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The Trial Lawyers College Podcast talks to leading attorneys, TLC board members, and faculty about the ideas and the issues that are affecting trial lawyers today.The TLC podcast covers courtroom strategy, communicating with jurors, connecting with clients, methods that drive success, balancing healthy relationships with a busy practice and more.

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TLC Faculty Member, Eric Ganci on What it Takes to be a Top Rated DUI Lawyer

In this episode, I sit down with Eric Ganci, a top rated DUI lawyer in California. He is extremely passionate about his work and it shows in this episode. Eric explains what it took to gain success as a DUI Lawyer and some important steps to take if other attorneys are considering this line of lawyering. Eric also talks about the recent marijuana uprise in California and how different a DUI case is compared to taking on a Marijuana drug driving case.


6 Dec 2018

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Kim Benjamin on the Fundamental Skills That Help in Every Phase of the Trial

Kim Benjamin, trial lawyer and TLC faculty co-leader of the upcoming Psychodrama for Lawyers Seminar, discusses how to gain the trust of clients and how to work with the their families in a way that strengthens your case. She also talks about the fundamental skill of listening and how this can help you in every phase of your trials by better understanding where everyone involved in your case is coming from, including the jury, the prosecution, the judge and your client, and it can give you the edge that will help you win the case.


16 May 2017

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Faculty Member, Frank Mungo Talks Story Structure Using TLC Methods

In this episode, Scott Glovsky, 2007 grad and faculty member, is hosting this interview with Frank Mungo. Scott is the host of successful podcast, Trial Lawyer Talk where he interviews many of today's Trial Lawyers. Episode guest, Frank Mungo, graduated from the Trial Lawyers College in 2008 and joined the faculty in 2011. He focuses his practice on defending those unjustly charged by the government in Kentucky, Ohio, and federal courts. Frank is quick to give credit to the methods taught at the Trial Lawyers College, from discovering the story to cross-examination, as the key reason for his courtroom successes.


28 Mar 2019

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Trying an Honest Case with TLC Faculty Members, Brooks Cutter and Scott Glovsky

In this episode, Scott Glovsky, host of the popular podcast, Trial Lawyer Talk, TLC Graduate & Faculty Member talks about a recent wrongful death case with Brooks Cutter, Sacramento Trial Lawyer, and TLC Faculty Leader. Both of these incredible trial lawyers will be supporting TLC seminars in 2020. Learn methods to win at seminars across the nation that offer the acclaimed methods of Gerry Spence, Famed Trial Lawyer & TLC Co-Founder. https://www.triallawyerscollege.org/


7 Nov 2019

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Eric Fong on the Truth of Work/Life Balance and the Details of Cross Examination

Eric Fong, TLC faculty Co-leader for the upcoming Cross Examination Seminar, talks about the details of an effective cross examination - the goals, and the how-to's of the trial skill. He then goes into the daily work of a lawyer and the difficult task most lawyers face when it comes to balancing work and personal life, the best ways to spend your time as a lawyer and what holds many attorneys back.


18 Aug 2017

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TLC Psychodramatists Explain the Importance of Psychodrama in the Courtroom

Missy Adrian, TLC Alumni Relations Assistant talks with two of TLC’s Psychodramatists on the importance and impact of using Psychodramatic techniques in the courtroom. Joining Missy in this interview are Mike Traynor and Louise Lipman. TLC's Psychodrama for Lawyers Seminar is June 5-11, 2018. Find out more and how to register your seat at the Trial Lawyers College .org website.


4 May 2018

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Valeri Malone on Incorporating TLC Methods into Your Practice and Your Life

TLC Podcast host Rafe Foreman interviews Valeri Malone on how she has incorporated the methods learned at the Trial Lawyers College into her practice.  Valeri is an associate at Loncar Associates in Lubbock, Texas, where she specializes in personal injury and accident cases. She brings two decades of experience to her clients and to the Loncar team. Her reputation as a hard-working, successful trial lawyer has earned her the respect of her peers and the trust of her clients. Valeri received her bachelor’s degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, and her juris doctorate from Texas Tech University School of Law. While in law school, Mrs. Malone was a member of the prestigious John Marshall National Moot Court Team and a National Semi-Finalist. She was selected for early admission to Texas Tech School of Law’s advocacy program, the Board of Barristers, in which she ranked first in her class. She was also the Chair of Appellate Advocacy for the Board of Barristers. Valeri was named as a Texas Super Lawyer, Rising Star in 2007, in 2008, and in 2009 by Thomson Reuters.


12 Feb 2020

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Ron Estefan on the Currency of Credibility in the Courtroom

In this interview, Ron Estefan (TLC '05) Houston-based personal injury trial lawyer and TLC faculty member talks about the importance of credibility in the courtroom. He describes how to build credibility, how to use it -- and how you can lose it -- and how it is essential during Voir Dire and all other interactions with the jury as you fight for justice for your client.


3 Aug 2017

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Kim Savo Interviews Scott Glovsky on the Impact of Storytelling

Today, Kim Savo, a Trial Lawyer's College faculty member interview Trial Lawyer Talk host, and host of many TLC Podcast Episodes, Scott Glovsky. The Trial Lawyer's College is fortunate to have these two attorneys on the faculty team. For many years, they have both had a great dedication to TLC as alumni and faculty members. Get to know TLC's Podcast and Trial Lawyer Talk Host, Scott Glovsky by listening in to this episode.


5 Apr 2018

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Terry Lenamon Talks Death Penalty Case in Florida

We are going to continue sharing our 2007 TLC Graduate and Faculty Member, Scott Glovsky’s interviews with some of TLC’s faculty, board members, and students, hearing their stories and how they continue to bring justice to our nation. Today, Scott interviews Terry Lenamon, a 2011 TLC graduate that has been on the TLC faculty team since 2016. He has taught the last two years at Thunderhead Ranch for In Defense of the Damned Criminal Defense Seminar and will teach again this year. Terry started his career as a public defender in Florida in 1993 and transitioned to death row cases in 1998 and has thus tried 14 cases with no death verdicts. In this interview, Terry expresses how a recent death penalty case involving a young man accused of committing a brutal murder had a profound impact on him.


18 Jan 2018

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TLC Faculty Member, Corinne Mullen on Connecting with Jurors

Today, Scott Glovsky interviews Corinne Mullen, a 1997 TLC Grad and TLC Faculty Member. She talks about how a recent case had a profound impact on her; how connecting with jurors is a large part of her practice and how it can also have a large impact on the verdict of a case. The biggest lesson Corinne learned from this case was discovering her client's story and connecting with her jurors.


8 Mar 2018

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TLC Faculty Member Greg Reeves on Being a Trial Lawyer

TLC Faculty Member Greg Reeves talks with Trial Lawyer Talk Host, and TLC Grad, Scott Glovsky about a capital murder case victory after 5 years of being a trial lawyer. Greg believes trial lawyers can learn a lot from comedians in the way they tell their story in front of an audience. Greg also explains how he uses powerful tools to find the universal truth in every case.


28 Jun 2018

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The Method of Bringing Your Client's Story to Life - Trial Lawyer Colby Vokey

Against all odds, and with a platoon of witnesses stacked against his client, TLC Faculty member Colby Vokey, WON. He did it, not by telling his client's story, but by showing it. In order to understand the story, Colby did nearly 100 reenactments with his client and in the process, became so prepared, he was ready for every aspect of the case.  He found a way to tell his client’s story with such life, the whole courtroom was riveted to each word.

1hr 1min

28 Mar 2017

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The Effectiveness of Psychodrama with TLC Faculty Member, John Naizby

In this episode, I sit down with long-time TLC grad and faculty member, John Naizby. John practices law in Connecticut but has consulted with cases in all 50 states. John has a quiet demeanor but his fight is extremely strong and that shows in this conversation. When he first started with TLC in 2000, he doubted the effectiveness of Psychodrama in his life, a TLC foundational skill. Once he started to realize how it could improve his relationships, his daily responses in life and his overall perspective, he has been able to deal with accepting difficult news. Every year TLC faculty members and staff love having John at TLC events because he brings a different approach and can relate to some students in a way that no other faculty member can. His love, passion, and commitment to his clients and the college are admirable and I feel lucky I had the opportunity to get to know him at TLC’s 3-Week July College this past year.


4 Jan 2019

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Battle for Credibility During Voir Dire with TLC President John Sloan

In this podcast John Sloan, Trial Lawyer and President of the Trial Lawyers College Board talks about some of the most difficult challenges that lawyers face during voir dire, and how to handle those challenges in a way that builds credibility with the jury and ultimately builds a tribe that supports your client.


15 Mar 2017

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Better Lawyering Through Psychodrama with Pychodramatist Kathryn St.Clair and TLC Grad Evan Lloyd

Kathryn St. Clair has been a psychodramatist for 18 years with the Trial Lawyers College. In this interview, with TLC grad Evan Lloyd, Kathryn goes into what psychodrama is, and how it can help lawyers better connect with their clients and juries.


12 May 2017

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