplay mechanic similar to a title like Dungeon Raid. In this one, you have a character icon on the map and the location of that icon is the jumping off point for the matches you can make. Slide your finger along any path through 1 type of icon (blue attack, red attack, hearts, or coins) and you do/accrue the corresponding thing. The monster then takes its turn. It has rogue like elements so you collect gems (the premium currency) and when you die you can use the gems to buy permanent upgrades so you can start again from a more powerful place. The free to play aspects are very optional. When you die the first time, you can play a short ad to “revive” and continue. You can also buy gems or a gem doubler to help you on your way. This is a fun game with some nice twists on the typical gameplay style. Try it. Jared: Shadowrun Returns ($1.99, Harebrained Schemes, iOS and Android) – This one is a little blast from the past. In an effort to free up some space on his iPad, Jared decided to pick a large (size wise) game and play through it so he could delete it. This game, a reboot of a classic PC title based on a pen and paper game system, got the call. It is an strategy RPG and it starts a bit slow, but it picks up and, with time, becomes a pretty decent little title with a nice story and good gameplay. For $1.99 you get a solid 8-10 hours of sci-fi/fantasy SRPG gaming so you might want to give it a go. We hear the sequel is the best in the trilogy (the 3rd game is not out on iOS or Android yet), but this one does hold its own very nicely. Todd: Rayman Adventures (Free, iOS and Android, Ubisoft) – perhaps the biggest release of the week, this game actually got released a day later than most others on the app store. It is essentially the 3rd in the Rayman series on mobile and Todd tried it on his failing iPad 4. It was not optimal, so he tried it on his phone and had some fun with it. It is essentially a platformer with awesome graphics and sound. The gaming is divided into 3 types of stages (straight platforming, collectathons, and battles) and you proceed along different “adventures” trying to 3 star all of the levels in each adventure. That is all well and good but they thrown in free to play mechanics (creature cool downs, creature acquisitions, elixirs, etc. etc.) that do not add to the gameplay at all. Unlike the other 2 games, in this one you are able to move back and forth in a level (rather than always moving forward) but the swipe controls feel a bit “off” and that can make for a frustrating experience at times. A virtual D pad probably would have worked better. Also, once you finish an Adventure (which is a set of 3+ levels), you move to the next and you can never go back to the ones you finished. So they are essentially forcing you to 3 star each level (if you care about such things) before moving on to the next adventure. Coupled with the FTP mechanics, this can bog things down. Todd found himself not caring about the 3 stars and just trying to move on. It was just too much tedium to do otherwise. Overall, it is still a game worth checking out and it has a lot going for it, but some design and FTP choices make it less fun than the first 2 in the series. And that does it for this week. Thanks guys and have a nice day. Audio

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8 Dec 2015

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ToG #225 – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Snowboard Party 2

In this episode we talk about the small amount of news coming out this week as well as the few upcoming games/updates we are excited for. We then delve into the games we grabbed during the big Thanksgiving Holiday sales on the App and Google Play stores. Then it was time to talk games…and we have quite a few this week. Jared: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (Free, iOS and Android, EA) – Jared played a bunch of this game and while the gameplay is ok and the Star Wars setting is nice, the overall free to play mechanics and muddiness make this game forgettable. There are too many currencies, too many odd upgrades, and too much grinding to fully recommend this game to anyone but the most ardent of Star Wars fan. This one will not be sticking around on Jared’s device. 3 out of 5 overall. Todd: Ball King (Free, iOS & Android, QWIBOO, LTD.) – challenged to beat a score in this game by a Game Center friend, Todd decided to grab it and try the game. What he found was a very simple “shoot the ball in the floating hoop by using very intuitive touch controls to draw the path of your shot” game. This is a nice high score chase game with decent graphics, great sound effects, great control and extremely fair Free to Play mechanics. Really good fun and worth picking up for sure. On Fire! 5 out of 5. Jared: Starlit Adventures (Free with unlock, iOS and Android, Rockhead Games). This game, in the vein of Dig Dug, proved to be a lot of fun for both Jared and his 3 year old son. Although probably not completely understandable children of that age, this game can be picked up quickly and easily and makes for a great little “on the couch” time waster. It has good music and a very bright, friendly, and colorful style. Worth trying for sure. Todd: Snowboard Party 2 ($2.99, iOS, Ratrod). Todd loves snowboarding games in the vein of SSX but has yet to find one that really lives up to that potential on mobile. This one comes close with nice graphics, good controls (including MFI controller support), and an ok soundtrack (but with the ability to play music from your own collection!!). It has 4 modes of play, lots of characters and gear to unlock, plenty of tracks with a decent amount of variety. In short…it has most everything you might want. What it lacks is the cohesion to tie all of those things together. Something is missing and it makes this completely competent game less than the sum of its parts. It is worth grabbing if you like the genre but it could have been better. 4 out of 5 overall. Jared: Le Havre: Inland Port ($4.99, iOS and Android, Digidiced). Digidiced provides an excellent port from board game to iOS with this release and the only thing that could see improvement on that end is the online mulitiplayer…which they are working on. The game, however, is a bit too “mathy” for Jared’s tastes so he probably won’t keep playing it. Overall, this is an excellent translation of the board game…but you need to like this style of board game to appreciate the iOS version of the game. At $4.99 it is worth grabbing; especially if you have already tried the board game and enjoy its mechanics. Todd: Traffic Rush 2 (Free, iOS, Donut Games). Hot on the heals of its 2009 prequel, this game looks to up the ante a bit…and it succeeds overall. A voxel based update to a high score chase game, this follows the Crossy Road free to play model…which means you really never see an ad if you don’t want to and you never have to pay any money. The gameplay is very tight and feels a lot like its 2009 rendition. It is fun and gets very frantic…which can be a good or a bad thing overall. Todd feels like he might have already reached his highest score…but he will give it one more try just in case. 4 out of 5 overall. Jared: Starside Arena (Free, iOS and Android, Epic Owl) – Jared is really, really digging this “build your own starship” arena battle game. In this one, strategically building your starship is the key. When you send it out into battle, the battle plays out automatically and you have no input, so plan well. There are tons of things to enjoy about this game and only 1 real flaw so far…it seems that even if you are winning battles, the game will sometimes “scrap” your ship and tell you you need to rebuild it to do better. You can rebuild it without a problem…but you might not have wanted to. That aside, this is highly recommended and Todd was convinced enough to download it while Jared was talking. Cool. Audio

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1 Dec 2015

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ToG #224 – Goat Rider and Max Ammo

So, here you have ToG #224 for the week of Nov. 23, 2015 In this episode, Jared and Todd talk a bit of news. Seeing as though this is a holiday week, the news is a bit light as are the updates/upcoming releases. We also talk about a slew of good iOS games that have now moved to Android. Chief among them are Call of Champions, Horizon Chase, Skeletomb, and Lifeline 2. Moving on to games: Todd: Goat Rider (Free, iOS, Beaver Tap Games). We were fortunate to be given an advance copy of Goat Rider this week. Todd enjoyed the gameplay for what it was…a test of reflexes during a high score chase with lots of, mostly superficial, unlocks. A fun game for a short period of time, Todd feels he probably will not beat his current high score so he will stop playing for now. Worth trying but the fun is fairly short-lived as the game just gets too hard after about the 45 second mark. Jared: Max Ammo (Free, Mantis Shrimp, iOS and Android) – Jared really enjoyed his time with this cover based shoot. It looks great and plays well and just feels “right” on most counts. It can get a little grindy; although paying a bit of cashola will help with that if you want to go down that path. Recommended. Todd: Tales of a Viking: Episode 1 ($.99 on iOS, Free on Android, MACE Crystal Studios/Dimitry Sadovnikov), This retro-inspired, Hoplite-esque, turn-based strategy game offers a ton of variety and interesting gameplay mechanics that help it stand out from the pack. It really ramps up what has happened in similar games of yore and it makes for a highly enjoyable, highly interesting little game. Well worth the price of admission if you enjoy turn based strategy rogue like puzzlers…with RPG elements. Grab it. Jared: Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey ($8.99, Kobojo, iOS) – get ready…this game threw Jared for a complete loop. Never before has he had such a love/hate relationship with a mobile game. Brilliant graphics, great music, a genre-defining combat system, and decent game length battle it out with an extremely misleading app description, odd free to play residue, lack of auto saves (enjoy that phone call…you just lost 20 minutes of progress in the game), and a hit or miss UI. Overall, this one, at this price, needs to be approached with a “wait and see” attitude. The Dev says they are working on improvements and changes. Until then, hold off on purchasing this. With the right adjustments, this could be the best JRPG on iOS…but it is not there yet. Todd: Super Dangerous Dungeons (Free, iOS, Jussi Simpanen) – A bit Spelunky. I bit just cruel, small scale platforming, this game looks nice, sounds good, and plays pretty well…but Todd could not quite get over the floaty jump and “fall” mechanics and he ended up getting frustrated after 15 or so level…and some Time Trial attempts. Nevertheless, this is free and if you like punishing puzzle platformers, this might be just the game for you…so try it and decide for yourself. Jared: Brass ($6.99, Cublo, iOS and Android) Another board game gets adapted for mobile and Jared decides to try it out….and he really likes it. This is an “economic”/number crunching sort of game and playing on iOS speeds the gameplay up nicely. He is enjoying his time with it and thinks they did a great job porting it over…and that includes a stellar tutorial which is something that is sadly lacking from so many board game ports. Grab it today and challenge Jared to a game tomorrow. Have a nice (U.S.) Thanksgiving. Audio

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24 Nov 2015

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ToG #221 – Lumino City and Templar Battleforce RPG

Jared and I pick our GAME of the MONTH for October. Todd – Soda Dungeon (Free, iOS, Armor Games Inc.) Jared – X-Mercs (Free, iOS, Game Insight) We then give our monthly plea for iTunes (etc.) reviews and we thank Mat7h3w for his review in the U.S. iTunes store. Up next is some talk of games that got updates, games we did not get a chance to play this week, and News. News. News. Finally we get to the games we did play; Todd – Lumino City ($4.99, iOS, State of Play Games) – Todd is digging this stunningly beautiful adventure/puzzle game but wishes it had a “free roam” play mode, was a bit less linear, and had a bit more of a story. Nevertheless, there is a lot of puzzling goodness to be had for the price. Grab it if this style of game interests you. Jared – Templar Battleforce RPG – ($6.99, iOS and Android, Trese Brothers) Fresh off of the heals of Jared’s “game of the month” for October (X-Mercs) comes a similar turn based strategy RPG game…this one focusing a bit more on the RPG side of the equation; however. He is enjoying the game and it is different enough from X-Mercs to keep him interested and to keep him swapping back and forth between the two games. One thing that is not great is the graphical look of the game…although you may beg to differ. A good game overall. Todd – Slashy Hero (Free, iOS, Kongregate) There is always room in Todd’s life for a fun, action game and this one fits the bill. You use a path drawing mechanic to roam small dungeon levels, defeat hordes of enemies, pick up lots of candy, and gather up some treasures. The Free to Play is not too bad in the game and it is a nice little time waster. Give it a shot. Jared – Beneath the Lighthouse (Nitrome, Free with $3.99 iAP, iOS) Jared is really loving this puzzle adventure game from Nitrome. Innovative and effective controls add to the gameplay and the full unlock for $3.99 is a nice touch. You have nothing to lose so give this one a shot and buy it if you really like it (or try to grind your way through if you are that good). Todd – Five Card Quest ($2.99, iOS, Rocketcat) This game is a card battler meets rogue-like although it is missing some elements of both genres that might make it a better game. It features an interesting graphical style, some decent strategy, and relatively quick games. But you cannot build your own deck and certain stats (like how many enemies you have left to battle once you kill one) means this game can feature more guess work than it should. The dev is updating things so keep an eye on it and try it out if you are looking for something a bit different in the genre. Jared – Sproggiwood (Freehold Games, $4.99, iOS) This one was released months ago and both Todd and Jared picked it up while on sale. Jared played it this past week and he truly, truly loves it. A rouge like that does everything right, this game has sucked him in and it keeps him playing. It might even have a chance of being his Game of the Month for November. If you are late to the party like we were, give this one a shot. Audio

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2 Nov 2015

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ToG #220 – X-Mercs and Soda Dungeon

We talked a lot about upcoming games and updates. We talked a bit about some news items. We then talked about an “old” game…Soda Dungeon – both Todd and Jared are loving this little romp of a game and everyone should give it a go. Other game talk: Jared – Blood Bowl: Kerrunch (Cyanide, Android and iOS, Free). Jared tried to enjoy this game but it is too easy and too boring to really recommend. It will not be sticking around on his device. Todd – Spelldom (Free, iOS, HangZone). A similar story here. Todd wanted to enjoy this game but the free to play mechanics are too strong and the word battling game play is too weak. He will not continue playing this. Jared – Battlestation: Harbringer (Bugbyte, $3.99, iOS and Android). Jared is loving this turn based strategy meets real time strategy meets rogue like space battle game. He will speak on it more in an later episode (hopefully) but he thinks it is worth a purchase. Todd – THR:Race (Free, iOS, Thomas Podewils). This game has a visual style that Todd really enjoys…vector graphics a la Omega Race or Asteroids. But the controls are bunk and the game play is unappealing. Unfortunately, this one will not be sticking around. Jared: X-Mercs- (Free, iOS, Game Insight). A free to play X-Com-a-like. If you dig that sort of turn based strategy goodness, you owe it to yourself to grab this. Great game play and reasonable free to play mechanics make this a must try title. Todd – Opus: The Day we Found Earth (Free to try, $1.99 up to $5.99 to unlock full game, iOS, Team Signal). Todd really enjoyed this little tale of space exploration via telescope. The gameplay is good, if a bit simplistic and repetitive, but the story that is told and the atmosphere that is created make this a fun little 2 hour experience. Recommended. Audio

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27 Oct 2015

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ToG #219 – The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land and Cloud Chasers

We have a great show for you this week! Lloyd is pushing the buttons with Todd along for the ride. We had a great discussion on new games that are out, but unplayed by us before digging into our reviews/discussions later in the episode. Games talked about in this episode: Lloyd: NHL Supercard (FREE, iOS & Android, 2K) The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land (FREE, iOS & Android, Next Games Oy) Hyper Swiper (FREE, iOS, Happymagenta) Soda Dungeon (FREE, iOS, Armor Games Inc.) Todd: Orc King (Free, iOS, Lifebelt Games) Cloud Chasers ($2.99, iOS, Blindflug) Love Rocks Starring Shakira (Free, iOS & Android, Rovio) Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom (Free, iOS, Sega) Audio

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20 Oct 2015

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