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Finally, a no-nonsense approach to health and nutrition that works! Kevin Gianni and Frederic Patenaude have seen it all. With over 25 combined years of experience on the front lines of the diet, health and fitness debate, they've experimented with all types of diets, studied cultures from around the world, and have come to their renegade conclusions about how to get and stay healthy.

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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Webinar

This is an audio replay of a webinar Frederic Patenaude presented about the Anti-Inflammatory diet for Renegade Health. For the whole replay please visit our article and watch the video and slides here: http://renegadehealth.com/blog/2016/04/15/the-anti-inflammatory-diet


9 May 2016

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Interview with Chef AJ: From Fat Vegan to Skinny Bitch - Episode #48

In this episode Frederic interviews the famous Chef AJ. She talks about her recovery from being a Junk Food Vegan and her road to being a healthy and vibrant vegan.


21 Dec 2015

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Living 100% Caffeine Free - Benefits and Withdrawal Symptoms - Episode 39

We interview Sean Russell of the website Menprovement to talk about how long it takes to recover from caffeine addition, what are the benefits to being 100% caffeine free, and how to make the change.


16 Feb 2015

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Lessons From the Blue Zones: Why Some People Live 100 Years - Episode #46

- What long-lived people actually DO to live over 100 years- How our culture is set up AGAINST us to make us sick and miserable, and what some people are doing to change it- How a small town in Finland cut rampant heart disease rates by 85% - 7 Ways you can increase your lifespan by at least 10 GOOD years


5 Oct 2015

Rank #4

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The Natural Solution to High Blood Pressure - Episode 40

Frederic and Kevin discuss the greatest natural remedy to high blood pressure — one that works every better than drugs and is scientifically proven.


2 Mar 2015

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A Debate on Organic Food vs. Conventional - Episode #43

In this episode, Kevin and Frederic debate a hot topic: organic vs. conventional foods. Frederic argues that eating organic food should be the least of your worries if you eat a mainly plant-based diet, and in fact doesn’t do so himself. Kevin takes the side that organic food is best and counters Frederic’s claims with strong arguments. Who will win? Find out in this episode.


5 Jun 2015

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Know Your Supplements - Episode 38

Learn what a recent New York City investigation found out about many of the popular supplements sold at big-name box stores means for the supplement industry. How the recent investigations may change the future of supplements and their availability Why you can't always trust what the labels on your herbs and supplements. How to decipher for yourself what companies you can put your trust in and which companies to avoid. Hear step-by-step how you can figure out what is really going into the supplements that you're paying for. Understand how to interpret scientific studies to truly understand how to use the information. Why it's so important for your health to know what's in the supplements you're taking.


7 Feb 2015

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The Truth About Dental Health - Episode #47

How to make your own mouthwash that works better than the leading brand and is 100% non toxic The reason why health-foodists have more dental problems Foods to eat and avoid for perfect teeth


28 Oct 2015

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Fitness Commuting, Blender Talk, and Kevin Talks About His New Book - Episode #45

Kevin talks about starting his fitness (running) work commute. How it started, how it works, and other people's fitness commutes. Kevin and Frederic talk about the best blenders and why. Kevin tells us more about his new book, Kale and Coffee; the story of how he got sick on a "healthy" vegan diet and his journey back to health through research in to health and diet truths. Frederic talks about special ordering tricks in restaurants - ordering healthier by ordering off menu and special requests that you can do.


7 Oct 2015

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Eat More, Weigh Less - Episode #42

How to get in the fat-burning zone The fitness device that Kevin uses (and it's not the Apple Watch!)  Fred and Kevin give their uncensored thoughts on the Apple Watch Why most fitness programs fail! The diet that allows you to eat more and weigh less and the one food you must include in your diet 


16 May 2015

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Kevin's New Book is Out - Episode #44

Kevin gives the lowdown on his new book.


10 Jul 2015

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Renegade Health Radio Episode #41 Digital Detox

What is a "digital detox" and what exactly are the benefits? The three tools we recommend to take a much-needed break from modern technologies such as smartphones and constant Internet access. How to sleep better and lower your stress levels using this one simple tip. Plus: Frederic comes back from one of the most remote corners of the planet and tells his story of being away from civilization and the BIG insight he had there!


31 Mar 2015

Rank #12

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Top Ways to Overcome a Virus - Episode 37

Frederic and Kevin are back after a well-deserved vacation. Kevin talks about getting sick. We discuss the top ways to overcome a virus.


19 Jan 2015

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Staying Healthy During The Holidays - Episode 36

One easy exercise switch you can do tomorrow to easily offset the holiday weight gain plagued by most people. 5:55 Understand how your blood sugar and the timing of your meals play together to determine how much unwanted fat you'll store when eating a meal, particularly holiday-sized meals. 7:11 Learn a few simple tips on how to eat and live during the holidays that won't leave you scrambling for New Year's resolutions immediately after. 8:52 How to easily navigate the holiday dining table and easily determine what to eat and how much to feel your best for you. 12:22 Hear Kevin share a few simple recipe ideas that you can bring for yourself and your family to share that taste great and are actually good for you. 14:33 Learn how to make a delicious raw recipe that is great for the holidays. They won't even know it's healthy! 17:44 Hear a few gift ideas that the health-orientated person on your shopping list will love. 20:08


26 Nov 2014

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The Ex-Vegan Chronicles - Episode #35

Hear just a few of the emotional and physical struggles people experience when changing diets. 1:52 Learn why some people experience an "identity crisis" when switching from a vegan diet or raw food diet. 3:39 Understand the differences between the all-or-nothing approach and taking a moderate stance on certain things. 7:44 How to decipher between when your body is adjusting to eating certain foods again and when something actually isn't good for you. 9:53 Learn why so many people are confused about what to eat and believe that "the truth" is always found in one place, and how you can learn what's right for you. 11:36 Understand the process that so many people go through when re-identifying themselves and removing the attachments to their diet. 13:23 Why looking at making decisions and thinking of them with a long-term scope can make the changes you'll inevitably make later much easier. 16:39 Hear Kevin's experiences with "coming out" as an ex-vegan and some of the struggles he and many others have experienced. 16:44


3 Nov 2014

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Raising Healthy Families - Episode #34

Hear Kevin and Frederic's personal experiences with being raised and understand how this affects everybody's health experiences and beliefs even through today. 3:33 Why kids who may seem like "fussy eaters" may just actually not be hungry. Chances are you don't need to worry about them starving! 9:36 How being so militant with every single bite of food that your child eats may actually be doing them more harm than good. 10:41 Understand how important it is for children to go through their own experiences and come to their own conclusions in terms of ultimately what they want to eat. You as a parent do play a critical role in what you provide for your children to eat though! 12:30 Why kids may not be incredibly attracted to eating greens and certain types of vegetables, and why calories are so critical for them. 13:39 Why a 100% raw food diet may not be healthy for children and why it needs to be adjusted for specific individual cases. 16:00 Hear why getting your kids involved with making the food that they actually eat can help them get excited about eating healthy foods and ultimately become more knowledgeable about health and food in general. 17:42 Hear some great foods you can easily prepare for your growing children that are healthy and delicious: 20:27 Why eating more simply and in less complex combinations, like the way that most children tend to, may actually be healthier for you. 23:08


27 Oct 2014

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The 10 Superfoods We Eat the Most - Episode #33

Hear the truth about fish oil, how it really does impact the environment, and learn about a more sustainable alternative. 5:55 Learn how to easily prepare these two green superfoods to delectable perfection using basic cooking techniques. 8:08 Why black beans (and all beans) are truly superfoods and how you can easily prepare them yourself and include more in your diet. 11:31 How to prepare pomegranates: this superfruit might even be growing in your own backyard! 15:00 Why we may be learning in the coming years that specific levels of antioxidants as a sole judge of nutrition may have been overhyped and why it might just be more about the food as a whole. 18:55 How fermented foods have earned their rightful place in peoples history and are a great example of a traditional food now being a modern superfood. 20:22 Understand that while they may not be strictly plant-based, some animal-based foods traditionally prepared are very concentrated in nutrients and can effectively be used medicinally today. 22:48


10 Oct 2014

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Foods We Don't Eat Raw - Episode #32

Why maca should never be eaten in its raw state, despite the marketing of many super-food gurus. (at 10:31) Why raw/soaked/sprouted grains and beans can make you extremely sick. (at 13:03) When eating seaweed, raw or otherwise, may not be the best idea, and what to look for. (at 16:39) What's wrong with raw chocolate. Hear Fred's personal experience with a "raw chocolate" cake that turned into a disaster. You can always have your cake and eat it too, but sometimes it's better just to pass. (at 18:56) Why the food industry isn't infallible: how foods can still be contaminated and how to tell when they are. (at 20:02) Hear Kevin and Fred's side of the Cruciferous Vegetable Debate: why cruciferous veggies may not be quite as bad as some say, and why they still may be worth being conscious of when eating in larger amounts. (at 22:25)


30 Sep 2014

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The Myth of Stress - Episode #31

Why everything that we've learned about stress may be absolutely wrong: It's not stress that's bad for us, but our perception of stress. This is what creates illness, not stress itself. Why the natural state of the human being is NOT happiness, and what to do in light of that knowledge. How to tell if you're genetically prone to stress: Kevin reveals the gene that's behind it. How personal development has led people to be MORE stressful with this false concept of happiness and goal-setting. Kevin's formula for achieving goals while not suffering from the effects of stress. 


22 Sep 2014

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Low Carb vs. Low Fat, the Latest Research - Episode #30

In this episode we discuss the latest research on low carb vs. low fat: A new study made headlines recently, and found that low carb works better than low fat. But is there something behind the study that most people missed? Hear why there are so many arguments among the low-fat and low-carb diet groups. Hint: could it be because they are more similar than they are different? (at 10:23) Find out what really causes people issues with eating carbs and fat and why they aren’t as big of an issue eaten individually. (at 13:13) How insulin can be the determining factor when it comes to how much fat you actually store on your body and how blood sugar affects this. (at 14:44) Where most people end up running into issues on raw food diets and how this comes down to the simple equation of fat and carbohydrate. (at 16:30) How unbalanced levels of insulin in the body can lead to everything from pimples, weight gain, and hormonal issues and how you can manage you insulin levels. (at 18:00) When sugar may not actually be fattening and what needs to be present with it to cause weight gain. (at 20:31) Understand how calorie-dense combinations of fat and refined carbohydrates can act just like a drug on the brain. (at 21:30) Hear how the sugar found in fruit is just not the same as refined sugar from a bag. The fruit-shaming can stop! (at 23:28)


15 Sep 2014

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