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Hear from autocrossers from across the land

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Hear from autocrossers from across the land

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Great info!

By kcoughlin77 - Dec 14 2017
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If you're not listening to AutoXtalk your getting slower.. Period..

Great Podcast!

By pk-DC - Jun 01 2016
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Great podcast for those the AutoX crowd!

iTunes Ratings

50 Ratings
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Great info!

By kcoughlin77 - Dec 14 2017
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If you're not listening to AutoXtalk your getting slower.. Period..

Great Podcast!

By pk-DC - Jun 01 2016
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Great podcast for those the AutoX crowd!

Best weekly hand curated episodes for learning

Cover image of Autocross Talk Podcast with Kinch Reindl

Autocross Talk Podcast with Kinch Reindl

Latest release on Oct 04, 2020

Best weekly hand curated episodes for learning

The Best Episodes Ranked Using User Listens

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Rank #1: Sam Strano SCCA Autocross 2008 Driver of the Year 2012 Driver of Eminence and multi time National Champion and ProSolo Champion Autocrosser

Podcast cover
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This is part one of two episodes of Sam Strano's interview.
Sam covers a lot of autocross lessons in this first 3 hours from his history, to course design, mental attitude and autocross schools (taking and teaching autocross skills).

He mentions how he and Tim Aero would talk for hours about autocrossing. (Much like we do on this podcast)
He fits in a Mark Daddio story from way back.
Also covers his setup for his cars.
You can call him Mr. Pony car he has been really successful driving them. (Although he also drove a MR2 back in the day)
He suggests to change things as experiments.
He covers giving instructional advice.
He reviews a light bulb moment from Jim McKamey in a Phase 1 school.
He covers how he and you can learn from co-drivers as well as watching others.
He thinks looking ahead is over rated. (We've heard this from other National Champions). He expands on this to explain how he looks through turns.

Connect with Sam and find your OEM and go fast parts at www.StranoParts.com

Sam Strano Autocross ProSolo Sam Strano SSR Corvette Autocross Sam Strano SSR C7 Corvette Sam Strano And John Vitamvas Autocross

Sam Strano SCCA Autocross Awards and Championships
Driver of year: 2008
Driver of Eminence 2012
ProSolo Overall Challenge Winner 2009

7 SCCA Solo National Championships
--5 consecutive championships
ESP 2006, 2004, 2002
F Stock 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

SCCA ProSolo Championships
SSR 2015, 2014
FS 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2002
ESP 2006, 2004

Green Light Award 2016
4 Prosolo Challenge Wins
Triad Winner 2010

Jan 19 2017

2hr 44mins


Rank #2: Randy Pobst is on the show, Autocross Champion, World Champion Pro Racer

Podcast cover
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Most of you know Randy Pobst the World Champion Pro Racer with over 60 wins but did you know he started autocrossing at the age of 19.

He has Solo National and Pro Solo championships.

And you see his article every month in Sports Car Magazine.

Randy Pobst in the 1977 VW rabbit at SCCA Solo Nationals Autocross Randy Pobst at SCCA Solo Nationals 2018 Randy Pobst at SCCA Solo Nationals 2018

This interview is before his return to solo nationals (a 30 year break to give us some time to practice) where he will be driving a 1977 VW Rabbit yet again this time in FSP.

Listen in and hear great stories -he remembers it all- as well as great insights and tips. I really think I know a lot more about shocks and weight transfer after his explanation.

And can you answer his question(s) - Visit our Facebook page to interact.

I forgot to ask him if he has raced in the Rolex 24....If not I hear he would like to so please connect him

www.RandyPobst.com and Follow him on Instagram, Watch him on YouTube.

Aug 30 2018

3hr 39mins


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Rank #3: Autocross Slalom Tips and Techniques of the Experts

Podcast cover
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This show is all about Autocross Slaloms where you can hear the tips and techniques from some of the fastest people in autocross.

Bob and Patty Tunnell  Slalom Tips

  • Turn Early (turn out of phase aka turn early)
  • Pay attention to the 1st cone
  • Don't late apex the last cone, just avoid it
    • Late apex less and less toward the end if fast toward the end
  • Bonus: Universal Truth - turns over 120 degrees the shortest line is the fastest 99.9% of the time

Brian Peters Slalom Tips

  • Best quote "If I'm hitting the brake in a slalom something bad is happening typically"
  • Set the speed for the slalom when tucking in the first cone.
  • Slaloms are a place you can find 80 feet of acceleration by staying ahead in them
  • Look 3 or 4 cones into the slalom

Julian Garfield Slalom Technique

  • Come into the Slalom under control keeping the acceleration and braking at a minimum.
  • First cone is very important
  • That fourth cone gets hit when you are lazy on the first cone.

Leslie Cohen Slalom Tips

  • Slow down a slalom cone ahead of the slalom
  • You want to drive the slalom
  • See the whole slalom
  • Come out of the slalom accelerating
  • Who you listen to is important
  • Draw arcs to see where you car will be

Tom Berry Slalom Tips

  • Learned a ton from Data Acquisition
  • Settle the car before entering any turn
  • Present the car to the slalom
  • Have moderate acceleration going into the slalom
  • Come off the brake really smoothly

Ron Williams Slalom Tips

  • Have an attack mentality - Be on your toes
  • Attack the back side of the cones
  • Aggressive on steering inputs - turn the wheel as fast as you can.

Jason Frank Slalom Tips

  • Start at the beginning of the slalom
  • Late Apex, Late Apex, Late Apex
  • Keep a steady state (you've heard this a few times already)
  • Accelerate out the backside
  • Every once in a while his plan to slow before entering doesn't work

May 10 2016



Rank #4: Adam Benaway SCCA Autocross National Champion talks racing with us

Podcast cover
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Adam Benaway SCCA Autocross National Champion talks racing with us on this show.

Adam is the only champion so far in the 2 year old Solo Spec Coupe class. That is 2 national championship in 2 years.

He has been blazing fast each year. You will get to hear his thoughts on how his military training help him plan for and execute at Nationals.

You will hear how vehicles influenced his choice of Scout for the Military.

You can't miss the "Racing For Heros" stickers on his car. We chat about how this charity helps veterans and how you can help the charity.

on Facebook @racingforheros

You will hear about his good friend and fellow fast autocrosser John Wolf who he met in the Military. Lots of Racing tips and thoughts in this episode along with some stories to get to know him better.

We also talk: ChampCar, Line Choice, Plan A and Plan B, mental game, rallycross, course walking as well....

We even talk Sri Lanka racing which looks like a lot of fun!

I had not thought about his thought of keeping a slight bit of load on the car at as much as possible even if only 10% throttle.

Nov 04 2019

3hr 40mins


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Rank #5: Part 2 Sam Strano of SCCA Autocross 2008 Driver of the Year 2012 Driver of Eminence

Podcast cover
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This is the 2nd half of Sam Strano's autocross interview.

Among Sam's many accomplishments are the SCCA Autocross 2008 Driver of the Year 2012 Driver of Eminence.

Sam covers some autocross tips and setup suggestions.

Sam talks about the history of his family's automotive businesses.

Sam talks about his favorite memories of he and then Shelly wining the driver of eminence awards.

He talks about the setup for the corvette and Focus ST.

He reminisces about Kevin Youngers 2011 Nationals Course.

He points out that he can sell any parts that Summit Racing sells so make sure you contact him www.StranoParts.com

He talks about his favorite cars and ones he is interested in.  Who knew he was interested in an Audi R8?

Jan 27 2017

2hr 47mins


Rank #6: Andy Hollis a multi time Solo and ProSolo national Champion and 3 time overall ProSolo Champion

Podcast cover
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Andy Hollis a multi time Solo and ProSolo national Champion and 3 time overall ProSolo Championships

Andy Hollis and his white Shelby Andy Hollis Andy Hollis Civic Si Andy Hollis Racing First Shelby Andy Hollis First Mustang Andy and Ann Hollis

This podcast has a lot of great tips including:

  • mental preparation
  • tire testing vs. testing your setup with the tires
  • attacking and releasing the brake pedal
  • benefits of coaching
  • car setup
  • and a few more things...

Andy Hollis over dub run of Nationals Course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEa4sHQ1weY


Facebook Pages




5 SCCA Solo National Championships:
1995 HS Mazda MX-6
2010 STX Honda Civic SI
2011 ST Honda Civic SI
2012 STF Mazda 2
2014 SMF Honda CRX

3 Overall Pro Solo JCJ Cup Championships 2012, 2010, 2006

5 ProSolo Class championships:
1990 DS Honda CRX Si
1994 D Stock Honda CRX Si
1995 H Stock Mazda MX-6
2006 STS Mazda Miata
2012 STF Mazda 2

14 Pro Solo Super Challenge event wins

Served full terms on Solo Events Board, STAC, and SAC (twice)…20 years total.

30 years autocross instructor for Dick Turner, Autocrosser’s Inc, Pro Solo Novice Schools, Yokohama Tour Schools, Cone Clinic, Evolution

One Lap of America: Six-time Top Ten Overall

Regular Contributor: Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

Dec 01 2016


Rank #7: 4 Danny Kao SCCA 2012 Johnson Spirit of The Sport Award Winner

Podcast cover
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This show features Danny Kao who was your 2012 Johnson Spirit of the Sport Award Winner.

It was a lot of fun to learn more about Danny who is another of the great people in our autocross community!

Danny started autocrossing at the end of 2006 and I bet he has autocrossed as much as anyone since then. He thinks he 450 runs per year (59 autocrosses).  He makes every test and tune in the DC area.

I totally forgot to ask him about his theory that relates the PSI it takes to seat a tire to how fast it will be compared to other tires. Danny has a tire mounting machine in his house.

Danny did lots of tire testing last year and shared all of his findings and experiences to help the rest of us who use street tires the time and expense of testing. He is very active on forums and Facebook.

If you think you have a car addiction maybe not once you compare your purchases to his before starting autocross in 2006 he thinks he owned 55 or 60 cars.

He started in CSP kind of by accident and he is once again in CSP for 2016 and has been building a Miata from the ground up – he shared lots of photos on Facebook. Danny shares a lot, a lot of fun which explains him winning the Spirit of the Sport Award Winner.

Classes Danny Kao has run: CSP, GS, STX, STU, SS, F125 (KM)

Started autocrossing at the end of 2006 – before that he was a hobby guy – basketball, golf, motorcyles then he started fixing cars.

His first autocross car was a Miata he found for $1300 thought he would road race it but was told he should try autocross.

After the Miata, he showed up with a new Evo in STU.

Fun first more than anything else – it’s not about competing or doing well, fun is the number one priority. “If I get there, I want everyone to have fun or have a good time. I don’t want to go to an event where everyone is miserable.”

Jokes around and let people loosen up. Keep everybody happy.

At least 450 runs a year on average.

Played too much golf between 1996-98, at least 500 rounds a year.

“I don’t focus on the bad. I can remember the good part, the fun part. The first 5-6 years, I didn’t really learn a lot.”

Majority, on the places I thought I did good, I did poorly. Now, I can go back to the data and evaluate and say, confirm that I didn’t do well.

When I first started, I tried to conserve distance by making everything into a triangle.

Right or left foot braker? Initially a left. Every time I get nervous, my left foot just constantly hovers the brake.

Modulating the throttle – that’s when I started driving the car the way it should be driven. That’s how I got faster.

Knowing what your limitations.

The last three years he can actually feel what the car is doing.

Mar 07 2016

1hr 24mins


Rank #8: Houston Autocross Roundtable with Zack Barnes, Roger H. Johnson, Daniel McCelvey, Jackie Mutschler and Doug Wille 

Podcast cover
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AutocrosHouston Autocross Roundtable with Zack Barnes, Roger H. Johnson, Daniel McCelvey, Jackie Mutschler and Doug Wille

The First in person Autocross Talk Podcast the Houston Roundtable featuring:

Zack Barnes

(Who coordinated and came up with the idea)  SEB board member and has run  Classes DP, CS, CP, FP, STX

Roger H Johnson Mr Course Designer extraordinaire winner of:

Roger Johnson Spirit of the Sport Award 1998
Solo Nationals Event Chair, 2005, 2006
SCCA Hall of Fame 2015
Solo Cup, the Sport's Highest Award 2003

Daniel McCelvey

2016 National Champion C Street Mazda MX5 Miata
2013 National Champion C Stock  Nissan 370Z
2016 Won the largest class ever, overall - 86 cars in C Street

Jackie Mutschler 2 Time National Champion

1997 FSL National Champion Camaro
2014 FSL National Champion Camaro

Doug Wille

Previous SEB Member

Autocross Topics covered

Autocross Car setup, rotation mid corner using brakes versus lifting, Course walks (for some over doing causes second guessing the game plan), driving in the rain, metal side of racing, using data and video to improve, watching and riding to learn, Instructing thoughts, running local events as a morning and afternoon event and much much more.

Daniel reviews his thoughts of the 2nd days runs at Nationals where he wins the largest class ever in drying conditions.

Knowing where the apex is of each turn so you can look there, so as you can drive there.  Watch the following to see how long Nico looks at the apex.

F1 Video Eye Tracking - Nico Hulkenberg

Feb 06 2017

3hr 39mins


Rank #9: Scott Fraser SCCA 2012 Driver of the Year and Multi time Solo and ProSolo National Champion

Podcast cover
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Scott Fraser Porsche 911

This show features Scott Fraser


  • Solo Nationals Driver of the Year 2012
  • National Champion CSP 2012, 2010
  • Cam Sport 2014 and 2015
  • 12 National Solo Trophies
  • 4 ProSolo Championships including 2008 CSP and 2012 CSP

    He has raced front wheel drive to rear wheel drive including VW Rabbit, CSP Miata and a Cobra 427 and look for him in a Porsche 911.


Why did you start racing? Always loved driving fast. Inherited my sister’s Volkswagen Rabbit – hated it at first. First autocross was at 17 years old. What hooked you? Driving fast, driving in the hills. Tried to make every single event making a whole lot of runs. Left foot or Right foot for brakes?  Left Learned how to left foot brake because of front wheel drive cars. Still a left foot braker. Didn't know or wasn't aware of how much he left braked until he switch to a Miata and got input from Andy. Tips for Data: look for the first couple of runs, compare and focus on why you are faster here or there.  Pick one or two things to focus on for the next run. Watching the videos to know where or what to fix. Are you there to win? Are there to learn something? It all depends on your goals. Slalom (38:30ish) Be as close to the first cone as possible. What are the best/most fun cars to drive? BMW – old SP felt like a real race car Cobra 427 Why do you sit so close to the steering wheel?  Those first cars without power steering. In closing "Just have fun".

Apr 02 2016

1hr 10mins


Rank #10: Glen The Hurricane Hernandez is on Autocross Talk

Podcast cover
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Glen The Hurricane Hernandez is on Autocross Talk

20 Plus National Trophies

ProSolo Championships

It was great to catch up with Glen to hear about how he got into cars, his stories and thoughts on racing.

You will hear how he got started autocrossing.

A lot of you will be looking for a job at Boeing.

And some of you will have advice for "Autocross Mecca" when it comes to where would you want to live for great autocrossing.

Thanks for your emails and ideas!

If you want a TShirt you can get Autcross Talk TShirts on Amazon.

www.AutocrossTalk.com to contact me and to find all the previous shows and show notes.

Jan 01 2020

3hr 49mins


Rank #11: Kim Whitener and David Whitener are multi time national champions and share their story on this podcast

Podcast cover
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Kim and David have racked up a lot of wins and awards in a relatively short time competing in the national SCCA events.

David and Kim Whitener SCCA Autocross Champions David Whitener SCCA Pro Solo Challenge Winner Kim Whitener SCCA Black Armor

Kim's Wins and Awards
National Championships: 2013 STSL, 2012 STSL, 2011 STSL
ProSolo Class Championships:  2015 L3, 2014 L3, 2013 L3
Overall ProSolo Ladies Champion: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 (That is a lot of winning and lots of practice in challenges!
Triad Winner 2013

David's Wins
National Championships: 2016 STF, 2015 STF, 2013 STS, 2012 STS
ProSolo: 2016 STF, 2015 STF, 2013 STS, 2012 STS
Triad Winner 2013

They have great stories and great insights.  From saying they were not good for a long time to how they got coaching and seat time to improve.

He even explains his beef with me when I mentioned driving lots of cars in a previous podcast   He said it is funny he said this since they have been changing cars each year.

Their team concept is great.  Do you check your alignment at each race?  How about after the race if your car won?

David makes shocks "Whitener Racing Shocks" for Honda Civic's, CRX's and Mazda Miata's.  Having just drove his car at the Pro Solo Finale I can tell you it handled great!

Sep 22 2016

1hr 58mins


Rank #12: Neal Tovsen of ConeCoach.com Top SCCA Autocrosser and Instructor

Podcast cover
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This episode features Neal Tovsen of ConeCoach.com where he has posts with autocross tips and thoughts.

Neal has 10 National Trophy's half of which were 2nd place.

At nationals he has competed in: CSP, STX, DP, BS, GS and SM.

He started in 1998 and started instructing at schools a few years later which he found helped his driving as well.  The concept of teaching what you have learned is something good todo in all aspects of your life.

Best advice is to go to SCCA Solo Nationals and drive (don't expect to win rather take it all in).

He has lots of great thoughts. Lets us know what you think at our Facebook page. Please leave us a review on iTunes and signup with your email at AutocrossTalk.com

He mentioned the PocketCast app for Android devices so I've added AutocrossTalk to their list of available podcasts.

Neal Tovsen driving his CSP Miata

Aug 03 2016

1hr 26mins


Rank #13: James Yom a multi time SCCA Solo National Champion shares his insights

Podcast cover
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James Yom is this weeks guest. You can call him Mr. S2000 and a self proclaimed Honda Fan boy who transitioned from a Prelude to S2000s. (I want to drive a S2000 after this interview!)

James Yom SCCA National Champion James Yom STR S2000 Autocross James Yom SCCA ProSolo Challenge

He has 3 Solo National Championships and 3 Prosolo National Championships.
He thanks Henry Bjoin, Brian Karwan of Karcepts, Gernby E-tune, West End Alignment as well as Doug Rowse and Brian Peters (check out episode number one to hear from Brian).

He has lots of great insight from a personal favorite to drive faster cars fast in the fast sections not the transitions.
He talks about setting up his car for Re71Rs vs BFG Rival S. He is working on looking ahead and swears he doesn't look ahead. That seems crazy to me that he has won so much without looking ahead. So if you don't look ahead take note to what he says about his approach.
He is a pilot who can often make events around the country so if you can offer him a codrive he might just show up. - Make sure you offer him a codrive in FWD
It was a fun chat. I hope you get a lot out of it, I know I did.

Oct 05 2016


Rank #14: Kevin Dietz National Champion is this weeks fast guest

Podcast cover
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Kevin Dietz is this weeks guest and he just won the Super Challenge in Arkansas (after we recorded this podcast).

Learn about how Autocross has become more than just competition for Kevin, its become part of his family!

Kevin Dietz Autocrosser S2000

Kevin's award include

Roger Johnson Spirit of the Sport Award, 2007

2006 CS Autocross National Championship in a Pontiac Solstice

He has won 16 trophies at Solo Nationals.

Kevin shares his journey of autocross and shares about his business Jim's Detail Shop.

Kevin Dietz Autocrosser National Champion
Kevin Dietz Autocrosser National Champion with ASP Porsche

May 09 2018



Rank #15: Vivek Goel of Beyond Seat Time is this weeks guest

Podcast cover
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Vivek Goel is this weeks guest. He has a blog to share Autocross Tips to help you with autocross racing which is www.BeyondSeatTime.com

Vivek Goel Member of the Year award
Vivek Goel autocrossing his Acura NSX


Vivek driving a Honda S2000 prepped for STR Autocross
Vivek driving a Z06 Corvette prepped for AS Autocross

I really tried to get great audio having Vivek record with a recorder on his end but even after hours of editing I had to revert back to the skype file.  I did use a new software program (Thanks again Brian) which I think really helped cut the hiss down on his track.  Still trying for better audio quality.

He has made 9 trips to solo nationals collecting 6 trophies, 1 podium and 1 top time in the class on one day.

And he autocrossed an Acura NSX for a couple of years!  (I remember suggesting he get Eric Strelniecks to drive the car, he replied that Eric was to tall, so I sat in the car and realized I was also to tall and thus removed the NSX from my wanted car list.

He has designed courses in Texas as well as some for Solo Nationals. He said he struggled to become a fast driver and thinks that helps him help other people.

He is currently driving a CR2000 in STR and has driven many other cars including a Corvette.

He mentioned that it took him a long time to figure out how to driver rear wheel drive cars.  He said he kept spinning them (That might be because he has a theory that the fastest way around a turn is with a slight slip angle


Jun 26 2017

2hr 25mins


Rank #16: Episode 3 Bob and Patty Tunnell Driver of Eminence award winners and multi time autocross champions

Podcast cover
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Bob and Patty's BMW M3

Episode 3 features Bob and Patty Tunnell Driver of Eminence award winners and multi time autocross champions.  It was great to hear their history in the sport.

Their business is BimmerHaus.com and it was interesting hearing how apprehensive Patty was to buy that first BMW and now that is just about all they will drive.

Towards the end we get to hear about one of their passions of helping people in Afghanistan you can learn more and support the cause at http://www.barekaub.com/

I was surprised to learn that Patty does NOT like to ride along with Bob and don't invite her to a roller coaster.

We still don't know who was in the halfway house.  But we do know that Bob uses his left foot for braking and Patty her right.


Bob Tunnell

  • Solo Cup, the sport's highest award 2007
  • Driver of Eminence award, 2002
  • Inducted into The Silver Circle (25 events), 2010
  • Keeper of the Old Fartz list
  • 2nd - Most Family Championships - 2nd - 19 (Bob 6, Patty 13)
  • 7 ProSolo Class National Championships (92, 95, 97, 98, 00, 03, 06)
  • ProSolo Street Tuner Challenge Championship (07)
  • Solo Nationals Sportsmanship Award (05)
  • Rocky Mtn. Division Ricky Peña Award (03)
  • Rocky Mtn. Division Driver Of The Year (04)

Patty Tunnell

  • Driver of Eminence award, 2002
  • Roger Johnson Spirit of the Sport Award, 2002
  • Inducted into The Silver Circle (25 events), 2010
  • Won the largest Street Prepared Ladies class ever (1 of 2) - 13 cars in BSPL in 2001
  • No. 1 Among Women in Who’s Who In Solo - 464 points (2nd overall)
  • 1st - Most Trophy Finishes, Women - 24
  • 1st - Trophy Streak, Ladies - trophied in 17 consecutive events
  • 2nd - Most Family Championships - 19 (Bob 6, Patty 13)
  • 3rd - Most Championships, Women - 13
  • 6th - Most Events Competed In, Women - 30
  • 2 ProSolo Class National Championships (00, 02)
  • 2 ProSolo Overall Ladies Championships (00, 02)

Feb 28 2016

1hr 35mins


Rank #17: Matt Davis is on the podcast to share his insights into shocks and setup

Podcast cover
Read more

Several people have asked about more specifics on shocks and setup and Matt Davis is on the show to share his insights.

He worked at Bilstein for years in Design Engineering and got his start with the FSAE group in college.

He spent almost an entire 2 years running a shock dyno at Bilstein.  I don't think I asked what that shock dyno would cost if we wanted to buy it.

We start by getting his background in racing and then I get to ask noob questions (hopefully you have some of the same questions).

Here is the car swing they used for the FSAE car: Car inertia swing  (was hoping it was a crazy swing like the ones people can do a 360 on yes you need to see those on YouTube).

Should you do shocks first or springs and sway bars?

Let us know what you learned and what questions you have!

Autocross Talk on Facebook

Autocross Talk on YouTube (Would you like to see more of these there?)

Some of my Autocross Coaching videos here.

And if you are on SnapChat I am as well: KinchReindl

FSAE Vehicle Inertia
Matt Daivs Autocrossing Miata
Matt Davis FSAE Car

Mar 23 2017

1hr 54mins


Rank #18: John Hunter is a National Champion as well as a Nationals Course designer a coach and much more

Podcast cover
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John Hunter is your 2013 CSP National Champion and has 9 trophies at Nationals in all.

Although his first daily driver car was a CRX SI he started autocrossing in a mild...super mildly prepped CSP Miata.

He has stepped it up and is racing with Ron Ver Mulm (www.RSRacing.com) is his beautiful Camaro. Talk about a fast car.

John started racing in 2001. He has raced Miatas, CRX, an STI, and now the Camaro.

He is a coach at the starting line schools and evo schools.

He also played "a ton of Grand Turismo".

John had a great way to think of weight transfer and we talk about Roll over vs. Lean over.

He limits his course walks to three.

He was surprised how good the late 80s 300 zx was on an autocross course (so keep your eye out for one ;).

He wanted to thank BlackArmorHelmets.comhttps://www.scca.com/pages/starting-line
Evo School

Hope you enjoy it!John Hunter Autocross CSP Miata

John Hunter SCCA Autocross

Aug 10 2017


Rank #19: This show features Dave Ogburn who is a multi time SCCA Autocross National Champion and road racer

Podcast cover
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This show features Dave Ogburn who is a multi time SCCA National Champion.

7 trips to Solo Nats, 6 trophies.

2 National Championships
A-Stock in 2011 (C5 Corvette)
C-Street in 2015 (Scion FR-S).

Triad winner in 2015 (C-Street).
3 seasons of ProSolo - 2013 - 3rd in ESP class points, 2014 - 2nd in ESP class points, 2015 - 2nd in C-Street class points

Here are some links and videos from things we discussed:

He mentioned the book "Driving on the Edge" by Michael Krumm.  It's a book I really liked - Driving On The Edge: The Art and Science of Race Driving - Revised and Updated Second Edition

His website: http://www.yawmomentracing.com/

His Facebook page: www.facebook.com/YawMomentRacing
Runs from 2015 Solo Nats in the FR-S:
West - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrYrvtvoJvU
East -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLHRhIQTIIo

Drifting practice after a test day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHf4qjMbbSY

Winning run in 2011 where I turned the radio off mid-run (about the 34s mark): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UKEju2SaBMA typical test course we setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoMXIGcb92s

Shifter kart racing onboard from 2011: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyZldOwR1Xs

Street race in the TAG Kart in Ohio in 2009: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D_HZzhXWrQHe also road races but still comes back and autocrosses.

He shares a lot of insights, tips and thoughts for racing from the mental side to setup.

He worked at Honda R&D as a design engineer on suspension and had the MDX front suspension as a project. Interesting hearing how bushings on cars can impact your suspension and thus handling.

He now drives cars on a pad we should be using for auto cross in San Angelo Texas. He says he has learned a ton driving on all season tires. Don't challenge he or Lane Borg his coworker and codriver this year since they get a lot of practice!

He mentions that if you are slow in a certain type of car it might point to a weakness you can improve.

He has been autocrossing with his dad for many years and continues to do so at Nationals.

Biggest improvement has been on the mental side. He also reads a previous guests books...Ross Bentley Inner Speed Secrets: Mental Strategies to Maximize Your Racing Performance

He watches the other competitors and likes to stay calm and relaxed rather than feeling any stress.

He did quite a bit of TAG Kart Racing...who else wants a kart for the track?

Biggest key he learned in karts was getting to the limit and learning to feel it.

He has autocrosses a D Street Nissan Sentra as well as a 350Z Convertible.

He also did Baja FSAE and got to autocross them (He isn't sure what the colleges were thinking).

He bought a formula ford and ran it in CMod in 2008 and learned a lot.

He looks for areas he should be best at as a place that can separate him.

Mentally he focuses less on other people and more on good technique. He likes to rotate on entry.

Uses the DL1 for data and it is more useful with data port data.

He likes to make a car as loose in the slalom as he can handle which makes it better in sweepers.

When it comes to practicing he focuses on car setup or driver but not both at the same time.

***When at nationals he ends the practices with three runs he treats just like nationals as in they count so being clean is key. (I really like this approach as compared to mine which is probably over driving for the fun of it).

Get feedback from people and have them drive your car for you.

His dad asks him after wards about three things he did well and three he can improve on.

1:54 Walking course: 1st walk pick out key cones (circle them on map)
Mark technical areas he thinks he can use as an advantage.
Example: Fast exit slalom vs. slow exit.
He will stop after a section and rerun it in his mind and any previous sections.
He visualizes as the front view of the car like he is a GoPro on the front.

He does not preplan inputs.

He has his codriver walk them through the course - what are they seeing and planning to do.

At nationals he thinks about being as fast as possible.

He only looks at video of someone he trusts.

He thinks about the position of the car relative to cones as well as direction it is pointing.

He thinks about weight transfer and likes the book I often reference but forget the name of which is "Driving on the Edge"

Dave Ogburn at the Runoffs 2016 Dave Ogburn UVA Baja SAE in 2008 Dave Ogburn Taking track map notes Dave Ogburn Racing shifter karts in 2011 Dave Ogburn Crossle Formula Ford Dave Ogburn's Spec Racer Ford Dave Ogburn autocrossing in C Street Autocrossing the UVA Legenda Car Dave Ogburn

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May 31 2017

3hr 2mins


Rank #20: Autocross Tips for Course Walks and how looking ahead ties into walking courses

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This episode is all about course walks for autocross racing.

You will hear from 7 past guest how they approach course walking. Looking ahead or the lack thereof also comes up with many of these drivers. Listen up for autocross tips and please share yours on the Facebook page.

Brian Peters, March Scrogs, Mark Madarash, Tom Reynolds, Kim WHitner, David Whitner, Max Hater and James Yom all share their thoughts and insights.

I'd like you to post on the Facebook page for AutocrossTalk what you do, is it the same as some of these guests and where are you different? https://www.facebook.com/AutocrossTalk/

Is there anything you are now going to try after listening to their suggestions?

I find it interesting how some of us don't like to walk to much while others like to walk a lot. For some of us walking a lot has us get lazy when it comes to looking ahead. And others walks so much and memorize that they don't need to look ahead....very interesting!

I really like David's ration of 15 feet ahead for 1 foot to the side for a cars turning radius at speed. And I look forward to seeing David and Andrew Hahn debating on course walks! And he shared suggestions from Andy Hollis for considering your line if a cone wasn't there as well as his other suggestion of looking back at an element to see if your line would change.

Apr 29 2017