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Kat Bailey, Nadia Oxford, and Eric Van Allen explore Final Fantasy, Skyrim, and all the best in the wonderful world of role-playing video games! Support us on Patreon: https://patreon.com/bloodgodpod

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What Makes a Good RPG Story?: 02/05/2016

Stiv Tramer returns to discuss the possibility of an official localization for Mother 3, then delves deep into the nature of narrative in RPGs. What are the different types of RPG stories? What are some of the tools that developers use to craft a good RPG story? And what are some of our favorite stories? We answer all of these questions and more as we take a deep dive into RPG narratives.

1hr 39mins

5 Feb 2016

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Should Xenogears Get a Remake? Plus, FF7 Remake's Wild Ending

Special guests Steve Bowling of GameXplain and Alex Donaldson of VG247 join Kat to discuss Final Fantasy 7 Remake's unique ending, and what might come next [10:35 to 57:00 if you want to avoid spoilers]. Then Nadia returns to ponder whether Xenogears and Suikoden 2 should get remakes, talk about quests that can be completed without violence, and compare the Switch's current RPG library to that of the 3DS.

1hr 21mins

13 Apr 2020

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Final Fantasy VI and Cosmic Star Heroine: 3/13/15

Kat, Bob, and Jeremy inaugurate the "Canon of the Blood God," where they decide whether to add Final Fantasy VI to the canon. Plus, Kat interviews Robert Boyd, creator of the upcoming retro-styled RPG Cosmic Star Heroine. Bonus: A quick mailbag!

1hr 33mins

13 Mar 2015

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Xenoblade Chronicles X (And the Rest of the Series): 12/04/2015

Polygon's Phil Kollar is back to help Kat recount the journey from Xenogears to Xenoblade Chronicles X, then the two break down the latest from Tetsuya Takahashi and Monolith Soft. We also have another question of the week! Which RPG have we invested the most time into? Kat and Phil discuss.


4 Dec 2015

Rank #4

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The Top 25 Best RPG Countdown Begins!

It's finally time! Kat and Nadia commence Axe of the Blood God's countdown of the Best 25 RPGs with an in-depth discussion of number 25 on our list! We discuss its history, what makes it stand out, some of its best moments, and ultimately why it holds up. Don't miss out! Plus, we're joined by GameXplain's Ash Paulsen to talk about Ys VIII's Switch port and its ongoing localization woes.

1hr 15mins

25 Jun 2018

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The Best RPGs Since 2000: 8/14/2015

With USgamer's Best 15 Games Since 2000 list now complete, Kat convenes the crew to talk about the best RPGs on the list. Jaz and Mike drop by to reminisce about World of WarCraft, then Bob once again shares his undying love for Dark Souls. Plus: Honorable mentions!

1hr 20mins

14 Aug 2015

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The Witcher 3: 5/22/2015

Kat, Mike, and guest Jason Wilson break down The Witcher 3's expansive open world, quest design and combat. Does it stack up to the best RPGs on the market? The crew have differing opinions.

1hr 4mins

22 May 2015

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Bloodborne: 3/27/15

Polygon's Phil Kollar joins Bob and Kat to discuss From Software's exciting new dungeon crawler, as well as the Souls series itself. Does Bloodborne live up to the Souls series' lofty reputation? Or has the novelty started to wear off?


27 Mar 2015

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Our Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review [No Spoilers], Secret of Mana Report #3 | 12/01/2017

Kat and Nadia team up to talk about the week's biggest RPG news as the bid farewell to Demon's Souls, discuss Bungie's decision to throttle XP gain in Destiny 2, and Final Fantasy XV's ongoing run of DLC. Then they turn to the main topic: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [22:52] Is the gameplay really too complicated? Are Blades slaves or friends? And what is going on with Pyra? Nadia and Kat cover all that and more in their review. Finally, Kat checks in with an update with Secret of Mana Report #3! [58:56]

1hr 26mins

1 Dec 2017

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The Best and Worst of RPG Boss Fights | 04/29/2016

What are the best RPG boss fights? And what makes a good RPGboss fight in the first place? Nadia and returning guest SteveTramer join Kat to dissect this crucial aspect of creating a goodroleplaying game.

1hr 28mins

29 Apr 2016

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The Console RPG Quest: Sony PlayStation

Just in time for its 25th anniversary, Kat and Nadia delve into the RPG legacy of the PlayStation! The pair discuss its massive impact on the genre; share their favorite memories, and discuss classic RPGs ranging from Chrono Cross to Beyond the Beyond. Is PS One the most important RPG console ever? The answer is more complicated than you think.

1hr 21mins

9 Dec 2019

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2019 RPG Recap: The Best and Worst in the Year of RPGs

Kat and Nadia are joined by Caty to recap the year that was 2019 in RPGs! They discuss all the big stories, the big trends, and the biggest games, including: - The Year of the Switch Port - BioWare's Struggles - The Year Long National Pokedex Obsession - Fire Emblem: Three Houses being just great - Outer Worlds being... good? - Disco Elysium changing how we think about character progression - ... And much more! It all adds up to the Blood God's Pick for the Best RPG of 2019! Join us as we wrap yet another amazing year in RPGs!

1hr 31mins

16 Dec 2019

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Our Final Fantasy XV Review (No Spoilers) | 12/02/2016

Polygon's Phil Kollar and long-time JRPG enthusiastic Miguel Concepcion join Kat to go in-depth on Final Fantasy XV. Does the open-world world? Is that combat actually better than it seems? And what music did they listen to while cruising around in the Regalia? (Spoiler: Kat liked Final Fantasy IX). It's been a long-time coming, but it's time to finally dig in to the game we never thought would come out. End times, my friends. End times.

1hr 2mins

2 Dec 2016

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Octopath Traveler Review Pt. 1, Top 25 Countdown #23: Nethack

Nadia shares her initial impressions of Octopath Traveler, including the battle system, the graphics, and more. Then David Craddock returns to talk about Nethack, its remarkable support through the years, and tales of YASDs.

1hr 13mins

9 Jul 2018

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Top 25 RPG Countdown: Dragon Quest V, The Big Destiny Split, and More

Kat and Nadia leap back into the Top 25 RPG countdown with the best Dragon Quest of them all: Dragon Quest V! The pair explain why its epic sweep, monster hunting mechanics, and odd (but hilarious) romance system make it a classic. Plus, they cover the big Destiny split, Tales of Vesperia on Switch, and more!

1hr 8mins

14 Jan 2019

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Dragon Quest Builders, Stardew Valley Update, Steamworld Heist, and Yo-Kai Watch 2 | 10/06/2016

Kat and Nadia make their first foray into Dragon Quest Builders, examine Darkest Dungeon's foray onto console, and heap (deserved) praise on Steamworld Heist. Then Bob drops by to share his thoughts on Yo-Kai Watch and the possibility of VR RPGs.


7 Oct 2016

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Turn-based RPGs in Modern Gaming: 8/07/2015

Bob and Steve join Kat to discuss the evolution of turn-based RPGs, their appeal versus real-time combat, and the news that the Final Fantasy VII remake's gameplay is in for "dramatic changes." What does turn-based combat mean in the modern era? The crew is here to find out.

1hr 2mins

8 Aug 2015

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The 5 Best Legendary Weapons in RPG History | 04/13/2018

Kat and Nadia delve into Final Fantasy, World of WarCraft, and more to find the best legendary weapons in RPG history. From weapons that helped define their series, to weapons that were impossible to get, to weapons that were simply cool, we survey the RPG landscape for our favorites.


16 Apr 2018

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Octopath Traveler Review, Top 25 Countdown #22: Vampire: The Masquerade

GameXplain co-host Derrick Bitner joins Kat and Nadia to review Octopath Traveler. Do the sprites match the quality of the environments? Which character did each host pick first? And can Nadia and Derrick convince Kat to upgrade from Prologue? Then, Kat is joined by guest Ryan Allen to add Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines to the Top 25 RPG countdown. They talk about how it's risen above its troubled development history, its amazing roleplaying possibilities, and why it's still supported by a cadre of dedicated fans to this day.

1hr 39mins

16 Jul 2018

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The Pokemon Sword and Shield Review & Romancing SaGa 3

Pokemon Sword and Shield is here! GameSpot Pokemon Master Kallie Plagge joins Kat and Nadia to talk about the joys (and the controversies) of the latest generation of Pokemon! [Review begins at 17:22] Plus, we discuss the return of Romancing SaGa 3, and wonder whether Anthem can be saved with a "Realm Reborn" reboot.

1hr 15mins

18 Nov 2019

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